Classification: Extra-dimensional (realm of death) magical well

Creator: Unknown, possibly Mistress Death

User/Possessors: Death, Thanos

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#38 (June, 1990)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: By gazing into the Well long enough, or asking the right questions, an individual can attain any or all knowledge concerning anything that individual wants to know. 

(Silver Surfer III#38) - By gazing into the Well, Thanos came upon an idea to prevent the Silver Surfer from interfering with his quest for the Infinity Gems. Luring the Surfer to the planet Pyraxton, Thanos duped the Surfer into slaying Geatar, who had been transformed into a duplicate of Thanos. The Surfer was deceived and believed Thanos dead, allowing the Mad Titan to begin to accumulate the Infinity Gauntlet. 

(Thanos Quest#1-2, Infinity Gauntlet#1 (fb)) - Thanos was assigned by Mistress Death to kill half the sentient population of the universe. Looking for a way to make his task easier, Thanos gazed into the Infinity Well. The Well showed him the true power of the Infinity Gems and told him the origin and history of the gems.

(Infinity War#2) -  The Infinity Watch and Thanos  needed information regarding the Magus and his plans, so Pip used the space gem to transport them all to the realm of death. Once there, Thanos went to the Infinity Well once again and asked for information on the Magus. It told them of the Magus' history and that he was brought back to life after Warlock expelled all good and evil from his persona. The Infinity Well revealed the location of the Magus' headquarters, but before it could reveal his ultimate goal, Death forced the Infinity Watch and Thanos to leave.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#19) - Death used the Infinity Well to learn the truth about the Infinity Crusade, and cackled upon learning the Goddess' plans (which would have included destroying most life in the universe per Infinity Crusade#5-6).

(Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection#1) - Mistress Death used the Infinity Well to observe the Infinity Watch and the Silver Surfer.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin, Ron Lim, and John Beatty.

Thanks to Michael Fischer for pointing out the correct first appearance of the Well!
Thanks to Per Degaton for adding the info regarding the Infinity Crusade.

Profile by  Stunner

Clarifications: Not to be confused with:

Images: Infinity War#2 Page 19 Panel 1

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