(of Reality-41252)

Classification: Extraterrestrial power item remnants

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: The Iron Avengers (Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/Logan), Red Skull;
(Infinity Stones) Thanos

First Appearance: Avengers: Tech-On#1 (October, 2021)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Infinity Mirror Shards were capable of generating excessive amounts of energy capable of manipulating reality on a small scale. For example, the energy from the Infinity Mirror Shards could be used to create realistic superhuman constructs and, when used to power technology, the Infinity Mirror Shards could temporarily alter the technology's functions, pushing the technology beyond its usual capabilities for short periods of time.

History: (Avengers: Tech-On#1 (fb)) - The mad Titan Thanos wielded the cosmically powerful Infinity Stones and threatened to destroy everything but he was defeated by the Avengers and the Infinity Stones were destroyed.

(Avengers: Tech-On#2 (fb) - BTS) - As the Infinity Stones were destroyed in orbit over Earth, the shards and dust from their destruction were released into Earth's atmosphere.

(Avengers: Tech-On#1 (fb) - BTS) - Following the Infinity Stones' destruction, the Red Skull gathered together the Stones' dust and began using the dust as a reality-bending power source, transforming himself and constructing a belt to harness the dust, which he called Infinity Mirror Shards (IMS).

(Avengers: Tech-On#1) - Wearing the Infinity Mirror Shard-powered belt, the Red Skull appeared at Avengers Tower and attacked the Avengers. Knocking Spider-Man aside with a blast from the Infinity Mirror Shards, the Red Skull then gloated about his newfound power, using the Shards to transform civilians into creatures under his control. He then announced that he was wielding power taken from the dust of the Infinity Stones and, to prove his newfound power, the Red Skull used the Infinity Mirror Shards to remove the powers of every superhuman on Earth. The Red Skull then turned his attention towards the depowered Captain America but before he could use the IMS to destroy Captain America, Black Panther kicked the Skull's arm, diverting the blast. The Skull then attempted to destroy Black Panther with an IMS energy blast but the Black Panther's Vibranium costume protected him. Retreating to Stark West, the Avengers discussed the Red Skull's newfound IMS powers and Spider-Man revealed something that the Skull's IMS-powered exoskeleton had ejected and that he had grabbed in the scuffle. Iron Man immediately wanted to analyze Spider-Man's findings and Spider-Man insisted on helping. The Avengers soon tracked the Red Skull to a facility in Japan, which the Skull was using as a focal point to gather the Infinity Mirror Shards.

(Avengers: Tech-On#2 (fb) - BTS) - After a bit of reverse engineering, Iron Man and Spider-Man managed to gather their own Infinity Mirror Shards, which they secretly used to power tech suits built to allow the depowered Avengers to fight the Red Skull. He also equipped each tech suit with a coin-like device that allowed the suit to channel maximum IMS energy available for a period of ten minutes as an emergency protocol called Do Hatsu-10.

(Avengers: Tech-On#1) - Later staging a covert operation into the Skull's Japan fortress, the Avengers were easily noticed by the Skull but when the Skull attempted to destroy them with IMS energy, Iron Man activated the IMS energy-powered tech suits to surround and protect his surprised Avengers teammates, dubbing the team the Iron Avengers.

(Avengers: Tech-On#2) - The IMS-empowered Red Skull battled the Iron Avengers in their IMS-powered tech suits and during the fight, the Red Skull fired an IMS blast at Captain America, whose armor absorbed and dissipated the energy. Iron Man then gloated to the surprised Red Skull how he had reverse engineered the energy from the Skull's previous attack, allowing him to gather his own IMS and power the Iron Avengers' tech suits. The Red Skull ultimately retreated and the Iron Avengers later tested their new IMS-powered tech suits, noting that the Infinity Mirror Shards' power allowed their tech suits to mimic some of their previous superhuman powers and in some cases, boost their power levels. As the Iron Avengers test ran their suits, Black Panther informed Iron Man that the Wakandan Science Team was working to gather more Infinity Mirror Shards and Iron Man remarked on how there seemed to be more IMS in Japan's air than anywhere else on Earth, explaining why the Red Skull had based himself in Japan. Iron Man then went to watch Captain America test out his new shield but the practice session was interrupted by Black Panther's sister Shuri, who informed Black Panther of a massive IMS energy surge in Yokohama, Japan. Traveling to Yokohama, the Iron Avengers found a giant sized Venom rampaging through the city and Iron Man has his AI Friday scan the creature, soon learning that it was not truly Venom but rather, a construct composed of Infinity Mirror Shard energy. Upon learning this, Iron Man decided to activate a secret protocol in his new tech suit, the Do Hatsu-10 protocol that channeled maximum IMS energy through the tech suit for a temporary offensive boost. In Iron Man's case, the IMS energy created a large energy weapon and Iron Man followed up by activating the Do Hatsu-10 protocol for Spider-Man as well. After the IMS were channeled through Spider-Man's tech suit, allowing a temporary boost in the armor's agility and speed, Iron Man fired his Do Hatsu-10 gun at the Venom construct, dissipating the energy creature. Following the creature's defeat, Iron Man explained how each of the Iron Avengers' tech suits had been equipped with a Do Hatsu-10 IMS "coin" capable of channeling maximum IMS energy through the suits for a period of ten minutes before risking injury or even death. Shuri then appeared as a hologram and informed Black Panther that the IMS surge had ended with the Venom construct's defeat. When Shuri also mentioned several energy nodes headed towards Wakanda, the Black Panther departed to defend Wakanda and asked the other Iron Avengers to continue gathering Infinity Mirror Shards and find the Red Skull in his absence. While the Iron Avengers discussed Iron Man keeping the Do Hatsu-10 modes on their suits a secret, the Red Skull and his ally Professor Kuricha discussed not only the Avengers' tracking of the Infinity Mirror Shards but also the Skull's plans to create more symbiote constructs out of IMS energy. The Skull commented that, as he gathered more of the Infinity Mirror Shards, he now understood why Thanos had previously been able to achieve so much so quickly. He then gloated that reality now bent to his will and suggested it was time to send the Iron Avengers foe custom-built to take the team down as he looked at an Infinity Mirror Shard-infused Loki construct.

(Avengers: Tech-On#3) - Friday detected a massive IMS energy surge in Hiroshima and the Iron Avengers used their IMS-powered tech suits to fly to Hiroshima to investigate. Arriving in Hiroshima, Iron Man asked Friday to do a sensor scan to determine the location of the IMS surge and Friday informed Iron Man that the Iron Avengers were in the center of the surge. The cause of the surge soon revealed itself in the form of a Loki construct composed of pure IMS energy and the Loki construct quickly turned the Iron Avengers against one another using illusions. Briefly regaining control of his armor's perceptions, Iron Man activated a hidden Iron Avenger, Battle-Fire, who arrived to dispel the illusions and destroy the Loki construct. Following the destruction of the Loki construct, the Red Skull spoke with his assistant, Professor Kuricha, about the Iron Avengers and the Skull revealed a plan to create more Infinity Mirror Shard constructs of a familiar Avengers foe, this time the robotic Ultron.

(Avengers: Tech-On#4) - Captain America and Captain Marvel visited the Ameyoko Market in Tokyo to discuss Iron Man keeping secrets from the rest of the Iron Avengers and Captain Marvel expressed concern that Iron Man might be corrupted by the power of the Infinity Mirror Shards. The conversation was interrupted when Iron Man communicated with the two to inform them of a massive IMS energy surge in multiple locations around Tokyo. Donning their armor, the Iron Avengers split into squads to investigate the IMS surges and found themselves confronted by Ultron IMS constructs similar to the Loki construct they had previously fought. When one of the Ultron-I drones gloated about being powered by the Infinity Mirror Shards, Captain America responded by activating his suit's Do Hatsu-10 mode, channeling the IMS energy into increased armor strength and durability that allowed him to fly right through the Ultron-I construct. The Red Skull soon spoke through the Ultron-I drones as more surrounded the Iron Avengers and gloated about his Ultron-I IMS constructs and how he could place the drones anywhere at anytime using the Infinity Mirror Shards. As the team fought off the drones, Spider-Man asked Iron Man if the Red Skull could really keep creating more Ultron-I constructs indefinitely and Iron Man replied that it all depended on how deep the Red Skull's IMS reserves were. When the Skull again gloated about how he could simply continue creating more IMS constructs, Iron Man suggested to the other Iron Avengers that if they could keep fighting, the Red Skull's Infinity Mirror Shard reserves would eventually run out. Just as the Iron Avengers appeared to be overwhelmed despite the assistance from Iron Man's own Iron Shinobi drones, Black Panther returned to his teammates and destroyed the Ultron-I constructs with a Vibranium/Infinity Mirror Shard energy cascade projected from his tech suit. Black Panther then revealed that his sister Shuri had discovered a secret to the Red Skull's Infinity Mirror Shard technology as the Red Skull vented his anger to Professor Kuricha about the amount of IMS energy he had wasted on the Ultron-I drones that were ultimately destroyed. Kuricha argued that the energy wasn't wasted since the Infinity Stones' power was unstoppable and they had gathered far more Infinity Mirror Shards than the Iron Avengers had. The Red Skull quickly reminded Kuricha that while they had more Infinity Mirror Shards, they were also using up much more than the Iron Avengers and he then asked Kuricha if their advanced symbiote project was complete. When Kuricha informed the Skull that the symbiote was growing but not quite ready for a field test, the Skull decided to use Infinity Mirror Shards to speed up the symbiote's growth process, prompting Kuricha to question more usage of their IMS energy stores. The Skull immediately grew angry at being questioned and Kuricha backed off, allowing the Red Skull to prepare the symbiote Scream Supreme for an attack launch.

(Avengers: Tech-On#5) - The Red Skull projected Infinity Mirror Shard energy directly into the large symbiote Scream Supreme and Professor Kuricha confirmed Scream Supreme's absorption of the energy and the symbiote's awakening. Angry, the previously-thought-destroyed Venom IMS construct immediately attacked Scream Supreme, exclaiming that he should have received the IMS energy as the Skull's first symbiote construct. Escaping the scene of the battle, the Red Skull demanded to know how the Venom IMS construct could be there when Kuricha had previously informed the Skull of its destruction at the hands of Iron Man. Kuricha admitted that he could not have predicted the construct's regrowth from atomized particles and Kuricha was nearly killed by the angry Red Skull until he received notification of a new source of Infinity Mirror Shard energy. While the two villains plotted acquisition of this new IMS source, Iron Man checked the status of the Iron Avengers' tech suits and Friday informed him that they were all recharged with Infinity Mirror Shard energy. Before Iron Man could take the suits out on an autonomous test run, the other Iron Avengers confronted him regarding the secrets he had kept from the team. The conversation was quickly interrupted, however, when the team received reports of an attack in Osaka, Japan and they used IMS energy to boost their suits' speed in order to get them to Osaka faster. Along the way, Captain Marvel expressed concern that they were using too much IMS energy but Iron Man assured her that he was keying on an eye on the team's Infinity Mirror Shard reserves. Arriving in Osaka to find the IMS symbiote Scream Supreme construct battling the smaller Venom IMS construct in the streets, the Iron Avengers prepared to engage the constructs while Black Panther and Shuri learned that the Infinity Mirror Shards respond directly to willpower and desire. The Black Panther deduced that the Red Skull's IMS constructs were shaped from the Skull's own will to fulfill his desires and suggested they find a way to shake the Red Skull's confidence to stop him for good.

During the fight against the IMS symbiote constructs, Wolverine activated his tech suit's Do Hatsu-10 mode, channeling his armor's IMS energy into larger armored claws and speed but the IMS energy attracted the Venom construct, who bonded with Wolverine in an attempt to gain more power. The IMS symbiote-bonded Wolverine then destroyed Scream Supreme before the Iron Avengers attempted to get Wolverine to reject the symbiote, commenting on how dangerous an IMS-powered symbiote might be to control. The symbiote-affected Wolverine refused to reject Venom and the Iron Avengers fought Wolverine until Shuri interrupted to report a massive IMS spike headed in their direction. The origin of the spike was soon revealed with the arrival of the Red Skull.

(Avengers: Tech-On#6) - Gloating about how his Soldiers of Orochi had gathered enough Infinity Mirror Shards to allow him to remove the powers of Earth's superhumans and bond Wolverine to his Venom IMS construct, the Red Skull revealed that he had located a sliver of the Reality Gem to make himself truly unstoppable. Using the Gem, the Skull then recreated his Ultron-I and Loki IMS constructs alongside a new Green Goblin IMS energy construct and ordered them to slay the Iron Avengers with the IMS symbiote-bonded Wolverine. As the Iron Avengers battled his constructs, the Red Skull again gloated on how the Infinity Mirror Shards gave him the power to create or destroy and how the Reality Gem sliver was so much more power. The Black Panther soon arrived on the scene and used his own willpower to override the Red Skull's own will to use the Reality Gem sliver, removing the Red Skull's Infinity Mirror Shard-gained powers and leaving the Reality Gem sliver floating in the air without a wielder. Before the Black Panther could grab the Reality Gem sliver, however, Iron Man grabbed it and ultimately used the sliver to restore the powers of Earth's superhumans and vaporize all remaining Infinity Mirror Shards as well as the Iron Avengers' IMS-powered tech suits. Following the battle, Iron Man confirmed to Captain America how he had vaporized any traces of Infinity Mirror Shard energy, unaware that Professor Kuricha had absconded with the Carnage symbiote.

Comments: Created by Ryoji Sekinishi, Jim Zub and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz.

While Jim Zub is listed as the writer and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz the artist of the Avengers: Tech-On mini-series, Ryoji Sekinishi is also credited with the story concept so Sekinishi is listed as a creator in this profile as well.

The Infinity Mirror Shards appeared to be interchangeably referred to as "Infinite Mirror Shards" several times within the Avengers: Tech-On mini-series.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Reality-41252's Infinity Mirror Shards have no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Avengers: Tech-On#1, p7, pan1 (Red Skull utilizing the Infinity Mirror Shards on his belt, main image)
Avengers: Tech-On#1, p1, splash page (Infinity Stones, pre-destruction)
Avengers: Tech-On#1, p18, pan4 (Red Skull charging his fist with IMS energy)
Avengers: Tech-On#2, p3, pan3-4 (Captain America's IMS-powered armor absorbing an IMS blast from the Red Skull)
Avengers: Tech-On#5, p1, pan1 (Red Skull projected IMS energy into Scream Supreme)

Avengers: Tech-On#1 (October, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#2 (November, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
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Avengers: Tech-On#4 (January, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#5 (February, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#6 (April, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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