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Classification: Technology (extraterrestrial)

Creator: The Followers of the Light

User/Possessors: Ilongo Savage

First Appearance: Shogun Warriors#1 (February, 1979)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Dangard Ace possessed immense physical strength. It was designed to withstand both the rigors and cold of space travel, as well as the immense pressure of the ocean floor. Its main avenue of attack was the photon blasts housed in its chest cavity. It also had rocket fists. Its eyes were capable of firing laser beams. It was capable of transforming into an alternative mode called ‘Dreadnought-Titan’, capable of flight and underwater travel. Working in tandem with the other two Shogun Warriors, Dangard Ace was able to perform the Power Triangle Fist, a devastatingly powerful energy blast capable of destroying almost anything. Along with the other two pilots, Ilongo possessed a key shaped like an ankh, which allowed communication between himself and the Followers of the Light. The key also allowed Dangard Ace to be transported to its pilot’s location.



(Shogun Warriors#1) - After the three pilots were gathered and the situation with Mon-Kurr’s forces explained, the three humans were given the finished robot Raydeen to use in the fight against the giant monster Rok-Korr rampaging across the globe. Forced to retreat, Dr. Tambura took the three pilots aside and explained that they would each be piloting their own robot and no longer sharing Raydeen. Before their confused eyes, Dr. Tambura unveiled the second and third Shogun Warriors, Dangard Ace being the third.

(Shogun Warriors#2) - Regrouping at the Followers of the Light’s base, the pilots were introduced to their new robots and given a small demonstration of the robots' abilities. When Rok-Korr attacked a railway bridge, all three Shogun Warriors arrived. Undeterred, Rok-Korr’s master Lord Maur-Kon divided the beast into the Three Elementals of Evil.

(Shogun Warriors#3) - Splitting up into teams, each Warrior tackled an Elemental. Dangard Ace battled the Water Elemental. Using the laser eyes, Ilongo had trouble with the monster, as it attacked while in a liquid form. When the monster turned into a waterspout, Ilongo order the other two Shoguns to concentrate their projectile weapons onto its form, blasting it apart and dousing the fire monster. When the monster reformed into a massive mud beast, Dangard Ace joined with the other two Shoguns to form the Power Triangle, an ultimate move that reduced the mighty monster to ash.

(Shogun Warriors#4) - Dangard Ace was recharged along with its fellows as the pilots learned more about their robots. While resting and training with the Followers of the Light, the pilots were unaware of the Followers of the Dark unleashing a new monster called Cerebus.

(Shogun Warriors#5) - While Genji and Combatra battled the monster, Ilongo and Richard piloted their robots to the scene of the battle. Dangard Ace stayed in the Dreadnought-Titan form as Ilongo used it to strafe Cerebus. While Genji flew off in order to find the monster’s point of origin, Ilongo and Richard stayed behind to battle the monster.

(Shogun Warriors#6) - The battle with Cerebus was going poorly for the Warriors when Carson devised a plan. Utilizing Dangard Ace’s chest photons, Carson tricked the monster into opening its mouth, allowing him to blast it with Raydeen’s arrows. When the two pilots flew out to Genji and Combatra’s last location, they were shocked to find their fellow Combatra siding with the enemy. Unknown to them, Genji had been taken captive by the Followers of the Dark. Figuring it out, the two managed to subdue the robot after Genji turned one of the follower’s cannons against the head.

(Shogun Warriors#9) - Summoned by Ilongo, Dangard Ace was teleported to his location. Due to the nature of the grotto where he was hiding from the Starchild, the robot was transported several yards into the open. Ilongo’s companion Judith provided a distraction while Ilongo swam out and entered the robot. The robot’s missile proved to be ineffective against the beast. Ensnared by the monster’s tongue, Ilongo blasted Dangard Ace’s rocket jets in desperation into the beast’s eye. Escaping, Dangard Ace proved largely useless against the Starchild as it rampaged in Manakara, Madagascar. Despite using the robot’s mighty arms and feet, Ilongo was unable to prevent the monster from unleashing its fury upon the city. When the monster retreated, Ilongo put Dangard Ace to work, keeping up a skyscraper damaged from the fight.

(Shogun Warriors#12) - Working in Madagascar, Ilongo was alerted to the threat of a meteor approaching Earth. Working with the others, the meteor was destroyed, revealing it to be a trap from the Followers of the Dark. Dangard Ace and the others then noticed a large ship on the dark side of the moon. Investigating, they were attacked by Dr. Demonicus and his forces. Combatra and Raydeen were blasted off into space, while Dangard Ace managed to crash land on the moon. Prone, it was unable to move as the army of Demonicus bound it.

Dangard Ace battles alongside Raydeen

(Shogun Warriors#13) - Brought inside the ship, Ilongo was hapless as Dangard Ace was hauled inside. Shorting out a powercell, Ilongo brought the robot back online and with enough power to drive off Demonicus’ men. He stopped his assault when an image of Dr. Demonicus filled a giant view screen. Hearing the madman’s plans, Ilongo fought as his companions made their way. Breaking out of the ship, he redirected a nearby laser turret before it could fire on the other two. Hooking up with them and fighting their way through the massive craft, all three Warriors were surprised when they entered a room containing the three monsters they had all previously fought.

(Shogun Warriors#14) - Combatra and Dangard Ace combined destroyed the Starchild. Using the chest missiles and its rocket fists, Ilongo destroyed Cerebus. Along with Raydeen and Combatra, Dangard Ace was used to slice Dr. Demonicus’s space station in twain. One half was launched by Dangard Ace toward another asteroid (Dr. Demonicus having sent another one to crash into the Earth).

(Shogun Warriors#15) - While training with the Followers of the Light, Richard Carson was kidnapped by a Yakuza gang. Ilongo was unaware of this as he began further training with Dangard Ace’s weapons. When the imposter began to attack him with Raydeen, Ilongo was unsure of what to do. When the truth was revealed, Ilongo and Genji used their robots to hold off Raydeen’s assault while the imposter and the gang were stopped.

(Shogun Warriors#16) - After dropping Dr. Demonicus off with the authorities, the three pilots flew (in Combatra and Raydeen’s case) and swam (Dangard Ace) toward Richard’s house in California due to its closeness. Dangard Ace’s size caused some swells that threatened a fishing boat, but Ilongo carefully moved the ship aside and apologized. After being ambushed by a mysterious group of Men in Black, later revealed to be robots, and having their keys stolen, the pilots regained control of the Shogun Warriors and hurried back to the Sanctuary when Dr. Tambura reported an attack. Arriving in time to find the base in ruins and the Followers of the Light dead or dying, the pilots were then attacked by a mysterious green alien. Claiming it came for the Shoguns, it attacked. Using all their weapons, the three Warriors were able to kill the monster (see comments).

(Shogun Warriors#17) - After the fight, Ilongo flew Dangard Ace back to Madagascar, intending to use his oceanographic institute as a place to conceal the giant robot.

(Shogun Warriors#18) - While swimming off the coast, Ilongo spied a Russian whaling ship. Attacking the craft using Dangard Ace’s sheer size, he forced it to turn back. While back in the water, he was attacked by an alien craft. The massive ship proved to be unaffected by the Shogun’s weapons. Even with the aid of Richard Carson and Raydeen, they proved to be ineffective. Unleashing the robot Megatron, Dangard Ace won only by the slimmest of margins when Megatron proved to be unable to function in deep water.

(Shogun Warriors#19) - Flying and meeting with Ilongo over Madagascar, the three planned their next move. After deciding to visit the Fantastic Four in New York City, the three pilots decided to take only Combatra with them, leaving the other two at the institute.

(Shogun Warriors#20) - A hologram of Dangard Ace was studied by the captain and crew of the starship Nightwind.

(Fantastic Four I#226 (fb)) - Once the Samurai Destroyer robot was completed, its pilot, William McLaughlin, sought out the only things that could pose a serious threat to his plans. Finding Dangard Ace via the inter-robot electronic links, he destroyed the grotto and pulped the robot.

Comments: Created by Leiji Matsumoto. Concept expanded by Doug Moench, Herb Trimpe, and Dan Green.

   The robot was based on the giant robot anime Planetary Robo Dangard A, which was created by the same man that brought us Galaxy Express and Captain Harlock. I’ve seen it spelled as both Dangard and Danguard.

   At the end of Shogun Warriors#14, Dr. Demonicus was turned in and they headed home. In #15, it was made clear that they were all staying at the Sanctuary and training (yet there is nothing to suggest this issue is a flashback, and the gangsters made it clear that they had heard of them and that they had been active for a while), yet #16 begins with the team returning from the events in #14 with no mention of the assault.

Profile by David Lawrence .

Dangard Ace has no known connections to:

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Shogun Warriors#4 p6, pan2 (breakdown)
Shogun Warriors#1 p31, pan4 (standing)
Shogun Warriors#18 cover (battling alongside Raydeen)

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