Real Name: Ytitnedion

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional (Tunnelworld);
native of the Buzzard People;
magic user

Occupation: former ruler of Ogeon

Group Membership: Leader of the Buzzard People

Affiliations: Agent of the Unnameable;
creator of the Winged Ones;
briefly allied with the Hulk (while he was under the control of the Unnameable)

Enemies: Aeroika and the Winged Ones (former servants);
The Defenders (Dr. Strange, Hulk, Namor), the
Nya, Xhoohx

Known Relatives: unnamed nephew

Aliases: Buzzard-King, Nilffim-King, Master of Ogeon,
Servant of the Unnamed

Base of Operations: a castle within Ogeon, Tunnelworld

First Appearance: Defenders I#79 (January, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Ytitnedion is a powerful sorcerer, able to project energy blasts, form shields, perform complex and powerful spells, and detect various forms of energy. He proved able to generate the crushing pressure of a neutron star and the heat of a thousand suns (or, at least, he described it as such). He fought Dr. Strange's astral self, and might have destroyed it if not for outside interference. His power was backed by and dependent on the Unnameable.
In addition, he led the full
armies of Ogeon and had access to much advanced weaponry, such as the Crusher.

(Defenders I#79 (fb)) - Ytitnedion, one of the Buzzard People of Tunnelworld, somehow became a servant of the Unnameable. He may or may not have had some magical powers before this, but upon learning the name of the Unnameable, he came under his sway and began to build an empire under his domain. He constructed the citadel Ogeon, from which he led the Buzzard People and spread the rule of the Unnameable. Resistors were captured and tortured in his dungeons, many of them subjected to harsh experiments.
Ytitnedion created the Winged Ones as magnificent winged beings, who lacked the ability to fly, and who were forced to serve the hideous, hate-filled Buzzard People.

(Defenders#80) - Ytitnedion led a brief skirmish against the Defenders and Aeroika, which confirmed his suspicious as to their identities. He revealed that he knew that the Hulk had had the name implanted into his brain, and would become his ally in the near future.


(Defenders#81 (fb-BTS)) - Ytitnedion defeated and captured Xhoohx's one of the most powerful leaders of the resistance against the Unnameable.

(Defenders#81) - Ytitnedion paraded the imprisoned Xhoohx through the streets of Ogeon, strengthening his own support. The Defenders and Aeroika sneaked into the city, but they got into a fight with Ytitnedion's guards, which earned them Ytitnedion's detection. The struggle encouraged the Winged Ones to join the resistance, but Ytitnedion revealed that he was allowing portions of the Winged One's prophecies of freedom to occur: He had plans to crush their resistance and thus further crush their wills by allowing them to have gotten their hopes up.
Ytitnedion sent a large Crusher machine to battle the resistance. The Hulk prepared to shatter the weapon, but Ytitnedion used his power to cause the Hulk to grasp the name, which caused him to collapse in agony. The Defenders and the resistance fought off the Crusher and escaped, but Ytitnedion's forces captured the Hulk, who had now fallen under the Unnameable's control.


(Defenders#82) - Xhoohx sent the Nya to annoy the Hulk, driving him into a rampage, but Ytitnedion recognized this and attacked Xhoohx. The Nya halted their attack in order to save Xhoohx, and the Hulk stopped his rampage. Ytitnedion sent the Hulk to battle the resistance while he tried to destroy the Orb of Ommennon, the source of Xhoohx's powers. The Orb resisted his full power, but shattered when he hurled a wine goblet at it in frustration.
Dr. Strange invaded Ytitnedion's castle in his astral form in an effort to free Xhoohx, but was discovered and attacked by Ytitnedion. Strange's astral self was cornered and at risk of destruction from the Buzzard King, when Xhoohx summoned the Nya to blind Ytitnedion, allowing Strange to escape. Ytitnedion took his vengeance, slaying the benevolent wizard in his captivity. Strange returned to his allies, and he managed to imprison the mind-controlled Hulk. Ytitnedion tried to ambush Strange, but was knocked out by Aeroika.



(Defenders#83) - Ytitnedion was bound and imprisoned by the resistance, but during Xhoohx's burial at the edge of Tunnelworld, he gained new power from his master, the Unnameable. Ytitnedion broke his bonds and struck down Aeroika, but Strange expanded the reformed Orb of Ommennon, encompassing all of them. Ytitnedion continued to fight the Defenders within the Orb, but Strange succeeded in trapping the Unnameable, which had marshaled its forces and confronted him within the Orb. With the Unnameable defeated, and his name removed from all of his agents, Ytitnedion found himself unable to access his power, and was maddened at the concept. Ytitnedion leapt off the edge of Tunnelworld into the unknown void, where he vanished in a flash of light.
Strange claimed that there had been nothing left of Ytitnedion's own identity, once he had foresworn it to worship the Unnameable.

Comments: Created by Ed Hannigan and Herb Trimpe.

If I hadn't double-checked the credits, I'd have been sure that the whole Tunnelworld saga had to be a product of the mind of Gerber.

None I can think of for Ytitnedion...well, maybe a few humorous ones come to mind, but I'll spare you.

The Buzzard People have no known connection to:

The Crusher has no known connections to:

Buzzard People

They were a  race of humanoid buzzards, although they are also known as the Vulture People. Aeroika said: "...some claim that the buzzard people's hideous forms filled them with self-hate, and the hatred of life--others claim that they deformed themselves on purpose, as an expression of that hate--still others fell that they are creations of the Unnamed himself..."
At any rate, the Buzzard People are natives of  Tunnelworld, who were based out of Ogeon, and who served Ytitnedion in his worship of the Unnameable. They were served by the Winged Ones, and derived great pleasure from their enslavement.
Other than strength in numbers and the use of stone, metal, and/or wood weapons, they showed no special abilities. They lacked wings and, thus flight. While being avian humanoids, they did possess certain mammalian features, such as some of the secondary sexual characteristics of human women...perhaps that's how Ytitnedion got his name.


--Defenders I#79 (79(fb), 80-83




Also known as the Nilffimhold, the Sword, the Pike, and the Fort of Dire, this was the citadel of Ytitnedion, from which he spread the domain of the Unnameable.


--Defenders I#79 (79(fb), 81-83





Ytitnedion's guards

They may have been Buzzard People, but may also have contained any of the many other races and beings who had fallen under the Unnameable's sway. In addition to the group of specially costumed guards, Ytitnedion was served by an army of Buzzard People, and many non-costumed beings within his castle.

--Defenders I#81 (82







A powerful, giant, tank-like weapon used by Ytitnedion's forces. It carried a powerful energy blaster.


--Defenders I#81 (82






Other appearances:
Defenders I#80-83 (February-May, 1980)

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