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Membership: Battle Fire (Shiro Yoshida), Black Panther (T'Challa), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Wolverine (Logan);
    (former Avengers): Ant-Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Wasp

Purpose: To stop the Infinity Mirror Shards-empowered Red Skull

Aliases: Avengers, "Earth's Mightiest Heroes"

Affiliations: Friday, Iron Shinobi Squadron, Shuri, Mary Jane Watson

Enemies: Loki, Mirror Loki, Red Skull, Scream Supreme, the Soldiers of Orochi, Thanos, Ultron-I units, Venom construct

Base of Operations: Stark Rivers, Tokyo, Japan, USA;
    formerly Avengers Tower, New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Avengers: Tech-On#1 (October, 2021)

History: (Avengers: Tech-On#3 (fb) - BTS) - The superheroic Avengers' first foe was Loki, the Asgardian god of myth and mirth.

(Avengers: Tech-On#1 (fb)) - The Avengers battled the Infinity Gauntlet-wielding mad Titan Thanos and during the fight, Black Panther managed to slash the Gauntlet from Thanos' hand. Thanos was soon defeated and the Infinity Stones within the Gauntlet were destroyed.

(Avengers: Tech-On#1) - While the Avengers were speaking at Avengers Tower on the one year anniversary of Thanos' defeat, Red Skull attacked and revealed that he had harnessed the power of the remaining dust left from the destruction of the Infinity Stones, which he called Infinity Mirror Shards (IMS). Despite the Avengers' best efforts to stop the Red Skull, the Skull utilized the IMS energy to remove superhuman powers from the Earth. Unable to defeat the IMS-empowered Red Skull in their powerless state, the Avengers retreated to Stark West in Seattle, Washington to regroup. Some of the Avengers subsequently attempted a covert strike against the Red Skull's Tokyo base and when the Red Skull easily overpowered them, Iron Man revealed (much to the surprise of the Avengers themselves) custom-made mech suits for the team that emulated their original abilities. With the Avengers newly armored, Iron Man dubbed the team the Iron Avengers.

(Avengers: Tech-On#2) - The Iron Avengers took the fight to the Red Skull, who destroyed Captain America's shield, but when the Skull attempted to destroy Captain America himself, his armor dissipated the blast. Iron Man then revealed that he acquired IMS energy as well and used it to power the Iron Avengers' new mech suits. The gloating Red Skull soon retreated and Captain America admitted that he felt uneasy that Iron Man had built the mech suits without consulting the Avengers, reminding Iron Man that they would only beat the Red Skull by working together.

(Avengers: Tech-On#3 (fb) - BTS)  - Not long after, Iron Man secretly searched Tokyo for potential recruits for the Iron Avengers and found the mutant Sunfire, who had retained his powers due to being off-planet searching for a cure to his dangerously increasing power levels. Offering to help Sunfire, Iron Man successfully recruited Sunfire as a secret Iron Avengers member and made him a tech suit designed to halt the physical deterioration caused by Sunfire's powers. Renaming himself Battle Fire, Sunfire opted to use his remaining time to fight the Red Skull's forces and, in an effort to stem the destruction caused to his body when he used his powers, Battle Fire was secretly held in reserve to conserve his power usage.

(Avengers: Tech-On#2) - The next day, each of the Iron Avengers practiced using their mech suits as Tony Stark discussed with Black Panther how he acquired the IMS energy from the atmosphere and worked with Spider-Man to design the suits. Black Panther's sister Shuri soon interrupted the conversation, however, to inform the Panther of an IMS energy spike in Yokohama. Shortly after traveling to Yokohama, the Iron Avengers found a gigantic Venom that Iron Man's A.I. system soon identified as a construct composed of IMS energy. Activating his Hatsu Protocol, Iron Man utilized IMS energy to power up his and Spider-Man's weapons and they soon destroyed the Venom construct. Following the construct's dissipation, Iron Man explained how each of the Iron Avengers' suits possessed a coin of pure IMS energy that could be used to power their mech suits up to maximum power and efficiency for a span of ten minutes at the risk of injury or even death. When Black Panther departed to take care of IMS energy nodes converging on Wakanda, Captain America remarked on how Iron Man had not previously informed the Iron Avengers on the dangers of using their suits at maximum efficiency but Iron Man shelved the argument so they could focus on stopping the Red Skull.

(Avengers: Tech-On#3) - Now basing themselves out of Stark Rivers in Tokyo, the Iron Avengers received a report of an IMS energy surge in Hiroshima and the team rushed into action, their armor forming around them as they ran. Flying off towards Hiroshima, the Iron Avengers learned that no destruction had been reported, leading some of the Avengers to suspect they were flying right into a trap. When Iron Man mentioned that the Red Skull wasn't the only one with cards up his sleeve, Captain America asked if the team needed to know anything but Iron Man replied that there was nothing mission critical and asked if Captain America trusted him. Arriving in the center of the IMS energy surge, the Iron Avengers at first found nothing but they were soon confronted by an IMS Loki construct dubbed Mirror Loki. The Loki construct attacked the Iron Avengers, who put up a fierce fight until the construct began manipulating their tech suits, amplifying their control signals' aggression and frustration until the Iron Avengers began fighting each other. Iron Man's AI Friday managed to purge the Loki's IMS infection and reset his tech suit, temporarily freeing him from Loki's influence and buying Iron Man enough time to initiate the Hidden Avenger protocols. The Hidden Avenger protocols summoned the heroic Battle Fire to the scene and he used his fire-manipulating tech suits to shield the Iron Avengers in walls of flame before dissipating the Loki construct's illusions. Battle Fire then destroyed the Loki construct then flew off, announcing his return to the Avengers' Stark Rivers HQ to continue his "treatments." Following the battle, Captain America demanded to know what Battle Fire was, questioning whether Battle Fire was a person or a robot created by Iron Man, and Iron Man replied by reminding the Iron Avengers of his aces in the hole. Returning to Stark Rivers, the Iron Avengers were properly introduced to their formerly secret member, Battle Fire, who revealed himself as the former Sunfire. After the meeting, Captain America confronted Iron Man about keeping Battle Fire a secret from the rest of the team and Iron Man admitted that he had kept things secret to prevent the Iron Avengers from seeing him fail again. Captain America reminded Iron Man that he did not have to carry the burden alone and that the Iron Avengers would only beat the Red Skull by shouldering the burden together.

(Avengers: Tech-On#4) - Captain America and Captain Marvel were informed by Iron Man of intense IMS energy spikes across Tokyo and they were summoned to assist the other Iron Avengers in stopping the spikes. Along the way to Tokyo, the two Captains were attacked by an IMS-powered Ultron-I unit and Captain America activated his tech suit's Do Hatsu-10 mode to easily destroy the unit. Finding the unit's destruction too easy, Captain America and Captain Marvel (along with the other Iron Avengers in various parts of Tokyo) soon learned that the Ultron-I units were more IMS constructs created by the Red Skull, who gloated through the Ultron-I units. When each of the two-person Iron Avenger squads became overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of Ultron-I units, Iron Man activated another secret protocol, this time one codenamed Iron Shinobis. The Iron Avengers were quickly backed up by a squadron of Iron Shinobi drones created by Iron Man and while Captain Marvel questioned Iron Man about keeping more secrets, Iron Man commented that they had been in production right under their noses. Despite the assistance from the Iron Shinobi squad, the Iron Avengers still became overwhelmed and were nearly defeated until the Black Panther returned to aid them. Black Panther drew the Ultron-I units away from the Iron Avengers then initiated a Vibranium IMS cascade that destroyed all of the Ultron-I units in his vicinity. He then returned to his teammates and revealed that his sister Shuri had discovered the secret to the Red Skull's IMS tech and that the Iron Avengers could finally take the Red Skull down.

(Avengers: Tech-On#5) - Captain America, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man confronted Iron Man about his keeping secrets moments before he planned to take the Iron Avengers tech suits out in autonomous mode. Asking why Iron Man was planning to go out alone, the Iron Avengers learned that Iron Man planned to search for the Red Skull's newest hideout due to being antsy waiting on the Black Panther, who secretly working on something of his own. When Iron Man insisted that he had been sharing with the team, bringing up the Stark Rivers headquarters and the tech suit themselves, Spider-Man asked for permission to use his tech suit and Iron Man's Friday AI pointed out that Spider-Man could not access his tech suit without permission from Iron Man. Iron Man responded by reminding them of a time when his technology got out and was nearly used to start a war by supervillains. The conversation was soon interrupted by an emergency alarm announcing an attack in Osaka, Japan and the Iron Avengers quickly went into action, with Captain America sternly reminding Iron Man that the conversation wasn't over. Iron Man suggested saving lives was more important and the Iron Avengers used some of their armors' IMS energy to travel faster to Osaka, where the giant symbiote Scream Supreme was battling the IMS Venom construct the Iron Avengers had earlier encountered. As Black Panther and his sister Shuri realized the Infinity Mirror Shards responded to willpower, the Iron Avengers battled the two symbiotes and when Wolverine activated his Do Hatsu-10 abilities, the Venom construct enveloped Wolverine in an attempt to gain more power. Bonded with the Venom symbiote construct, Wolverine then took down Scream Supreme on his own and regrouped with the other Iron Avengers, who warned him to rid himself of the IMS-powered symbiote before it took over. The increasingly-aggressive Wolverine refused, claiming he was in control, but he soon threatened to kill the Iron Avengers to "prove he was in control," forcing Captain America to intervene. The Iron Avengers then battled the IMS symbiote-infected Wolverine until Shuri communicated with Iron Man about a massive IMS spike heading directly towards the Iron Avengers. Before Black Panther could intercept the spike, the Red Skull landed with such force that it knocked the Iron Avengers to the ground and announced an end to their conflict by death.

(Avengers: Tech-On#6) - The Iron Avengers got into ready positions as the Red Skull gloated on how he had now acquired a sliver of the destroyed Reality Gem. Reconstructing an Ultron-I unit and the IMS Loki construct (as well as a new Green Goblin construct) using the Reality Gem sliver, the Red Skull unleashed the constructs and the IMS symbiote-infected Wolverine against the Iron Avengers while he sent his Soldiers of Orochi and other creatures to various world locations. The Black Panther soon arrived on the scene and revealed how the Infinity Stones responded to willpower, using his own will to overcome the Red Skull's. The two then fought a battle of wills for control of the Reality Gem sliver, with the Black Panther adding the willpower of his Iron Avengers teammates to his, allowing him to remove the Red Skull's Reality Gem-fueled powers and thereby erase the Skull's IMS constructs from existence. The Black Panther then reached for the floating Reality Gem sliver but Iron Man launched one of his gauntlets and grabbed the Gem instead. Extremely tempted to remake reality for himself, Iron Man ultimately used the Gem to restore the powers to Earth's superhumans, remove the Red Skull's Soldiers of Orochi and vaporize the remaining Infinity Mirror Shards in existence. Following Iron Man's usage of the Gem sliver, a restored Captain America expressed concern that they might have to stop Iron Man and Iron Man admitted his temptation but replied that for every good he could have done, a dozen tragedies would have come with it. Captain America then extended his hand for a handshake and suggested they continue to make the world better together. Iron Man shook Cap's hand in agreement, unaware that the Red Skull's scientist lackey Professor Kuricha had escaped the Orochi facility with the Carnage symbiote.

Comments: Created by Ryoji Sekinishi, Jim Zub, Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz and Eiichi Shimizu (see comments).

While the issue credits are Jim Zub (writer) and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), the issues also credit Ryoji Sekinishi for the story concept and Eiichi Shimizu with the designs for the heroes. With that in mind, both Sekinishi and Shimizu likely had a hand in creating the Iron Avengers, at least from a concept and design perspective, and therefore, they are listed in the creator credits of this profile.

The Infinity Mirror Shards in the Tech-On mini-series were alternately called "Infinity Mirror Shards" and "Infinite Mirror Shards" at various points throughout the entire mini-series. For the sake of clarity here, they are all called "Infinity Mirror Shards" or IMS.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-41252's Iron Avengers have no known connections to:

Stark Rivers

Stark Rivers is a compound that functioned as the Iron Avengers' base of operations in Japan. Built by Iron Man, Stark Rivers was a large command center built in Tokyo, Japan and when the Iron Avengers detected an Infinity Mirror Shard energy surge in Hiroshima, they rushed through Stark Rivers as their armor formed around them and flew into action. Later, after Battle Fire assisted the Iron Avengers in Hiroshima, he announced his plans to return to Stark Rivers to continue treatment for his superhuman powers that were slowly harming him physically. The Iron Avengers followed and upon their return to Stark Rivers, they learned that Battle Fire was actually the mutant formerly known as Sunfire and Captain America berated Iron Man in the Stark Rivers halls for keeping Battle Fire and other secrets from the team. Captain America later met with Captain Marvel outside of Stark Rivers so they could discuss Iron Man's secrets without being recorded. Some time after, Tony Stark walked the halls of Stark Rivers and asked his AI Friday for a status update on the Iron Avengers' tech suits. When he mentioned wanting to take the suits out in autonomous mode, the other Iron Avengers confronted him about his continued keeping of secrets from the team. Claiming he had built the tech suits, Stark Rivers and info-gathering satellites for the Iron Avengers' use, Stark seemed more suspicious when Spider-Man pointed out that despite Stark creating these things, the other team members didn't have full access to the creations. The argument was soon interrupted when Friday informed the Iron Avengers of a new IMS energy spike in Osaka.

Stark Rivers is equipped with living quarters and houses the tech suits utilized by the Iron Avengers. When going into action, Stark Rivers automatically ejects the tech suits that then form around the moving Iron Avengers. It also housed a medical treatment center for Battle Fire.

--Avengers: Tech-On#3 (#4 - BTS, #5,

images: (without ads)
Avengers: Tech-On#1, p20, splash page (Iron Avengers, main image)
Avengers: Tech-On#1, James Stokoe variant, front cover (Iron Avengers in action)
Avengers: Tech-On#6, p2-3, splash page (Iron Avengers vs. the Red Skull, an IMS symbiote-controlled Wolverine & the Skull's IMS constructs)
Avengers: Tech-On#3, p1, pan1 (Stark Rivers)

Avengers: Tech-On#1 (October, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#2 (November, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#3 (December, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#4 (January, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (executive editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#5 (February, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#6 (April, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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