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Classification: Celestial power object (Distant Past to present)

Creator: Unrevealed (possibly the Celestial known to the Viscardi as the Godhead)

User/Possessors: King J-Son of the Spartax Empire, Star-Lord (Peter Jason Quill)

First Appearance: Legendary Star-Lord#1 (September, 2014)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Mandalay Gem was a piece of Celestial technology that looked like a naturally-occurring crystal cluster instead of a device. It has been described as "one of the most powerful minerals in the universe" and seemed to constantly glow as if lit from within by an internal light source. The apparent lack of any physical control mechanisms suggests that it responded to mental commands from its wielder.

   The Mandalay Gem could be carried freely in one's hand but could also be worn on one's body. It is unclear if its wielder could will the gem to somehow adhere to his/her body or if more mundane methods (like a strap) were needed to attach it to the body of the person who wished to wear and wield it.

   The Mandalay Gem's power source has not been revealed. It's possible that its energy was generated internally, as some sort of ongoing reaction, but it also could be that the gem was able to tap into any ambient cosmic energy in its vicinity and make it available for use by its wielder.

   The Mandalay Gem had several functions. First, it could create a protective energy field around its wielder. This "armor" could enable its wielder to survive within the harsh environment of outer space by shielding him/her from the vacuum and intense cold and providing a breathable atmosphere. The gem could presumably protect its wielder from extremes of pressure and/or temperature within inhospitable planetary atmospheres but this has not been confirmed. It is unrevealed whether this armor could protect against intense gravitational forces or if there was any limit on how long the gem could maintain its protective field.

   Second, the Mandalay Gem's energy armor could be used to defend its wielder from attacking beings but the amount of protection the armor could provide varied according to the type of attack. The armor was completely effective against any form of energy attack, up to and including the beams of cosmic energy that Eternals (like Thanos the Mad Titan) can project from their bodies. However, the armor could only provide limited protection against physical assaults, and they could hurt or even kill its wielder. Despite this limitation, the armor was able to protect Star-Lord from the concussive impact that he should have felt when he flew into Thanos at high speed.

   Third, when the Mandalay Gem was being worn by its wielder and its armor was active, the gem could be grasped by someone who was outside the energy field but could not be removed. Anyone who attempted to remove the gem from the wielder's person was subjected to a powerful energy burst, one painful enough to hurt even Thanos.

   Fourth, the Mandalay Gem might have been able to propel its wielder in directed flight through either outer space or planetary atmospheres. If the gem did have such an ability, then it may have worked by causing the energy aura that surrounded its wielder to move in the desired direction. Star-Lord may have demonstrated this ability during his encounter with Thanos on Earth's Moon, but it's also possible that he was just using his jet boots to fly and the gem was only generating the energy field around him.

   Fifth, the Mandalay Gem could also be used as an offensive weapon by enabling its wielder to tap into its energies and then project that energy in the form of cosmic blasts that could harm or kill even entities as powerful as Thanos. These blasts could be fired at a target that was at a distance or at one who was in direct physical contact with the wielder. Star-Lord was able to project these blasts from his hands.

   Finally, the Mandalay Gem also had another function, one that was not widely known. Aside from its uses as a weapon, the gem was also a key that could be used to unlock one of the greatest mysteries in the cosmos. Once this key function was activated, the Mandalay Gem would emit a beam of energy that would serve to briefly animate the "corpses" that can be found in the area of space known as the Graveyard of the Celestials. These five "reanimated" Celestials would then all point in the direction of the then-current location of the Black Vortex. Although it has not been revealed exactly how this key was activated, galactic crime lord Mister Knife was confident that the Star-Lord was "dense enough" to (unknowingly) do so, and his assessment was proven to be correct.

Limitations: The Mandalay Gem's energy armor could not completely protect its wielder from the concussive effects of physical objects that struck its shield.

(Legendary Star-Lord#4 (fb) - BTS) - The crystal known as the Mandalay Gem was actually a piece of Celestial technology. When it was created and the purpose for which it was created have not been revealed.

(Legendary Star-Lord#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Mandalay Gem came into the possession of the Spartax military.

(Legendary Star-Lord#1 (fb) - BTS) - After King J-Son was deposed, the lack of leadership caused the Spartax Empire to begin to implode. When some of the Spartax military decided to leave, they took the Mandalay Gem with them and left it at an orphanage near 3M2 Town on a planet in the fringe territories for safekeeping. The military did so with the cooperation of Miss Donna, the woman who ran the orphanage.

(Legendary Star-Lord#1 (fb) - BTS) - Some Badoon criminals heard rumors that the Spartax military had hidden the Mandalay Gem at the orphanage and decided to steal it, possibly so that they could sell it to galactic criminal Mister Knife who was willing to pay big bucks for esoteric weapons. Star-Lord (Peter Quill) heard those same rumors and came for the crystal himself, partly to remove it safely before bad guys showed up to cause trouble, but also so that he would have it to use against Thanos.

(Legendary Star-Lord#1) - At the orphanage, the Badoon criminals ran into Star-Lord while he was sneaking around looking for the crystal. As Miss Donna and two of the kids watched, Star-Lord was forced to surrender his Element Gun to the four Badoon who then revealed that they had found the Mandalay Gem. After accusing Quill of trying to steal the gem from the orphans himself, the Badoon took their captive to their ship which then launched into orbit.
   Sometime later, after Star-Lord had gotten out of the cage where the Badoon had been keeping him, he used his Element Gun to blast a hole through the hull of the ship, then grabbed something and held tight as the explosive decompression sucked the Badoon out into space. As the Mandalay Gem was also being sucked towards the hole, Star-Lord spotted it and was able to grab it. Using his jet boots and space helmet, Star-Lord then made his way to his starship.
   Star-Lord gathered the last of his emergency savings and returned to the orphanage. Confronted by Miss Donna, Quill offered her a bag full of money, claiming that it was the money that his fence had given him in return for the gem. Later, after having left the planet in his starship, Quill held the Mandalay Gem in one hand as he spoke aloud to himself about how he would soon use it, one of the most powerful minerals in the universe, against Thanos. However, his plans were delayed when Captain Victoria and two members of the Spartax Royal Guard stopped his ship.

(Legendary Star-Lord#2 - BTS) - The Mandalay Gem (presumably) remained hidden aboard Star-Lord's starship during his confrontation with Captain Victoria and her men, and throughout their subsequent team-up to rob the bounty brokerage house known as Castle Viperdoom of a fortune in liquid assets.

(Legendary Star-Lord#3 - BTS) - The Mandalay Gem (presumably) remained hidden aboard Star-Lord's starship when a beautiful girl he picked up at an alien bar knocked him out and sold him to the Badoon, and throughout his escape from the Badoon destroyer where he was being held. Later, Star-Lord (presumably) transferred the Mandalay Gem from his old starship to the new one, the Bad Boy, that he had stolen from the hangar deck of the Badoon destroyer as part of his escape.


(Legendary Star-Lord#4) - As the Bad Boy approached Earth, its sensors detected the energy signature of Thanos on the Moon, and Star-Lord realized that Thanos had escaped from Tony Stark's custody. Armed with the Mandalay Gem, Star-Lord left his ship and flew to the Moon where, upon sighting Thanos, he dive-bombed straight into the Mad Titan. Although knocked down by the impact, Thanos was more amused than concerned and, after some banter, he blasted Star-Lord with cosmic energy from his hand. Surprised that his foe survived unharmed, Thanos grabbed Star-Lord by his neck and blasted him with energy beams from his eyes which, again, had no effect. Now angered, Thanos noticed the crystal that Star-Lord was wearing on his chest and began to assault him physically, soon discovering that the energy armor surrounding Quill did not completely protect him from being hurt. After landing a few more blows, Thanos identified the Mandalay Gem as being Celestial technology and grabbed it, but the crystal reacted to his touch by generating a painful burst of energy that forced him to release it. Star-Lord then used the gem to fire powerful bursts of energy from both of his hands, blasting Thanos back and leaving him weakened and vulnerable.








   As Star-Lord stood over the battered Thanos, grabbed the Titan's head and prepared to kill him, he asked, "Last words, dirtbag?" Thanos replied that Quill could kill him but he would regret it because, if Thanos were killed there on the Moon, then the cosmic energy that would be released by his death would pulverize the Moon, dooming Earth as well. Unwilling to sacrifice his home planet, Quill decided to contact the Avengers to deal with Thanos, but the villain pointed out that he would be gone before they could get there. As Thanos flew away, Star-Lord activated his space helmet while detaching the Mandalay Gem from his chest and he wondered aloud what he was doing with "this thing" anyway. The energy armor dissipated once the crystal was only being held in his hand.

   When the Bad Boy approached, Star-Lord decided he had something to do on Earth and he left the crystal on the lunar surface. As he flew away in his ship, Star-Lord didn't notice that the Mandalay Gem had begun emitting a beam of energy out into space.

(Legendary Star-Lord#4) - Elsewhere, in an area of space known as the Graveyard of the Celestials, Mister Knife and Count Bligh were riding the moon monster amidst the grey "corpses" of five Celestials. Mister Knife explained to Bligh that the Mandalay Gem was not just a weapon, it was also a key to one of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos and that he was counting on the Star-Lord being "dense enough" to unlock it for them. At that moment, the beam of energy from the gem arrived and began to "reanimate" the Celestials. Bligh panicked, but Knife told him to control himself because the Celestials were serving them by pointing the way to one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe. Knife then told Bligh to call his crew because they were going to steal the Black Vortex.


   The Mandalay Gem hasn't been seen since Star-Lord abandoned it on Earth's Moon.


Comments: Created by Sam Humphries, Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco.

   Contrary to some online sources, the orphanage near 3M2 Town that Star-Lord visited in Legendary Star-Lord#1 & 3 is NOT the Savage Orphanage that was (first) seen in Legendary Star-Lord#8. For one thing, the first orphanage was run by Miss Donna, not Ma Savage. Secondly, the Savage Orphanage was on the planet Spartax while the other orphanage was located on a planet in the fringe territories, one that orbited a close binary star. So, they were two different orphanages on two different planets in two different solar systems.

   In Legendary Star-Lord#4, both the recap/credits page and Mister Knife's dialogue mention how Star-Lord escaped Castle Viperdoom with the Mandalay Gem. This choice of words is odd since it implies that Viperdoom was where he acquired the crystal. However, that incorrect implication isn't exactly a mistake since it isn't directly stated anywhere.

   Also in Legendary Star-Lord#4, Lydia, the A.I. of the Bad Boy, states that she's picked up a weird energy signature from the Moon that is pointed away from Earth. I understood this to mean that Thanos was on the Moon's far side. However, several images later in the issue show Thanos standing on the lunar surface with Earth hanging in space above him, clearly showing that he was actually on the Moon's near side.
    Perhaps Lydia meant the far side in relation to where they were coming from. If they were approaching Earth, and the Moon was between them and the Earth, then the surface facing Earth would be the far side in relation to them.
--Snood (
aka Mister No-Prize; by-the-way...I just invented that alias as I typed this information)

   I'm not sure what exact color the Mandalay Gem was supposed to be. The energy that reanimates the Celestials seems to be purple but the gem and the energy field that surrounded Star-Lord looked to be a lighter color. I considered fuchsia, which is described as a purplish red color but that looks too light. Anyway, I used fuchsia for the title but deep fuchsia for the final line before the comments section.

    Star-Lord fairly easily overpowers Thanos, but can't destroy him for fear of destroying Earth, and then there's nothing he can do but just let him escape, since he can't destroy him?
    Ugh...I remember reading that, and I remember it being painful at that time, too. Thanos' death would destroy a whole moon-sized satellite? Really? Because nothing happened to the ship around him when Drax punched his heart out? Or the other times Thanos has perished...
    OK, so assuming that this time it would be true? Fly the incapacitated Thanos into distant space, or something, and dispose of him there...
    If he could incapacitate Thanos once, why not keep doing it until the Avengers arrived?
    I guess we can just assume that Star-Lord was so caught off guard by succeeding (and that he's really not that smart...certainly the Bendissized version isn't) that he was duped by Thanos and then just couldn't figure out what to do.

Profile by Donald Campbell.

The Mandalay Gem has no known connections to

Graveyard of the Celestials

   A location where representations of five Celestials float in space in close proximity to one another. Galactic crime lord Mister Knife believed that the five bodies were Celestial corpses but this was never confirmed and they actually look more like gray statues carved out of some stone-like material. All of the five were the same height (2,000 feet) as a normal Celestial and all were posed as humanoids who were standing erect while pointing with one of their arms extended fully from their bodies and with the forefingers of the extended arms pointing as well. However, none of the five figures were pointing in the same direction.

   Mister Knife somehow learned that the Graveyard of the Celestials could be used to discover the current location of the Black Vortex, one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe, and that the Mandalay Gem could be used as a key to revealing that information. Mister Knife also came to believe that the Star-Lord was "dense enough" that he would somehow be able to unlock that mystery if he were allowed to use the Mandalay Gem for his own purposes. Knife's attitude seems to imply that he may have secretly manipulated Star-Lord into seeking the Mandalay Gem, possibly by spreading rumors that the Spartax military had hidden the Mandalay Gem at a certain orphanage.

   After Mister Knife knew that Star-Lord had obtained the Mandalay Gem, he and his new employee Count Bligh rode on the moon monster to the Graveyard of the Celestials, a terrifying place that not many had seen. Once there, Knife revealed to Bligh his belief that the Star-Lord would be able to use the Mandalay Gem as a key to unlock one of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos. Just as he finished speaking, the beam of energy emitted by the Mandalay Gem on Earth's Moon arrived at the graveyard. The beam then split into five separate beams when it reached the point that was at the center of the five figures and each beam then struck one of the five. With a loud rumbling sound, the five figures then shifted their positions in space so that four of them were standing in a row with the fifth standing out ahead of them. In this new configuration, the forefingers of all five figures were pointing towards the same distant location.

   Mister Knife then announced that these corpses were their servants because they were now pointing the way to one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe, the Black Vortex, which, now that he knew where it was, his crew was going to steal the very next day.

   The Graveyard of the Celestials hasn't been seen to have been visited since Mister Knife departed.



Notes: Although not mentioned in the story, I would assume that the "reanimated" Celestials would not continue to point towards the Black Vortex indefinitely. Presumably they would reset so that they were again pointing in different directions fairly soon after the Mandalay Gem was used to unlock them.

    Three of the five Celestial "corpses" somewhat resemble three Celestials who were known to have been alive at the time: Arishem the Judge, Eson the Searcher, and Jemiah the Analyzer. However, the resemblance is slight and, as mentioned above, the claim that the figures were actually corpses has never been confirmed. I prefer the alternative idea that the five figures were really just statues.

    When Mister Knife and Bligh first arrived, three of the figures were pointing with their left arms and only two were pointing with their right arms. However, after they had been activated, only two of the figures were pointing with their left arms and the other three were pointing with their right arms. Is this significant? Probably not but it is something that I noticed.


--Legendary Star-Lord#4

images: (without ads)
Legendary Star-Lord#1, page 16, panel 1 (main image)
Legendary Star-Lord#4, page 10, panel 3 (gem on Star-Lord's chest)
      page 10, panel 1 (protecting Star-Lord from Thanos)
      page 13, panel 1 (Star-Lord ready to fire)
      page 17, panel 4 (beam of energy...)
      page 20, panel 3 (...that reanimates the Celestials)
      page 20, panel 1 (Graveyard of the Celestials)
      page 21, panel 1 ("corpses" pointing the way)

Legendary Star-Lord#1 (September, 2014) - Sam Humphries (writer), Paco Medina (penciler), Juan Vlasco (inker), Mike Marts (editor)
Legendary Star-Lord#4 (December, 2014) - Sam Humphries (writer), Freddie Williams II (artist), Mike Marts (editor)

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