Classification: Extraterrestrial vehicle

Creator: Unrevealed

Possessors: Macho Gomez;
    formerly Deadpool (Jack, aka Wade Wilson)

Passengers: Groot, Rocket (Raccoon), presumably many others

First Appearance: Deadpool IV#32 (March, 2011);
    (Rose vaguely identified) 
Rocket Raccoon II#3 (November, 2014);
    (Machomobile identified) Guardians Team-Up#10 (October, 2015)

Powers/Abilities: The Machomobile is a craft capable flight through space or in an atmosphere, able to travel interstellar distances in a short time period, perhaps via space warp.

    It can apparently generate an atmosphere of warm, pressure, and breathable air to those within its seats, which were contained within a number of bubble-like membranes, which could seal rapidly after being penetrated. Rocked was ejected through one without harm.

    It appears to largely be covered by a red ray (as in manta ray)-ish beast (possibly named Rose, see comments), with only the first 24-36" of the vehicle uncovered. macho_gomez-dp32-mobile-biggergun

    It is unclear what is contained in the bubble at its front, which presumably represents its fuel source. It has been referred to as a "snot engine," which on one occasion was allegedly clogged with Drakillar eggs. 

    It has a long tail-structure and multiple fins.

    It houses a large chain-gun that can be extended from the shaker scoop (or whatever part of the engine is sticking through the hood).

    It can extend at least a pair of weapons, one of which could fire some sort of spaceworthy squid while the other apparently apparently fired conventional blasts.

    Groot extended an arm through a bubble membrane to grab and hold a starship which would have been a significant distance away, at least 25-100' if not hundreds of yards or even much farther and traveling at undefined speeds; but the ship could apparently tolerate these kinds of forces.

    Macho carried a number of aquatic-themed creatures in the Machomobile, including -- at least -- the fish-helmet, the fish-blaster, and the guppy warp. It also has a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from its rear view mirror. 

    Its construction and durability is unrevealed, although being expelled from the air by the guppy warp could render it unable to travel.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 6-10' from its bottom to the top of its bubble membranes)
Length: Unrevealed (perhaps 25-40' from tip of the engine/fuel bubble to the tip of its tail)
Weight: Unrevealed (given its unidentified construction, it is difficutl to speculate on its weight; Groot was able to drag it perhaps miles across sand)
Color: Orange or tan, largely covered with red-skinned creature, with yellow bubble membranes

macho_gomez-dp32-mobile-mgflat(Deadpool IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Funtzel Intergalactic employed extraterrestrial mercenary Macho Gomez to help Obb with repossessions. It was apparently not uncommon for Macho to get drunk, run out of fuel, and have to be picked up by Funtzel's employee Obb.

(Deadpool IV#32 (fb) - BTS) - Hired (apparently by US government agents) to kill Reginald Harris, who had stolen an alien weapon upon which he had been a former consultant at a New Mexico project, Macho flew his vehicle to Earth (or perhaps he had flown it there earlier for another reason and was already on Earth when he was hired).

(Deadpool IV#32 (fb) - BTS) - When Harris faked his death at the hands of Deadpool, Macho tracked down Deadpool and flew his vehicle to the Lucky 7 Motel in which Deadpool was staying to make him pay for what he had lost with Harris)

(Deadpool IV#32) - Deadpool suckered Gomez into approaching his safe, filled with money covering a bomb, which exploded
and took down Macho, knocking him back into his vehicle.
(Deadpool IV#32) - Finding Macho smashed against his vehicle's bubble membranes, Deadpool -- at the time trying to be a hero -- resisted the urge to finish Macho off, and he instead departed to travel to Harris' home.

    Macho pried himself out of the vehicle.

(Deadpool IV#32 (fb) - BTS) - Macho followed Deadpool to Harris.

(Deadpool IV#32 - BTS) - After confronting Deadpool and finding he could survive his handgun's bullets, Macho returned to his vehicle and used the chain gun to attack anew.

(Deadpool IV#32 - BTS) - Fleeing from this assault, Deadpool led Macho to pursue him and ultimately pushed him into Harris' escape pod, which he then blew out of the sky.

(Deadpool IV#32 - BTS) - Deadpool took Macho's vehicle and departed for space.

(Deadpool IV#33) - After Macho's ship ran out of fuel, a distress signal was sent and received by Obb, who assumed Macho to be stuck (again) and brought the ship back to Funtzel Intergalactic.

(Deadpool IV#33) - Upon arrival, Obb told Funtzel that Macho had run out of fuel again, and Funtzel wondered if Macho was wasted. After Obb responded, "...probably..." Deadpool interjected, confirming Macho was wasted, as he was the one who had wasted Macho. machomobile-macho_gomez-rr2-2-impound

(Rocket Raccoon II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Macho had just recovered his vehicle when Rocket turned Macho in "for that thing on Penagos," which led to Macho being imprisoned in the maximum security prison Devin-9, where his vehicle was impounded.

(Rocket Raccoon II#2 - BTS) - Seeking Funtzel's aid in learning who was framing him for murders (it was a disguised Blackjack O'Hare), Rocket (and his ally Groot) helped Macho escape Devin-9.

(Rocket Raccoon II#2 - BTS) - Macho had Rocket and Groot stop off at the impound to retrieve his vehicle and get a change of clothes. 

(Rocket Raccoon II#2) - As they recovered the vehicle, Rocket correctly identified its previous thief as Deadpool.

    After departing Devin-9, Macho, Groot, and Deadpool were confronted by the Ex-Terminators, a fleet of ships piloted by women who had been jilted by Rocket, led by General Amalya. As the fleet prepared to attack, Macho gave Rocket some aquatic-creature-like space helmet and another aquatic-creature-like gun-weapon.machomobile-macho_gomez-rr2-2-full-oblique

(Rocket Raccoon II#3) - Rocket, Macho, and Groot took out a number of the Ex-Terminator ships, after Macho noted that they were low on ammo and so he was resorting to the guppy warp to get them to Funtzel's alive. 

    The guppy warp brought them to a rough landing on the planet Sendak in the Maxo Quadrant, and Macho made Groot drag the incapacitaed vessel rather than waiting for a tow, as neither Rose (see comments) nor its paint job could survive the heat of the planet's four suns. 

(Rocket Raccoon II#3 - BTS) - Macho's vehicle was brought to Funtzel's compound.

(Rocket Raccoon II#4 - BTS) - After the disguised Black Jack O'Hare paid off Macho, Funtzel, etc. with a crate of Hyperiam gems, Macho and the others departed to let O'Hare deal with Rocket alone. 

    The Machomobile was presumably repaired.

(Guardians Team-Up#10 (fb)  - BTS) - After Deadpool attempted to lure Macho Gomez into a trap at Cable's secret underground weapons cache in Colorado where would be other mercenaries seeking vengeance on him, Macho appreciated the nature of the trap but decided to attend, plotting to get rid of the other mercenaries to eliminate competition.

    At the same time, Macho founded that his Machomobile's snot-engine was clogged by an infection of Drakillar eggs. Macho found that the Drakillars' tough hides made good raw material for his muco-sheath armor.

    Macho traveled to Cable's base.

(Guardians Team-Up#10 (fb)  - BTS) - Macho eviscerated a number of adult Drakillars and built their durable pelts into his muco-sheath armor, but Deadpool used Cable's Bodyslide technology on Macho while not not adjusting it to Macho's multiple biomasses, causing an explosive disruption of his form.

    The fate of the Machomobile is unrevealed...

Comments: Created by Daniel Way and Sheldon Vella.

Thanks to James Cope for helping identify a few other -Mobiles.

What's in a name:

In Rocket Raccoon (2014) #3, The guppy warp brought them to a rough landing on the planet Sendak in the Maxo Quadrant, and Macho made Groot drag the incapacitated vessel rather than waiting for a tow, noting that neither Rose nor the paint job could survive the heat of the planet's four suns.
You can check out the story on Marvel Unlimited, but from the context, it sounds like Rose is either the vehicle itself or perhaps the red-skinned creature draped over it?
In Guardians Team-Up (2015) #10, the vehicle is called the Macho Mobile...

Profile by Snood.

The Machomobile
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images: (without ads)
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(full, right lateral oblique);

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