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Classification: Extraterrestrial technology

Creator: The Followers of the Light

User/Possessors: Genji Odashu, Enrique, The Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, the Thing)

First Appearance: Shogun Warriors#1 (February, 1979)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Combatra possessed immense physical strength and its fingers doubled as rocket launchers. Its hands could be detached and used as projectile weapons. It also had many offensive weapons, such as lasers and missiles, including a large laser cannon housed in its midsection. The robot was also capable of sustained flight, and could make it from Japan to the California coast in less than 24 hours. Its body was capable of breaking down into five separate components. The head was Delta-V One, a jet that carried the pilot. The upper torso was Skyskater Two, a duel engine plane. The lower torso was Earthmover Three, a bulldozer. The legs combined to make Turbostreaker Four, a sleek jet. The feet merged to become Groundrover Five, an all-terrain vehicle. Components two through five were each piloted by Centrons Two through Five, four robots capable of reading Genji’s mind and acting on her orders. Working in tandem with the other two Shogun Warriors, Combatra was able to perform the Power Triangle Fist, a devastatingly powerful energy blast capable of destroying almost anything. Along with the other two pilots, Genji possessed a key, shaped like an ankh, which allowed communication between herself and the Followers of the Light. The key also allowed Combatra to be transported to its pilot’s location.



(Shogun Warriors#1) – After the three pilots were gathered and the situation with Mon-Kurr’s forces explained, the three humans were given the finished robot Raydeen to use in the fight against the giant monster Rok-Korr, which was rampaging across the globe. Forced to retreat, Dr. Tambura took the three pilots aside and explained that they would each be piloting their own robot and no longer sharing Raydeen. Before their confused eyes, Dr. Tambura unveiled the second and third Shogun Warriors, Combatra being the second. 

(Shogun Warriors#2) – Regrouping at the Followers of the Light’s base, the pilots were introduced to their new robots and given a small demonstration of the robot’s skills. When Rok-Korr attacked a railway bridge, all three Shogun Warriors arrived. Undeterred, Rok-Korr’s master, Lord Maur-Konn, divided the beast into the Three Elementals of Evil. 

(Shogun Warriors#3) – Splitting up into three teams, each Warrior tackled an Elemental. Genji and Combatra fought the Earth Elemental. The fight was brutal, as Genji was still learning about the robot’s controls. When a nearby passenger train was threatened, Genji helped save the passengers. When a car filled with explosives broke free of the train, Genji used Combatra’s massive body as a shield. The explosion knocked Genji out of the fight momentarily. Regrouping, Combatra launched a new offensive by blasting away at the Earth Elemental with its rocket fists. Driving the monster back, the other two Shoguns used the powers of the Water and Fire Elementals against each other. The Earth Elemental absorbed the dirt from the nearby mountain, turning it into a massive avalanche, but Combatra joined with the other two Shoguns to form the Power Triangle, an ultimate move that reduced the mighty monster to ash. 

(Shogun Warriors#4) – As the pilots learned more about their robots, the Followers of the Dark unleashed a new monster, Mech-Monster. During a test flight, Genji encountered the monster, which proved to be more than a match for Combatra’s defensives. Splitting into five vehicles, Genji swore to keep the monster away from the city until her fellow pilots arrived. 

(Shogun Warriors#5) – Fighting the Mech-Monster as five separate pieces proved to be futile. Genji ordered the Centrons to focus Combatra’s efforts on protecting the people of the nearby city as the other two Shogun Warriors arrived. With the battle now directed at the other two, Genji reformed Combatra and flew off toward the monster’s point of origin. Seeing a mysterious volcano, Genji separated Combatra’s head from the robot and flew Delta-V into a small cave. Attacked by the Followers of the Darkness, Delta-V was shot down deep within the bowels of the Earth. 

(Shogun Warriors#6) – With Genji captured, Mon-Karr took to the air in Delta-V and reformed Combatra. With the newly restored robot, he launched a devastating attack against Raydeen and Dangard Ace. The battle was fierce, with both Warriors unable to launch an effective counterattack for fear of damaging their comrade’s robot. When Genji escaped her captors, she turned one of their cannons against Combatra, destroying the robot’s head. Mon-Karr escaped, but as the pilots mourned the apparent destruction of Combatra, Dr. Tambura arrived in a duplicate of Delta-V. He explained that each Warrior had exactly one spare copy of every part, but only one. 

(Shogun Warriors#10) – As Genji stood trial for her apparent theft of an experimental fighter jet, a new monster appeared and attacked the city. Summoning Combatra via her key, Genji fought against the Hand of Five. When the monster separated into five separate monsters, Genji ordered Combatra to do the same. Both monster and robot were too evenly matched. Combining once more, the reformed Combatra stood ready as the monster launched another attack. 

(Shogun Warriors#11) – Disassembling once more to counter the monster, Combatra was unable to defeat the foe as separate components. Uniting (as did the monster), Genji launched a furious assault against the beast, using all of Combatra’s weapons. Victorious, Genji decided to keep the mighty robot with her instead of sending it back to the Followers. 

(Shogun Warriors#12) – Piloting the robot, Genji landed on the California coast in the wee dawn hours. Once landed, she sent the mighty machine back to the Followers of the Light via her key. As news of a large asteroid approaching the Earth became known, Genji summoned her robot to help destroy the dangerous space rock. When the asteroid was easily destroyed, it was quickly revealed that the rock was a trap orchestrated by none other than Dr. Demonicus and his forces. Combatra and Dangard Ace were both blasted in a sneak attack and sent hurtling into the depths of space, with no apparent way of stopping. 

(Shogun Warriors#13) – Contacting the Followers of Light, Genji and Richard entered a nearby asteroid field. Using the last bit of fuel, Combatra’s retro rockets generated enough thrust against one of the larger rocks capable of sending it back toward Earth. As Dangard Ace fought against Dr. Demonicus’ forces, both Combatra and Raydeen crashed into the ship. Fighting their way through the massive craft, all three Warriors were surprised when they entered a room containing the three monsters they had all previously fought. 

(Shogun Warriors#14) – With the being of Genji powering it, Combatra fought bravely against the three monsters and helped destroy them for good. Combatra and Dangard Ace combined destroyed the Starchild. Along with Raydeen and Dangard Ace, Combatra was used to slice Dr. Demonicus’ space station in twain. One half was launched at another asteroid (the mad scientist having sent another one to crash into the Earth). Separating, Delta-V was flown into the doctor’s timer, thereby stopping the flight. Genji flew Combatra into the other half of the station and captured the madman before he could flee. All three of them brought the remains of the station back to Earth and turned Dr. Demonicus over to S.H.I.E.L.D. 

(Shogun Warriors#15) – Combatra was used in a practice exercise with the other Shogun Warriors when the pilots were called inside the Followers' Sanctuary. When a Yakuza impostor stole Raydeen, the other pilots were at a loss. Detaching Delta-V, Genji flew into the Shogun’s head, disabling it enough to allow Richard the chance to slip inside and regain control. The fight was quickly over. 

(Shogun Warriors#16) – After dropping Dr. Demonicus off with the authorities, the three pilots flew (in Combatra and Raydeen’s case) and swam (Dangard Ace) toward Richard’s house in California due to its close proximity. After being ambushed by a mysterious group of Men in Black, later revealed to be robots, and having their keys stolen, the pilots regained control of the Shogun Warriors and hurried back to the Sanctuary when Dr. Tambura reported an attack. Arriving in time to find the base in ruins and the Followers of the Light dead or dying, the pilots were then attacked by a mysterious green alien. Claiming it came for the Shoguns, it attacked. Using all their weapons, the three Warriors were able to kill the monster (see comments). 

(Shogun Warriors#17) – Flying back to the United States (after discovering a mouse inside the cockpit), it was decided that a suitable place would have to be found to keep the robots. Picking an abandoned warehouse for Combatra, Genji cleared away the interior using the Earthmover. Once it was secured, Genji left it there. A family of illegal immigrants soon found the building. The son, Enrique, was sent in to scout and quickly discovered Combatra. Entranced, the youth found his way inside and through pure happenstance activated the machine. Flying around Southern California and causing much damage as he tried in vain to stop, Richard, assisted by Genji, was able to force Combatra back down. The family was allowed to leave and Combatra was soon safely stored once more in the building. 

(Shogun Warriors#19) – Meeting with Ilongo in Madagascar, the three planned out their next move. Flying back to America, Combatra accidentally buzzed two fighter jets on patrol. Apologizing, Genji flew on to New York City. Landing Combatra on top of the Baxter Building, introductions were quickly made as the Primal One launched an assault with its robot Gigatron against the Fantastic Four. Along with Genji, each member of the team took over a section of Combatra and engaged the massive robot in a pitched battle in the bay. Thanks to Sue Storm in Earthmover, the giant Gigatron was toppled. 

(Shogun Warriors#20) – When the giant robot was suddenly yanked away by a tractor beam, the FF and all three pilots piled into Combatra in pursuit. Encountering the massive spaceship Nightwind, Genji piloted between the laser arrays and forced her way inside. Unleashing all of Combatra’s weapons against the attackers, a plan was made with the Fantastic Four. Using an escape pod, Richards and his friends were launched out of Combatra. When the fight was over, Genji flew everyone back to Earth. 

(Shogun Warriors#20/Fantastic Four I#226 - BTS) – After arriving, Combatra and Raydeen were moved to a hollowed out mountain silo near Richard’s home. 

(Fantastic Four I#226 (fb)) – Once the Samurai Destroyer robot was completed, its pilot William McLaughlin sought out the only things that could pose a serious threat to his plans. Finding Combatra and Raydeen via the inter-robot electronic links, he melted the two robots into slag with his weapons.

Comments: Created by Tadeo Nagahama. Concept expanded by Doug Moench (writer), Herb Trimpe (penciler) and Dan Green (inker).

   The actual toy was called Combattra, and was based on the giant robot anime Super Electromagnetic Robot Com-Battler V, which was animated by the same team that brought us Go-Lion (aka Voltron).

   At the end of #14, Dr. Demonicus was turned in and they headed home. In #15, they made it clear they are all staying at the Sanctuary and training (yet there is nothing to suggest this issue is a flashback, and the gangsters made it clear that they had heard of them and that they had been active for a while), yet #16 begins with the team returning from the events in #14, with no mention of the assault.

Profile by David Lawrence .

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Shogun Warriors#4, p6, pan3 (breakdown)
Shogun Warriors#3, cover (in battle withe Elemental)
Shogun Warriors#20, cover (with Human Torch)

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