Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, Mutated (?)

Occupation: Mob enforcer

Affiliations: Alphonse Scarpetti

Enemies: Spider-Man, Elektra

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Peter Parker: Spider-Man/Elektra 1998 Annual (October, 1998)


Powers: The Silencer possessed above-human strength, and a body composed of an unknown murky black substance, leaving him virtually invulnerable to physical attacks, which passed right through him, and enabled him to change shape (outside of his black hole disguise, this was only used to stretch his body). He could also teleport. The Silencer’s body was also covered with tendrils. The Silencer armed himself with knives, an axe, and a pair of pistols, both equipped with silencers.


History: A mysterious mob enforcer, who scared even his own people, the Silencer was a man of few words, all of which were in Italian. His abilities were "bio-engineered" by the mob, although their precise nature and source are undetailed.



(Spdm/ElekAn1998) - A group of mobsters attacked Sam ‘Big Bear’ Lincoln, ex-boxer turned mob enforcer turned custodian of the Hayden Planetarium, beating him in an attempt to make him reveal the location of evidence linking crime boss Alphonse Scarpetti to the courthouse killings, a 25-year old unsolved double murder. The Silencer arrived and took over, and injected Lincoln with a serum, then questioned him in Italian. Lincoln refused to answer (and didn’t understand the Silencer anyway), so the Silencer snapped his neck, killing him, figuring they could find out where it was themselves.

A group of Scarpetti’s mobsters tracked down Lincoln’s old friend MacKinley Stewart, correctly guessing that Lincoln had sent the evidence in a package to him. Elektra, a friend of Stewart’s, arrived and saved him from them, but they called Scarpetti, who sent in the Silencer. Elektra proved unable to harm him, as her attacks passed through him. He crushed one of her sai and slammed her into a wall and left her for dead, as the others looted Stewart’s room, and found the package.

Both Spider-Man and Elektra managed to figure out Scarpetti was behind everything, and both happened to go after him at the same time. As Spider-Man stopped Elektra from killing Scarpetti, mistakenly believing she had been behind the other killings, the Silencer appeared out of nowhere, throwing an axe at Elektra. Spider-Man leapt at him, only to be absorbed into the Silencer’s body. He then pulled Spider-Man back out and threw him into Elektra, sending both falling out of a window. Spider-Man fired a web at Lincoln’s evidence package as he fell, and the Silencer grabbed it, and shot Spider-Man in the arm. Elektra threw her sai at the package, breaking it open, and Spider-Man caught the audiotape it contained as it fell, and they escaped.

Listening to the tape, Spider-Man and Elektra deduced that it’s clues led to the location of the evidence, (or the key to a locker which actually held it, anyway) at the Planetarium, only to find the Silencer there waiting for them, having disguised himself as part of a mural on black holes. He attacked with knives, only to be completely encased in webs by Spider-Man. Both Spider-Man and Elektra then pummeled the trapped Silencer, only to find nothing within the webs. The Silencer appeared behind them, but was distracted as he noticed a meteorite fragment on display had a magnetic pull, both on Elektra’s sai, and on him. Spider-Man managed to push the meteorite into the Silencer’s substance, and it absorbed him, but the rock now burned. It was stored in an airtight cell at Ravencroft Asylum.

Comments: Created by Jack Morelli and Joyce Chen.

As noted by Flank--The Silencer's powers are highly consistent with the manipulation of the Darkforce Dimension. For example: Cloak can teleport, and physical attacks generally pass right through him, while Darkling could warp his physical proportions and had lots of tendrils growing from him.

by Gauntlet: Dark Rider , images by the Squid, update by Kyle Sims

Clarifications: The Silencer should not be confused with:
Silencer, Crossfire's assassin, @ Hawkeye I#2 Profile coming soon
Silencer, Count Barzan, @ Marvel Premiere#49 Profile coming soon
Silencers, a group of mercenaries, @ Web of Spider-Man I#113
Silencers, agents of Department H, who used armor based on the original Guardian armor, @ X-Man#27
Silence, wife of Dust, leader of the New Wave, @ Dazzler#41
Silence, a Madripoor ninja, hired by Rosalie Carbone to kill the Punisher, @ Punisher War Zone#8
two of the agents' of the Foreigner's Death Squad, who could be transferred into a new host body after the death of a previous host, @ Web of Spider-Man#92, Spectacular Spider-Man#209
Silent Fox, leader of Keewazi Indians,grandfather of Wyatt Wingfoot, @ Fantastic Four I#80
Silent One, a servant of the cosmic entity Infinity, @ Thor I#184
Silent Ones, Trolls of the Isle of Silence, @ Avengers I#1
Silent Ones, xd entities,enemies of the Sons of the Tiger, @ Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#1, 10
Silent Shadows, agents of Morelle Pharmaceuticals, @ Nightwatch#5

Masters of Silence, the ninjas Inazumi, Kaminari, Kaze, who exist as the successors of generations of Japanese warriors, @ Iron Man#281
Although similar in appearance, there has been no confirmed connection drawn between the Silencer and:
Old Man from Cloak and Dagger v. 3, #2 & 3
or any other wielder of the Darkforce--Kyle

Peter Parker: Spider-Man/Elektra 1998 Annual (October, 1998) - Jack Morelli (writer), Joyce Chin (pencils), Andy Lanning (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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