ULTRON-I units
(of Earth-41252)

Classification: Alternate reality (Earth-41252) terrestrial constructs imbued with cosmic energy

Creator: The Red Skull

User/Possessors: Red Skull

First Appearance: (unidentified) Avengers: Tech-On#3 (December, 2021);
    (identified as Ultron-I units) Avengers: Tech-On#4 (January, 2022)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Ultron-I units shared a hive artificial intelligence amongst the entire group of units and each unit was superhumanly strong, allowing them to grapple with the armored Iron Avengers. Each unit was imbued with Infinity Mirror Shard energy, which it could channel through its fists, but despite having superhuman durability, they could be destroyed with similarly IMS-powered weapons such as Do Hatsu-10 mode of an Iron Avengers' tech suit.

History: (Avengers: Tech-On#3) - Following the defeat his Mirror Loki construct composed of Infinity Mirror Shards (IMS), the Red Skull opted to create more constructs to take down the Iron Avengers. Again deciding to go with something familiar to the Avengers, the Red Skull used Infinity Mirror Shards to create an army of metallic Ultron robots to counteract the Iron Avengers.

(Avengers: Tech-On#4) - The Ultron-I units were sent to various locations around Tokyo, Japan to draw out the Iron Avengers. Splitting into teams of two, the Iron Avengers managed to destroy some of the units but for every one they destroyed, the Red Skull, speaking through the units to gloat at the Iron Avengers, created more to replace those destroyed. Iron Man soon called in assistance in the form of his own Iron Shinobi drones, figuring he could force the Red Skull to use up his Infinity Mirror Shard reserves by continuing to replace the fallen Ultron-I units. While somewhat successful at draining the Red Skull's IMS supply, the Iron Avengers were subsequently overwhelmed by the sheer number of Ultron-I units until the Black Panther arrived and destroyed all of the units at once using his tech suit's Do Hatsu-10 mode. Angered that he had been forced to waste so much IMS energy replacing the fallen Ultron-I units, the Red Skull moved forward with his next plan: the giant Scream Supreme.

(Avengers: Tech-On#6) - After acquiring a sliver of the Reality Gem, the Red Skull recreated some of his previous IMS constructs including one Ultron-I unit. Teaming the Ultron-I unit with the recreated Mirror Loki construct as well as a new Green Goblin construct and the IMS symbiote-bonded Wolverine, Red Skull ordered his servants to slay the Iron Avengers. Captain America faced off against the Ultron-I unit, who quickly gained the upper hand against the hero. Black Panther soon arrived and severed the Red Skull's link to the Reality Gem via sheer willpower, causing the Red Skull to lose his IMS-created powers and the constructs (including the Ultron-I unit) to dissipate into nothingness.

Comments: Created by Ryoji Sekinishi, Jim Zub, Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz, Kenji Andoh and Jun Goshima.

While the Avengers: Tech-On mini-series showed main story credits of Jim Zub (writer) and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), they also credited Ryoji Sekinishi with the mini-series' story concept and Kenji Andoh and Jun Goshima with the character designs of the villains. Therefore, I have included them in the list of creators as well.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-41252's Ultron-I units have no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Avengers: Tech-On#3, p20, splash page (Ultron-I units, main image)
Avengers: Tech-On#4, p12, pan5 (group of Ultron-I units)
Avengers: Tech-On#4, p15, pan3 (Ultron-I units flying)

Avengers: Tech-On#3 (December, 2021) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#4 (January, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Tech-On#6 (April, 2022) - Jim Zub (writer), Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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Last updated: 03/17/2022

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