as Yu-Ti, shirtlessastride Shou-LaoLEI KUNG

Real Name: Lei Kung

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (K'un-Lun) warrior;
    allegedly the distant past (see comments); 1st - 10th centuries, 11th - 17th centuries, 18th & 19th centuries, World War I, pre-modern, and modern era (and presumably all era in between, although only those confirmed/shown are listed)

Occupation: (At time of apparent death) ruler of K'un-Lun;
    former war-master of K'un-Lun, trainer/sensei/sifu, guardian of Shou-Lao, keeper of the Tree of Immortality

Group Membership: Leader of K'un-Lun's armies, teacher of the students seeking to become Iron Fist, leader of the Army of Thunderer

Affiliations: Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett, others), Bride of Nine Spiders, Luke Cage, Dog Brother #1, Fat Cobra, Iron Fist (Quan Yaozu), Iron Fist (Li Park), Iron Fist (Wu Ao-Shi, aka the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay), Iron Fist (Bei Bang-Wen), Iron Fist (Kwai Jun-Fan), Iron Fist (Orson Randall), Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai), Misty Knight, Prince of Orphans (John Aman), Wendell Rand, Serpent King (Fu-Hsi), Kon Shi, Shou-Lao, Hope Summers, Thunderer (Orson Randall's daughter), Colleen Wing, Yama Kings, Yu-Ti (Tuan), unidentified elderly psychic, unidentified previous Yu-Ti's, unidentified people of the Eighth City, unidentified scribes for the Book of the Iron Fist, unidentified Siberian tiger
    I think it is very likely that Lei Kung has trained most, if not all, of the 66 recorded Iron Fists, but I have only included those -- Iron Fist of otherwise -- he is confirmed as having trained in this list:
Davos, Iron Fist (Wu Ao-Shi, aka the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay), Iron Fist (Orson Randall), Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai), Kheng, Wendell Rand
    formerly Davos, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Yu-Ti (Nu-An);
    formerly mentally enslaved servant of H'ylthri

Enemies: General An Lushan, Zhou Cheng, Chiantang, Ch'i-Lin, Cyclops (Scott Summers, while Pheonix-powered), Dragon King and the Dragons of K'un-Lun, Hydra, H'ylthri, Master Khan, Namor the Sub-Mariner (Phoenix-powered), Ninja, the One, Phoenix Force, Steel Serpent/Steel Phoenix (Davos), Xao, Yu-Ti (Nu-An)
    formerly Iron Fist (Quan Yaozu), unidentified elderly psychic;
    presumably the human Steel Serpent (not Davos)

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased), Davos (Steel Serpent/Steel Phoenix, son), at least one other son? (Davos referred to himself as Lei Kung's first born, and Lei Kung referred to his sons in Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2), unidentified adoptive daughter (Thunderer), 

Aliases: The Thunderer, Yu-Ti (which would also presumably give him the alias "August Personage in Jade");
    Sifu (meaning teacher)
    "Storm's son," "Thunder's thunder," "weeping boy" (nicknames from an unidentified elderly psychic)

Base of Operations: Presumably Feng-Tu, underworld of K'un-Lun;
    formerly the city of K'un-Lun

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#16 (July, 1974)

tossing bouldersPowers/Abilities: Lei Kung is supremely skilled in performing and teaching the martial arts, having trained many, if not all, of the warriors who became Iron Fists, and defeating other immensely skilled martial artists, such as the Ninja.

    While he traditionally fought bare-handed, he was a master with the sword, battleaxe, bo, and other weapons. 

    Beyond just combat, he is a master of stealth and walking softly (sensing where to step on fragile footing); tracking and awareness of any signs of a trail; and using all five senses to detect the presence, location, and approach of others. 

    Lei Kung is superhumanly strong, possessing enhanced strength of greater, as he proved able to single-handedly toss boulders weighing hundreds of pounds. His skills and strength are such that, even when subconsciously resisting outside control, he can match if not outfight Namor on dry land. His blows can pain even in the immensely powerful Chiantang. He has long been the mightiest warrior in the warrior city K'un-Lun.

    Lei Kung can manipulate his chi (life energy) to heal himself. He can also manipulate the chi of another (perhaps with his or her permission/lack of resistance) as well as send telepathic images and even stories into the mind of someone with whose chi he is in contact. 

    He has familiarity with mystic rituals. 

Height: Approximately 6'5"
Weight: Approximately 290 lbs. (he was super-massive in Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, but otherwise was always a lean, but powerfully built warrior)
Eyes: None (bald or shaved)
Hair: Presumably brown (not clearly shown)

gray uniform - mostly full, but lacking feet; with sword(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung's father taught him: Decapitation, asphyxiation, blunt trauma, strangulation...any number of paths to a single result. Your heart stops beating...All death comes from the heart. Armor yourself...make your body hard and keep your heart soft. If you can protect your heart, you will never die. This is the secret of forever.defeats Ninja

(X-Men vs. Avengers#6 (fb) - BTS) - A psychic -- later known only as "old man" -- beat Lei Kung for sneaking into his study.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#75 (fb) - BTS) <by his own account - hyperbole?; see comments> - Lei Kung was the protector of K'un-Lun for millions of years. 

(Marvel Premiere#22 (fb)) <Perhaps 2000 years ago> - When Master Khan's agent the Ninja invaded K'un-Lun, he took out most of the city's defenders but was ultimately subdued by Lei Kung. 

Focus(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb)) <730 AD> - Lei Kung was disappointed with the pacifistic dreamer Li Park, telling him he had no focus, and further explaining that focus was the only way to victory, whereas all other ways led to humiliating defeat. Lei Kung vowed to teach Li focus.

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb) - BTS) - A plague struck K'un-Lun, killing hundreds and leaving thousands too ill to move. As the ten year convergence with Earth was but weeks away, Lei Kung knew that someone would have to face Shou-Lao to become K'un-Lun's new champion. With all of his top students sick or dead, there were only two choices, Li Park and a six-year-old.

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb)) - Lei Kung visited the unaffected Li Park and pushed him to focus; with the timing of the challenge of Shou-Lao only two days away, he told Li that K'un-Lun would not throw away its chance for a champion. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb) - BTS) - Tricking Shou-Lao into thinking him eviscerated via some berries and noodles, Li was able to distract the dragon sufficiently to wrap himself around the dragon's heart. Lei Kung passed out after succeeding.

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb)) - Lei Kung, Yu-Ti, and others watched over Li as he recovered. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb)) - Lei Kung sent Li Park to Earth to stop the slaughter of innocent villages by General An Lushan. After he told Li that he must do so to fulfill his destiny as an Immortal Weapon, Li asked to settle things with words instead of violence, but Lei Kung told him that words were fine when the other party was listening, after which he gave Li an hour to dress and prepare.

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb) - BTS) - After half of the village perished when Li's efforts to misdirect the attackers via illusions eventually failed, Li led the survivors to K'un-Lun.

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb)) - Lei Kung welcomed Li Park home.

(Immortal Iron Fist#24 (fb) - BTS) - The people Li brought helped repopulate K'un-Lun.

(Immortal Iron Fist#7 (fb)) - Observing as the young Wu Ao-Shi battered the street market vendor who was beating her for stealing, Lei Kung (whether due to a soft spot for difficult women or perhaps because he saw the spark of greatness in her eyes) came forward and instructed her to be silent -- both because her mouth needed to heal and because if she spoke she would likely only get herself into more trouble -- and that if she listened to him, he would save her life. He then told the approaching authorities he had seen everything and that the girl had defended herself against a well-known scoundrel.

(Immortal Iron Fist#7 (fb)) - Lei Kung began training Wu Ao-Shi. When she complained that it wasn't fair for a little girl to face a big man like him, he -- stressing that this was a lesson he wished to teach but once -- told her nothing would be given to her in life; she would have to earn (or fight for or take) every comfort and privilege she may now. "...that is not fair. That is life, and it does not care whether you thrive or starve." To impress the lesson, he had her repeat it.

(Immortal Iron Fist#7 (fb)) <1227 AD> - Lei Kung watched as Wu Ao-Shi dispatched Shou-Lao more swiftly than any before her, gaining the power of Iron Fist. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#7) - Lei Kung dictated the story of Wu Ao-Shi (aka Iron Fist; the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay) to a scribe who entered them into the Book of the Iron Fist. 

(Marvel Premiere#18 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung became legendary among Tibetan monks as the Thunderer.

overseeing scribe(Immortal Iron Fist#15 (fb)) <1860 AD or sometimes thereafter> - Lei Kung oversaw the writing of the history of the Iron Fist Bei Bang-Wen.

(Immortal Iron Fist#19 (fb) - BTS) <1878> - Having slain Iron Fist (Kwai Jun-Fan), Zhou Cheng (the host of Ch'i-Lin) accessed K'un-Lun via Iron Fist's heart with the goal of slaying the Shou-Lao embryo.

(Immortal Iron Fist#19 (fb)) - Lei Kung led an army of warriors to confront the Ch'i-Lin outside Shou-Lao's cave to protect the embryo. Telling his troops that their Immortal Weapon was dead and that they were the only line of defense, he instrcuted them not to let it past.

(Immortal Iron Fist#20 (fb)) - As the Ch'i-Lin fought past the armies of K'un-Lun into Shou-Lao's cave, Lei Kung confronted it alongside a few other warriors, telling the creature it did not belong there and that it should go back to its own city. Though they pierced the creature multiple times through the chest and abdomen with their swords, the creature continued to fight. Lei Kung ordered the others to pierce its heart, but the creature swatted Lei Kung and the others back and continued on to Shou-Lao's egg. vs. Ch'i-LinBefore the Ch'i-Lin could crush the egg in its jaws, however, Lei Kung rushed forward and sliced off the creature's lower jaw. The Ch'i-Lin collapsed and vanished back to Earth, but Lei Kung knew they could only discourage, but not kill, it, and it would try again, and again, and again...

(Immortal Iron Fist#4 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung took Orson Randall - born in K'un-Lun after his father's airship crashed there -- as his pupil.

(Immortal Iron Fist#4 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched as Orson challenged the Serpent King (Fu-Hsi, or another snake) on his 16th birthday.

(Immortal Iron Fist#4 (fb) - BTS) - Upon completion of his training, Orson challenged and defeated Shou-Lao, gaining the power of Iron Fist, after which he stood before the assembled K'un-Lun city population. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#4 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched as Orson Randall returned to Earth.

(Immortal Iron Fist#4 (fb)) - Lei Kung was present as Orson Randall was summoned back to K'un-Lun, but Randall's experiences had changed him, and he was more of an outworlder than ever.

(Immortal Iron Fist#4 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to end the legacy of Iron Fists, Randall eventually stole the Book of the Iron Fist and fled K'un-Lun.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - Davos was the firstborn son of Lei Kung, and from the beginning he knew he had been marked for greatness. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#8 (fb)) - Lei Kung greeted Wendell Rand after he had collapsed at the gates of K'un-Lun and spent four days unconscious. As he reached for Wendell, the young man instinctively deflected his hand, and Lei Kung instantly recognized the speed and intensity of the block and suspected that he had been taught by Orson.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb) - BTS) - From the day they first met, Lei Kung noted how Wendell burned with a restlessness he did not understand.

(Immortal Iron Fist#8 (fb)) - A few days later, Lei Kung brought Wendell to a training room, noting how he wished to confirm his suspicions. When Wendell tried to assault Lei Kung, however, Lei Kung easily blocked his every move, in the process concluding that Orson Randall still lived. 

    Later walking the streets, Lei Kung told Wendell he was glad to know Orson was alive, but explained that no one else in K'un-Lun would feel the same way; he instructed Wendell to never mention his time with Orson, especially as Yu-Ti (Tuan) could cause dark trouble for them both if he learned Orson survived. After bringing Wendell to Yu-Ti, he was pleased when Wendell told Yu-Ti he found K'un-Lun after getting lost. 

(Power Man and Iron Fist#75 (fb)) - Lei Kung and Davos were present as Yu-Ti (Tuan) ceremonially adopted Wendell Rand -- for saving both himself and his son, Nuan -- as his son and heir and offered him K'un-Lun's gift of immortality.

(Immortal Iron Fist#8 (fb)) - Yu-Ti spoke to a new group of what looked to be a hundred trainees, which included both Wendell Rand and Davos. He told the assembled group to forget everything they knew about martial arts, telling them that karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, jujitsu, judo, etc. were spiritual pursuits, and that he taught in not a school, but a temple. He then instructed the group to split into pairs and spar, as he wished to witness firsthand the depths of their ignorance. 

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - Davos trained under Lei Kung, who showed his son the ritual garb of the Iron Fist and hoped the gods would find him worthy. Davos assured his father that they would.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched/supervised as Wendell continued to excel in his studies and defeat other combatants. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung was presumably present as Wendell Rand and Davos defeated all others, and Yu-Ti announced how the two would face each other the next day in the final bout.masked face (blue)

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) / Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb)) <Approximately 20 years before the main story> - Wendell Rand defeated Davos in the test of combat to determine which of them would face Shou-Lao the Undying. Though Davos refused to yield, Yu-Ti (Tuan) proclaimed Wendell the victor rather than allow Davos to be beaten to a pulp. When Yu-Ti began to tell Davos he had fought well and should be content with that, Davos argued that the duel could not end while he still stood and he accused Yu-Ti of making this decision because Wendell was his son (see comments). 

    Lei Kung told Davos to be silent, but Davos retorted that silence would not change the truth. Lei Kung told his son that the truth is that he was beaten fairly and that his words had shamed them all.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb)) - Lei Kung stood silently as Davos collapsed and told Wendell he should have killed him.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb)) - Lei Kung spoke to a bloody-fisted Davos, presumably trying to console him and perhaps telling him that he never wanted him to become Iron Fist.
    Or perhaps this took place sometime before his defeat by Wendell Rand; it's not clear, but Davos remembered the scene while thinking that his father never wanted him to achieve his destiny.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb) - BTS) - Hearing the roar of Shou-Lao, Lei Kung swiftly realized that Davos had gone to seek the power of the Iron Fist. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#11 (fb)) - Lei Kung rushed to Yu-Ti's door and told him of what was going on. 

    Lei Kung led the group to Shou-Lao's gates and asked Davos what he had done, as this was not meant for him. He was present when Davos spit blood in Wendell's eyes.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) - BTS) - After Davos challenged and failed against Shou-Lao, Lei Kung found Davos weeping in the snow.

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung brought Davos back to the city.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb)) - Lei Kung, alongside Nu-An and Yu-Ti, watched as Wend

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ell Rand departed to confront Shou Lao.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb) - BTS) - Haunted by Orson Randall's warnings and Davos' defeat, Wendell decided against facing Shou Lao and instead fled.

(Immortal Iron Fist#13 (fb)) - As Wendell Rand fled (turning his back on the chance to become Iron Fist), Lei Kung stopped him; acknowledging that it was his right to leave, he simply asked why. After Wendell shared his doubt and his fear of dying at Shou-Lao's hands, Lei Kung noted that Wendell was the best warrior of his age, and asked him what Earth had to offer him that was not present in K'un-Lun. Though Wendell silently felt Lei Kung had the right to know (and that Lei Kung also suspected) that he needed to go back and face Orson Randall, Wendell told Lei Kung he didn't know, but promised that when he found it he would come back and tell him. Lei Kung lowered his head (in disappointment and/or sadness?) and allowed Wendell to depart without another word. 

(Marvel Team-Up I#64 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched as Yu-Ti banished Davos to Earth until the end of time. 

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21 (fb) - BTS) - Lord Tuan perished, and his son Nu-An succeeded him as Yu-Ti, the August Personage in Jade.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10 (fb) - BTS) - The human warrior Steel Serpent (not Davos) twice -- during the period of time every 10 years when K'un-Lun intersected with Earth -- traveled over to K'un-Lun to challenge Yu-Ti for the wealth and immortality of K'un-Lun. Both times he was defeated (see comments).

MP16; full, small(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Hoping to turn young Daniel Rand from the path of vengeance, Yu-Ti (Nuan, son of Tuan) introduced him to Lei Kung, who would tutor him in the ways of the martial arts. Lei Kung told Daniel that his training would be vigorous, even tortuous at times, but that if, by chance, he proved equal to the task, he would know how it felt to wear the crown of Fu-Hsi, the king of vipers.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119 (fb)) - Yu-Ti continued that he commended Daniel into Lei-Kung's hands, to be taught...disciplined...until both your mind and soul have come to embrace...the way.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb)) - Lei Kung attempted to train a reluctant Daniel, still in shock over his parents' deaths. Lei Kung struck repeatedly, knocking Daniel around and telling him Daniel Rand had died with his parents. When Daniel finally caught Lei Kung's staff and blocked his blow, Lei Kung acknowledged that he could stay, and that he was reborn in K'un-Lun as Daniel Rand-K'ai.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb)) - During a training session, after Daniel was knocked down by fellow student Kheng, Lei Kung silenced Kheng's mocking tongue. Yu-Ti, disgusted by Daniel's poor performance, instructed Lei Kung to let Kheng "sharpen his teeth on this whelp," and Lei Kung told Daniel he had a chance to display courage. When Daniel said he couldn't, Lei Kung told him to wipe his eyes before they blurred what was in front of him, and then to fight. When Kheng easily dropped Daniel again, Lei Kung considered him done, but then when Kheng cruelly mocked Daniel's mother's death, Daniel savagely battered Kheng.

    Later, after an upset Daniel refused muffins made by a young girl, Lei Kung approached and kidded Daniel, asking if he didn't like his daughter's cooking. He then shared that she was an adoptive daughter and that Daniel was not the first orphan of K'un-Lun. After sharing the "secret of forever" his own father had taught him, Lei Kung told Daniel he may feel like an outsider now, but one day, if he earned it, he would be invited to eat the fruit of immortality, and then you will truly be among us.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (fb)) - Lei Kung stood beside Yu-Ti as the newest Iron Fist faced and was apparently slain during the Challenge of the One.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Lei Kung shaved Daniel's head.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Over the next few years, Lei Kung devoted himself to Daniel, who grew supple, straight, and strong under his tutelage. 

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Lei Kung moved young Daniel's hands through the Daniel over a waterfall

(Marvel Premiere#18 (fb)) - While training the young Danny Rand, Lei Kung was observed by an unidentified Tibetan monk being escorted through K'un-Lun by Yu-Ti.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched as Daniel struck at and missed a punching bag. 

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched Daniel demonstrate a kick. 

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119 (fb)) - Lei Kung trained Daniel to mirror his moves.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched Daniel demonstrate arm strikes to him.

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#4 (fb)) - A young Daniel trained under Lei Kung over a waterfall.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched as Daniel practiced against a post with rods projecting from it.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119 (fb) - BTS) - Daniel shattered several boards with a strike.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched Daniel a flying kick.

training Daniel - barelegs(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Lei Kung trained a blindfolded Daniel. 

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#20 (fb)) - Bidding Daniel good morrow, Lei Kung asked if he came for instruction, and when Daniel said he had come to learn, Lei Kung placed a blindfold on Daniel and told him to defend himself. Daniel was initially helpless to stop Lei Kung's strikes, but Lei Kung -- asking if he was deaf as well as blind -- told him a warrior must learn to use all five senses if he was to survive. Lei Kung continued to urge Daniel to success; as Daniel got close to blocking him, Lei Kung reminded him that in a death-duel close meant nothing. 

(Iron Fist I#14 (fb)) - Lei Kung again placed a blindfold on Daniel, and had him face a number of men in the training arena; Lei Kung told him to listen for the faint touch of boot-sole on practice mat and the swish of cloth, both of which would mark his opponents.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#100 (fb) - Daniel became the star pupil of Lei Kung and a master of the martial arts.

(Power Man#63 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung presumably watched as Daniel fought others in the combat arena.

(Power Man#63 (fb)) - Lei Kung trained Daniel to sense where the rice paper he was walking on was weakest and then tread elsewhere. He added, "I am called Thunderer, and I say the strongest warrior is no more than a(n) oaf unless he is master of his might and can move as lightly as a falling leaf.

(Iron Fist I#3 (fb)) - Lei Kung trained Daniel that a warrior was useless if he could not find his enemies; therefore, he must learn the art of tracking; he must learn to the trained eye, nothing is invisible and no trail impossible to find.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb) - BTS) - On Daniel's 16th birthday, Daniel face Fu-Hsi and snatched the crown from atop his head.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb)) - Under Lei Kung's guidance, Danny continually toughened his hands, thrusting them ceaselessly into a deep tub of sand.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb) - BTS) - When the sand was no longer enough, Danny began thrusting his hands into a tub of gravel.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb) - BTS) - When the gravel was no longer enough, Danny began thrusting his hands into buckets of rock.

(Marvel Premiere#16 (fb) - BTS) - Daniel bested Shou-Lao the Undying and gained the power to become the Iron Fist.

(Marvel Premiere#23 (fb) - BTS) - As Daniel Rand's classmates bristled at an outlander being hailed as Iron Fist, they stole his locket with the portrait of his mother in it. They hid it within the maze in the garden of the P'an-T'ao (the garden of the immortals) where they awaited to fight Rand when he came for the locket. 
    Lei Kung was aware of this.

(Marvel Premiere#23 (fb)) - When Rand cried out during the hour of meditation for Lei Kung about his missing locket, Lei Kung -- who Daniel later figured must have been amused because he did not strike him for disrespecting meditation hour -- told him what had happened to his locket. Daniel said he didn't want to fight his friends, but Lei Kung told him he could go after the locket or lose it forever. 

(Marvel Premiere#23 (fb) - BTS) - Not wanting to fight his friends, Daniel instead scaled the mountain and recovered the locket without conflict. 

    Daniel's "friends" called him a coward for refusing their challenge.

(Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1 (fb)) - Lei Kung complimented Daniel, telling him his skills now matched his own and that he would inform the elders that he was ready to face Shou-Lao. Daniel noted that any knowledge he had came from Lei Kung's teachings.

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Daniel rejected immortality and left K'un-Lun to seek his father's killer, Lei Kung and Daniel argued fiercely before Daniel's departure. After Daniel told Lei Kung he just wanted to keep him around so Lei Kung could keep testing him forever, Lei Kung countered that he wanted to keep Daniel so Daniel could keep testing him.

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#1 (fb)) - Lei Kung watched as Daniel crossed a bridge out of K'un-Lun.

(Iron Fist I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung heard rumors that Yu-Ti was using the Great Crystal to spy on Iron Fist on Earth, which left K'un-Lun vulnerable to H'ylthri attack. 

(Iron Fist I#6) - As Yu-Ti viewed Iron Fist through the Great Crystal, Lei Kung burst in, telling his dragon lord that he would have words with him. Yu-Ti was shocked at Lei Kung's audacity in disturbing him in his sacrosanct study, but Lei Kung noted that the rumor were true, and invoking "gods below," asked if the laws meant nothing to him. Yu-Ti told Lei Kung not to speak to him of laws, as his own son had fled K'un-Lun a condemned traitor; he further noted that in K'un-Lun, Yu-Ti is the law. Noting he had kept silent too long, Lei Kung asked Yu-Ti if the laws he was pledged to uphold unto death say that they should be ruled by the first son of the first son; "and were you not born Lord Tuan's second son"? He continued that Daniel Rand should have been told of his heritage and that Wendell Rand should have ruled K'un-Lun rather than Yu-Ti. When Yu-Ti noted how his brother had died, Lei Kung added it was a most convenient death, and Yu-Ti slapped him across the face, ordered him to be silent,  insisted Lei Kung get out his sight, and told him to thank the gods he let Lei Kung live after what he had said today. Full - blue

    After Lei Kung's departure, Yu-Ti lamented that his strong right arm was gone, added to the list of those he could no longer trust. 

(Marvel Team-Up I#64) - Lei Kung watched via the Great Crystal as Iron Fist defeated the Steel Serpent (Davos), who seemingly perished in battle. Yu-Ti was surprised to find him there, and Lei Kung apoligized, but Yu-Ti acknowledged that he knew what had happened, that he was sorry for Davos' death, and he wished..."only now it's too late for wishing." When Yu-Ti noted, "I am old before my time, my friend, and I am alone," Lei Kung told him that the choice had been his; Yu-Ti agreed and noted that he had paid for his choice. Yu-Ti further added that he had been foolish as he now realized that Daniel Rand never wanted to take K'un-Lun from him. 

    Lei Kung agreed, but added that Daniel was an immortal son of an immortal city and that both of their stories were far from ended.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#75) - Lei Kung was angered to find K'un-Lun's archers firing upon Power Man and Iron Fist as they approached K'un-Lun, having arrived there while following Master Khan through a mystic portal. He demanded to know why the archers were doing this and then asked them if they did not recognize Iron Fist as the city's greatest warrior; he further criticized that Iron Fist and his comrade were overwhelmed by their H'ylthri enemies and by local wolves, and that the archers were adding to their troubles. Lei Kung then told Iron Fist to approach freely and these unworthy dogs would now protect him; he helped Iron Fist up the top of the mountain (while a pair of guards helped Power Man) and welcomed him back. As the H'ylthri continued to attack, Lei Kung rushed everyone inside the city walls, after which they were greeted by Yu-Ti.

    Later, at dinner, Lei Kung calmed an indignant Yu-Ti when Iron Fist agreed to help against the H'ylthri if Yu-Ti explained some questions about his past and relationship to K'un Lun; Lei Kung convinced him that their need was great and asked what harm there was in telling Iron Fist the truth about his family. Lei Kung listened as Yu-Ti related a version showing Wendell to be his adopted brother, and then noted that perhaps Daniel had come back to claim the throne that was rightfully his now that Lord Tuan had died. Yu-Ti told him to be silent as he was forgeting himself. Lei Kung subsequently bade Daniel and his outlander friend a good night's sleep. hugging Daniel

    The next morning, as Iron Fist practiced in combat with other warriors, Lei Kung assured Power Man that even though one of the warriors was cheating, Iron Fist was the champion of K'un-Lun and would prevail as long as he was worthy. Afterward, Lei Kung chastised Hin for his treachery, telling him to return to his meditations as he was not worthy to march with the warriors of K'un-Lun. After the other warriors gathered, Lei Kung told Power Man they would first be addressed by Yu-Ti. After this lengthy speech, Power Man asked Lei Kung if he had ever heard the expression about the early bird catching the worm, and Lei Kung reponded that they were not seeking a worm but rather a deadly foe; and unbecoming haste in battle was not the way of K'un-Lun. 

    As they approached the mists on the outskirts of the city, Lei Kung instructed any who felt fear or was unwilling to obey himself, Iron Fist, or Power Man, should return to the city now; there would be no shame in it. When none responded, they headed through the mists, and Lei Kung assured Power Man that though it was quiet, they H'ylthri knew they were there, and the danger was real. Sure enough, the H'ylthri soon attacked, and when they tried to carry some of the warriors back to their city, Lei Kung followed Iron Fist's lead to follow the H'ylthri back to their citadel. After Iron Fist smashed a whole in the H'ylthri wall, Lei Kung wielded a battleaxe against the H'ylthri, whom the warriors of K'un-Lun slaughtered. When Iron Fist was devastated to find the apparent corpses of his half-sister Miranda and his friend Conal, Lei Kung told Iron Fist their punishment was just/ They had broken the law and fled from Yu-Ti's decree, and they had embraced this fate when they turned from "the way." Power Man told Lei Kung to back off, shut up, and let the man grieve, as Iron Fist wasn't made of stone even if the rest of the people of K'un-Lun were.jumping down

(Power Man and Iron Fist#75 - BTS) - That evening, Lei Kung may or may not have attended the celebratory party for the apparent vanquishing of the H'ylthri.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#75) - Lei Kung awakened Power Man, who had passed out from drinking drugged wine, and enlisted him to help save Iron Fist, whom Yu-Ti had turned over for sacrifice to Master Khan. The two men soon broke down the door to the temple, after which Lei Kung leapt in the path of a bolt intended for Power Man, which took him out of the fight. After Master Khan summoned the Ninja, Lei Kung feared the Ninja was the superior warrior; he was impressed with Power Man's fighting ability, noting that Iron Fist had chosen his friend well, and wondered what he might have done with such a man as his pupil. Ultimately, Power Man and Iron Fist forced Master Khan's surrender, and after Iron Fist destroyed the Great Crystal, Lei Kung refused their offer to leave with them. Noting that K'un-Lun was his home and he its protector, he stated that he was too old to change; K'un-Lun had its problems, but was probably no worse than other cities. 

    As the heroes prepared to depart, Lei Kung wished Iron Fist well, advising him to have no regrets about the past: "Davos was the son of my body, but you are the child of my heart." Acknowledging this, Iron Fist bade his "father" goodbye.

(Iron Fist II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung met and befriended a tiger cub.

healing Iron Fist(Power Man and Iron Fist#118 (fb) - BTS / Power Man and Iron Fist#118 (fb) - BTS) - The dragon Chiantang leveled K'un-Lun. While many were slain and most others fled, Lei Kung survived, escaping and perhaps hiding out from Chiantang.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#118 - BTS) - Suffering fron radiation poisoning, Iron Fist had Dr. Druid transport himself, Iron Fist, Power Man, and Colleen Wing to K'un-Lun, which they found devastated. As they looked around for survivors and found none, Lei Kung followed from a distance. 

(Power Man and Iron Fist#118) - Confirming it was truly Iron Fist, Lei Kung approached the group, hugged Iron Fist, and then brought him to the palace remains. 

    When Iron Fist told Lei Kung he had come there for help because he was dying, Lei Kung laughed, noting Iron Fist already had what he was seeking, as the Iron Fist power magnified his ability to manipulate his chi (life essence). Lei Kung asked if Iron Fist did not remember his instructions on self-healing, Daniel noted he had not been taught as he left soon after attaining the Iron Fist. Lei Kung prepared to showing Daniel a set of exercises that would eventually train him in the Iron Fist's healing properties, but as it would take a few weeks and Daniel would be dead by then, Lei Kung offered to -- as a temporary measure -- artificially slow death's progress; though the procedure would be dangerous and potentially fatal, they would see if together they could thwart death (which was, after all, their favorite past time).striking Chiantang

(Power Man and Iron Fist#118 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Chiantang confronted and overpowered both Power Man and Colleen.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119) - While Iron Fist asked questions about his own fate and that of K'un-Lun, Lei Kung quieted him, telling him to calm his spirit and learn; the radiation poisoning that was quickly killing him could be slowed and eventually stopped by becoming one with his spirit: "Reach inside yourself and find the death that awaits you. Find it and conquer it...before it conquers you." Meanwhile, Lei Kung gently moved Daniel's life essence, concentrating it on the disease, while at the same time relating K'un-Lun's fate.

    After the story had been related, however, Danny blamed himself for Chiantang's destruction of K'un-Lun due to his slaying of Shou-Lao, and his spirit began to weaken. Realizing what was happening, Lei Kung cursed himself, but he was then confronted by Chiantang, pleased to have found the one who had evaded him for so long. 

    Despite being at a critical point with Iron Fist's life being at risk, Lei Kung was forced to break contact to face the greater threat. Lei Kung attacked Chiantang, paining him with a double-fist punch to the head.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119 - BTS) - Realizing Lei Kung had broken contact, the distraught Daniel did not wish to recover and face this guilt, and so he leapt into the waters in his visions -- the waters that Lei Kung told him he would he would not awaken if he entered them.Dragonslayer ritual dance

(Power Man and Iron Fist#119) - Chiantang warned Lei Kung he would die, but Lei Kung challenged him to come at him, as he was warrior-born and embraced his destiny. Lei Kung was surprised when Chiantang abruptly cried out in pain, and the two were surprised to see a seemingly maddened Iron Fist confront them.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#120) - As the seemingly maddened Iron Fist attacked Chiantang, Lei Kung awakened Power Man. After warning Cage that they would only get themselves killed trying to help Iron Fist against, the two saved Colleen from a collapsing rock ceiling, with both men impressed with the other's strength. Lei Kung then explained how this dragon was the same Chiantang who had bested Cage earier and explained how he had to journey to the palace of the Dragon King; Cage convinced Lei Kung they should go together. After Cage summoned Druid to facilitate their transport, Lei Kung noted they could get there via tangerine trees, and Druid transported the pair to some trees outside the city. When Cage's efforts to mytically activate his tree failed, Lei Kung -- as he transported away -- pointed out to him that he was not using a tangerine tree.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#120 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung made his request to the Dragon King, but -- noting that his daughter was dead and all life was now sorrow -- he refused, caring not for K'un-Lun or its people.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#120) - After Cage arrived the Dragon King reiterated his refusal, Lei Kung noted how the legend told how the Dragon King returned them to the surface world. He was uncertain how to resolve this until he found the Dragonslayer sword. After punching out both dragons -- who were in human form -- Lei Kung sent Cage to open the outer door, but he found the water outside was magically kept out. Despite his strength, Lei Kung could not pull the Dragonslayer sword from the stone floor in which it was imbedded, but Cage returned, and the two combined their strength to pull it free. The two fought their way past the dragons-in-human-form, and when Lei Kung noted how the legend said there was a tangerine tree near the Dragon King's palace, Cage showed him the tangerine tree he had found under the waters outside the castle. Lei Kung correctly reasoned that the Dragonslayer sword could neutralize the magic holding out the water, and he flooded the castle. 

(Power Man and Iron Fist#120 (fb) - BTS) - Presumably making their way to the tangerine tree, Lei Kung and Cage transported themselves back to K'un-Lun city. 

(Power Man and Iron Fist#120) - When Cage used the sword against Chiantang to no effect, Lei Kung realized that its power was released by reciting the runes engraved on its side. However, he further noted that the power within the sword was beyond imagining, and that to loose such power was to tempt certain death. 

    Before he loosed the power, Lei Kung started to note his respect for Cage but paused, but Cage simply finished his thought with, "Yeah, me, too..." Cage then subdued "Iron Fist" to get him away from the sword's power, and Lei Kung chanted out the runes while engaging in a ritualistic dance-like pattern, activating the spell that transported Chiantang to a "nether-realm"; "Iron Fist" leapt through the portal after him, but Cage pulled him back.

    Lei Kung then realized that Daniel's jolting return from the cosmic void had awakened him from his "death-sleep," telling the still-lamentful "Iron Fist" that they had done so because they loved him. 

(Power Man and Iron Fist#120 - BTS) - None of them realized that Master Khan had humorously made Earth the "strange" realm to which Chiantang was banished.h'ylthri-controlled

h'ylthri-stalk(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#22 (fb)) - While the others returned to Earth, Lei Kung stayed behind to supervise the rebuilding of K'un-Lun and to investigate the disappearance of Yu-Ti. 

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#22 (fb)) - Lei Kung remained troubled by the changes he had seen in Iron Fist, which reminded him of a childhood fable involving the H'ylthri. The fable plagued his thoughts in the days that followed.

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#22 (fb)) - Lei Kung sought out the valley in which the H'ylthri were know to hold their high parliament. He sensed a sweet aroma wafting through the jungle air. 

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#21 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung was enslaved by the H'ylthri, and he was connected to vines that placed him under their control. 

(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Gem of the Iron Fists (aka the Anomaly Gem) -- which was kept in Lei Kung's K'un-Lun sanctum and contained the spirits of all those who had ever held the power of the Iron Fist, including the Steel Serpent (Davos) -- was shattered during a H'ylthri invasion. Two of its fragments were lost.

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#21) - Investigating Iron Fist's death, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing traveled to K'un-Lun, which remained devastated. When Misty mentioned how Danny's greatest ally in K'un-Lun was Lei Kung, he appeared, drop-kicked Namor, and introduced himself. 

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#22) - Misty recognized that the vines around Lei Kung might be controlling him. Namor attempted to separate Lei Kung from the vines but found Lei Kung's speed and agility made this quite difficult. After Lei Kung struck Namor and then put him on the defensive, Colleen Wing joined the fight. Her distraction allowed Namor to get back into the fight, and though Lei Kung struck back again, Colleen realized that Lei Kung was not fighting at full capacity, and she correctly suspected that this was because he was fighting the control of the vines. She took advantage of the next opportunity to use her katana sword to sever the main vine, causing Lei Kung to drop face first into the ground.

    After uprooted the tree from which the main vine and others -- that had started to attack the visitors -- Lei Kung began to revive. Focusing past the alien thoughts that blurred his memories, Lei Kung told them what he could recall.

    Lei Kung then led Namor and the two women toward the H'ylthri base, but Lei Kung and the two women collapsed under the effects of a H'ylthri airborne toxin; Namor narrowly escaped and dove off a cliff into water, which revived him. He then entered the H'ylthri villages and saw hundreds of K'un-Lun natives trapped within pods (Namor speculated they were captured after Lei Kung was taken). After seeing Lei Kung, Colleen, and Misty being brought in for a similar fight, Namor found Iron Fist among those trapped within the pods.h'ylthri pod

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#23) - Lei Kung was placed within a H'ylthri pod. 

    Although Namor was subdued, Misty revived, fought her way free, and was able to reach Iron Fist within his pod, convincing him to break out. Iron Fist did so and subdued several H'ylthri before collapsing. 

(Namor the Sub-Mariner I#24 (fb) - BTS) - With the H'ylthri wounded by Iron Fist, Namor and the others were able to free those few K'un-Lun natives who still survived. They elected to rebuild their city under Lei Kung's leadership.

    When the H'ylthri mounted another attack, Lei Kung insisted they take Iron Fist back to Earth so Dr. Strange could properly care for him. Namor mentally called for Dr. Strange, who opened a portal allowing Namor to escape back to his sanctum with Misty, Colleen, and Iron Fist. 

    Dr. Strange stabilized Iron Fist's condition.

red - full - IFII#1red - IFII - closeup(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung helped rebuild K'un-Lun city.

(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS / Iron Fist II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Presumably with the ultimate goal of restoring the full Iron Fist power to Daniel Rand who had remained weakened following his near death experience at the H'ylthri, the Elder of the Universe known as the Contemplator made an arrangement with the Steel Serpent to facilitate the reassembly of the Gem under such conditions that Davos would be reincarnated and his spirit would be released from the Gem.

(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung the Thunderer wished to go after the fragments of the Anomaly Gem, but the Dragon Kings objected due to his age. Instead, he dispatched Brother Kon-Shi and his men to Earth to locate the missing Anomaly Gem fragments.

(Iron Fist II#1 - BTS) - The Contemplator directed Iron Fist to in retrieving the third fragment -- allegedly in order to abandon his reliance on the Iron Fist power -- from "bandits" (actually Kon-Shi and his allies) in the Himalayas, near K'un L'un. 

    Iron Fist succeeded, only to discover that, when he fused it with the other parts, the Steel Serpent emerged from the gem. The Steel Serpent, wielding a new Serpent's Sting power he had gained within the Gem, again drained the Iron Fist power from Rand.

(Iron Fist II#1) - When Kon-Shi and his men were late in returning, Lei Kung regretted not going personally. When he saw a glowing light in his doorway, Lei Kung initially thought it was Rand, but the Steel Serpent swiftly revealed the truth and told his father he was no longer Davos. After explaining his new powers, the Serpent announced that the people of K'un-Lun had been waiting for someone strong enough to lead them: himself. Lei Kung tried to tell him that the Contemplator appeared at crucial times to restore the cosmic balance, and that he could not have meant for Davos to have the Iron Fist power. As he tried to convince Davos to have a talk with him, the Serpent demanded his father take his hand off of him, further accusing him of having wished his death. The Steel Serpent then ordered him to depart, or he would send Lei Kung's dead body to his precious people as his first act. 

(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Steel Serpent convinced the Dragon Kings that he was needed to inspire the people of K'un-Lun to complete their rebuilding. 

ornate garb - Iron Fist II#1(Iron Fist II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung returned to Earth and then -- correctly predicting that Daniel's defeat would leave him despondent such that he might try to avoid further conflict -- cut a bridge via which Rand might return to the rest of the world. 

    Lei Kung met up with Daniel on the mountains near where the Steel Serpent had defeated him, telling him how the Steel Serpent had taken K'un-Lun and stating that the people of K'un-Lun needed Daniel and not Davos to inspire them. After Lei Kung told Daniel that the true battle for the Iron Fist would take placed in the arena at K'un-Lun, as always, Daniel insisted he did not want the Iron Fist. Lei Kung told Daniel he could lie to himself, but not to his former master; he tried to further inspire Daniel by speaking of his father's bravery and tried to guide Daniel to follow the music in the mountains to lead him to K'un-Lun.

    Daniel refused, but after he found the bridge back to the border away from K'un-Lun to be out, Lei Kung convinced him that they must make the attempt to return to K'un-Lun or risk freezing to death. As they headed up, Lei Kung noted that sometimes even the brave needed a little courage.

(Iron Fist II#2) - Lei Kung led the way to where they might access the mystic gate to K'un-Lun, telling Daniel to listen for the music, but warning him that one false step meant falling to his death. When they came to a pass that could only fit one person, Lei Kung sent Daniel to find the safe path (though Lei Kung knew the way, he knew Daniel needed to find it himself as part of his steps to regaining his confidence and powers).

    Later, as Lei Kung and the women slept, a pack of Siberian tigers (they were colored orange like Bengal tigers, but without stripes - but the text identified them as Siberian...) approached them. Daniel returned and warned them, and he helped fight off those attacking the women. Lei Kung, however, remained calm and petted the tiger that he had known since it was a cub; Lei Kung noted that while this one was tame, the others had been corrupted.

    As Lei Kung subsequently followed Daniel's lead to a flimsy bridge over a canyon, he asked Daniel if he was ready to enter K'un-Lun and fight the Steel Serpent, no matter the consequences. Daniel acknowledged that he was and then followed the sound of music, leaping off the bridge and finding the invisible mystic gate, through which he led the others. 

    Within K'un-Lun, Lei Kung explained how the sacred snow monkeys were said to hold the souls of K'un-Lun monks. Soon after, Yu-Ti led them to an audience with "the people's protector" in the arena, after which Daniel and Steel Serpent battled for the right to the Iron Fist power. 

    Iron Fist's defeated of Steel Serpent, and Lei Kung watched, knowing Daniel was supposed to kill Davos; however, Daniel refused, hoping to be a better example to the people.

    At K'un-Lun's outer wall, Lei Kung tried to convince the departing Davos that it was not too late to embrace the ways of goodness and to listen for the music of the mountains. Davos again swatted Lei Kung's hand away, telling him he followed a different music, which would lead him to a greater place and destiny.  Lei Kung watched in silence as Davos leapt through the invisible gate.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Orson Randall's daughter met with Lei Kung. Having been trained in martial arts by her mother, who had been trained by Orson, she enlightened Lei Kung that women could be warriors. As every man in K'un-Lun had been raised, trained, and prepared to fight and die at Yu-Ti's behest, they needed to use the women if there was to be a revolution. 

summoning Daniel for tournament(Immortal Iron Fist#6) - Via a mystic portal, Lei Kung appeared on Earth alongside Yu-Ti, telling Iron Fist to stay his hand rather than assault a Hydra agent to force the location of his friend Jeryn Hogarth from him. When Yu-Ti told Iron Fist it was time to fight for K'un-Lun's honor against the other cities of Heaven, Daniel informed Lei Kung that the Steel Serpent had just killed Orson Randall and that he could not leave now. Acknowledging Randall's death (and acknowledging Randall as the last Iron Fist) as a tragedy that they would mourn together, Lei Kung nonetheless instructed Daniel that he would come with them. Lei Kung noted that he understood Jeryn had been taken, but explained that those on whom he sought vengeance would be present when the heavenly planes intersected but not before then; "So, you see, your path lies nowhere but with us." Daniel accepted this and asked forgiveness for his impudence, and it was granted. Lei Kung and Yu-Ti then returned with Iron Fist through the portal to K'un-Lun.

(Immortal Iron Fist#8) - As Iron Fist meditated on healing techniques from the Book of the Iron Fist, Lei Kung approached him, telling him Yu-Ti had summoned him. When Daniel discussed what he had been doing, Lei Kung noted that the Book had been long thought lost to them, adding that it's scriptures were recorded in a text only decipherable to "you" (presumably Iron Fists) and its authors. 

    Upon reaching Yu-Ti, Lei Kung stoood in silence as Yu-Ti explained about the Seven Heavenly Cities, the Heart of Heaven, and the tournament; and when Daniel asked Yu-Ti why his father (Wendell) had not become Iron Fist. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#8 (fb) - BTS) - Yu-Ti told Iron Fist it was a long story, and now was not the time. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#8 - BTS) - Lei Kung approved undetected as Wendell subsequently used the Scrying Vessel of Bo-Ling to learn the location of Jeryn to be within K'un-Lun.

(Immortal Iron Fist#8) - When Lei Kung spoke to Iron Fist, he was surprised as he didn't hear his approach, but Lei Kung told him no one ever did. Lei Kung asked if Daniel had found the answers he sought, but as Daniel began detailing Wendell's fate, Lei Kung silenced him; Lei Kung then shared that while he knew the pain of family and friends all too well, Daniel's responsibilities as Iron Fist superceded his troubles as Daniel Rand: "You must fight for K'un-Lun now, and we have a long journey ahead of us."

    Lei Kung stood silently as Yu-Ti explained the tournament as increased access to Earth, and then accompanied them as Yu-Ti introduced Iron Fist to the six other immortal weapons: Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1, Fat Cobra, Prince of Orphans, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, and the Steel Serpent (as the Master of the Cranes). Lei Kung remained silent as Iron Fist had to be calmed upon challenging Davos, but when Fat Cobra was chosen to provide the evening's entertainment, he instructed Daniel to watch him closely and to take advantage of this demonstration of his technique. When Iron Fist was distracted by the blue eyes of a servant girl (secretly Orson Randall's daughter), Lei Kung advised him it was unseemly to focus on girls in the midst of this display; he urged him to focus on Fat Cobra's skills and weaknesses, if he has any."

    Fat Cobra subsequently chose Iron Fist as his first opponent, news which Lei Kung greeted with a slight frown.

(Immortal Iron Fist#9 - BTS) - Presumably with knowledge and approval (if not guidance) from Lei Kung, Orson Randall's daughter instructed Iron Fist to lose to Fat Cobra so he could take advantage of the break he would gain to leave K'un-Lun and learn Orson Randall's secrets.

(Immortal Iron Fist#10) - At the next contest, between Bride of Nine Spiders and Dog Brother #1, Yu-Ti wondered where their champion was, and Lei Kung told him that Iron Fist was upset about his defeat and asked that he be allowed to lick his wounds and salve his pride.

    Lei Kung silently noted that while Iron Fist should be there, learning of the combatants, he had somewhere else to be that day, and so Lei Kung must study for his student and hope he is a fast learner. 

    Later, at a celebration, Lei Kung complimented Bride of Nine Spiders on her technique and level of confidence, as he had seldom such art on display despite seeing many tournaments. The Bride wondered if he mocked her, but the Prince of Orphans interjected, noting that Lei Kung didn't give false praise. 

    After the Bride departed, Lei Kung asked the Prince if he was peering at him from under his ridiculous robes, and the Prince admitted he was, wondering why Lei Kung couldn't bring himself to speak to his own son. When Lei Kung asked that they not ruin the party by discussing family, the Prince noted that Davos did not become a villain on his own, "we must hold some of the blame. gray - upperThose of us who tried to take Orson's gifts that night." gray - full - shadowedLei Kung replied that he wasn't part of it, but the Prince countered that his silence in the matter was deafening, continuing that the Thunderer downplayed his importance of the scheme of things. Finally, the Prince added that it must have been brutal for Davos to grow up in the Thunderer's shadow and for Davos to dream of the very thing Lei Kung wanted least for him. Lei Kung responded only that they were not such friends that he cared to discuss it, and he bade the Prince good night.

    Lei Kung subsequently met up with Orson Randall's daughter; when she showed him her "chi-tu marking" (which mirrored the pattern the Thunderer wore on his chest) and quoted the protocol lines, he told her he knew she was faithful to their cause. After she reminded him that she could be a spy, and that only the markings should be trusted, as they could not lie to him. Lei Kung instead worried at what they had come to, noting that if his father was still with them, he would die of sorrow. Randall's dauther assured him his father had raised a good sone and would see the virtue in what they did. Lei Kung responded that he had found that sons and fathers were not always reflections on each, or at least, not in the ways they would like. When he asked her why she was there when she was too have watched Yu-Ti, Randall's daughter revealed that Yu-Ti had suspected where Iron Fist had gone and that he had sent Terror Priests through the gate in search of Iron Fist. Lei Kung told her the veils separting K'un-Lun from Earth were watched too closely now and they could not warn Iron Fist, but assured her that she did not know what Rand'Kai was capable of.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11) - As Steel Phoenix (as Davos now called himself) prepared to face off against Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, Yu-Ti voiced his frustration that Daniel was not there. Though he agreed and worried about where Daniel might be, Lei Kung instead reminded Yu-Ti that some of the other Immortal Weapons were not there either. Lei Kung then asked to be allowed to watch Davos, noting that while he now called himself Phoenix, he had always been a serpent, and he was always worthy of study.

    When the Steel Phoenix unleashed the power he had taken from many of the Crane women and savagely beat Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, Lei Kung noted that this wasn't combat, but rather murder. Steel Phoenix refused to accept Tiger's Beautiful Daughter's surrender and prepared to fatally strike his helpless victim, but Lei Kung called out to and approached them both, stopping the conflict. At Davos' insistence, Lei Kung shouted the Davos was the champion. 

meditation robes    Later, as Lei Kung had tea with Randall's daughter, Yu-Ti entered and asked the "servant girl" questions about something he was missing (presumably hinting at Iron Fist or something). When Lei Kung assured Yu-Ti she a faith handservant and was always under his exacting supervision; correctly suspecting deception, Yu-Ti further questioned him, mockingly calling him "loyal Thunderer." Lei Kung again assured Yu-Ti she was following his laws and askd why he implied otherwise. As the three stared at each other in silence, Lei Kung silently noted the long-seated tensions between the way things had always been and the way Yu-Ti thought they should be; he hoped Iron Fist would return before K'un-Lun tore itself apart.

    When Iron Fist returned, both Lei Kung and Yu-Ti greeted him.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12) - Lei Kung, accompanied by Randall's daughter and Iron Fist, led the way through hidden tunnels beneath K'un-Lun, telling them that Nu-An was always corrupt, intoxicated by the pleasures of the world of men even before his father (Tu-An) died and he ascended to the role of Yu-Ti; after that, he became a tyrant. While Tu-An had thought Randall's machine an abomination, Nu-An wanted it made and operated in secret, and he paid Phineas Randall to do it. He told them of the long-coming schism in K'un-Lun, continuing that they had been a paradise filled with half-citizens and laws that put their tyrant above all, but no more. He then showed them the Army of Thunder. After Daniel told him of Xao's plan to destroy K'un-Lun, Lei Kung told him he would worry about saving K'un-Lun from within, and Daniel should worry about saving it from without, "and let us hope the greatest parts of our destinies have not yet been written."  Noting that history does not ask permission when it decides to change course, Lei Kung suggested they  go to the tournament "and pretend this epoch is not about to rend itself asunder."vs. Davos

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 - BTS) - Prince of Orphans beat Steel Phoenix unconscious, breaking his jaw in the process.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12) - Lei Kung visited Davos as he rested and recovered, asking if he was alright. When Davos declined answering, Lei Kung reminded him of the commoning struggle and told him he needed to know -- when the blood started to run -- on whose side Davos would stand. Davos told him he would stand on his own side, like always.

(Immortal Iron Fist#13) - After Iron Fist confronted Yu-Ti with knowledge of his use of the Randall Gate to travel to Earth as he desired, Lei Kung and Iron Fist watched as Yu-Ti's Terror Priests headed to destroy the Gate so it could not be used as evidence against Yu-Ti. Lei Kung worried that the Terror Priests would succeed, but Danny assured him the Army of Thunder would stop them. When Lei Kung voiced further concerns that they should be evacuating civilians before Xao's explosive-filled train crashed there, Danny told him that Xao had the Gate guarded on the outside and that they needed to guard it from within. Lei Kung was not filled with confidence when Danny told him he had a plan.

(Immortal Iron Fist#13 - BTS) - The Prince of Orphans recruited the other Immortal Weapons to defend K'un-Lun and the other cities from Xao's attack, although Steel Phoenix refused to believe or aid him. gray - upper body

(Immortal Iron Fist#13) - As Lei Kung gathered a pair of spears for combat, Davos confronted him, trying to convince him that the Prince of Orphan's tales of Xao attacking K'un-Lun were false. Lei Kung tossed a speat at Davos' feet and told him that there were maniacs threatening to destroy them all, and he asked Davos to join his army, as the innocents at risk had nothing to do with everything that was wrong between the two of them. Tired of being called "boy" by "sanctimonious" old men, Davos picked up the spear, energized it with his chi, and engaged his father. Lei Kung parried back, trying to convince Lei Kung he had no ulterior motive and that the threat was real, further arguing -- as he knocked Davos to the ground -- that Davos was more upset that he had been outmatched by treacherous allies. As Davos continued to deny this, Lei Kung asked how it could be that so many people endlessly conspired against him, and why was it always that someone else was to blame. Finally, Lei Kung departed, telling Davos he knew in his black heart that the threat to the Seven Cities was real, and asked him to find him once he accepted the truth.

(Immortal Iron Fist#13 - BTS) - Lei Kung -- either present and not seen or arriving soon after -- to stand beside the six Immortal Weapons (with Steel Phoenix absent) as Xao opened the portal to K'un-Lun; the warriors stood ready to defeat the hordes of Hydra.

(Immortal Iron Fist#14) - After Xao ordered his Hydra hordes to attack, Iron Fist instructed Prince of Orphans (and the other Immortal Weapons) and Lei Kung to stop the legions and he would stop the train. After Iron Fist succeeded, both men told him how they had failed to bring Davos around. unmasked-IIF14

(Immortal Iron Fist#14 - BTS) - Witnessing Yu-Ti fleeing and planning to leave his people behind, Davos followed him and prevented him from reaching the Randall Gate, although the Army of Thunder had already defeated the Terror Priests. When Hydra agents poured in through the Gate, confirming Xao's intentions for K'un-Lun, Davos fought them, intending to thwart Xao's efforts. Yu-Ti escaped in the distaction.
    As they forced Xao's forces back through the Gate, they met up and joined with Lei Kung, the Immortal Weapons, and Iron Fist's allies Luke Cage, Misty Knight, & Colleen Wing against Hydra's forces on Earth. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#14) - When Randall's daughter told him Nu-An had escaped, Lei Kung told it was alright as, shut out of the shining city, he could harm no one. He congratulated her and the Army of Thunder on their success, telling them that all of K'un-Lun owed them a debt of gratitude. When he continued that what mattered most was finding a new leader in the city to carry them through this uncertain time, Iron Fist asked if it wasn't obvious that Lei Kung was the obvious leader...and that Randall's daughter might be his new Thunderer.

    Noting that Crane Mother had cut him off from the her chi-source, Davos dropped to his knees, presenting himself at Lei Kung's and the other's feet, admitting his crimes and asking for punishment. Lei Kung told him to return with them to K'un-Lun, and he would find his fate there. He asked the Immortal Weapons of their plans, and they told him they had decided to stay on Earth for a time.

    Soon after, Lei Kung had Davos stay as the guardian of Shou-Lao's egg and the soon-to-be-born dragon. Certain Davos would punish himself during the solitary hours he would spend there, Lei Kung asked that he stay there long enough to find some solace.

(Immortal Iron Fist#22 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung elected to preserve the Randall Gate and reserve it for emergencies.

unmasked - closer - more Asian(Immortal Iron Fist#18) - Lei Kung visited Shou Lao's cave, where Davos informed him how the Shou-Lao embryo had been moving, and Lei Kung clarified that it was moving because it sensed a disturbance and knew that something (specifically the Ch'i-Lin) wanted to devour it. Though Davos vowed that he would allow no one to pass through the doors to the chamber, Lei Kung informed him that the devourer would pass through the heart of the Iron Fist itself. Lei Kung further explained how the Ch'i-Lin sought out every Iron Fist...some died keeping the creature away from the egg, while others simply died; "it is their destiny, and cannot be changed...only one <Orson Randall> was able to avoid it."ornate robe

ornate robe-neck(Immortal Iron Fist#20 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung gathered a group of warriors, including Davos, and stood before the door to Shou-Lao's cave in preparation for the arrival of the Ch'i-Lin.

(Immortal Iron Fist#20) - After Iron Fist defeated the Ch'i-Lin, Lei Kung told everyone to stand down. Davos asked his father why he had not warned Daniel, and Lei Kung answered that it would not have made a difference, and questioned whether knowing how one would die would affect the choices one makes in life. Noting that the Ch'i-Lin was a force of nature, a method of balancing the scales of the universe, he further explained that Daniel had only postponed his fate; he clarified that the Ch'i-Lin could only feed on the unhatched egg, and the egg began to hatch. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#22 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung discovered Nu-An's secret papers, which detailed a list of good people Nu-An had had exiled to the Eighth City, which has formerly been a prison for the monsters, demons, and criminals that had plagued K'un-Lun in the past.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26 (fb)) - Lei Kung reviewed these banishments with Davos. When Davos decided that he would go to the Eighth City to free their brothers and sisters, Lei Kung told him no, as there was something else he needed Davos to do.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26 (fb) - BTS) - Suspecting that Quan Yaozu, the first Iron Fist, still survived in the Eighth City, Lei Kung felt that the people of K'un-Lun would be supremely disheartened to learn how their former ruler(s) had treated their heroes. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#22 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung sent Davos, via the Randall Gate, to Rand-Meachum to ask Iron Fist and the other Immortal Weapons to go to the Eighth City to rescue those unjustly imprisoned there. He believed the Immortal Weapons would be able to enter the Eighth City and make it back out again, despite it having been a one-way gate.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung instructed Davos to wait outside the gate to the Eighth City, armed with a rifle, and slay Quan Yaozu if/when he emerged so the people of K'un-Lun would not be confronted with this secret shame.

(Immortal Iron Fist#22 - BTS) - Davos discussed the freeing of the prisoners with Iron Fist, who was already planning on going, and the Immortal Weapons traveled to the Eighth City soon after.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26 - BTS) - Though Davos shot Quan Yaozu, Daniel fought off Davos long enough to allow Quan Yaozu to heal himself. Inspired by Daniel's belief that K'un-Lun was ready to hear the truth -- or that perhaps it didn't deserve to go on -- Quan ceased the fighting. Davos agreed to bring Quan and his people -- after their time in a veritable Hell, the innocent and the guilty could no longer be separated -- to K'un-Lun.

(Immortal Iron Fist#26) - Lei Kung and Quan met, bowed to show their respect, and apparently each had a chance to explain their actions and to make peace with each other.aside Avengers

(X-Men vs. Avengers#5) - When the Phoenix Force arrived on Earth's moon, Lei Kung sinced it noted, "And so. It begins again..."

(X-Men vs. Avengers#6) - Lei Kung visited the study on the unidentified psychic, greeting him only as "old man," after which the psychic taunted him, noting he felt his fear and reminding him of a past beating. Noting the flaming bird in the sky, Lei Kung told the psychic he needed the Book of the Fallen. The psychic showed him the page on Fongji Wu, the Iron Fist of 1596, who repelled the Phoenix and prevented the celestial rebirth of Earth and the collapse of the seven Capital Cities; the psychic added, "You need the Iron Fist."

(X-Men vs. Avengers#7) - Lei Kung traveled with Iron Fist, who brought him to Tony Stark and told Stark they could train Hope to ready her to claim the Phoenix in K'un-Lun. After Lei Kung warned that the vessel must be prepared or the fire of the Phoenix would consume Earth and then the Celestial Cities of Heaven. After Iron Fist noted that the X-Men would never find Hope in K'un-Lun, Stark wondered if all the Avengers couldn't go there. 

    Later, Lei Kung met with the Avengers in Wakanda. With Hope and Wolverine already in K'un-Lun, Captain America arranged for the transportation of Stark's equipment, after which they would fall back to K'un-Lun, regroup, and continue the fight. Captain America asked whether he was certain they'd be able to traverse the worlds, and Lei Kung assured Cap that he had bored a molten hole through celestial closkcwork to come there, and the hole would not heal quickly.Kicking Phoenix-powered Cyclops

(X-Men vs. Avengers#8) - As the Phoenix-powered Namor assaulted Wakanda, Iron Man pulled Lei Kung back through the portal to K'un-Lun, instructing him to close the portal to prevent Namor from accessing the realm, despite Lei Kung's argument of what he had to go through to bring the portal into existence. They arrived soon after Wolverine and Hope, informing them of Namor's assault; when Wolverine wanted to go back to help fight Namor, Lei Kung told him the portal was closed.

    The Avengers later arrived in K'un-Lun.

(X-Men vs. Avengers#9 - BTS) <8 days later> - Hope trained in K'un-Lun, presumably under Lei Kung's guidance.

(X-Men vs. Avengers#10) - After the Phoenix-powered Cyclops entered and devstated K'un-Lun, Lei Kung met with Hope inside the cavern of Shou-Lao, telling her it was time for her final lesson.

(X-Men vs. Avengers#10 (fb) - BTS) - Lei Kung provided Hope with her final lesson.

(X-Men vs. Avengers#10) - Astride the juvenile Shou-Lao, Lei Kung and Hope confronted Cyclops, who blasted them out of the air. shoulder ride

    When Cyclops prepared to destroy the dragon on the ground, Lei Kung kicked him back and then asked Cyclops where was his honor if he would attack a wounded animal or a little girl. 

    Ultimately, adapting Shou-Lao's power, Hope struck Cyclops with the chaos punch, both driving him back to Earth and temporarily incapacitating him. 

(AVX: Consequences#3) - As the people of K'un-Lun rebuilt the city, Lei Kung held a small boy on his shoulders and told Tony Stark they did not need his help in the construction.

    He further counseled Stark that science and magic was not as cleanly divided as he might think, and that Stark needed to tend to his own damage. He warned Stark that matters of belief may lead you to dangerous territory.

as Yu-Ti, robed(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2 (fb)) - As Yu-Ti, Lei Kung announced to the crowd gathered outside his palace how Shou-Lao was dying of old age, and that they would celebrate death by consuming Shou-Lao and feeding on her chi, which would grant them immortality. 

    He continued that after Shou-Lao's death, a new "daughter of serpent fire" would rise and replenish their rivers with chi, nourishing the tree of life and the immortal fruits it provided, and eventually bestowing the Iron Fist power. The crowd cheered their Yu-Ti.

    Unaware that Davos had descended into corruption again and slain the new Thunderer (presumably Randall's daughter...he calls her "Sparrow") and plotted to overthrow him and usurp his role, Lei Kung asked where were his sons and (adoptive) daughter. As his cloaked agents (Yama Kings, Dragon Lords?) told him they had sent word, they were distracted by the sound of approaching helicopters. 

    A massive figure (later revealed to be the One, with the face of Wendell Rand) surrounded by armed soldiers exited the lead craft and assured those present he meant no harm and only wished to speak to Yu-Ti. 

    Lei Kung told his guards he did not need their protection and leapt from his balcony to confront the stranger. Listing his roles, Lei Kung instructed the univited stranger to turn back from whence he came or he would face the forever consequences. 

    After Lei Kung leapt to within striking distance, the creature mocked his "old friend" as having changed little since they last spoke so long ago, and then unmasked, shocking Lei Kung.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb) - BTS) - The One apparently decapitated Lei Kung.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2 - BTS) - Iron Fist (Daniel Rand) arrived in K'un-Lun to find the city in flames and Shou-Lao decapitated. decapitated

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3) - A young boy brought Daniel toward the Tree of Immortality, telling him Lei Kung sat there awaiting his return. The Prince of Orphans tried to dissuade Daniel from seeing Lei Kung, but Daniel rushed past and began apologizing for missing the ceremony until he got close enough to see Lei Kung had no head. 

    The Prince of Orphans asked Daniel if he would now eat the fruit of life and then lead the people of K'un-Lun as their new Yu-Ti. Instead, a furious Iron Fist shattered the Tree of Immortality.

Comments: Created by Len Wein, Roy Thomas, Larry Hama, and Dick Giordano.

    Immortal Iron Fist was a really, REALLY good series, and I especially enjoyed the stories by Pak and Fraction. I initially opposed the idea of going back against the evidence against Wendell Rand being the actual son of Tuan (or Tu-An), but I spoke with Ed Brubaker, and he was aware of all of the contradicting stories, interpretted them for himself, and decided to clarify/confirm the matter once and for all. Of course, we still don't know Wendell's real parents...

    Lei Kung's senseless death in ...whatever...was much less satisfying. It struck me as someone read the first couple appearances of Iron Fist and then decided it would be fun to bring back a character no one thought would ever come back (and that IS fun) and then destroy everything else about the character. All the development from Immortal Iron Fist was missing. And the read was SO much less enjoyable...
    And what a shame to see all the character development of Davos and his road to redemption, only to trash it and turn him back into a bad guy again...should have had Yu-Ti (Nuan) seeking revenge in that role, IMO.

    Yu-Ti (Nu-An) was never shown to be much of a warrior, yet in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#10 he is shown defeating the human master martial artist known as Steel Serpent (not Davos), a foe that Iron Fist himself was later hard-pressed to defeat. It would make a LOT more sense if it was Lei Kung who took the challenge, but the figure defeating the Steel Serpent is wearing a hood like Yu-Ti. Regardless, though not shown, it would seem likely that Lei Kung was at least there.
    I had previously thought that it must have been Nu-An's father that had defeated the Steel Serpent, but as the dimensions intersect only every 10 years, the previous 10 year points would have been when Daniel Rand left K'un-Lun as Iron Fist for the first time (relatively recent history), and then when young Daniel Rand first arrived there (at least 10 years prior to the main story). Both of those times would have been Nu-An as Yu-Ti. The time before would have been when Wendell Rand departed (over 20 years before the main story), and the time before that was when Wendell Rand arrived there (over 30 years before the main story); both of those two times would have been Tuan (or Tu-An) as Yu-Ti. It would make the Steel Serpent signficantly older to have faced Tuan as an adult both times, although it is still possible, I suppose.
    Regardless, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entry on the Steel Serpent confirmed that he confronted Nu-An.

    By his own account, Lei Kung was protector of K'un-Lun for "millions of years." Accounts showing Lei Kung date back at least 1300 years, if not 2000 (depending on how old the reference to the Ninja is), but some sources note K'un-Lun to have been founded 1 million years ago.

    In the original stories in Marvel Premiere, Wendell Rand wasn't noted as being from K'un-Lun, but it was noted that he had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Subsequent stories in the original Iron Fist series, Marvel-Team-Up, and others seemed to reveal that Wendell was the first-born son of Tuan. Power Man and Iron Fist#75 seemed to show clearly that Wendell was a human who came to K'un-Lun who was adopted, but otherwise became first in their family after saving Tuan and Nuan's lives. Subsequent stories further added evidence that Daniel was the actual nephew of Nuan and the rightful ruler of K'un-Lun, but Immortal Iron Fist fairly definitively showed otherwise...until someone decides to ret-con that, of course.

    According to an entry on Comicvine, Lei Kung's symbol is an I Ching hexagram of Radiance. 

Profile by Snood.

Lei Kung
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Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2-3 (July-August, 2014) - Kaare Kyle Andrews (writer and artist), Jake Thomas (editor)
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (October, 2014) - Kaare Kyle Andrews (writer and artist), Jake Thomas (editor)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1 (December, 2014) - James Robinson (writer), Chris Samnee (artist), Jake Thomas & Xander Jarowey (assistant editors), Tom Brevoort with Wil Moss and Mike Marts (editors)

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