Real Name: Dagoth

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Agent of Shuma-Gorath

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Agent of Shuma-Gorath; Kulthas/Kathulos (ally); the citizens of Kalumesh (former worshippers), unidentified high priestess

Enemies: Dr. Strange, Henry Gordon, Blondine, the people of Penmallow (pawns)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Dark One, the Sea Demon, Dagoth of the Wicked Ways, Dagoth the Sea Born

Base of Operations: The city of Kalumesh, outside Penmallow, Cornwall, England

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#7 (March, 1973)

Powers: Superhuman strength (@ Class 10), ability to breathe underwater (may or may not be able to breathe in air). He could mentally influence anyone descended or reincarnated from the people of Kalumesh. He could use the power of the Starstone (together with the power of Kathulos) to entrance and control an entire town.

History: Dagoth is a member of the second class of demons (as per the OHotMU), who may be fallen or degenerate gods, but date from far later generations. At some point, under unknown circumstances, he became a servant of the extra-dimensional demon Shuma-Gorath.

(Marvel Premiere#7(fb)) - In centuries or millennia past, Dagoth was worshipped as high priest in the city of Kalumesh. The citizens of that city served his every need and performed many bloody sacrifices in his name. Eventually the city was buried beneath the sea by monstrous waves which rose upward and smote the evil city. Dagoth himself was overwhelmed and buried as the city collapsed on him. All who worshipped Dagoth died beneath the smothering waves. The city came to rest at the ocean floor, outside what would be Cornwall, England.

BTS - Dagoth apparently escaped the confines of the city of Kalumesh at some point, and was rumored to have inhabited the depths of the waters outside Penmallow, Cornwall.

(Marvel Premiere#7) - Henry Gordon inherited the manor of Witch House and read of the legends of Dagoth. He somehow attracted the attention of Dagoth, who apparently entered the manor and left the Starstone to be found outside of the nearby Tower of Dagoth. This stimulated Gordon's interest, and he and the house's caretaker, Blondine, used scuba gear to investigate and locate the sunken city of Kalumesh.

However, they also found Dagoth, who attacked the two. Fortunately, the sorcerer Dr. Strange was flying overhead (on a mission to locate evidence of Shuma-Gorath at Stonehenge) at the time, sensed Dagoth's power, and flew beneath the waves to save them. Strange created of an illusion of himself, which Dagoth attacked and seemingly strangled, but then found himself bound by the Rings of Raggadorr as Strange escaped with Gordon and Blondine.

That night, Dagoth summoned Blondine to activate the Starstone, which sent the people of Penmallow into a trance. Under Dagoth's control, they attempted to enter the city of Kalumesh to become sacrifices to Shuma-Gorath. This involved their walking into the sea, where they would drown beneath its waves in the journey. However, Dr. Strange again sensed the activities and Dagoth, and opposed him, freeing the people from their trance, so they could swim to safety at the surface. Dagoth attacked Strange, who gathered the ambient magic and used it to banish Dagoth to some unnamed dimension, never to return.

Comments: Created/Adapted by Gardner Fox and Craig Russell.

Chris Jarocha-Ernst:
"The Dagoth Hills" were mentioned in Robert E. Howard's "The Dwellers Under the Tomb", which seems to be about ghouls of the Lovecraftian type. Dagoth was also featured in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Conan the Destroyer. The movie's novelization was written by Robert Jordan.

The sinking of Kalumesh may have coincided with that of Atlantis, @ 18, 000 BC. Its sinking was described as cataclysmic, perhaps referring to the Great Cataclysm (the events of Atlantis' sinking).


"Never to return"...unless, of course, some writer takes interest in him, hint, hint.

Parker informed me that Dagoth is likely derived from or an homage to a character from a H.P. Lovecraft. Read all about it at dagon.htm. Dagon is a Philistinian god that was half-man, half-fish. The word Dagon comes from the Latin/Greel/Hebrew, and literally means fish.

Here's my theory: Dagon, the Lovecraftian fish-demon-monster (@ SSoC#176), was the first to use the name. He was active in the pre-Cataclysmic era. Enlil, the Mesopotamian God, showed up during the Hyborian era and usurped his name, establishing himself as the Hyborian Death God Dagon (@ CtB#59+66), and drawing off the legend of the fish-demon. Due to the distance and differences between their worshippers, this didn't have any effect or any complications for either Dagon until much later. Over the millennia, Enlil/Dagon continued to spread his influence, eventually drawing on the followers of the fish-demon. As has been described in other cases, the progressive loss of followers weakened the fish-demon. Perhaps a confrontation arose (with Enlil/Dagon backed by his Mesopotamian kinsman), or perhaps the fish-demon fled, but at any rate, Enlil/Dagon eventually usurped the role completely. He eventually allowed his true name to be known to his Sumerian (and successive) worshippers, but memories of the fish-demon remained as part of his mythos, resulting in the Philistinian image of him as half-man, half-fish.
Meanwhile, the fish-demon, much reduced in power, went off to sleep, until the modern era, when he was awakened by his fellow Old One, Shuma-Gorath, and he resumed activity under the name of Dagoth. This would fit well with all aspects of the MU, especially if Kalumesh were a pre-Cataclysmic city.
--There's nothing to back this up, anymore than it's one more way to try to resolve something, that will likely never be resolved (or even ever be brought up again, in the MU).

Clarifications: The Dark One was just a title for Dagoth, and has no connection to:

He should be distinguished from:
  • Dagon, the Lovecraftian/monster version, who could be an ancestor or even a previous incarnation, @ Savage Sword of Conan#176
  • Dagon, the Hyborian God of War, worshipped by the Kushites, @ Conan the Barbarian I#59
  • Dagon, aka the Mesopotamian God, who is either the Hyborian God, or has yet to appear in the MU--still the profile covers some info on him

    Witch House has no connection to the Haunted House, aka the House of Shadows, @ Strange Tales I#120

    Blondine is the reincarnation of the High Priestess of Dagoth from the city of Kalumesh. She was Zedediah Gordon's...housekeeper. She attempted to warn Henry Gordon away, but was convinced to help him find the undersea city of Kalumesh. With Dr. Strange's aid, she recalled her previous life in that city. However, this left her prey to Dagoth. She was put under a trance that caused her to help him activate the Starstone to control the entire city of Penmallow. After Dagoth's banishment, she journeyed with Gordon, Strange, and his allies to investigate Witch House, and were caught inside of it. After Dr. Strange destroyed Witch House, she and Henry decided to rebuild a new, normal house for their lives together--Marvel Premiere#7 (8


    Henry Gordon is the nephew of Jedediah Gordon. He came to Witch House after he inherited it from his uncle. After traveling there, he learned of the legends of Dagoth and Kalumesh. He convinced Blondine to lead him to the sunken ruins of Kalumesh, where they both were attacked by Dagoth. They were saved by Dr. Strange, but later fell under Dagoth's spell, which caused them to wander mindlessly back into the sea, and under its surface. They were again saved by Dr. Strange, but then were caught in the trap that was Witch House. After Dr. Strange destroyed Witch House, he and Blondine decided to rebuild a new, normal house for their lives together.--Marvel Premiere#7 (8



    Kalumesh was an ancient city that worshipped Dagoth. It sunk beneath the sea and is underwater off the coast of Penmallow.--Marvel Premiere#7








    The Starstone was sent to Earth by Kathulos, another demon allied with Dagoth, who also served Shuma-Gorath. When bathed in the moon (and star) light, Kathulos transmitted power to it. This enabled Daggoth to entrance the entire town, and nearly sacrifice them all to Shuma-Gorath.--MarvPrem7





    Witch House was a manor in Penmallow. It was formerly owned by Zedediah Gordon, and subsequently inherited by his nephew Henry. The house was cared for by Blondine. Witch House actually served as a portal/connection to the living world of Kathulos. It was animated by Kathulos and it collapsed in on Blondine, Clea, Dr. Strange, Henry Gordon, and Wong. It took all of Strange's mystic powers to save himself and the others. He was forced to call upon the powers of the Vishanti to destroy the house, which was shattered into rubble.

    Marvel Premiere#7 (March, 1973) - Gardner Fox (writer), P. Craig Russell (penciler), Mike Esposito (inker), Roy Thomas (editor)
    Marvel Premiere#8 (May, 1973) - Gardner Fox (writer), Jim Starlin (penciler), Giacoia, Hunt (inkers), Roy Thomas (editor)

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