Real Name: Unrevealed;
    possibly Collapsar

Identity/Class: Unrevealed;
    mutant-human per the Superconductor;
    possibly sentient energy being encased in humanoid armor or perhaps a sentient or programmed energy construct or...something else...;
    "non-human" per Clementine (possibly just meaning not a physical human, but possibly indicating he either didn't originate from Earth or that he was some sort of construct)

Occupation: Warrior;
    agent of

Group Membership: Mys-Tech; (notably Permafrost, Sunder, Gudrun Tyburn and her artificial replicant)

Affiliations: Posed as an ally but secretly manipulate the Technarchy of Eopia (including Demogog Tansteele)

Enemies: Clementine, Death's Head/Minion, the Egaliterns, Killpower, Colonel Tigon Liger, Motormouth;
    indirectly, the rest of Dark Guard (Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Ultra Marine/Kith Nasca), Superconductor, the Time Guardian

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Mys-Tech living superweapon" (per narrative);
    "Mys-Tech skunk" (per Liger);
    "freak" (per Death's Head);

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
the planet Eopia's Helios Plateau, within the sub-ground bunkers of the Technarchy legion encampment; unrevealed star system, Albedo Crux Cluster
    perhaps formerly Earth (if Mys-Tech created him there)

First Appearance: Dark Guard#2 (November, 1993)


Powers/Abilities: A being of pure energy, Collapsar was encased within a large human form.

    Per the Superconductor, Collapsar "contains within himself the aggressive potency of a supernova."

    His human form encompassed "a furnace of cosmic power fierce enough to tear the heart out of a star."

    Collapsar is immensely strong, able to drop Killpower with a single punch, or to stun the even more powerful (100 ton-lifting) Death's Head with a single least when catching him off guard.
    Collapsar is presumably Class 100 strength, able to lift (press over his head) in excess of 100 tons.

    Collapsar is highly durable, able to shrug off punches from the Class 100 Death's Head, but sufficiently powerful assaults, such as multiple "fusion solids" from Tigon Liger's gun, Clementine, can damage the structural integrity over his outer casing, such that a sufficiently hard and sharp weapon can create a rent in his armor.

    If his casing is damaged, Collapsar cannot contain his energies, which will be released with explosive force.

    An explosion of Collapsar's energies can destroy whole buildings.

    It is unrevealed whether Collapsar's energy form can recover from being explosively dispersed from his external casing.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 7'6")
Weight: Unrevealed (as energy contained with unidentified material, any guess is pure speculation; so, let's speculate: There was not discussion of him being some exceptionally high level of mass, as Death's Head could at least punch him off his feet; nor was he light, like a balloon; 400-500 lbs. seems reasonable)
Eyes: Unrevealed (possibly solid white)
Hair: Dark brown or black (or gray?)
Distinguishing features: Beyond his large size, Collapsar has prominent ridges/creases running around a central plateau(?) on his forehead and extending down the bridge of his nose


(Dark Guard I#1 (fb) - BTS /
Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Mys-Tech established a presence on the planet Eopia in the Albedo Crux Cluster, escalating the war between Egaliterns and Technarchy in effort to cause the planet's destruction via thermo-nuclear war. 

(Dark Guard I#3 (fb) - BTS) - so they could harness its death scream to pay off Mys-Tech's debt to Mephisto.

(Dark Guard I#1 (fb) - BTS / Dark Guard I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Collapsar was sent to manipulate the Technarchy's Demogog Tansteele to this end, although Tansteele and the Technarchy were advised that he had been sent to aid their cause.
    Mys-Tech agents Permafrost and Sunder were sent to similarly manipulate the Egaliterns.

(Dark Guard I#1 - BTS) - The Time Guardian gathered the Dark Guard to oppose Mys-Tech's becoming a universal threat. They were subsequently sent to to Eopia where they were engaged by hostile forces in Technarchy territory.

(Dark Guard I#2 - BTS (off-panel voice)) - As Tansteele received a report of the Dark Guard assaulting the Technarchy forces, Collapsar offered to to go and investigate, but Tansteele assured him they had it in hand.

(Dark Guard I#2) - Subsequently countering that Tansteele's forces were getting cut to ribbons, Collapsar advised that Tansteele should allow him to aid their cause, as he had been sent to do, and open the hatch to allow him to deal with the Dark Guard.

    As Technarchy reinforcements arrived, Death's Head, Killpower, and Tigon Liger rushed for the portal back to the Time Guardian's realm. However, Collapsar abruptly appeared and in rapid succession punched out all of them, incapacitating the two them. Collapsar captured Killpower and Liger and departed, while Death's Head was knocked back to the rest of the Dark Guard.

(Dark Guard I#2 - BTS) - The Time Guardian's Superconductor assistant detailed the situation on Eopia and Mys-Tech's involvement, including the presence of Collapsar, a "mutant-human" and one of their most powerful emissaries.

(Dark Guard I#2) - In Eopia's Helios Plateau, within the sub-ground bunkers of the Technarchy legion encampment, Collapsar advised the restrained and tortured Killpower and Liger that it would hurt less if they revealed where they had come from. While the juvenile Killpower begged for mercy, Liger advised him not to tell them anything, leading Collapsar to focus on Liger, agonizing him.

(Dark Guard I#2 - BTS) - While the other free members of the group were sent to try to reason with the Egaliterns, Death's Head and Motormouth were sent to the Helios Plateau to rescue Killpower and Liger.

(Dark Guard I#3) - After Liger insulted Tansteele, Collapsar punched Liger in the face, but was surprised when Liger started laughing...and even more surprised when the source of his amusement, the arriving Death's Head and Motormouth, attacked. Collapsar warned Death's Head that he had beaten him before, but Death's Head noted that he had caught him by surprise, and he punctuated his point by punching Collapsar through the ceiling. After Liger and Killpower were freed and Liger went after the fleeing Tansteele, Collapsar returned, announcing that he was happy to oblige Death's Head's goal of a re-match.

(Dark Guard I#3 - BTS) - After Liger took down Tansteele, Motormouth and Killpower urged Liger to help, because they didn't think either Death's Head or Collapsar would survive the fight.

collapsar-mystech-slashed(Dark Guard I#4) - Collapsar and Death's Head's fight carried them through a wall into the vicinity of where Killpower, Liger, and Motormouth fought Technarchy forces. Although Death's Head delivered a blow strong enough to vaporize brick, Collapsar shrugged it off and swung out Death's Head, missing but smashing a hole in the cavern around them. Death's Head then rushed off -- ignoring Collapsar's insistence he come back as he wasn't finished with him -- asking aid from Liger as "this bozo is seriously invulnerable." Liger had his gun, Clementine, fire fusion solids, rapid fire, minimum spread...but when the smoke cleared, Collapsar was seemingly unharmed, noting, "My compliments to the chef," after which he returned fire, and the shocked Liger had to be tackled to safety by Motormouth.
     As his foes fled the destruction from Collapsar's blast, Clementine, having identified Collapsar as being non human, elaborated that its scans showed that Collapsar's human shape was merely a material container for a being of pure energy. Catching up to his foes, Collapsar advised their surrender; when they refused, he noted that the Technarchy and Egalitern were now at war, and a nuclear exchange was expected within the hour, which would grant Mys-Tech what it desired.

    Feigning distress over their fate, Motormouth informed Death's Head that her hypervision had identified loads of micro-fractures across Collapsar's torso from Liger's bullets' impacts. Death's Head then reconfigured his blade attachment to an ultra-sharp configuration and -- refusing Collapsar's offer of surrender -- slashed a rent across Collapsar's torso.



    Collapsar initially fled before collapsing, cursing his foes as it "shouldn't end like this" as he realized he couldn't contain the power. Appreciating the danger, the Dark Guard fled, and the explosive energy released from Collapsar leveled the entire Technarchy bunker complex; casualties knocked the fight out of most of the remaining Technarchy.

(Dark Guard I#4 - BTS) - Dark Guard subsequently thwarted the Mys-Tech plot, preventing nuclear war and taking down the war--mongering Tansteele, and allowing the Egaliterns and Technarchy to begin brokering peace.

Comments: Dan Abnett, Carlos Pacheco, and Oscar Jimenez under the Marvel UK imprint.

    Collapsar was a dangerous and impressive character in his limited appearances. I'm sure some technology could re-gather his scattered energies and restore him into a new and improved casing...

     This profile was completed 3/17/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event. collapsar-mystech-schematic

Profile by Snood.

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Dark Guard#2, pg. 11, panel (behind Tansteele);
       pg. 12, panel 1 (airborne, most full);
          panel 6 (smiling, incoming straight-on);
       pg. 17, panel 2 (schematic, green image);
    #4, pg. 2-3 (vs. Death's Head);
       pg. 7, panel 4 (slashed);
       pg. 8, panel 3 (losing control; body);
          panel 5 (losing control; face);
       pg. 9, panel 1 (explosion)

Dark Guard#1-4 (October, 1993 - January, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Oscar Jimenez (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)

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