Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Demon, class three

Occupation: Water elemental, Agent of Shuma-Gorath

Affiliations: Member of the Old Ones; servant of Shuma-Gorath

Enemies: Dr. Strange, Rintrah; unnamed ancient sorcerers

Known Relatives: None; Martin Fein - Unnamed wife

Aliases: Martin Fein - host

Base of Operations: Unnamed extradimensional realm; New York City

First Appearance: Strange Tales II#1 (April, 1987)

Powers: The Water Elemental is a Class three demon, meaning it is extra-dimensional in origin.  Therefore, it is immune to the effects of aging, disease, and cannot be harmed by conventional injury.  It could, under unknown circumstances, possess a host body, apparently against the host's will.  While in human form, the Elemental could dissolve in water and reform intact elsewhere.  It could also control water itself and apparently influence the weather, making it rain.




History: BTS- Before the rise of Man, the Old Ones ruled the Earth.  Included in this group were the demons Shuma-Gorath, Erlik Khan, and Ghaszaszh Nyirh.   They were banished to other dimensions by human sorcerers, who employed black magic and human sacrifice in the exiling of the demons.

((Dr. Strange II#81 - BTS) - To save his friends from the alien sorcerer Urthona, Dr. Strange was forced to destroy virtually all of his talismans and scrolls (In reality the Vishanti deity Agamatto took them for safe-keeping). This act collapsed the barriers which kept the Old Ones imprisoned in their dimensions, allowing them free reign on Earth.

(Strange Tales II#1) - Martin Fein was locked out of his car.  As he stood in the rain, he was possessed by the Water Elemental.  The Water Elemental then made his way to Dr. Strange's devastated Sanctum Sanctorum.

(Strange Tales II#2) - The Water Elemental confronted Strange outside his mansion.  Strange attempted to battle the Old One physically, but the Water Elemental dissolved in the Sorcerer Supreme's hands and reformed behind him.  Rintrah came to Strange's aid.  The Water Elemental attempted to drown Strange, and, seeing no other alternative, Strange let loose a powerful mystic blast, destroying Martin Fein's body and, apparently, the Water Elemental.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis and Chris Warner

vze2r8xz@verizon.net states:

For the...Water Elemental[:] Dr. Strange didn't kill it, it was
shown with the rest of the Chaos Lords in Strange Tales vol. 2 # 10
. (but these entities including the Water Elemental were considered to be illusions--Kyle)

Peter B. Gillis' run on Strange Tales vol. 2 (1-19) is fantastic.  The art isn't always the greatest, but the stories rock.  Think Dr. Strange vs. HP Lovecraft and you'll get the idea.

"Before the rise of Man" doesn't mean mankind was not around yet.  We have seen in several places (Conan #260 and Strange Tales II #9) that the Old Ones preyed on humankind.  I take it to mean that humanity had not yet achieved civilization.  So anywhere around pre-20,000 BC would fit.

The Water Elemental/Martin Fein was the 1st life Stephen Strange took.  It would not be the last.....

by The Squid

Updated/Corrected by Kyle Sims.

Water Elemental should not be confused with:

The Old Ones are clarified under the Elder Gods


images: (without ads)
Strange Tales II#2, p18, pan3 (main image)

pan4 (head shot)

Strange Tales II#1-2 (April-May, 1987) - Peter Gillis (writer), Chris Warner (pencils), Randy Emberlin (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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