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Real Name: Shuma-Gorath

Identity/Class: Demon, class 3 (Extradimensional);
Distant Past, Pre-Cataclysmic, Hyborian, and modern eras

Occupation: Lord of Chaos, Master of the Old Ones, Ruler of a hundred dimensions

Group Membership: Leader of the Old Ones, member of the Devil's Advocacy

Affiliations: Served by Arioch, Dagoth, Ebora, Erlik Khan, Ghaszaszh Nyirh, Kathulos, Khats, Living Buddha, N'Gabthoth, Nightmare, Nicholas Scratch, Serpent Men of Starkesboro, Sligguth, Vammatar, Water Elemental, Arnim Zola, unidentified cult in the New York City area, unidentified extradimensional race (including the Blood Monks);
    formerly Kulan Gath;
    possibly Shagreen the Sorcerer(see comments)
    unwitting pawns included Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Kat Farrell, Hob, Uberkommando (Iron Cross, Master Man/Max Lohmer, Master Race, U-Man/Meranno, Warrior Woman/Julia Koenig), a few dozen unidentified New Yorkers

Enemies: Administrator, Ancient One, Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Thor/Jane Foster), Bats, Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), Caretaker (Buddy), Conan, Crom, Dhamsus, Diablo, Diplatessa, Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Doctor Voodoo (Jericho Drumm), Dormammu, Elders of the Universe (Champion, Collector, Grandmaster, Runner), Elektra (Elektra Natchios), Empirikul (Eye-Bots, Imperator, Witchfinder Wolves), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Kulan Gath, Groot, Abbadona Hellgore, Hieronymus Hellgore, Hellstorm (Daimon Hellstrom), Hob, In-Betweener, Invaders (Captain America/James Barnes, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Namor, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Toro/Thomas Raymond, Union Jack/Joey Chapman, Vision/Aarkus), Kaluu, Mephisto, Mighty Avengers (Blue Marvel/Adam Brashear, Luke Cage, Power Man/Vic Alvarez, Spectrum/Monica Rambeau, Spider Hero/Eric Brooks, Spider-Man/Otto Octavius, White Tiger/Ava Ayala), Mindless Ones, Sir Isaac Newton, Nightmare, Rann Njalsdatter, Priest of Sickles (Johan Richter), Punisher (Frank Castle), Salem's Seven (Brutacus, Gazelle, Hydron, Reptilla, Thornn, Vakume, Vertigo), unidentified shaman, Shon of the Snowhawk tribe, Sise-Neg, spirits of the people of Vliet, Netherlands, the village of the Snow Bear, Vishanti (Agamotto, Oshtur, Hoggoth, ), Wanderers, Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett);
   turned on Kulan Gath and Vammatar when they tried to control him

Known Relatives: Quoggoth (possible spawn; see comments)

Aliases: He Who Sleeps but Shall Awake, Unclosing Eye, Writhing Devourer; formerly "Dr. Strange", possibly Cthuma-Gurath

Base of Operations: His own native dimension;
   formerly Prehistoric Earth, Mt. Crom;
    the Ancient One's mind

First Appearance: (BTS) Marvel Premiere#3 (July, 1972); (mentioned) Journey into Mystery II#1 (Ocobter, 1972); (depicted) Marvel Premiere#10 (September, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Shuma-Gorath is an extradimensional demon and is therefore immune to disease and aging.  In his native dimension he is virtually omnipotent. He generates his own mystical power, but is also able to draw energy, mystical or otherwise, from others.  Shuma-Gorath can release destructive magical energy blasts and can manipulate magical energy on a planetary scale.  He is able to communicate telepathically and compel others to do his will, even across dimensions.  His skin is rubbery and armored, preventing physical damage.   He has between 6 and 8 appendages, depending on his form.  These are used to grasp/crush his prey and to project his energy blasts.  It also may be impossible to permanently destroy him.

Height: Indeterminable
Weight: Massive
Eye: Variable
Tentacles: Yes


(Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3 (fb)) - At some point in the distant past the In-Betweener and the Elders of the Universe (Champion, Collector, Grandmaster and Runner) battled Shuma-Gorath (or a similar Old One).

(Marvel Premiere#14 (fb) - BTS) - Over 1,000,000 years ago, Shuma-Gorath traveled from his native dimension to prehistoric Earth, ruling over it and feasting on the ancestors of mankind.

(Invaders Now#3 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in the past Shuma-Gorath infused the area later known as Vliet, Netherland with his essence in form of minerals that could only be found in this area.

(Marvel Premiere#14)- Shuma-Gorath confronted the time-traveling sorcerer Sise-Neg and was defeated by the godlike being. He was banished from the earth dimension. This was witnessed by the time-traveling Doctor Strange, who lamented the fact that he could not change the Ancient One's death by destroying Shuma-Gorath in the past.

(Marvel Premiere#5 (fb) - BTS) - Long ago, the Vishanti fought the unspeakable wickedness of Shuma-Gorath.

(Conan the Barbarian I#260 (fb) - BTS) - At least 1000 years before the sinking of Atlantis, Shuma-Gorath found his way back to Earth and set himself up as a god again, this time on what would become Mount Crom in Cimmeria.  He was fed by blood-sacrifice, from both tribal warfare and ritual slaughter on his altar.  Shuma-Gorath did not seek priests or intermediaries between him and his food; he destroyed any shaman who sought to curry his favor.  For an age it ruled over the humans until they cried out to a newly arisen god: Crom.  Crom sent a great storm which a shaman of the Northmen entered.  He returned with three iron-bound books, locked by a key.  (This is millennia before books existed.)  The Shaman read the books to his tribe and then went off to confront the demon.

The shaman arrived at a lower peak and read from the books.  As he finished the 3rd volume, Shuma-Gorath sent down a magical blast which appeared to incinerate the human.  However, from the books rose a flame-headed cloud, which rose to the top of the mountain and enveloped it.  Shuma-Gorath was imprisoned within the mountain, which was then named Mount Crom, in honor of the god who defeated Shuma-Gorath.

(Conan the Barbarian I#258 (fb) - BTS) - Kulan Gath and Vammatar, newly wed, arrived at Mount Crom with the Iron-Bound books of Shuma-Gorath, seeking to release and enslave the demon.  Vammatar betrayed Kulan Gath and they both cursed Crom, who buried caused an avalanche, which buried the books.  Both Kulan Gath and Vammatar believed the other had perished,

(Conan the Barbarian I#252 (fb) - BTS) - Over 100 years later, Shuma-Gorath influenced Vammatar to destroy the village of the Snow Bear, in Cimmeria, where Conan was raised, in order to clear the path for her to come and free him.  While the village was consumed by fire, the words "Shuma-Gorath" were chanted repeatedly.  This is seen in a dream by Conan

(Conan the Barbarian I#85 - BTS) - Stygian sorcerer Shu-Onoru came in possession of the Iron-Bound books of Shuma-Gorath.

(Conan the Barbarian I#257 - BTS) - Kulan Gath, disguised as a blind seer, warned the people of Numalia of the second coming of Shuma-Gorath. This was witnessed by Conan.

(Conan the Barbarian I#259) - Conan, Hob, Kulan Gath, and Vammatar all arrived at Mount Crom.  Shuma-Gorath mentally compelled Hob, who was separated from the others, to take the Iron-Bound books of Shuma-Gorath and open them, reading them aloud.  This freed Shuma-Gorath from his imprisonment, and he exploded out the side of the mountain.

(Conan the Barbarian I#260) - Shuma-Gorath appeared frozen in place by the spells of Kulan Gath and Vammatar, who then attacked Conan and his allies.  The two sorcerers celebrated, only to discover that Shuma-Gorath was not under their control.  The demon related how he was trapped to his audience, before obliterating Kulan Gath and Vammatar.  Conan took the Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath up the mountain and resisted first the demon's energy blasts and then his offers of power if Conan would stop.  Instead Conan threw the books up into the storm above, giving them to Crom.  An enormous explosion ensued and when the dust cleared, Shuma-Gorath was no more.

(BTS) - Crom banished Shuma-Gorath back to his home dimension.

(Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme#5 (fb)) - At some point during the 18th century Sir Isaac Newton fought against Shuma-Gorath.

(Doctor Strange IV#7 (fb)) - Shuma-Gorath was worshipped as a god by an extradimensional humanoid race, who outlawed science.

(Strange Academy#13 (fb)) - In exchange for magical powers they sacrificed children to Shuma-Gorath.

(Doctor Strange IV#7 (fb)) - They also hoped that Shuma-Gorath would protect them from oblivion, not realizing that Shuma-Gorath would be their downfall.

(Strange Academy#13 (fb)) - Hieronymus and Abbadona Hellgore, whose infant son was promised to Shuma-Gorath, refused to sacrifice their child.

(Doctor Strange IV#7 (fb)) - Hieronymus showed his scientific work to the Elders and was labeled a heretic. He planned to flee the planet with his family before they were hunted down by the Blood Monks.

(Doctor Strange IV#7 (fb) / Strange Academy#13 (fb)) - Hieronymus and Abbadona were executed by the Blood Monks, but in a last ditch effort Abbadona ordered her husband's Eyebots to take her child to the spaceship. The child, later known as the Imperator, escaped the world shortly before it was destroyed by Shuma-Gorath.

(Ruins of Ravencroft: Sabretooth#1 (fb)) - <1804> In the New York City area where the Ravencroft institute was later built Shuma-Gorath was worshipped by a cult.

(Journey into Mystery II#1 - BTS) - John Grimlan knew of Shuma-Gorath. (see comments)

(Invaders Now#3 (fb) - BTS) - <1944> Arnim Zola used the minerals in Vliet, Netherlands to create a virus.

(Invaders Now#2 (fb) - BTS) - Arnim Zola turned the virus into a doomsday weapon that turned the infected into berserk monsters.

   <January, 1945> - Zola mutated the villagers with the virus, which he had aerosolized, and released them against the US Army and the Invaders. Many of the soldiers were infected by the virus during the attacking villagers. Inside Vliet's fortress Zola loaded a rocket with a bomb containing the virus, but the Invaders stopped the launch and slew Zola (who transferred his mind into a robot body afterward). When they learned from one of Zola's underlings that there was no way to cure the virus the Invaders decided to contain the highly contagious virus by slaying every infected specimen in Vliet after one of the infected, but not yet mutated, residents asked them to.

(Marvel Premiere#3-8 - BTS) - Shuma-Gorath was behind a series of attacks on Dr. Strange and the Ancient One, preparing for his rebirth on earth with the aid of his servants Nightmare, Sligguth, Ebora, N'Gabthoth, Dagoth, Kathulos, and the Living Buddha.

(Marvel Premiere#9) - Returning from Kathulos, Dr. Strange encountered an energy trail.  In it was a black hole, which spoke to him with Shuma-Gorath's voice.  It taunted him with its power and warned him its return was nigh.  Upon arriving at the side of his mentor, the Ancient One, Strange learned that Shuma-Gorath was going to come to earth through the mind of the Ancient One.






(Marvel Premiere#10) - Shuma-Gorath had begun to enter the earth-plane, through the Ancient One's mind.  Appearing as a negative image of the Ancient One's mind, Shuma-Gorath taunted Dr. Strange with visions the Lord of Chaos' victory.  Overcoming them, Strange entered the Ancient One's mind and was treated to hallucinations before finally confronting Shuma-Gorath himself.  While fighting a losing battle with the demon, a battle felt by mystics the world over; Strange realized he must destroy the Ancient One's ego in order to prevent Shuma-Gorath's victory.  Strange reluctantly did so, banishing Shuma-Gorath back to where he came from.  This also enabled the Ancient One to finally become "one" with the universe.





(Dr. Strange II#81 -BTS) - To save his friends from the alien sorcerer Urthona, Dr. Strange was forced to destroy virtually all of his talismans and scrolls.  (In reality Agamatto took them for safe-keeping.)  This act collapsed the barriers which kept the Old Ones imprisoned in their dimensions, allowing them free reign on Earth, thus granting Shuma-Gorath a foothold on the earthly plane.

(Strange Tales II#1/2-#12/2 - BTS) - Shuma-Gorath was behind the Old Ones' assault on Earth, aiding/directing the actions of the Water Elemental, Erlik Khan, Ghaszaszh Nyirh, Nightmare, and others.

(Strange Tales II#13/2) - After traveling through many dimensions and defeating/merging with Arioch, Dr. Strange finally arrived at Shuma-Gorath's home dimension.  Shuma-Gorath was so large here that Dr. Strange initially mistook him for a mountain.






(Strange Tales II#14/2) - Dr. Strange confronted Shuma-Gorath, infusing himself with Arioch's energy and Black Magic, growing to match Shuma-Gorath in size. As they battled Shuma-Gorath boasted that Dr. Strange cannot, as a mortal, defeat him.  The Lord of Chaos said "If you gain enough power to best me, you become me."  Shuma-Gorath hit Strange, turning part of the sorcerer's skin to resemble Shuma-Gorath's own leathery green hide.  Shuma-Gorath pointed out that Strange was already becoming him and prophesied that the power would corrupt him.

    He then created a replica of Earth, which he proceeded to use as a "voodoo doll" ravaging the real Earth, turning the sky to fire.  Dr. Strange attempted to create a mystic shield to protect the Earth replica, but this merely caused pain and damage to Earth's mystics, including Doctor Druid and Talisman of Alpha Flight. Shuma-Gorath told Strange that he could not beat him by being both "the preserver and the destroyer in one aspect."  Strange responded by becoming a destroyer, using the Earth replica to destroy Shuma-Gorath.  This causes death, destruction, and pain across the globe and shattered Shuma-Gorath's body, causing Strange to merge with Shuma-Gorath.

Dr. Strange/Shuma-Gorath then impaled himself on one of Shuma-Gorath's tentacles.

(Fantastic Four I#314) - In the domain of the Cat People, Dr. Strange's confrontation with Shuma-Gorath appeared in a vision of flame to Belasco and the Fantastic Four.

(Strange Tales II#15/2) - In actuality Dr. Strange/Shuma-Gorath only destroyed his own ego, in a bid to destroy Shuma-Gorath.  Led by Kaluu, he travels through many planes, burning off the excess energy of Shuma-Gorath on the way back to the Earth dimension.

(Fantastic Four Annual#27/3) - Shuma-Gorath was one of the entities glimpsed by Kosmos and Kubik on a tour of the varying levels of reality.

(Avengers III#30 - BTS) - Kulan Gath invoked Shuma-Gorath (along with the N'Garai and other dark gods) in his bid to attain godhood.

(Marvel Knights 4#26) - Nicholas Scratch tricked the Fantastic Four into reading a spell to liberate Shuma-Gorath, bringing him to Earth.

(Marvel Knights 4#27) - Shuma-Gorath assaulted the Fantastic Four and Salem's Seven, whom Scratch presented as sacrifices. Shuma announced his intentions of consuming Earth, but Dr. Strange then arrived and transported Shuma to Stonehenge, from where he managed to banish Shuma beyond time and space.

(Journey Into Mystery I#627 (fb)) - Shuma-Gorath was present at the Devil's Advocacy meeting where various demons (including Mephisto, Blackheart, Cyttorak, Dormammu and Marduk Kurios) railed loudly against the power of the Asgardian fear god, the Serpent.

(Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural#1 - BTS) - Doctor Voodoo offered the lost spirits of Shuma-Gorath a home because they had no horizon to meet.

(Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural#1) - During their battle through dimensions Doctor Voodoo and Doctor Doom passed by Shuma-Gorath and his realm.

(Invaders Now!#3 (fb) - BTS) - An early Vliet test subject of Arnim Zola during World War II survived into the modern era and after attaining the Spear of Destiny as his power source bargained with Shuma-Gorath, to recreate the day his family was slain by the Invaders in in 1945 using a ritual. It lured Arnim Zola and the Uberkommando to Vliet and Zola, influenced by the spell, mutated the current villagers with the virus.

(Invaders Now!#1 (fb) - BTS) - An infected made it to the University Hospital Maastricht in the Netherlands and assaulted a doctor and nurse to spread the virus. All three were shot by the local police and area was put under quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading further.

(Invaders Now!#1 - BTS) - Their bodies were taken to the US to learn more about the contagion. The sickness was recognized by Steve Rogers as the same he and the Invaders encountered during a mission in 1945 in Vliet, Netherlands.

(Invaders Now!#3 - BTS) - Due to the ritual the Invaders ended up trapped in an endless battle with the Uberkommando in Vliet. Union Jack was mutated when he and Spitfire found the old man and the mutated villagers in Vliet's church. Vision (Aarkus) confronted the old man and revealed to him that everything that had happened to the villagers now, including Zola mutating them, was due to the old man's ritual, but the old man wouldn't stop his scheme. The Invaders surrendered and offered to aid curing the current villagers and not stop the old man from finishing the ritual so he could eventually trade their lives for the ones of the former villagers.

(Invaders Now!#4 - BTS) - The old man agreed to the terms and let the Invaders leave Vliet to find a cure for the virus. The Atlantean Iron-Bound Book identified items of Shuma-Gorath's past defeats to create a serum against the virus. Hank Pym, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and Beast mixed the Sea-Flowers of Sise-Neg (provided by Namor), hair from the Ancient One's beard (picked up by Barnes at the Sanctum Sanctorum) and fragments of the monuments of Stonehenge (picked up by Spitfire, Human Torch and Toro) to create a working serum. The Invaders returned with the serum to Vliet to heal Union Jack and the locals. Meanwhile the old man created the most favorable conditions for the ritual's success. The old man completed the ritual, but ghostly images of his parents and sister convinced him to abandon his mad quest. The old man wanted to undo the spell, but Zola slew him to prevent that. Zola revealed he had already analyzed the blood of a cured villager to improve the contagion and make it immune to science and magic and turn the whole world into mutated puppets for him to rule. Zola ordered the Uberkommando to delay the Invaders until Shuma-Gorath claimed the Invaders.

(Invaders Now!#4) - In Vliet the Invaders and Uberkommando witnessed Shuma-Gorath slither through the portal opened by the old man's ritual. The demon got hold of Namor and Human Torch while Toro threw fireballs at the demon.

(Invaders Now!#5) - The recently deceased mutate's ghost, reunited with his family, and the ghosts of the others who had died in Vliet in 1945 helped Vision (Aarkus) oppose Shuma-Gorath's power to delay it crossing into the Earthly plane. At the same time, the ghost instructed the Invaders to defeat Shuma-Gorath's minions, the Uberkommandos and Zola, in the physical world and close the gateway. Captain America managed to steal the Spear of Destiny from Zola and tossed it, bound to his shield, to Vision, who stabbed Shuma-Gorath in the eye, driving the demon back to its realm and ending the threat.

(Invaders Now!#5 - BTS) - Banished from Vliet the minerals in the area were no longer imbued with his essence.

(Mighty Avengers II#2) - Influenced by Thanos' psychic general Ebony Maw Doctor Strange summoned Shuma-Gorath to New York City using the Wings of Needless Sorrow. Bursting through the street at Times Square in front of the Mighty Avengers, who had just defeated Thanos' general Proxima Midnight, Shuma-Gorath proclaimed the world as his.

(Mighty Avengers II#3) - Rising from the street Shuma-Gorath grabbed Luke Cage and felt the newly formed soul of his daughter Danielle on him. A moment later the Blue Marvel arrived and blasted through the physical manifestation of Shuma-Gorath, buying the Might Avengers two minutes until it reformed. Spider Hero (secretly Blade) told the others they needed to find a way to disrupt Shuma-Gorath's astral self before it could get too big of a foothold on Earth. Shuma-Gorath's physical form re-formed and Doctor Strange, still influenced by the Ebony Maw, formed the Nightmare Eye of Zhar-Llogos to shield the demon from the Mighty Avengers' attacks. Shuma-Gorath grow more real by the second and detected his allies, then possessed the people at Times Square (including reporter Kat Farrell) to use them as fighting force against the Mighty Avengers. Spectrum duplicated the shielding symbols forming over Shuma-Gorath to buy the Mighty Avengers more time. Spider Hero and Power Man aided White Tiger to summon the Tiger God, who opposed Shuma-Gorath's claim to Earth, and ripped the demon to shreds. Spectrum then flew right into the eye of the weakened Shuma-Gorath and blew it up from the inside, banishing Shuma-Gorath once again from Earth and freeing the possessed citizens.


(Doctor Strange IV#16 (fb)) - Dormammu made a deal with the Empirikul when they attacked him and revealed to them the location of Shuma-Gorath, a target they hated more than him. The Empirikul attacked Shuma-Gorath and even managed to crack the demon's eye.

(I am Groot#5 (fb) - BTS) - At some point a portal to Shuma-Gorath's prison dimension was accidentally opened on the extradimensional hub planet Terminal, which had access to a time-space portal system that could open to any location in the universe.

(I am Groot#4 (fb) - BTS) - Creatures from across dimensions witnessed Shuma-Gorath attempting to pass through the portal and an error in the system occurred.

(I am Groot#5 (fb) - BTS) - The planet's Caretaker hastily shut down the portal system to prevent Shuma-Gorath from gaining access to the portal systems.

(I am Groot#1-4 (fb) - BTS) - The damaged system caused timestorms on Terminal and randomly opened portals that sucked beings to Terminal and caused many other problems like memory loss among Terminal's citizens.

(I am Groot#3 (fb) - BTS) - A prophecy foretold the arrival of the "seed of slaughter" that would one day "open the door of doors" and bring death and destruction to Terminal.

(I am Groot#5 - BTS) - Amnesiac portal operator Diplatessa accidentally re-opened the portal to Shuma-Gorath's dimension in an attempt to help Groot get back home because she didn't believe the Administator's stories anymore that there was a terrible thing on the other side of the portal.

(I am Groot#5) - Shuma-Gorath tried to pry open the portal further to pass through to Terminal. He started destroying buildings, including a critical intake valve, with his tentacles while he already formed a plan to use Terminal to access all galaxies and dimensions.

   Diplatessa was unable to shut down the portal while Shuma-Gorath was stuck in it. The damaged valve caused another timestorm.

   Groot, who had seen himself fight Shuma-Gorath in the future, asked to be placed in the timestorm. Diplatessa ordered a service bot to do it.

(I am Groot#5) - Upon entering the storm Groot, who was secretly plugged into the planet's sentinel projector, became a gigantic hard-light construct.

(I am Groot#4 (ff) / #5) - A small version of Groot arrived from a few hours earlier through a timestorm and was recognized by Shuma-Gorath as the "seed of slaughter". The demon asked Groot to free him, but to Shuma-Gorath's surprise the gigantic Groot created by the sentinel projector punched Shuma-Gorath in the eye.

(I am Groot#5) - Gigantic Groot kicked Shuma-Gorath back through the portal while Groot's ally Dhamsus fixed the damaged valve. Dhamsus warned Diplatessa to not shut down the portal because the resulting timestorm would overwhelm Terminal. She instead opened a portal for Groot to get back home to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

(Doctor Strange I#389 (fb)) - Shuma-Gorath fought in a war against Dormammu, Mephisto, Nightmare and their armies in a necro-realm over the right to pass through a powerful portal to Earth caused by Doctor Strange. Mephisto won and barred Shuma-Gorath and the others from returning to their own realms, trapping them in the necro-realm for eternity.

(Doctor Strange I#388) - The souls of Doctor Strange and Bats got sent to Mephisto's necro-realm where they encountered Shuma-Gorath. The demon attacked them, but the souls of the Avengers (Black Panther, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hawkeye/Clint Barton and Thor/Jane Foster) joined forces with Doctor Strange against Shuma-Gorath. Shuma-Gorath fled when Dormammu came to the aid of Strange and the Avengers and hit him with a powerful energy blast.

(Doctor Strange I#389 (fb)) - Shuma-Gorath, Nightmare and the remnants of their hordes attacked Doctor Strange, the Avengers, Dormammu and the Mindless Ones. Doctor Strange, possessed by the combined souls of the Avengers, returned to Earth to defeat Mephisto while the battle raged on.

(Doctor Strange I#389 - BTS) - Shuma-Gorath returned home.

(Savage Avengers Annual I#1 - BTS) - The Priest of Sickles contacted Kulan Gath and informed him that he had found a way to get his poison (Shuma-Gorath in small pieces) into the population by hiding it in cocaine. He promised that he was prepared for the coming of Shuma-Gorath.

(Savage Avengers I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Kulan Gath boasted to Doctor Voodoo that he would consume Shuma-Gorath to gain his power.

(Savage Avengers I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Kulan Gath's acolytes took over a drug cartel's business somewhere in Mexico and poisoned their cocaine with small portions of Shuma-Gorath before putting it into circulation.

(Savage Avengers I#10) - Doctor Voodoo, infected by a portion of Shuma-Gorath, was slowly dying. He called Doctor Strange for help while Strange, Doctor Doom and Conan fought Kulan Gath in the crypt within the City of Sickles. Strange found Voodoo inside a sarcophagus and was shocked to see his head encompassed in an avatar of Shuma-Gorath. Doctor Strange carefully tried to cut the demon from Voodoo's head because he considered both his patient, but failed. Conan wasn't so delicate about the process and just ripped off the demon after giving it and Voodoo a beating. Kulan Gath swore to make Conan pay for this desecration after Conan tossed the demon's avatar at him.

   Even in defeat Kulan Gath assured Conan, Strange and Doom that they had only slowed him down from bringing Shuma-Gorath to Earth.

(Savage Avengers I#13 (fb)) - Conan laid with some women somewhere in South America. One of them got infected with Shuma-Gorath by snorting cocaine and attacked Conan and the other women. The avatar of the demon demanded to know who had summoned Shuma-Gorath, but Conan had no answers for the demon and instead smashed its head in with a prosthetic leg taken from one of the other women.

(Savage Avengers I#12) - A disciple of Kulan Gath released a man infected with Shuma-Gorath somewhere in South America. The infected man tried to attack a woman, but coincidentally Conan was there to save the woman and chop the demon's head in half (along with the infected man). He then dropped the remains of the demon in front of Gath's disciples before cutting them to pieces as well.

(Savage Avengers I#13) - Doctor Strange visited Shuma-Gorath in his dimension to tell the demon what Kulan Gath was doing. Shuma-Gorath allowed Strange to return to Earth and deal with Kulan Gath.

   Meanwhile, Kulan Gath feasted on Shuma-Gorath parasites in the City of Sickles.

(Savage Avengers I#15) - A group of people infected with Shuma-Gorath parasites attacked the local police somewhere in Mexico. Black Widow, Elektra, Hellstorm, the Punisher and Wolverine took them down.

   The group of vigilantes took down Kulan Gath's cultists and their whole drug operation.

(Savage Avengers I#16 - BTS) - Strange informed Conan and Magik that Elektra's team had successfully dealt with Kulan Gath's followers in Mexico. As far as Doctor Strange knew Kulan Gath would not be able to continue summoning Shuma-Gorath in small pieces because he would not get any more parasites to consume after the drug business was taken down.

(Savage Avengers I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Kulan Gath continued consuming Shuma-Gorath bit by bit.

(Savage Avengers I#23 (fb)) - In an attempt to contact Kulan Gath, Doctor Strange burned a decapitated head with a Shuma-Gorath parasite in his microwave.

   Using the Nexus of All Realities in Florida, Strange soon traveled through dimensions, following a trail of foul blood and found the dying form of Shuma-Gorath at the end of it. Shuma-Gorath told Strange how Gath had continued consuming him while he was trapped. Strange, instead of ending Shuma-Gorath, decided to aid the demon and come up with a plan to stop Kulan Gath, but according to Shuma-Gorath it was too late because Kulan Gath had already gained enough knowledge and power to ascend and the only thing holding him back were his human needs and weaknesses.

(Savage Avengers I#22) - Doctor Strange was busy with Shuma-Gorath when Conan knocked on the Sanctum Sanctorum's door to inform Strange that Kulan Gath was attacking in mysterious ways. Strange re-introduced Conan to Shuma-Gorath.

(Savage Avengers I#23) - Conan handed Strange a knife to finish Shuma-Gorath and the demon agreed to it, making one final deal with Doctor Strange.

(Savage Avengers I#27 (fb)) - Strange made a blood pact with Shuma-Gorath. Strange or his allies would slay Kulan Gath and Shuma-Gorath would get his power back, but in return the demon would leave Earth's dimension alone.

(Savage Avengers I#23) - Strange then plunged the blade into Shuma-Gorath's flash and then burned the demon with the Flames of the Faltine.

(Savage Avengers I#26 - BTS) - Doctor Strange tried to use the dagger used to slay Shuma-Gorath against Kulan Gath, but dropped it after Gath hit him with a mystic bolt. Doom caught the dagger, but didn't fare any better. Magik (Illyana Rasputin) caught the dagger through a portal and stabbed Kulan Gath while Conan held him. It didn't seem to work and Kulan Gath readied himself to ascend.

(Savage Avengers I#27) - Gath's wound didn't heal and Shuma-Gorath started to emerge from it while Strange told him about the deal he had made with Shuma-Gorath. The Old One erupted from Kulan Gath's body and was reborn. Gath begged Strange and Conan to save him and promised to leave this dimension, but Strange had no interest to make a deal with him. Shuma-Gorath held up his part of the deal and returned to his dimension with the remnants of Kulan Gath bound to his new form. Shuma-Gorath decided to enjoy his meal and devour Kulan Gath slowly over the next few years.

Comments: Name created by Robert E. Howard;
    Character created/adapted by Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner

    The name Shuma-Gorath first appears in Robert E. Howard's "Curse of the Golden Skull."  In it a dying Lemurian mage, Rotath, swears by "the iron-bound books of Shuma-Gorath."  Rotath also swears by Jaggta-Noga, a demon who appears in a Kull story in Savage Sword of Conan#197.

    Uncanny X-Men Annual I#13/4 establishes that Shuma-Gorath's banishment by Sise-Neg took place prior to the First Host of the Celestials' arrival on Earth. This means that Shuma-Gorath's 1st arrival and conquest of earth occurred over 1,000,000 years ago.

    Shuma-Gorath's appearance is rather different in the Hyperborian era, but this is the same being that encountered Sise-Neg. Since demons are generally known to be able to change shape, presumably Shuma-Gorath wished to try a different form during his second voyage to earth.

    The banishing of the Old Ones must have occurred after the second coming of Shuma-Gorath, around 12, 000 BC-10, 000 BC.  The Hyborian mages used black magic to bind the demons, but also may have been aided by some of the Hyborian gods.

    Dr. Strange merged with Shuma-Gorath by destroying him.  Strange then destroyed his ego, so as to destroy the Lord of Chaos.  Later, with the excess energy of Shuma-Gorath burned-off, only Dr. Strange remained when Kaluu and his pupil arrived on the Earth plane.  I would surmise that Shuma-Gorath's energy reassembled itself in his home dimension where he now is plotting another conquest of Earth.

    I'm pretty sure Shagreen the Sorcerer was trying to reference Shuma-Gorath when he invoked "CTHUMA-GURATH" as the god he worshipped in Nightcrawler I#2, but it's not definite, so I'll leave it in the comments for now.

In the fb in Conan Ravagers Out of Time, Rotath's invocation of Shuma-Gorath is repeated verbatim.--John McDonagh

Quoggoth was created in Wolverine: First Class#12 and appeared again in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#7.
   Sadly, Marvel editorial's current policy is that the First Class series were not in Reality-616. Hopefully that changes at some point. They have my vote. Great stories, impressive effort to stay in-continuitiy...and succeed. Snood

Shuma-Gorath's first mention in a Marvel Comic was in an adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Dig me no grave! (aka. John Grimlan's Debt) first published in Weird Tales (February, 1937). In Marvel's adaptation Shuma-Gorath's name replaced that of Yog-Sothoth and Kathulos.
--Markus Raymond

Some people thank God for things going right. Frog-Man (Eugene Patilio) thanks Shuma-Gorath! Seen in Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt#5 (November, 2011). Maybe the Shuma-Gorath cult in New York City is still active to this day and Eugene is part of it. Maybe he was raised by his father and/or mother in the believe that Shuma-Gorath is the one true deity. Or maybe he became part of them all by himself. Or he was just trying to be an edgelord.
--Markus Raymond

Shuma-Gorath: Video Game Star

Most people know of Shuma-Gorath from his appearance in the Capcom Marvel Super Heroes fighting game.  This side-view fighting game featured characters such as Spider- Man, Wolverine, Juggernaut, Iron Man, Blackheart, and others competing for the Infinity Gems, in a very loose adaptation of the Inifinity Gauntlet story line.  Shuma-Gorath proved popular enough to appear in the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game sequel.
        This is probably one of the most high profile appearances of such an obscure character in Marvel's history.  A character with less than a half-dozen physical appearances in almost 3 decades was chosen to be in an arcade game!!  Most people have no idea who Shuma-Gorath is, leading to a number of web sites (mostly from video game fans) that describe him erroneously, ranging from his being an evil version of the Ancient One, to another dimension's sorcerer supreme, who consumed his reality and hungers for ours!!!  Hopefully this profile will enable fans to learn the truth!!

Frank Perry provided the voice for Shuma-Gorath in the game.

Captain Marvel of the Cancerverse invoked Shuma-Gorath in Thanos Imperative#6 (January, 2011). It is unknown if his universe had its own Shuma-Gorath or if it was the same as the one in this profile.

Shuma-Gorath has an entry in OHotMU Horror 2005.

Profile by The Squid. Update by Markus Raymond (most 21st century additions).


This character, Shuma-Gorath, has no known connections to

  • Tartarus - God of the Abyss--Captain Marvel I#61
  • anyone else with a similar name.

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