Membership: Cane, Combat, Garrote, Roc, Silence, Stiletto, Tequila

Purpose: assassination of the Punisher

Affiliations: employed by Rosalie Carbone;
    associated with the Carbone family

Enemies: Carbone mob family, Mickey Fondozzi, Lynn Michaels, Microchip, Punisher (Castle),

Base of Operations: various individually;
    active as a group in Manhattan, New York and Bradford, Pennsylvania

First Appearance:
Punisher War Zone#8 (October, 1992)


(Punisher War Zone#8) - Rosalie Carbone put out the word that she was placing a five million dollar bounty on the head of Frank Castle, the Punisher. From around the world, seven assassins responded and met with Rosalie to learn more about their target. Rosalie provided a dossier to them, telling them that they could work alone or in groups.

(Punisher War Zone#9, 10) - In individuals and a few small groups, the assassins attempted to track down Castle, losing Garrote and Stiletto to Castle, and losing Silence to Microchip.

(Punisher War Zone#11) - Castle went straight to the source of his recent problems, Rosalie Carbone, kidnapped her, and brought her to one of his safehouses in Bradford, Pennsylvania.  He then called her men, gave their location and waited for them to show up. Rosalie's men and the four remaining assassins all showed up, but, eager for the five million dollars, began to weed each other out of the running. Finally, Frank's longtime partner, Microchip, showed up and helped him take out the remaining attackers.
    Castle left Rosalie to find her way home.

Cane, Combat, and Roc sought out Castle's street ally, Mickey Fondozzi, captured him, and forced some info out of him. This info led them into a room full of Chinese gangsters. They fought their way out, but in the mean time, Fondozzi escaped through pure dumb luck. Garrote and Tequila followed a police report to the Punisher, but Castle killed Garrote and escaped. Stiletto learned of the connection between Lynn

COMMENTS: Created by Chuck Dixon, John Romita jr, Mark Manley, and Jimmy Palmiotti.

It was cool to see Roc one more time, but while he was dim-witted and a man of few words (man of which were grunts) under Dixon, Macchio turned him into a Chatty-Kathy who masterminded a plot against Castle.

The real names of Garotte and Cane were revealed in Marvel Atlas#1. Thanks to Brandon Nash for pointing out Stiletto's real name was revealed in Lynn Michaels' OHotMU HC#7 entry.

Cane has no known connection to:

Combat has no known connection to:

Garrote has no known connection to:

Roc has no known connection to:

Silence has no known connection to:

  • Silence, wife of Dust, leader of the New Wave, @ Dazzler#41
  • Silence, two of the agents' of the Foreigner's Death Squad, who could be transferred into a new host body after the death of a previous host, @ Web of Spider-Man#92, Spectacular Spider-Man#209
  • Silencer (Count Barzon), an assassin hired to kill Sigjid Roskoff, @ Marvel Premiere#49
  • Silencer, Cross-Tech hitman, @ Hawkeye I#2
  • Silencer, mob enforcer, @ Spider-Man/Elektra 1998 Annual
  • Silencers, a group of mercenaries, @ Web of Spider-Man I#113
  • Silencers, agents of Department H, who used armor based on the original Guardian armor, @ X-Man#27
  • Silent Fox, leader of Keewazi Indians,grandfather of Wyatt Wingfoot, @ Fantastic Four I#80
  • Silent One, a servant of the cosmic entity Infinity, @ Thor I#184
  • It, the Silent One, @ Tales to Astonish I#92
  • Silent Ones, Trolls of the Isle of Silence, @ Avengers I#1
  • Silent Ones, xd entities,enemies of the Sons of the Tiger, @ Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#1, 10
  • Silent Shadows, agents of Morelle Pharmaceuticals, @ Nightwatch#5
  • Masters of Silence, the ninjas Inazumi, Kaminari, Kaze, who exist as the successors of generations of Japanese warriors,
    @ Iron Man#281
  • Stiletto has no known connection to:

    Tequila derives her name from:


    (Lorne Quickfall)
        With Combat and Roc, he sought out Castle's street ally, Mickey Fondozzi, captured him, and pumped him for info on Castle's location. They stuffed him in the trunk of their limousine and headed to the bar where he'd sent them, which turned out to be full of Chinese gangsters who were none to happy to see them. Fondozzi was stuck without an escape plan for when the angered assassins came back, but as luck would have it, a group of young punks stole the car, took it for a joyride, crashed it into building. The trunk popped open, and Fondozzi got while the getting was good.
        The assassins fought their way out, and met back up with Tequila and Rosalie's men, where they learned that Castle had kidnapped Rosalie in order to bring them all to him under his terms. Tequila had gotten the drop on the Punisher, but Cane stabbed her from behind. The last assassin standing, he prepared to terminate the dazed Castle, but Microchip fired on him from the woods. Micro missed, but he distracted Cane enough so that Castle could draw his pistol and blow him away.

        Cane was from London and specialized in the use of deadly canes, some of which contained guns, and others swords.

        --Punisher War Zone#8 (9-11


        He accompanied Cane and Roc in the failed effort to track down Castle via Mickey Fondozzi. After heading out to Castle's Bradford safehouse, Combat took Castle from behind, knocking him to the ground and then kicking his knee out of joint. Combat then told Castle that he was a big letdown, right before Castle rolled over and shot three holes through his chest.

        Combat was from Waco, Texas, and was highly skilled in various forms of unarmed fighting.


        --Punisher War Zone#8 (9-11



    (Léopold Brun)
        With Tequila, he followed a police report to find Castle on a subway, where he had cornered a serial rapist. He was the first one to engage Castle, ambushing him from behind and snaking his wire around his throat. Castle managed to protect his throat with his hand, saving his life. As the wire cut his hand to the bone, Castle managed to snag the emergency break handle, knocking Garrote off balance. Slipping free, Castle smacked Garrote's head into a pole and then shot him in the face.

        Garrote was from Marseilles, France, and specialized in using his steel wire to strangle his victims.

        --Punisher War Zone#8 (9, 10


        He accompanied Cane and Combat in the failed effort to track down Castle via Mickey Fondozzi. After heading out to Castle's Bradford safehouse, Roc was the first one to tackle Castle. Roc knocked him down before he could get off the first shot, and pummeled Castle mercilessly. As the Punisher laid there, trying to remember how to breathe, Roc picked up to smash his head. However, Microchip, who had picked up Castle's signal at the safehouse, managed to shoot Roc in the head, leaving him apparently dead.

        However, Roc was the only one of the assassins to survive the encounter with Castle, as the bullet only creased his skull. Roc then spent the next few weeks following the Punisher and interfering with his missions. He drew Castle into a rematch, toying with the much smaller vigilante, until Castle managed to strategically dislocate Roc's knee via repeated blows. Castle then jumped on the downed giant and broke his neck...which still didn't stop him. He managed to grab Castle by the neck, and Frank only dislodged him by carrying the fight underwater and knocking the wind out of him. Roc still kept coming after him, until Castle managed to crush his windpipe. After Roc suffocated, Castle covered him with explosives and blew his body to pieces.

        Roc was a giant of a man from Madrid. In addition to being extraordinarily strong, Roc had no nocireceptors (pain sensing nerve endings). His massive bulk of muscle caused most bullets, knives, and other attacks to only injure him superficially, and he was not even aware that those attacks had even happened.

        --Punisher War Zone#8 (9-11, Punisher War Zone Annual#2/2


        Silence set up to learn the location of Castle from Microchip. Silence broke into 'Chip's headquarters undetected. However, when he leapt down at Micro from above, he missed because his target just happened to duck down at that exact second to pick up his fallen Neil Diamond CD. When Silence landed several feet in front of him, Micro pulled out his gun and blew him away.

        Silence was a Madripoor ninja, specializing in stealth and typical ninja weaponry, such as poison blow darts and sai.


        --Punisher War Zone#8 (9, 10






    (Francisco Araujo da Costa)
        Silence learned that Lynn Michaels was associated with Castle, followed her back to her apartment, and prepared to ambush her. Castle came to her apartment after being injured by Garrote, and they realized Stiletto was there when he accidentally stepped on the remote control and turned on the TV. Castle headed into the room, Lynn followed him, and Stiletto leapt out and stabbed Lynn in the shoulder. However, as he was then silhouetted against the light from the other room, Castle was able to blast several holes in him.

        Stiletto was native to Brazil, and he specialized in knives.


        --Punisher War Zone#8 (9, 10



        She accompanied Garrote to find the Punisher on the subway, posing as the rapist's hostage while she actually held a gun around his back, distracting Castle so Garrote could nail her. She fled when Castle killed Garrote. Out at the house in Bradford, she freed Rosalie Carbone and then confronted Castle just after he had taken out Combat. She had the drop on him, but Cane stabbed her from behind and killed her, so that he might get the full bounty himself.

        Tequila worked in Vera Cruz, and specialized in poisons (like a scorpion at the bottom of a drink), though she was also experienced with knives and guns.


        --Punisher War Zone#8 (9-11


    images: (without ads)
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    Punisher War Zone#8, p5, pan1 (Garotte)
    Punisher War Zone#10, p6, pan2 (Roc)
    Punisher War Zone#8, p7, pan4 (Silence)
    Punisher War Zone#8, p4, pan3 (Stiletto)
    Punisher War Zone#8, p22, pan2 (Tequila)

    Punisher War Zone#8 (December, 1992) - Chuck Dixon (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Klaus Janson & Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Don Daley (editor)
    Punisher War Zone#9-10 (November-December, 1992) - Chuck Dixon(writer), Mike Harris (pencils), Mike Manley, Jimmy Palmiotti (#9) & J.J. Birch (#10) (inks), Don Daley (editor)
    Punisher War Zone#11 (January, 1993) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Mike Harris (pencils), J.J. Birch, Mike Harris & Mike Manley (inks), Don Daley (editor)

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