kheng-kunlun-tinyfull.jpgkheng-kunlun-oblique-knees-up.jpg KHENG

Real Name: Kheng

Identity/ClassExtradimensional (K'un-Lun) warrior;

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: Lei Kung's students

Affiliations: Lei Kung the Thunderer;
    he may have been familiar to the Yu-Ti (Nu-An) and the Lung Wang/Dragon Kings

Enemies: Daniel Rand, Sparrow

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: K'un-Lun city, K'un-Lun dimension

First AppearanceIron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (August, 2014)

kheng-kunlun-punch-kick.jpgPowers/Abilities: Lean and sinewy, Kheng had some unspecified level of training and expertise in the martial arts.

    He was bold, but completely intolerant of weakness/cowardice, and he was willing to be very hurtful, even mocking recently lost relatives.

    See comments

Height: Unrevealed; perhaps 5'6"
Weight: Unrevealed; perhaps 60 lbs.
Eyes: Unrevealed (likely brown)
Hair: Black

History: See commentskheng-kunlun-beaten.jpg

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb) - BTS) - As one of the students training under Lei Kung the Thunderer, Kheng sparred with the newly arrived Daniel Rand. Under the watchful eye of the Yu-Ti (Nu-An) and the Dragon Kings/Lung Wang/Yama Kings, Kheng knocked down Daniel.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb)) - As Kheng taunted Daniel as baby, telling him to get up, Yu-Ti expressed his displeasure at the new arrival's weaknesses and questioned Lei Kung. Kheng responded out of turn, telling Yu-Ti "Snowflake can't keep up...he doesn't belong here...he's not one of us."

    Lei Kung demanded Kheng to bite his tongue, as this was an arena of men, and no place for squabbling children. After Daniel begged to go home, Yu-Ti was appalled and instructed the Thunderer to "let the young Kheng sharpen his teeth on this whelp. At least then he might have some purpose."

    When Lei Kung instructed Daniel that the Yu-Ti had offered him a chance to display courage, Kheng bragged that he was about to make Daniel's dreams come true by "sending him a wooden box." 

    Kheng taunted Daniel -- who had been forced forward by Lei Kung -- as pathetic and promised to destroy him. When Daniel begged Kheng to stop, Kheng smashed him to the ground with a dropkick and then taunted his fallen foe to beg for his life. kheng-kunlun-iftlw5

    Lei Kung decided that Daniel was done, and the Yu-Ti and the Lung Wang departed, but Kheng continued to taunt Daniel, "Stupid orphan couldn't stop a bunch of dogs from turning his mother into were you ever going to face an immortal. If you miss her so much, maybe we should you back into the snow and reunite you with whatever's left in the wolves' hot droppings."

    Enraged by what Kheng had said about his mother, Daniel leapt to his feet, punched down Kheng, and then brutally beat him.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (fb)) - Alongside at least three other youths, Kheng battered Daniel until the Lei Kung's adoptive daughter launched a serving platter full of biscuits into his back.

    Kheng asked "What the dragon" she thought she was doing, as girls weren't allowed to fight, noting that if her father wasn't the Thunderer...kheng-kunlun-iftlw5-pail-punch

    One of Kheng's allies noted that the Thunderer wasn't her father, but she told Kheng not to worry about Lei-Kung,  as they could go straight to the Yu-Ti and let him know he had been assaulted by a girl. She offered to confess, accepting that the Yu-Ti would be upset with her, but Kheng instructed her that "Women are like nails, and when rises up, it will be hammered back. You'll see..."

    Lei-Kung's daughter interrupted him by punching through a wooden pail she had been holding, striking him in the face and knocking him down. Catching the milk from the pail in her ladle, she teased Kheng by asking if he would like more, and he stammered out, "N-no..."

    Kheng and his allies fled, and Khen warned Daniel they would finish this another time. One of his allies noted Kheng was bleeding, and Kheng told him to shut up.Lei Kung's daughter asked why it was that when boys tried to walk like men they only ended up crying like babies.

Comments: Created by Kaare Kyle Andrews.

    Noteworthy that Daniel Rand was in K'un-Lun for a decade before returning to Earth, and he has been active on Earth as Iron Fist for around 10 years now, so the encounter with Kheng would be about 20 years ago. Who knows what his subsequent life brought Kheng? 
    I estimated his stats as a relatively big but lean/sinewy 8-10 year old. Obviously, we don't even know that he lived to adulthood, so further speculation on his adult size is pointless.

    I have to question the story-telling when a youth trained in the highest level of Kung Fu from childhood by the best of the best gets the crap kicked out of them by an angry child with no training. Yeah, great "Karate Kid" moment...but apparently talent and discipline aren't important?  
    I guess we can palliate this by assuming Kheng wasn't very good...perhaps Kheng was the worst of Lei Kung's group, and Lei Kung sent him against Daniel to give Daniel a sporting chance? That's the only that makes sense in my mind.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3, pg. 9, panel 1 (tiny, distant);
            panel 5 (knees and up, slightly oblique);
            panel 7-8 (punching at and then kicking Daniel);
        pg. 10, panel 3-7 (taunting and then being beaten by Daniel);
    #5, pg. 7, panel 4 (with allies after beating Daniel, confronted by "Sparrow");
          panel 5 (pail punch)

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (August, 2014) - Kaare Kyle Andrews (writer and artist), Jake Thomas (editor)
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (October, 2014) - Kaare Kyle Andrews (writer and artist), Jake Thomas (editor)

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