Classification: Terrestrial Robot

Creator: Otto Ranetti

User/Possessors: See creator

Enemies: It, the Living Colossus

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#169/3 (early December, 1994)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Class 90 strength, 50 feet tall, around 100 tons heavy (identical to the robot version of It the Living Colossus)

(MCP#169/3 (fb) - BTS) - Karrg was built by Otto Ranetti based on stolen plans of a robot duplicate of It the Living Colossus, which had been built by Bob O' Bryan. Karrg was remote controlled and ready to star in a giant robot movie for the Sun Studios.

(MCP#169/3) - Bob learned from his director that his former assistant stole his ideas and built a robot which would star in a movie. Bob was angry and went with the robot It the Living Colossus through the California Desert to the movie set. Bob arrived with It at the movie set and asked Otto if he had stolen his plans. Otto activated Karrg, sending it to destroy It the Living Colossus, so Otto could have the only giant robot to star in a movie.
   Otto controlled Karrg in the fight against It the Living Colossus and soon got the upper hand. Karrg was powerful enough to bring It the Living Colossus into troubles, but then It kicked Karrg against the knee, damaging Karrg's electric circuit. Karrg fell down, short-circuited, and was defeated. Karrg wasn't damaged too badly, and Bob ceased his attack. Bob gave Otto the advice to repair Karrg, who was lying in the dirt of the desert.

Comments: Created by Barry Dutter and Jose Fonteriz.

    Barry Dutter brought back It the Living Colossus rebuilt as a robot in Wonder Man Annual#2 only months before this story and there is even a flashback to it included. Looks like someone really wanted to return It the Living Colossus to the spotlight. The robot idea was forgotten over the years and It the Living Colossus returned in his original form (big stone statue) in the Avengers Two: Wonder Man and Beast Miniseries led by O' Bryan who was controlled by Lotus Newmark at that time.

by Markus Raymond

CLARIFICATIONS: Karrg should not be confused with:

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Otto Ranetti

    Otto was the former assistant of Bob and stole his plans for It the Living Colossus. He built his robot Karrg and wanted to make a giant robot movie for the Sun Studios. Bob learned from his director Dan what his former assistant done and walked with It the Living Colossus to the movie set. Otto and his robot were defeated, but Otto also convinced Bob that he didn't do anything Bob didn't do himself -- he just took his idea to make a new movie. Bob spared Otto and gave him the advice to repair Karrg and shoot the movie. Otto thanked Bob and thought about what he could tell the producers when they saw the mess on the set.

--Marvel Comics Presents#169/3




Marvel Comics Presents#169, barcode side, p12, pan3 (main image)
  p11, lower right corner (overlapping pan5 and the border) (Otto Ranetti)

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