Swami Rihva's presence quiets all men and beastsSWAMI RIHVA

Real Name: Swami Rihva

Identity/Class: Human, magic user;
    possibly a citizen of India

Occupation: Chiromancer, seer, mystic

Group Membership: Calliope's Carnival and Circus

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Buck Cowen, Lissa Russell, Werewolf (Jack Russell)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Swami the Great, The Respectable Rihva

Base of Operations: Mobile through the world

First Appearance: Werewolf by Night I#6 (July, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Rihva has a number of mental powers, including telepathy, hypnosis, and precognition. He also uses stunning vapors, and he has unspecified other mystical abilities. He used a knife.

Swami Rihva has just finished to spy the Werewolf with his magic globeHistory: (Werewolf by Night I#7 (fb)) - Swami Rihva was probably born in India. He was a pariah or an untouchable. One day he heard the story of the Blood Stone, key to a fabulous treasure.
    Swami Rihva started his search for the Stone through the world, until he arrived to a Temple on the Himalaya. Using his telepathy he suddenly knew of the Blood Stone kept there. He obliged the monks to give the Blood Stone to him.
He tried to read the map drawn on the Stone, he soaked the Stone in his own blood but it had no effect. So he started to wander around the world and try with the blood of other exiles and freaks, promising them a part of the treasure. Eventually, they joined to the Calliope's Carnival and Circus continuing their research.

(Werewolf by Night I#6) - During a night of full moon, using his crystal globe, Swami the Great saw Jack Russell in his Werewolf form. He ordered to move the Circus to Los Angeles, where Jack Russell was.
    26 days later, Jack Russell, his sister Lissa and Buck visited the Circus. Jack entered in Swami's tent, attracted by something unspecified. Swami, using strange vapors and his power, hypnotized Jack. Jack was hidden and the Circus moved for two days. Swami announced to his followers that at the third full moon they would have had known the secrets of the Blood Stone. He entrusted the cures of Mige and Elmo with Jack.
    That night, Swami threatened Mige, because the tamer didn't want Jack in the Circus. Hours later Swami had to intervene to tranquilize the lions that Mige had sent to attack the Werewolf. Swami read in Mige's mind (and probably in the others') why this happened and slapped the tamer. Werewolf was left in the cage.

Swami Rihva keeps Lissa in hostage



(Werewolf by Night I#7) - The day after, Lissa and Buck went to Rihva seeking information about Jack. While talking with Rihva, Lissa saw Jack in a cage, but Rihva used his powers and hypnotized them. They were placed in costume and used in the Circus show as Chicken Man and Serpent Girl.
That night, Swami had the Circus close before the normal time. He prepared the rite for midnight. During the preparation he told the story of Kaman-Ru and the Blood Stone that had to be soaked in the blood of a supernatural being to reveal the map of the treasure of Kaman-Ru. At midnight Swami Rihva tried to kill Werewolf, but Elmo, being moved to pity, stopped him. A fight sprung between Elmo and Mige that set fire to the tent. Werewolf freed himself and attacked Rihva. The mystic fled. The artists of the Circus tried but couldn't stopped the Werewolf so Rihva took Lissa as hostage. However, she escaped his grasp, and when Rhiva read in the Werewolf's mind what the man-beast wanted to do to him, his heart couldn't stand the horror. The mystic died.
    His Blood Stone remained in the flames of the Circus.

Comments: Created by Len Wein, Mike Ploog and Frank Bolle.

Swami Rihva is clearly a play on the song lyrics, "...way down upon the Suwanee River, far, far from home."

Profile by Spidermay


Swami Rihva has no known connections to

Kaman-Ru has no known connections to

The Blood Stone has no known connections to

The Sanctuary where Kaman-Ru created the Blood StoneKaman-Ru and the Blood Stone

(Werewolf by Night I#7 (fb)) - Centuries ago, Kaman-Ru was a Sorcerer King who gathered the greatest treasure in history. He sat on a jade throne, and demons stood at his feet. In his sanctuary he created the Blood Stone.

Kaman-Ru had no heirs. When he felt that death was near, he had his treasure buried in a secret place, and had all the people who knew its location executed. Then he draw the map on the Blood Stone. But the map would have been visible only if it was soaked in the blood of a supernatural being.

Kaman-Ru wrote the map of the treasure on the StoneKaman-Ru died.

(Werewolf by Night I#6 (fb)) - The Blood Stone was lost. It ended in a Temple on the Himalayas, kept by monks, until Rihva found it.

The Blood Stone was soaked in Rihva's blood, and in the blood of many other people, but nobody had the right blood.

(Werewolf by Night I#7) - Nothing is known about the location of the Blood Stone, probably lost in the ashes of the fire of the Circus' tent.

Comments: Kaman-Ru was created by Len Wein, Mike Ploog and Jim Mooney.

For further information about other Bloodstones/fragments and "special" stones see the Exomind profile.

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Other appearances: Werewolf by Night I#7 (August, 1973)

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