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Real Name: (first name unrevealed) Kuricha

Identity/Class: Human cyborg (presumably Japanese)

Occupation: Scientist

Group Membership: Soldiers of Orochi

Affiliations: The Carnage symbiote, Mirror Loki, Red Skull, Scream Supreme, the Ultron-I constructs

Enemies: The Venom construct

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Orochi Facility-2, Osaka, Japan

First Appearance: Avengers: Tech-On#2 (November, 2021)

Powers/Abilities: Professor Kuricha appeared to be some sort of cyborg and parts of his body appeared to be decay. Despite this appearance, Kuricha did not display any superhuman powers.

Kuricha was an extremely knowledgeable scientist and had extensive knowledge regarding the creation of symbiotes and the use of Infinity Mirror Shards.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 165 lbs.)
Eyes: Red
Hair: Gray

History: (Avengers: Tech-On#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Professor Kuricha joined the Soldiers of Orochi and began working for the Infinity Mirror Shard-empowered Red Skull, where he aided the Skull in creating symbiote constructs of Infinity Mirror Shard (IMS) energy.

(Avengers: Tech-On#5 (fb) - BTS) - When the Red Skull's IMS-powered Venom construct was seemingly destroyed, Professor Kuricha informed the Red Skull of its destruction at the hands of Iron Man.

(Avengers: Tech-On#2) - Professor Kuricha met with the Red Skull at Orochi Facility-2 and informed the Skull that the Iron Avengers were tracking Infinity Mirror Shard energy and that the Black Panther had left the team to return to Wakanda. When the Red Skull mentioned that the Venom project was only the beginning, Kuricha questioned if the Skull was planning to create more symbiotes and the Red Skull replied in the affirmative, further commenting that he also planned to create other threats. The Red Skull then monologued to Kuricha about how he understood how Thanos once accomplished so much so quickly using the Infinity Stones and commented that he would create something custom-built to take down the Iron Avengers. The Red Skull then revealed to Kuricha his IMS Loki construct.

(Avengers: Tech-On#3) - Professor Kuricha later reported on the destruction of the Mirror Loki construct at the hands of the Iron Avengers and when the Red Skull commented that he had expected as much, Kuricha was surprised at the Red Skull's expectations. The Red Skull admitted to Kuricha that Mirror Loki had been created to test the Iron Avengers and find their weaknesses, further remarking that they had gained valuable data from the battle between the Iron Avengers and the Mirror Loki construct. When the Red Skull mentioned threatening innocents in multiple locations to spread the Iron Avengers thin, the loyal Professor Kuricha assured the Skull that the Soldiers and creatures of Orochi were ready to fight for the Skull's honor. The Skull then replied that he would use the Soldiers of Orochi in time but, for now, he preferred to create another IMS construct, this time of another foe familiar to the Iron Avengers. He then showed Kuricha his army of Ultron-I constructs.

(Avengers: Tech-On#4) - After the Ultron-I constructs were vaporized by the Black Panther's IMS cascade, Professor Kuricha asked if the Red Skull was alright. Angered, the Red Skull backhanded Kuricha, busting part of the mechanical parts on Kuricha's face. The Skull then vented about the amount of IMS energy wasted on the Ultron-I constructs, only to have them be destroyed, and Kuricha argued that the IMS was not truly wasted since the power of the Infinity Stones was unstoppable. When Kuricha reminded the Red Skull that they had gained far more Infinity Mirror Shards than the Iron Avengers, the Skull replied that they were also using far more of the energy than the Avengers before asking Kuricha if the advanced symbiote project was complete. Kuricha informed the Skull that the project was growing at an incredible rate but expressed hesitation that it may not yet be ready for a field test. Tired of waiting, the Red Skull decided to use Infinity Mirror Shards to speed up the process and Kuricha asked if the Skull was sure about IMS energy, considering that the Skull had just been complaining about using too much IMS energy. The Skull immediately asked if Kuricha was questioning him, to which a cowering Kuricha replied "no" as the Red Skull viewed the symbiote project: Scream Supreme.

(Avengers: Tech-On#5) - As the Red Skull fed Scream Supreme with IMS energy, Professor Kuricha reported on the absorption of the energy, soon announcing Scream Supreme's awakening. Almost immediately, the Red Skull's IMS Venom construct attacked, claiming that the IMS energy should be his instead of Scream Supreme's and Kuricha was forced to duck for cover. Teleporting away with the Red Skull, Kuricha was asked what that attack was since Kuricha had earlier informed the Red Skull of the Venom construct's destruction. Admitting that he thought the Venom construct was destroyed, Kuricha exclaimed that there was no way he could have known that the construct would regrow from its own atomized particles. Angry that Scream Supreme was now going to run amuck thanks to Kuricha's error, the Red Skull accused Kuricha of being sloppy and prepared to kill Kuricha until the Skull received a notification of a new IMS power source.

(Avengers: Tech-On#6) - Following the Red Skull's defeat and a subsequent military raid on Orochi facilities, Professor Kuricha escaped underground with the Carnage symbiote, remarking to himself that while the reign of the Red Skull had ended, he would renew the glory of Orochi.

Comments: Created by Ryoji Senkinishi, Jim Zub, Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz, Kenji Andoh and Jun Goshima.

It was unclear what exactly the deal was with Professor Kuricha. His face appeared decayed beneath his mask and parts of his body appeared to be cybernetically enhanced (such as his glowing red eye and mechanical parts over the other eye). Given the decayed cyborg look, it's possible Kuricha was some sort of Deathlok. He does mention "the creatures" of Orochi at one point and he is a member of the Soldiers of Orochi so it could also be possible that he is some sort of demonic "creature of Orochi" or whatever. I also find it slightly strange that Kuricha was designed with such a superhuman look yet never once displayed superhuman powers. Then again, the final issue of the Avengers: Tech-On mini-series suggests Kuricha may yet have some sort of future and if so, perhaps he might display powers at that point...

While the actual Avengers: Tech-On mini-series' credits are Jim Zub (writer) and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), the issues also credit Ryoji Senkinishi with the story concept and Kenji Andoh and Jun Goshima are credited with the designs for the villains like Professor Kuricha. Therefore, Ryoji Senkinishi, Kenji Andoh and Jun Goshima are included in the list of creators for Kuricha.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
Avengers: Tech-On#3, p19, pan2 (Professor Kuricha, main image)
Avengers: Tech-On#2, p19, pan5 (Professor Kuricha, headshot)
Avengers: Tech-On#5, p2, pan6 (Professor Kuricha from the side, showing decayed face)
Avengers: Tech-On#6, p20, pan3 (Professor Kuricha with Carnage symbiote)

Avengers: Tech-On#2 (November, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#3 (December, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (executive editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#4 (January, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#5 (February, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#6 (April, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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