Real Name: Fan Fei

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (K'un-Lun) human (distant past)

Occupation: Protector

Group Membership: Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. (Agamotto, Black Panther, Lady Phoenix, Odin, Rider, the Starbrand/Vnn);
    formerly the Green Lotus House

Affiliations: Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C., Iron Man (Tony Stark);
    formerly the Green Lotus House

Enemies: The Gorgilla Clan (Ape King, others), Lei Kung the Thunderer, Mephisto, Shou-Lou, Zgreb the Aspirant

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: "Girl"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout prehistoric Earth;
    formerly K'un-Lun

First Appearance: Marvel Legacy I#1 (November, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: Iron Fist could focus her chi energy into both of her fists, temporarily making them invulnerable to nearly any physical injury. She could also see the chi energy in other beings.

She could also understand the primitive communication of her caveman ally, Starbrand, but whether this was due to some sort of separate ability or if it was part of her power to see the chi in others remains to be seen.

Iron Fist was an extremely skilled martial artist and was trained to leap higher than some trees and break stone with her bare hands.

Height: 6'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 165 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (Free Comic Book Day 2018: Avengers/Captain America (fb) - BTS/Avengers VII#13 (fb) - BTS) - Fan Fei was born in the mystic city of K'un-Lun over a million years before the modern era.

(Avengers VII#13 (fb) - BTS) - As a child, Fan Fei learned how to leap above the trees and make her knuckles as hard as stone.

(Avengers VII#13) - After witnessing cavemen outside of the city being stalked by a sabertooth tiger, Fan Fei spent three months sneaking out of K'un-Lun to teach kung fu to the cavemen in an effort to teach them how to defend themselves. When Fan Fei was discovered, she was shunned by her parents, friends and teachers, and was ultimately brought in front of K'un-Lun's Lei Kung the Thunderer in chains. Lei Kung then forced Fan Fei to watch as he ordered Fan Fei's former cavemen students brought in to face the dragon Shou-Lao. Insisting that it was not the cavemen's fault that she had taught them martial arts, Fan Fei watched as the first caveman was instantly incinerated and two others were torn by Shou-Lao's fangs. When the fourth died trying to defend himself, Fan Fei had enough and broke her chains to fight back against Lei Kung's men. Determined to die avenging her students, Fan Fei prepared to punch Shou-Lao but when she threw herself through Shou-Lao's throat, she surprisingly emerged alive from the back of his neck with her hands burning. Charged with murdering K'un-Lun sacred dragon Shou-Lao, Fan Fei was subsequently exiled from K'un-Lun into the freezing prehistoric world surrounding the city. Finding herself alone in a strange world with her newfound power at age fifteen, Fan Fei soon killed a pack of wolves that attacked her and draped their furs over herself like a coat to protect herself from the cold.

Wandering the world for several years, Fan Fei encountered the Gorgilla Clan of apes and, determined to defend the world's cavemen but not risk their lives by training them as she had before, she fought the Gorgilla Clan. After many nights alone in the woods where the Gorgilla Clan dwelled, Fan Fei had taken to referring to herself as the Iron Fist, a name she had been called when she was outcast from K'un-Lun. Wishing she had someone to talk to, Fan Fei was soon met by a talking snake and, recognizing a devil when she saw one, Fan Fei ordered the snake to begone. Before the snake could fully revealed himself as the demon Mephisto, Iron Fist destroyed the snake's head with her fists, remarking that it mattered not his name. Two snakes then emerged from Fan Fei's fire and Mephisto then continued speaking to Iron Fist through the snakes, suggesting she protect the cavemen by ruling over them as queen, but Iron Fist again destroyed the snakes with her fists, denouncing Mephisto. Afterwards refusing to keep a fire, Iron Fist quickly discovered that Mephisto had gifted the Gorgilla Clan with fire, which they inadvertently used to destroy their own forest. Fighting her way through the Clan, Iron Fist found herself confronted by the Gorgilla Clan's alpha, the Ape King, who wielded a large diamond club. Destroying the club the same way she killed Shou-Lao, Iron Fist defeated the Ape King and led the cavemen to safety.

The next time the Gorgilla Clan attacked, Iron Fist sensed something different and soon found the Ape King attacking alone, empowered by the Infinity Stone of Power. The two fought furiously and Iron Fist was defeated by the Power Stone-wielding Ape King. Ten years following her original exile, Iron Fist was summoned back to K'un-Lun and, meeting Lei Kung at the city's entrance, Iron Fist was offered a place back in K'un-Lun as Lei Kung revealed that Shou-Lao had resurrected and that Fan Fei had revealed Shou-Lao's true undying nature. Proclaiming Iron Fist's exile ended, Lei Kung announced that Iron Fist's past crimes would be forgiven if she returned to K'un-Lun as its defender. Upon hearing Lei Kung's offer, Iron Fist declined to return to K'un-Lun, claiming she already had a home on Earth before walking away from the city.

(Free Comic Book Day 2018: Avengers/Captain America (fb) - BTS) - Iron Fist eventually joined up with several other superhumans to defend the planet Earth.

(History of the Marvel Universe II#1 (fb)) - The grouping of Iron Fist, the demonic Rider, mystic Agamotto, Asgardian Odin, caveman Starbrand, cave king Black Panther and cosmic Lady Phoenix became known as the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C.

(Marvel Legacy I#1 (fb)) - After downing the cosmic Celestial Zgreb, Iron Fist and her allies assured the Asgardian Odin that they had survived the battle and Iron Fist informed the others that the Starbrand wished to eat Zgreb's heart since his blow had downed the entity. As the group argued who actually downed Zgreb and what Zgreb actually was, Iron Fist remarked that Zgreb's chi burned brighter than the sun and then asked Agamotto if he had seen a creature such as Zgreb before. When Agamotto explained Zgreb's origins as a Celestial and expressed concern about Zgreb's seeming sick behavior, Iron Fist revealed that Zgreb was rising back to its feet, infected or not. Odin then led Iron Fist and his allies in attacking Zgreb once more with the intent on killing the Celestial to prove to spacefaring races that Earth was not without its own protectors.

(Avengers VII#4 (fb)) - Iron Fist joined her allies in battle against Zgreb, her hands charged with energy.

(Free Comic Book Day 2018: Avengers/Captain America (fb)) - Once the heroes had seemingly killed Zgreb, Black Panther immediately expressed regret and Iron Fist argued that the Celestial had not given them a choice, as it was rampaging and attempting to tear the Earth open. Iron Fist then watched as Black Panther expressed concern for what might next come from the stars seeking vengeance for Zgreb's supposed death.

(Avengers VII#5 (fb)) - Iron Fist and her allies stood over the fallen body of the Celestial Zgreb, hoping they had seen the last of Zgreb's kind.

(Avengers VII#1 (fb)) - When more Celestials arrived on Earth, Iron Fist watched as Odin took a victory drink and subsequently informed Odin that the Starbrand wished to know what the drink was. She then stood ready as Agamotto informed her allies that while they had previously defeated a sickened Celestial, the new Celestials were not ill. Insisting that they had only acted in self-defense, Iron Fist suggested they meet with the new Celestials and attempted to broker peace. When the others decided instead to fight the Celestials, Iron Fist asked Agamotto to use his mystic senses to determine if there was any hope to claim victory over the Celestials. Agamotto replied that it depended on what she meant by "victory," in that they might succeed in saving the primitive Earth life but they would not be powerful enough to win the battle. Nonetheless, Iron Fist stood at the ready as her allies ventured forth to battle the Celestials.

(Avengers VII#26) - Following the Celestials' departure from Earth, Iron Fist joined the other Avengers in a feast in Wakanda, where the Black Panther noticed the Starbrand kneeling alone, keeping his distance from his allies.

(Free Comic Book Day 2019: Avengers/Savage Avengers) - When modern era hero Iron Man was sent back to 1,000,000 B.C., where he was attacked by sabertooth tigers, Iron Fist and her allies rescued Iron Man then stood ready as Odin demanded Iron Man explain himself and his strange appearance.

(Avengers VII#28) - Iron Fist watched as some of her Avengers teammates battled the threatened Iron Man.

(Avengers VII#31) - Iron Fist stood with the other Avengers as the time-displaced Iron Man battled the demon Mephisto and asked the others how they could help Iron Man. Lady Phoenix replied to Iron Fist that they could not help Iron Man and that he must win the battle against Mephisto alone.

(Avengers VII#10 (fb) - BTS) - Iron Fist accompanied her allies for many years, fighting many fearsome foes in battles that shaped the world.

(Avengers VII#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Iron Fist perished.

(Free Comic Book Day 2018: Avengers/Captain America - BTS) - By the modern era, Odin had statues of Fan Fei and his other prehistoric allies erected within his quarters in the ruins of Asgardia.

(Avengers VII#690 - BTS) - After viewing modern day footage of the Avengers in an attempt by Voyager to rehabilitate him, the Elder of the Universe Challenger watched footage of Iron Fist and her prehistoric allies as well as other modern day Avengers missions, remarking to himself how he wanted to see what came next.

(Avengers VII#4 - BTS) - While speaking with his son Thor and his ally She-Hulk, Odin informed them about his prehistoric allies, remarking on how he had never cared much for Fan Fei or any of the subsequent Iron Fists and warning Thor to never trust anyone from K'un-Lun.

(Avengers VII#6 - BTS) - As the Avengers defeated the Celestial Final Host, Odin looked up at the statues of Iron Fist and his former allies and remarked to himself that perhaps the Avengers had finally redeemed Odin and his allies of their very first sin.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, Steve McNiven, Chris Samnee, Russell Dauterman, Alex Maleev, Ed McGuinness, Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, Pepe Larraz, Jim Cheung, Daniel Acuna, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Mike Deodato, Jr. and David Marquez.

In the flashback in Avengers VII#10, in which Odin recalls fighting alongside his prehistoric allies for many years, the Iron Fist shown resembles a man. Perhaps this is just an artistic error since Odin is clearly talking about his prehistoric allies...unless, of course, Fan Fei died early on and was replaced in Odin's group by a male.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Iron Fist (Fan Fei) has no known connections to:

The Green Lotus House

The Green Lotus House was a K'un-Lun clan that Fan Fei once belonged to before she was exiled from K'un-Lun.

--Avengers VII#13 (fb) - BTS

images: (without ads)
Avengers VII#13, front cover (Iron Fist, main image)
Avengers VII#4, p1-2, pan1 (Iron Fist, headshot)
Avengers VII#13, p2, pan2 (younger Fan Fei, prior to shaving off most of her hair)
Avengers VII#13, p4, pan9 (younger Fan Fei, leaping)
History of the Marvel Universe II#1, p10, pan2 (Iron Fist running into battle)
Marvel Legacy I#1, p4, pan1 (Iron Fist pointing at Starbrand)
Free Comic Book Day 2018: Avengers/Captain America, p4, pan3 (Iron Fist staring)
Avengers VII#1, p3, pan1 (Iron Fist standing ready)
Avengers VII#26, p18, pan2 (Iron Fist at Wakandan feast, seen from behind)
Free Comic Book Day 2019: Avengers/Savage Avengers, p10, splash page (Iron Fist, ready for action)
Avengers VII#31, p24, pan2 (Iron Fist watching)

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