Classification: Combined magic/technological power item

Creator: Tus'au

User/Possessors: Tus'au and several others of his race, Jaddak, Krru, Devlunn, Sol Rosenblatt, Hank McCoy

First Appearance: Avenger I#209 (July, 1981)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Resurrection Stone was able to return the dead to life. It could both reanimate the body and return the spirit to its former body. The limitations, if any, on this were unknown. In addition, a malevolent entity dwelled within the stone who manipulated those who held the stone to follow their darker urges. This entity could even, with time, reform the stone after it was destroyed. Within its own realm within the stone, the entity had great power and could overcome virtually any being who journeyed there.

History: The Resurrection Stone was created millennia ago on an unnamed planet at the edge of the galaxy using a combination of science and sorcery by Tus'au, greatest of the techno-wizards of his race. This race had existed in an epoch of peace and plentitude, but the Stone quickly brought that a halt. All beings coveted the stone's gift and the result was an escalating war of such magnitude that it eventually brought ruin to a thousand, thousand planets. The Stone was lost during the war.

    The power of the Stone became legend throughout the universe. In the modern era, an Anthigorite archeologist named Krru, who had spent a good part of his 5,000 year lifespan questing for this stone, managed to finally locate it. However, he soon found himself under attack by the Skrull Jaddak who had by following his efforts. Krru fled from Jaddak, but his ship was eventually shot down over Earth, and crashed in the desert of Nevada. Jaddak murdered Krru, who he had come to the conclusion that the Stone was inherently corruptive, split it in half, and sent it into Earth's past.

    Fearing to make the temporal journey himself, Jaddak impersonated the Avengers' butler, Jarvis, and poisoned Vera Cantor, girlfriend of the Beast. Using the Stone's power to save Vera, Jaddak coerced the Avengers into retrieving the Stone for him. Using the coordinates provided by Jaddak and Doctor Doom's time machine within the Baxter Building, the Avengers succeeded in recovering both fragments of the gem. However, the events they had witnessed in the past convinced them that the Stone's power was too dangerous for anyone to possess, and the Beast shattered it. They stopped Jaddak from incinerating her body, and Reed Richards determined that the poison had not yet taken its full effect and placed Vera within a suspended animation capsule.

    Shortly thereafter, the Beast, Doctor Strange, Reed Richards mystically entered the remnants of the stone to explore its power. There they encountered and were overcome by the entity within the stone. However, Daimon Hellstrom, thenknown as the Son of Satan, entered Strange's sanctum at that moment. The stone attempted to seduce him as well, but having just resisted temptation from his own father, he easily overcame it. He threw the Stone against the wall shattering it. This temporarily disrupted the entity and allowed the two heroes to escape it. Dr. Strange them mystically destroyed the stone to prevent it from ever reforming again. Hellstorm used his powers to cure Vera, reviving her from her coma.

Comments: Created by J.M. DeMatteis and Alan Kupperberg.

Anything of magic origin always has the potential to return.

Jaddak's name was revealed in the Resurrection Stone's profile in OHotMU Update 2010#1.


Devlunn-A child of ten years in England during the time of the Black Plague, specifically September 1348. Observing the Stone fall from the heavens, he picked it up and was convinced by the entity within it that its power now made him a god. Using the numerous victims of the plague as his unliving enforcers, he set himself up in a castle as ruler of his village. When the Avengers arrived, the villagers attacked them, mistaking them for agents of Devlunn. The Scarlet Witch convinced the villagers to lead them to Devlunn by telling them that they vengeful gods come to punish him. Devlunn believed them to be spirits from the heavens come to test his power, and sent a squadron of zombies to combat them. The Beast scaled the castle wall and tore the Stone from Devlunn's hand, leaving him powerless. I'm thinking the villagers were not too pleased with him for re-animating their dead. A stake-burning seems likely.

Devlunn's half of the Stone enabled him to revive unliving, zombie-like beings that would obey his commands. He could not revive their spirits. The Stone also allowed him to levitate, and perhaps gave him other powers as well.






Sol Rosenblatt-an inmate of the Nazi Death Camp Dachau. Around April 13. 1945, as Allied soldiers discovered and began to enter the camp, Sol discovered them gem as it fell from the sky. Believing it to be a gift from God to return his family who had died a short time before, Sol returned their spirits into their lifeless, dead bodies. The Beast, along with the pleas of his wife, Lillie, succeeded in convincing him that this was no kind of way to live, and Sol surrendered the Stone to him, allowing his family to have their final death.

The Stone allowed Sol to revive the spirit, but no the body. It is uncertain if he could have used the stone for any other feats, but as the resurrection of his family was his only goal, it was irrelevant.






Avenger I#209 (July 1981) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Alan Kupperberg (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)
Defenders I#105 (March, 1982) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Don Perlin (breakdowns), Joe Sinnott (figures), Al Milgrom (editor)

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