Real Name: None; as a child/servant, she was not named

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (K'un-Lun) human

Occupation: Yu-Ti (ruler of K'un-Lun);
    former Thunderer (warrior trainer), warrior, servant

Group Membership: Formerly the Army of Thunder

Affiliations: Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa,Captain America, Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Iron Man/Tony Stark), Black Tarantula (Carlos LaMuerto), Bulldozer (Henry Camp), Danielle Cage, Luke Cage, Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Elektra Natchios, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), the Fooh, Gork, the Immortal Weapons of the Seven Cities of Heavens (Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1, Fat Cobra, Iron Fist/Daniel Rand-K'ai, Prince of Orphans, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter), Iron Fist (Lin Lei), Jessica Jones, K'un-Lun people, League of International Magic Practitioners (Bob Jennings, Mister Je-Je, Nana Marefa, Night Witch, Senor Magico, Sorcha), Lei Kung the Thunderer, Mei-Min, Moon Knight (Marc Spector), Punisher (Frank Castle), Tu-An (Yu-Ti), Pei, Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Shou-Lao the Undying, White Tiger (Ava Ayala),Yang Yei;
    she at least knew of Ernest Erskine (aka Lucky Pierre, her father's biographer)
    while they never met, the young girl who would become Sparrow considered the Iron Fist Wu Ao-Shi to be a role model;

    she feigned servitude and allegiance to
Nu-An (aka Yu-Ti)sparrow-kunlun-iif9-stealth

Enemies: Choshin and the warriors of Liu-Shi, Crane Daughters (daughter so Kun-Zi's Crane Mother), Davos, Hydra, Kheng and his associates, Nu-An (aka Yu-Ti), the One robot, Terror Priests, Tracksuit Mafia, the Urchin, Xao, Zhu-Rong;
    formerly the Fooh and his men

Known Relatives: Orson Randall (father, deceased), unidentified K'un-Lun servant woman (mother, deceased), Phineas Randall (paternal grandfather), Mrs. Randall (paternal grandmother), Lei Kung (adoptive father), Davos (formerly Steel Serpent, adoptive brother)

sparrow-kunlun-iif14-thanksAliases: Yu-Ti; Sparrow Yu-Ti;
    formerly Thunderer;
    "little one" (from Lei Kung);

    "blue-eyed servant girl," "servant girl," (from Iron Fist and Yu-Ti);
    "assassin" (from Iron Fist when initially mistaking her intentions);
    "wench" (from Yu-Ti (Nu-An)

Base of Operations: K'un-Lun

First Appearance: (Unnamed servant girl) Immortal Iron Fist#8 (October, 2007);
    (as Thunderer, suggested) Immortal Iron Fist#14 (June, 2008);
    as Thunderer, confirmed) Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2 (July, 2014);
    (Sparrow) Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#6 (November, 2014);
    (Yu-Ti) Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#12 (July, 2015)

sparrow-kunlun-iif9-kickPowers/Abilities: Sparrow is a highly skilled martial artist, trained under Lei Kung. She is also highly skilled at training others. She typically fights hand-to-hand, but she sometimes uses a sword or a bo (staff).

    Her abilities enable her to spar with master warriors such as Iron Fist Daniel Rand-K'ai, although she is not truly at his level. 

    She is particularly well balanced, able to hold objects in both hands and one foot while standing on the other single leg.

    Despite having lost her eyes, Sparrow functions as if sighted, presumably due to her remaining senses having been amplified to compensate for the lack of vision as well as her own mystic sensitivity; she may or may not even have some skill similar to Daredevil's radar sense.sparrow-kunlun-iif10-chuti

    As she was presumably born around 1916, she is apparently very slow-aging, apparently maintaining the form of a 9-10-year-old girl until shortly after encountering the 9-year-old Daniel Rand, after which she aged at a rate matching Daniel's.

    Sparrow possessed Chi-Tu markings on her left forearm. The nature of these markings is unrevealed, but they somehow confirmed loyalty the cause of the Army of Thunder without question.

    She is also experienced and adept in food preparation, housekeeping, weapons upkeep, combat medicine, and fishing. She at least considered herself to be skilled at cooking biscuit-like "cakes."

    Sparrow is also skilled at subterfuge, maintaining a submissive role and even allowing herself to be physically battered to prevent her true goals from being discovered. 

    She is experienced at operating the Randall Gate, sending people to and home Earth and K'un-Lun.

    Additionally, she has a sense of humor.

Height: Unrevealed (she appeared to be comparable to the 5'11" Daniel Rand, so perhaps 5'8-5'11")
Weight: Unrevealed (perhaps 130-140 lbs.)
Eyes: None; formerly blue
Hair: Black


(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb) - BTS) - Orson Randall taught his lover, a K'un-Lun woman, in kung fu/martial arts.

(Immortal Iron Fist#13 (fb) - BTS) - This woman was part of the servant caste.sparrow-kunlun-itw7-youngfaceclosed

(Immortal Iron Fist#9 (fb) - BTS) - The daughter of disgraced Iron Fist Orson Randall and an unidentified K'un-Lun woman was born without her father's knowledge sometime after he had departed to Earth to fight his war.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb) - BTS) -  The girl's mother taught her what Orson Randall had taught her of the martial arts.

(Iron Fist VI#2 (fb) - BTS) - The young girl frequently visited a portrait of Wu Ao-Shi, a famous pirate queen who was one of only a few women to become Iron Fist. She felt as if Wu Ao-Shi was watching over her.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb) - BTS) - The young girl was orphaned in K'un-Lun (see comments). At some point, she was adopted by Lei Kung the Thunderer.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7 (fb) - BTS) - Nonetheless a slave, the young girl apparently did not receive a name. She worked in a hot kitchen.sparrow-kunlun-itw5-balance

(Immortal Iron Fist#12 (fb) - BTS) - The girl enlightened Lei Kung that women could and should be trained in combat, and he began secretly training a number of women, eventually forming the Army of Thunder. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#10 (fb) - BTS) - At some point the girl received the Chi-Tu markings on her arm, which showed her loyalty. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#11) - Lei Kung instructed the girl in means that Yu-Ti's laws allowed: Food preparation, housekeeping, weapons upkeep, combat medicine, and fishing.sparrow-kunlun-itw5-punchbucket

(Immortal Iron Fist#9 (fb) - BTS) - As in K'un-Lun, the sins were passed on to the child, the slave girl was punished by being assigned to watch over the passages to the Randall Gate. 

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7 (fb) - BTS) - As women were not allowed to fight, the young girl and some other women of K'un-Lun trained in secret, sometimes during the night. 

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb)) - The young girl introduced herself to Daniel and brought him biscuits ("cakes") as he sat beneath the Tree of Immortality, upset about his recent confrontation with Kheng. Although Danny told her to leave him alone, she continued that they were really good. When Daniel struck the plate from her hands and told her to leave him alone, she nonetheless caught the cakes in her hands and right foot (with which she collected many in the recaptured plate), reminding him, "...but they're so fresh..and hot...and best of all...I made them myself."

    When Lei Kung approached, silencing the resistance, and questioning Daniel that he didn't like his daughter's cooking, Daniel was surprised to learn of the relationship. Lei Kung acknowledged that the girl was his daughter in every way but blood and explained that Daniel was not the first orphan of K'un-Lun. Daniel tried to walk away, but Lei Kung advised him to make his body heart but keep his heart soft.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (fb)) - Kheng and three other youths battered Daniel until Lei Kung's adoptive daughter launched a serving platter full of biscuits into Kheng's back, then caught the platter on her foot, along with all four biscuits that it had previously held, while holding a wooden bucket in each arm.

    Khen reminded her that girls weren't allowed to fight, noting that if her father wasn't the Thunderer...

    One of Kheng's allies reminded him that the Thunderer wasn't her actual father, but she told Kheng not to worry about Lei-Kung, as he and his friends could go straight to the Yu-Ti and let him know he had been assaulted by a girl. She offered to confess, accepting that the Yu-Ti would be upset with her, but Kheng instructed her that "Women are like nails, and when one rises up, it will be hammered back. You'll see..."

    Lei Kung's daughter interrupted him by punching through one of her wooden pails, striking him in the face and knocking him down. Catching the liquid from the pail in her ladle, she mockingly apologized, noting she should have been nurturing and sewing instead of talking. She further teased Kheng, putting the ladle in front of his face and asking if he would like another, and he stammered out, "N-no..."

    After Kheng and his allies fled, she asked why it was that when boys tried to walk like men they only ended up crying like babies. Daniel feared they'd be back and that she had only made it worse, but she warned him that he had better learn from real Kung Fu, and that she could teach him if he'd stop by the kitchen in which she worked. When Daniel asked if girls weren't allowed to train, she assured him that she didn't train, she only taught. Giving him his mother's watch (and warning him to hide it, as technology was forbidden in K'un-Lun), she advised him of her first lesson: Find strength in were you came from. She further explained that technology was forbidden for the same reason that women were forbidden to fight: Scared old men...and that there was only one way old people changed their dying, and having younger people take their place, which was more complicated in a city of immortals.

    Advised of the challenges occurring by some of her friends, she dragged Daniel to the arena.sparrow-kunlun-itw7-young-face-eyes-ob

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (fb) - BTS) - They watched the newest Iron Fist overcome the Challenge of the Many.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (fb)) - Lei Kung's daughter teased Daniel, telling him that if he trained hard enough that he might one day be one of the Many, lying face down in the mud in defeat someday. As she took Daniel's hand, she encouraged the next challenge and then asked Daniel if he could handle watching what could get bloody. They were both impressed with the One's size, but somewhat disturbed as the One began to brutally beat his challenger; she explained to Daniel that this was the final test of the Iron Fist. Nonetheless, she stood up and urged the Iron Fist to get back up and fight. When the One knocked the Iron Fist and leapt up after him, she urged Daniel to depart. He argued that they couldn't leave as the One was going to kill the challenger, she told him it was his challenge and his fate. sparrow-kunlun-itw7-young-action

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7 (fb) - BTS) - After Lei Kung's daughter knocked Daniel down while sparring, he accused her of not fighting fair, but she countered that you should always be more prepared, more skilled, and better than one's opponent. Noting that she was not kicking his butt in the middle of the night just for the fun of it, she then told him that the real reason women were not allowed to fight was because they were too creative, and she demonstrated this by delivering the "forbidden kick" between his legs. As Daniel dropped to the ground, she told him that you always fight to incapacitate and that it was not her fault males came with an "off switch."

    Discussing how females could only train in secret, she nonetheless preferred the cool nights to the hot kitchen, but she warned Daniel not to tell Lei Kung or she would rip him in half. When he asked her name, she explained that as a slave she did not have one, and she teased him about being from a wealthy family and wondered if he had slaves. Feeling that it was not right that she did not have a name, he suggested "Sparrow." She originally was upset, feeling like he was trying to name and leash her like a pet and noting that if she needed a name, she wouldn't ask him for one; however, she then thought the name was sweet and told him she would remember it. 

    As she held herself over his supine form, she asked if he wanted to learn some real forbidden stuff, and Daniel timidly answered, "Yes." She then took him to Fooh's basement base, noting that it was only dangerous if they got caught or killed, after which she guided him through a number of death traps. Nonetheless, they were discovered by the Fooh, who accused them of numerous forbidden crimes and then had his guards separate them and take them away.

    She told Danny not to say a word to her, no matter what Fooh and his men did to them, and when Danny asked what they were going to do, the Fooh replied, "Oh, you'll find out. One day, they'll all find out." (except I don't think we ever did...see comments).


(Immortal Iron Fist#8) - As Iron Fist and Lei Kung observed Fat Cobra during an exhibition contest, the servant girl offered them water (presumably). Although Iron Fist declined, he noticed her blue eyes (apparently), but as he tried to tell Lei Kung what he had noticed, Lei Kung told him it was unseemly to focus on girls when they should be watching the combat.sparrow-kunlun-iif9-mask-cloak-upper

(Immortal Iron Fist#9) - As Iron Fist trained, he heard the sweat running down the cheek of the blue-eyed servant girl, and he told her he could sense her. After she told him that she was not afraid of him and that he would not catch her, Iron Fist initially accused her as an assassin, asking who she was and who was her master, that had taught a woman the martial arts. After a brief combat, Iron Fist eventually caught her hand and repeated his query of who had taught her. After telling him she would carry her master's name to her grave, she asked about his mentor, Orson Randall, and his secrets. 

    As he was distracted by the question, she dropped him with a powerful kick to the face and put some distance between him before telling him that there were larger things at work, missing pieces of what troubled him, and that she had been sent there to tell him where the answer lied. She then told him that he must lose his upcoming match to Fat Cobra so that he could depart the realm of K'un-Lun and the Heart of Heaven and journey out into the world of men without being missed. 

(Immortal Iron Fist#9 - BTS) - Though trying to win, Iron Fist was beaten into submission by Fat Cobra.

(Immortal Iron Fist#9) - As Iron Fist meditated and healed, the servant girl approached him, urging haste if he would learn the secrets of Orson Randall. Sharing that her punishment for her parent's sin was to watch over the passages to the Randall Gate, she brought Iron Fist to the gate, after which she revealed that Phineas Randall was her grandfather and Orson her father. She sent him to find Orson's biographer, Ernst Erskine, aka Lucky Pierre, in a villa in the South of France. She further told him that Ernst could tell him every secret the current Yu-Ti (Nu-An) had kept from him, but that he must make haste, as Ernst's life had been preserved by the now dead Orson Randall. She then sent him through the Randall Gate to Earth.sparrow-kunlun-iif9-unmasked

(Immortal Iron Fist#10) - With Iron Fist absent from the tournament, Yu-Ti (Nu-An) sought out the servant girl by the Randall Gate. She asked him if he wished to travel to the world of men, and he silenced her, asking instead if she had remained at her post and if anyone had joined her there. She assured him that she had, and that no one had been with her, as her shame and her duty were her own. He then asked specifically if Iron Fist had used the machine, and after she told him "No, of course not," he noted that her body did not produce any of the telltale signs of a person lying, but that there were many kung fu techniques one could use to suppress those. After he painful grabbed her face and shoved her, he then told her he would be sending a legion of Shaolin Terror Priests to Earth and that she she prepare the Randall Machine. When she argued that the numerous priests may not be able to keep the Randall Gate a secret and that possibly Iron Fist had been engaged by one of many enemies, Yu-Ti delivered a flying kick that knocked her to the ground and he instructed her, "I am not asking for permission, wench. Do as I command."
    Well aware of the approaching kick, the servant girl had allowed herself to take the blow in order to maintain her cover.

    The servant girl then waited for Lei Kung in his quarters, and when he arrived, she showed him her Chi-Tu markings and stated their code words, "Lightning is my blood. Thunder is the pounding in my heart." Although he told her he knew she was faithful to their cause, she reminded him that she could be a spy but that the markings could not lie. Frustrated with the way things had progressed, Lei Kung noted that if his father were still alive he would die of sorrow, but the girl countered that his father had raised a good son and that he would see the virtue in what he did, and she added, "Is it enough to silently resist tyranny? Or must we fight back?"sparrow-kunlun-iif10-masked-head-full

    She then shared that she had narrowly evaded the watchful eyes of Yu-Ti's people to tell him that despite to confirmation, Yu-Ti knew that Iron Fist had accessed the Gate. Although she stated that they had to get a warning to Iron Fist, Lei Kung noted that there was no safe way to contact him and that Daniel Rand-K'ai was quite capable.

(Immortal Iron Fist#11) - Later, the servant girl was with the meditating Lei Kung when Yu-Ti entered, noting that he felt that she knew the location of a certain bauble he had misplaced and that he would like her to take him to it. When she noted that she knew of no bauble, Lei Kung vouched for her and noted her to be most faithful, nearly always by his side, including that morning. Yu-Ti responded, make it clear that he suspected Lei Kung as well. Lei Kung assured him that he had instructed the girl only as Yu-Ti's laws allowed and asked why he implied otherwise. The girl watched as Yu-Ti and Lei Kung silently stared at each other.

(Immortal Iron Fist#12) - The servant girl accompanied Lei Kung and Iron Fist down secret passageways to the Army of Thunder. After showing her Chi-Tu markings and noting that her father had taught her kung fu, she remained silent as the two discussed the coming revolution and the threat of Xao.

    Later, in Lei Kung's quarters, Daniel asked her what she would do when she was free, and she noted, "Anything I like...I suppose that's what they mean by freedom." She then asked if he had found Lucky Pierre, and he confirmed that he had and that he had read some of his writings about Orson Randall's life. He confirmed that he had studied his foes as well as his friends, and he contended that she had wanted his absence and for it to be noted, to kickstart her war against Yu-Ti. As she
repeatedly feigned ignorance of what he stated, he noted that she would make a marvelous Yu-Ti someday. sparrow-kunlun-iif13-unmasked-face

(Immortal Iron Fist#13) - The servant girl watched silently alongside Iron Fist and Lei Kung as Yu-Ti's Terror Priests marched to destroy the Randall Gate. Iron Fist later approached her and asked her name, and she told him "Being a woman...born illegitimately...into the servant caste...I was never granted a name." Iron Fist told her that she should pick one, as her army was ready and "your revolution has arrived," and she replied that those were the four most beautiful words in the English language.

(Immortal Iron Fist#14 (fb) - BTS) - As Xao opened the portal to K'un-Lun, the servant girl, Lei Kung, and the Army of Thunder stood behind Iron Fist and the Immortal Weapons.

(Immortal Iron Fist#14) - As Xao ordered the attack, Iron Fist instructed the Prince of Orphans and Lei Kung to stop the invading legion and he would stop the train.

(Immortal Iron Fist#14 - BTS) - Using his chi to tap into the train's electromagnetic field, Iron Fist both destroyed the train and sealed the gate to K'un-Lun.sparrow-kunlun-iif14-aot

(Immortal Iron Fist#14 (fb) - BTS) - The servant girl and the Army of Thunder took out the Terror Priests before they could destroy the Randall Machine.

(Immortal Iron Fist#14) - As Yu-Ti approached the chamber of the Randall Machine, Davos dropped him, after which Yu-Ti observed his fallen Terror Priests and the Army of Thunder, and he exclaimed, "My lord..."

    The former servant girl corrected him, "I think you mean 'my lady.' " She further noted that she had long dreamed of seeing Yu-Ti beg before the Army of Thunder, she had always imagined it would have required some effort on her part. Using her sword to slice open the face of his mask, she told Nu-An that he was a prisoner of the Army of Thunder and that their revolution was at hand. Turning to Davos, she acknowledged that while his skills and powers could fell her quickly, she warned that he could not stop them all. When he assured her that he meant no harm, as Hydra's forces poured through the Randall Machine, she advised Davos that he must quickly decide whether he their prisoner or their ally. Learning that Xao wished to destroy K'un-Lun, Davos replied that he was neither, but rather Xao's reckoning. 

    Davos and the Army of Thunder drove the Hydra agents back to Earth, and the former servant girl exhorted her "sisters" to keep fighting and to keep pushing them back to where they came from; however, Yu-Ti also escaped through the gate and fled into the snowy wilderness.

    The servant girl subsequently informed Lei Kung of Nu-An's escape, but he assured her that, shut out of K'un-Lun, he could harm no one. He also told her that she and her army had done well and that all of K'un-Lun owed them a debt of gratitude. Iron Fist then convinced Lei Kung that he was best suited to become the new Yu-Ti, while the former servant girl should be the new Thunderer. He also told her that she should figure out a name for herself so that when next they met he would have something to call her. She bowed and thanked him. sparrow-kunlun-itw2-fulltiny

    She watched silently as Davos turned himself over to his father, who invited him back to K'un-Lun.

Way of the Warrior: Marvel's Mightiest Martial Artists guidebook) - Orson Randall's daughter took the name Sparrow and became the new Thunderer of K'un-Lun.

(Iron Fist VI#2 (fb) - BTS) - The new Thunderer vowed to make K'un-Lun a place where anyone could become Iron Fist.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2 (fb)) - While Lei Kung/Yu-Ti prepared for the ritual of immortality, the Thunderer watched over Shou-Lao's egg in its chamber. She scolded Pei for coming there as she knew those chambers were forbidden. After Pei explained her reasons, the Thunderer acknowledged that it called to all of them, and that -- like Pei -- it would one day emerge as an important part of K'un-Lun, but for now it was small and fragile.sparrow-kunlun-itw2-face-mask

    Sparrow's step-brother, Davos (the Steel Serpent), then appeared alongside a number of Terror Priests, voices his plans to succeed his father, Lei-Kung, as ruler of K'un-Lun. As Sparrow warned Davos that he had already been given a second chance and would not get another, she sent Pei away and then attacked the Terror Priests. Davos assured her that, even in K'un-Lun, the rivers must flow and replenish, and further explained that he had previously believed that their father had granted a woman her station to humble him, but now knew that it was a challenge. Apparently via machinery granted to him via the One, he grabbed her from behind and raised her into the air. Telling her the disgust in his eyes was the last thing she would ever see, he tore out her eyes.sparrow-kunlun-itw2-face-prof-assaulted

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 - BTS) - As Iron Fist lied prone on the ground, helpless before the immense One robot and his undead ninjas, the Fooh (perhaps his spirit / astral self, or something else), came flying down the mountain on a sled at the leading edge of an avalanche, snatching away the helpless Iron Fist just before the snow crashed down on his opponents.
    (See comments, but as the Fooh was supposed to be dead and only existing as a spirit, I am sure Sparrow was present on this sled).

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#6) - Sparrow scaled a frigid Himalayan mountain with the unconscious (or close to it) Daniel Rand on her shoulder, eventually reaching a cave apparently containing the Fooh's technology.

    Looking on Daniel's battered and cold body, Sparrow asked what he had done to himself.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#6 (fb) - BTS) - As Daniel recovered, Sparrow continued her training.

sparrow-kunlun-itw6-sockets(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#6) - After Daniel awakened, Sparrow greeted him with a kiss. Offering to get him warm, she climbed atop him and disrobed; when he questioned what she was doing, Sparrow told him that she was choosing, as death to the lamb was life for the wolf; she urged him to run with her, bare his teeth, and live. Still depressed, Daniel asked if she saw a wolf in him, and she removed her blindfold, showing her eyeless sockets, and told him she didn't see anything at all. Startled, Daniel apologized for his ignorance, but Sparrow explained that while they had taken her eyes, they had not taken her will; she asked what they had taken from him and what he was going to do about it.

    Daniel pulled himself to his feet and agreed to train with Sparrow.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#7) - Within the Himalayan cave, Sparrow sparred with Daniel as the Fooh mocked Daniel's reliance on traditional combat, eventually kicking him into and damaging some of the Fooh's machinery. He subsequently recalled sparring with Sparrow when they were both children. When he asked what was a fist without iron, Sparrow chastised him as a coward, a fool, and a mouse, and she told him to be a man. She further advised him that flesh may bleed but iron could only be dead. If he wanted to truly become a living weapon, he needed to let go of iron and hold on to flesh. "Show me that you're a man."

    After the Fooh had designed a set of metal braces for Daniel's arms, he used them to successfully block a kick from Sparrow, who noted that this was better.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#9 (fb) - BTS) - Iron Fist, Sparrow, +/- Fooh spent a total of four weeks in a Himalayan cave.sparrow-kunlun-itw8-fightstance

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#8 (fb) - BTS) - Via the Randall Gate, the Fooh seemingly sent Daniel to the Diyu ("the realm of the dead in Chinese mythology..."; see comments) so he could seek out his mother. After Daniel had accomplished this, the Fooh seemingly brought him back.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#8) - Sparrow comforted the exhausted Daniel as he returned through the Randall Gate. Fooh taunted the exhausted Daniel with having been away a long-time, and Daniel noted that it had only been a few hours; Sparrow explained that Daniel had been gone for a week and that time moved differently "here" (presumably meaning between the two realms, but perhaps time moved differently in the Fooh's base).sparrow-kunlun-itw9-full

    Believing the One to be Wendell Rand, Daniel asked the Fooh if his father (Wendell) knew what the Randall Gate was capable of, and Sparrow told him that the One was not his father and rather that "that thing" had killed the men who had raised them; she added that they would have their revenge. 

    Noting that they were the last of the K'un-Lun warriors, Sparrow gave Daniel a new costume and told him that if they were to fall, it should be wearing the symbols of their people.

    Donning this costume, Iron Fist instructed Fooh to open the gate, as he was going home.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#9) - Iron Fist, Sparrow, and Fooh emerged into air some distance from the Rand tower (in which the One was stationed). Sparrow asked if they were outside, and Daniel confirmed that that was an appropriate description. She grabbed Daniel's hand, and Iron Fist reached out for the Fooh, who slipped right through his hand. When Iron Fist complained about losing the Fooh, Sparrow told him the Food had been executed a decade ago, and that she had spent the past four weeks in the cave with him alone. 

    As they crashed into the Rand building, Sparrow told Iron Fist she had only heard a man half-dead talking to the ghosts, and -- as the Crane Daughters attacked -- she advised him that this was the real thing and that he needed to focus; she further advised him to avoid using his fists and to instead keep his metal between them and pray that they held up. As they fought the Crane Daughters, Iron Fist asked Sparrow who built him metal braces, who transported him to the realm of the dead to forgive his dead mother, and who could have operated the Randall Gate to get them there. Sparrow coyly responded, "I didn't see anything.," after which she reminded him that there was a Randall Gate in his basement before silencing further discussion to focus on the mission. 

    As they subsequently faced an army of Terror Priests, Sparrow noted that there was some sort of unholy alliance among multiple factions, all converging on Rand Tower, rebuilt in the image of K'un-Lun, radiating with energy from an open and active Randall Gate. They were then confronted by Davos, who mocked Sparrow, noting that though they were not related by blood, he still had her eyes...and they were right here in his pocket; Iron Fist interrupted, painfully smashing Davos in the face. 

    Sparrow instructed Iron Fist to save his fists for the real threat, and she noted that Davos was her target, not his, and that he needed to steady his aim, drive clean through, and she would catch him on the other side. Davos mockingly noted that it was the blind leading the blind, and Sparrow told the Terror Priests to stand Davos, as she "didn't need eyes to recognize the stench of the coward's piss-stained pants." Davos warned Sparrow that she would not be able to hide behind her boyfriend, and she beckoned Davos to her, telling him that she should be easy to find. sparrow-kunlun-itw9-beckon

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#10) - After the One punched through Iron Fist's chest -- allowing him to access the dragon's heart's power, and used that to power the Randall Gate, opening a portal between the living and the dead -- the building began to rumble, and Davos told Sparrow  "it's begun."

    Feeling something like the heat of three suns, Sparrow paused the fight and asked what it was, and Davos told her that it was the glorious beginning and that she would perhaps recognize his worth when he took his place beside the One. 

    However, rather than finding the soul of Heather Rand in the afterlife, the One unleashed and was confronted by the fiery god Zhu-Rong.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#11) - As Davos ordered the activation of the Randall Gate with the intent to flee, Sparrow argued that they could not just abandon this world to the vengeance of gods, and that he had participated in these events and it was his responsibility. 

    Davos nonetheless tried to rally the people to flee and then rebuild with him, but they refused to follow him. 

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#11 (fb) - BTS) - Via the One's connection to Rand Tower and to the chi of the K'un-Lun residents within it, Iron Fist animated the entire Rand Tower into an immense humanoid form and attacked Zhu-Rong.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#11) - Sparrow, Pei and the others continued to battle the Terror Priests while Sparrow exhorted the others to stay fast as their chi fueled the building, and Iron Fist needed them.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#11) - Desperate to convince the others to flee with him, Davos slew the young Shou-Lao incarnation Gork, and Daniel lost the power to control the building. 

Zhu-Rong then destroyed the Rand Tower building-robot.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#11 - BTS) - Daniel then used his Iron Fist to make Zhu-Rong explode like a star going super-nova. The energies released transformed Pei into a new Iron Fist, and she smashed Davos into or through the wall.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#11 - BTS) - Sparrow silently stood by as Pei's right hand still glowed after she had punched out Davos.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#12 (fb) - BTS) - At some point the people of K'un-Lun asked Sparrow to be their Yu-Ti, and she accepted. 

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#12 (fb) - BTS) - When Iron Fist used the One's massive form (incorporating Rand Tower) to destroy the immense fire god unwittingly summoned by the One, Fooh was returned to life.sparrow-kunlun-if76-kneesup

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#12) - As first-responders arrived on the seen, Sparrow told them to focus their efforts on the mortals, as those from K'un-Lun would take care of their own. She stood silently as Daniel and Fooh emerged from Zhu-Rong's corpse/godstuff.

    Resolving that one couldn't live in the past, the Fooh advised Danny that the Randall Gate was unstable and had one trip in it; they must use it to return to K'un-Lun before it exploded, potentially threatening time and space. 

    Before departing, Sparrow informed Daniel that she was the new Yu-Ti, and she promised him that they would always be friends and look out for each other. Before departing, she had told him that as Shou-Lao was dead, Pei was the last of the Fists and that -- as K'un-Lun would be too dangerous for her before it could be rebuilt -- he would keep her and be her Thunderer, training her until the next natural cycle.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#12 - BTS) - Noting that Fooh spoke truly, Sparrow gathered the people of K'un-Lun and returned them to their home.

(Iron Fist V#77 (fb)) - Sparrow worked to rebuild K'un-Lun.

(Iron Fist VI#2 (fb) - BTS) - Sparrow renewed her vow to make K'un-Lun a place where anyone could become Iron Fist.sparrow-kunlun-if77-full-sword

(Iron Fist V#76) - When Liu-Shi councilman Choshin stole the Book of the Iron Fist and led an army into K'un-Lun with the intent to take over, Sparrow confronted him, telling him to turn his army around and leave K'un-Lun. After Choshin mocked the blind woman serving as Yu-Ti, Sparrow kicked in the face, after which Choshin lit his energy blades and the two fought. The struggle was both physical and verbal as Choshin criticized the state to which K'un-Lun had fallen while Sparrow told him it was because of backwards-thinking men like himself. When Iron Fist approached them, Sparrow told him to deal with the rest of the invaders while she took care of Choshin. Iron Fist then recovered the Book of the Iron Fist and vanished.

(Iron Fist V#77) - Sparrow and Choshin continued their battle until Iron Fist returned atop Shou-Lao. At Iron Fist's request, Sparrow allowed him to take over the fight against Choshin (instructing him to "end Choshin"), while she joined Sabretooth -- who had joined Iron Fist in traveling there for vengeance against Choshin for harming the son of his old partner Constrictor (Frank Payne) -- in "finishing this" (presumably taking down Choshin's men). After Iron Fist defeated Choshin, Shou-Lao consumed Choshin, and Shou-Lao then incinerated many of Choshin's followers. 

(Contagion#1 (fb)) - A K'un-Lun monk revealed to Sparrow how a trio of other monks/workers/men had found and been infected by some fungus-like being they had found within a hidden catacomb beneath the temple. She appreciated that two of the monks had been incapacitated or killed, while the third was missing, became the fungus' host and escaped to Earth.

(Contagion#1) - Sparrow came to Earth and confronted Iron Fist, telling him his entire world was about to be destroyed.

(Contagion#2 (fb) - BTS) -  Sparrow told Iron Fist of the Urchin.

(Contagion#2 (fb) - BTS) - By the Yancy Street subway, Sparrow and Iron Fist found the bodies of a number of people infected by the Urchin.

(Contagion#2) - Sparrow identified the people as victims of the Urchin, after which they encountered the Thing, who revealed that the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and Mr. Fantastic were all victims of the Urchin. After Sparrow noted that she did not know how to stop the Urchin, the Thing left to bring his teammates to Dr. Strange and then to recruit more allies. When EMTs arrived, she helped Iron Fist stop them from approaching the victims, and Iron Fist advised them to get hazmat suits.
    After Luke Cage arrived at Iron Fist's request, he joined Sparrow and Iron Fist in the subway tunnels, one of the people infected traveled to the streets and infected a number of others. Sparrow shared how the Urchin was a H'ylthri weapon against the people who settled in K'un-Lun that had turned on them and was entombed. On the streets, she joined Cage, Iron Fist, the Thing, and Dr. Strange (and later Cloak and Dagger) in battling the infected people. However, when Cloak proved unable to contain the Urchin, it burst forth and infected Cloak and Dagger as well as Cage and Dr. Strange.

(Contagion#3) - After the Thing punched the Urchin, Sparrow confirmed that its burnt out host (the K'un-Lun priest) had perished, and they worried that all it had infected had died with it. 

(Contagion#3 - BTS) -  Iron Man speculated that those infected by the Urchin could survive for seven days.

(Contagion#3) - Sparrow subsequently took Jessica Jones and Pei to the site of the fallen/infected heroes, en route driving off the Russian "track suit mafia" whom she condemned as "the lowest form of scavenger" for trying to steal from the Urchin's unconscious victims. She subsequently stopped the distraught Jessica from touching the fallen Cage, after which they were joined by Black Tarantula, Elektra, Punisher, and White Tiger. 

    Senor Magico and the League of International Magic Practitioners (Bob Jennings, Mister Je-Je, Nana Marefa, Night Witch, Sorcha) subsequently formed a mystic field to contain the Urchin's victims.

    Moon Knight subsequently arrived and informed them that, despite its apparent death, the Urchin was in Penn Station (in a new host), battling the Wrecking Crew.

(Contagion#4) - As Bulldozer, Thunderball, and the Wrecker were infected by the Urchin, Sparrow arrived with the heroes Black Tarantula, Elektra, Jessica Jones, Moon Knight, Pei, Punisher, Senor Magico, the Thing, and the White Tiger. However, Senor Magico was knocked out when the Urchin smashed the Thing back into him, and his incapacitation allowed Elektra, Black Tarantula, and White Tiger to be infected/incapacitated as well. Realizing the heroes' vulnerability, the Punisher and Moon Knight held off the Urchin while allowing the others to grab Magico and flee.

    Sparrow later joined Iron Fist in fruitlessly patrolling the city for evidence of the Urchin. 

    The next day, Sparrow joined Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Piledriver, Senor Magico, the Thing, and Jessica Jones (as well as Dani Cage and presumably her babysitter, Pam), back at Jessica's apartment, where Moon Knight  recommended that they allow the Urchin to infect him, as his experience with dissociative identity disorder would likely allow him to find and free the other minds trapped inside the Urchin. While the others were not convinced this would work, they had no better plans, and so they reluctantly agreed.

    The Urchin surprised the heroes by animating and sending the infected superhumans against them, and Sparrow suspected that it was becoming more powerful the more it spread and grew.

(Contagion#5) - Moon Knight confronted the Urchin, allowing it to infect him. Pei was subsequently overwhelmed and infected by a number of infected/controlled heroes.

(Contagion#5 - BTS) - Within the Urchin's mindscape, Moon Knight severed the tendrils from the Urchin affecting Pei, freeing her mind from its influence as well. After her physical form stopped fighting, Magico sensed that the trail leading from her to the Urchin had been interrupted. Her mental self sent Moon Knight to find the Urchin's brain while she fought off its tendrils.

    Confronting Ruby's mental form/the Urchin's central host, Moon Knight asked what the Urchin wanted. As the Urchin's tendrils attacked Moon Knight, Ruby begged for help, noting that it was eating her alive and that all that the Urchin knew how to do was to consume until there was nothing left for so long; having been locked away for so long, it was very hungry.

    As Ruby's mental self cried out in pain, the forms of Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, and Cage briefly emerged, urging Moon Knight to free those trapped there by severing the tendrils and take away its strength. The Urchin then rallied its forces and wrapped Moon Knight in tendrils, overwhelming him.sparrow-kunlun-if6-2-breakup

(Contagion#5 (fb) - BTS) - Moon Knight and Pei freed the minds of those trapped within the Urchin. 

(Contagion#5) - The Invisible Woman contained the weakened Urchin within a force field.

(Contagion#5 (fb) - BTS) - Sue transported the Urchin via her forcefield to the Fantastic Four's base on 4 Yancy Street, where Reed contained it within a glass globe reinforced by Vibranium.

(Contagion#5 (fb) - BTS) - Reed developed a serum to protect against any similar fungi assaults. 

(Contagion#5) - Standing around the entrapped Urchin, Reed explained to Sparrow the others how he theorized that it would only grow to the size of its environment; this was why the sarcophagus in K'un-Lun was able to control if for so long. 

(Iron Fist VI#1 (fb) - BTS) - Swordmaster (Lin Lie)'s Sword of Fu Xi was shattered in battle with a demon/kumiho; its fragments were embedded into his hands and he fell into the water below, seemingly to his death. Instead, he was confronted by Shou-Lao, who granted him the power of the Iron Fist. sparrow-kunlun-if6-2-sword

(Iron Fist VI#1 (fb)) - As the festival of rebirth approached, Sparrow checked on the egg of Shou-Lao, and she grew concerned as it remained dormant, but then it opened and was found to be empty.

(Iron Fist VI#2) - Sparrow broke up a fight between Iron Fist (Lin Lie) and Yang Yi (who felt he deserved to be Iron Fist), expressing disappoint with them both. Lin Lie's friend Mei Min informed her that Yang Yi had started the conflict, but Lin Lie admitted fault and apologized, and Sparrow told Lin Lie and Mei Min to go home. 

    Sparrow later visited Lin Lie and Mei Min's home, telling him how she had to relearn how to navigate the world after losing her eyes and then sharing that recovery was about building new ways of accepting the person you became through hardship. Handing Lin Lie a sword, she began his first lesson: While he could not swing a sword, she encouraged him to practice lifting it instead; she encouraged building strength as it was easier to be confidant in one's skills when one could rely on one's body; she stressed the importance of fixing his chi flow, which the sacred sword shards were disrupting; and she noted that while his path to becoming Iron Fist was different, that was not necessarily bad.
    However, Lin Lie soon dropped in agony when his brother, Lin Feng, showed up at the tomb of Chiyou intending to claim what he felt was his from his brother.

(Iron Fist VI#3) - Sparrow watched as Lin Lie realized the shards were guiding him somewhere and then departed with Mei Min to follow that signal. 

Comments: Orson Randall's daughter created by Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and David Aja.
    fleshed out and named Sparrow by Kyle Kaare Andrews.

    At the end of Immortal Iron Fist#14, Orson Randall's literally unnamed daughter becomes the new Thunderer after Lei Kung becomes the new Yu-Ti. In Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#2, the female Thunderer has her eyes ripped out by Davos, and that woman is clearly Sparrow, although I think that name was first used in #6 or so.
    The Living Weapon series retcons things a bit, with it being shown that young Daniel was friends with the unnamed servant girl when he first entered K’un-Lun, and that she had been adopted by Lei Kung rather than just serving him.
    The servant girl had brown hair, while Sparrow has a partially shaved head and darker hair, but young Daniel makes a point about her pretty blue eyes, which was also the same thing that Iron Fist noted about the servant girl in Immortal Iron Fist#8.

    It seems very clear that Sparrow is Orson Randall’s daughter is Sparrow, but I don’t think it was ever concretely confirmed in the comics. 
The Way of the Warrior: Marvel's Mightiest Martial Artists guidebook confirms that Orson's daughter took the name Sparrow--Mike CastleWay of the Warrior entry

    It is not 100% clear whether Sparrow was aware of the Fooh's presence prior to his reincarnation. She doesn't respond directly to him, and when you review the issues, it's kind of got a "Sixth Sense" vibe to it. However, given Sparrow's enhanced awareness and her vague reactions to Daniel's questions, I think she was aware of his presence. Perhaps he annoyed her sufficiently that she preferred not to interact with him directly.
    However, for the purpose of this profile I'm going to minimize reference to the Fooh pre-reincarnation if it didn't affect Sparrow significantly.

    I disliked Iron Fist: The Living Weapon series when it came out. I felt like it crapped ALL OVER the character of Wendell Rand as established in the great Immortal Iron Fist series, AND it marginalized the powerful Shou-Lao into this easy contest that many won, only to lose to this robot AND, it took Davos, who had finally accepted his own flaws and had begun to do penance for them, and turned him back into the one-dimensional villain he was before that series AND it slew Lei-Kung...
    In re-reading and reviewing ad nauseum to profile the characters, I have gotten to appreciate it a lot more, and there certainly was some consideration of Brubaker's series and the events therein, such as the development of Sparrow (with her, Pei, and Brenda Swanson being the highlights of the series), but I still don't love how easily Lei Kung was slain, nor the marginalization of Shou-Lao and the reversion of Davos...

    When the young unnamed servant girl and Daniel Rand were captured by the Fooh's forces, Danny asked what they were going to do, the Fooh replied, "Oh, you'll find out. One day, they'll all find out." (except I don't think we ever did...)
    Maybe the young girl was forced to wear a mask and maintain a more discreet role...otherwise, that's wear the flashbacks with Danny and the future Sparrow ended. As far as I can tell, that is the last chronological appearance of the young girl before she appears as an adult in Immortal Iron Fist#8.

    Diyu is the Chinese (Xian) realm of the dead. Feng Tu is the name given for K'un-Lun's world of the dead, in which Heather Rand was previously seen.

   There's also an alternate reality (Reality-14116, where Wendell and Heather Rand, and Harold Meachum made it into K'un-Lun) version of Sparrow glimpsed by Iron Fist in a dream. 

Profile by Snood.

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