Real Name: Lynn Michaels

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Currently unknown
   former vigilante;
   former detective in the New York Police Department

Group Membership: None;
formerly SHIELD, NYPD

Affiliations: Ian Amsterdam, Melinda Brewer, G.W. Bridge, Payback, Punisher (Castle)

Enemies: Sheriff Harry Bendix, Blind Joe Death, Cullen crime family, Clyde Allen Durkin, Hand, Heathen, Jigsaw, Mondo Pain, Punishment Squad, Vincent Sandeen, Stiletto, Trust, Vaducci crime family, VIGIL, unidentified rapist and other criminals

Known Relatives: Father (unnamed), sister (unnamed)

Aliases: Diamonelle, Punisher, "Lady Punisher"

Base of Operations: Madison, Wisconsin;
   formerly Manhattan, New York City

First Appearance: Punisher War Zone I#7 (September, 1992);
(as the Punisher) Punisher War Journal I#62 (January, 1994);
(as Diamonelle) Punisher War Journal II#19 (July, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: None. Lynn is skilled at various forms of unarmed combat, and highly proficient with various firearms. She also wore kevlar body armor.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

(Punisher Anniversary Magazine) - Lynn originally became a police officer at the behest of her older sister, who was a model.

(Punisher War Zone I#8 (fb)) - Working with the NYPD, Lynn was frustrated at the inability to nab a serial rapist. She was especially upset after handling one of his victims who chose to commit suicide rather than relive the trauma during an investigation. Taking some of her vacation time, Lynn plotted to get the rapist by posing as a target.

(Punisher War Zone I#7-10) - While she was jogging in Central Park, the rapist assaulted her, but was then tackled by the Punisher, who had also been stalking the rapist. Disoriented by this turn of events, Lynn drew her gun and told Castle to freeze, unwittingly letting the rapist escape in the process. After Castle explained himself, Lynn agreed to work with him to catch their target. They found him later that same night, but the man escaped them once again. They managed to identify the rapist from fingerprints off of his shell casings and tracked him back to his apartment. By holding them back with his shotgun, he nearly managed to escape again atop a passing train, but Castle managed to reach the train as well. Lynn was left behind.
   After listening to a police investigation around the site of the rapist's escape, Lynn was identified as having been working with the Punisher by one of the other onlookers. As she left, Stiletto, one of a group of assassins targeting the Punisher, followed her back to her apartment. After killing the rapist and fighting off another pair of assassins, Castle went to Lynn to treat his wounds. While doing so, they heard the television come on suddenly. As they investigated that room, Stiletto leapt out suddenly, stabbing Lynn in the shoulder. However, by doing so, he silhouetted himself against the outside light, and Castle blew him away. As Frank checked Lynn's wounds, she leaned up and planted a big kiss on him.

(Punisher War Journal I#57, 58) - Castle called Lynn for help in checking police files for information on the "Vampire Killings"--a black market scheme which stole and sold blood from innocents (as they were less to have transmissible diseases, at least in theory). She came up empty, but elected to help him out more directly. When the leader of the operation, Mr. Sandeen, got the drop on the Punisher and his allies (Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch/Noble Kale and Daredevil), Lynn came to the rescue, blowing him away from behind. However, she then burst into tears because she had stepped over the line once again.

(Punisher War Journal I#59) - After making a pit stop at one of Castle's safe houses, she returned to the force and investigated the house of Clyde Allen Durkin, who had been suspected of a series of thefts. Ryerson attacked Lynn with a knife, but her partner knocked him out. Inside the house they found pictures of a dozen missing girls, as well as several young girls' shoes.

(Punisher War Journal I#60) - Lynn became completely disgusted with the legal process when all evidence connecting Durkin to the missing girls was ruled as inadmissible in court, as they had not had the proper warrant.

(Punisher War Journal I#61) - Lynn quit the police force (after ten years of activity), feeling that the police just didn't make a difference anymore. When her boss, Blackleigh, told her that it was madness, she told him that maybe madness was what this town needed.

(Punisher II#86) - With the apparent death of Frank Castle (after he blew up a building to take out a gathering of mobsters), VIGIL targeted other vigilantes. They broke into the apartment of Eddie Dyson (Payback), but he managed to escape outside, and Lynn picked him up on her motorcycle and helped him escape.

(Punisher War Journal I#62) - Taking up the role of the Punisher, Lynn sent a package to Durkin in prison which directed him to look out of his window. As he did, she shot him dead from a distance. She met back up with Payback and told him that he could not just walk away from the life into which he had gotten involved: VIGIL would keep coming after him. The two agreed to team up long enough to take down VIGIL.
   They then broke up a numbers running operation, knowing they would attract the attention of VIGIL, which they did. They were captured.

(Punisher II#87) - Blackwell, the bad apple in VIGIL, brutally beat the bound Lynn and Eddie, badly injuring Payback. When Blackwell was caught in the act and taken away for a reprimand, Lynn and Eddie escaped. VIGIL agent Jessup threatened to report Blackwell, who slew him, and then framed Lynn and Eddie for his death.

(Punisher War Journal I#63) - From a safehouse, Lynn contacted some of her friends on the police force, learning that Castle had turned up in Laastekist, PA, and that the knowledge had been circulated to everyone from VIGIL to the mob.

(Punisher War Zone I#25) - With Payback still recovering from his beating, Lynn and Eddie drove to Laastekist. They were pulled over by a cop, but the officer left when all units were called to the airfield to stop Vito Vaducci. Lynn and Eddie followed as well, killing several of Vaducci's sons in the ensuing gunfight.

(Punisher II#88) - In Laastekist, Lynn and Eddie crossed paths with the Cullens, who opened fire and gunned them down. Though they both wore kevlar, Lynn was badly injured in the assault. Eddie recovered and took her to the doctor in Laastekist, who operated on her, fixing everything he could.

(Punisher War Journal I#64) - With Lynn still unconscious, Eddie got the doctor to help him move her out of Laastekist before they could be attacked again. Lynn was shipped out inside a coffin (with air holes drilled).

(Punisher War Journal I#68) - Eddie brought Lynn to Melinda Brewer, a former doctor who had previously helped Frank Castle. Lynn started coming around, moaning Frank's name.

(Punisher War Journal I#70) - VIGIL agent Nails captured Eddie and traced his base to Melinda Brewer, but Lynn had recovered and escaped. Not knowing that Castle had killed Blackwell, she vowed to take him down (specifically she said "You're dead" (maybe she did know, after all...).

(Punisher War Journal I#73) - Lynn shot down a VIGIL ship and then cracked its pilot, agent Letz, in the face with he rifle when he crawled out of the wreck. She then flew the ship to VIGIL central and caught the team off guard. She forced one of the agents to take her to Blackwell, and was surprised when he brought her to his memorial room. Nonetheless, Lynn escaped, taking with her sheriff Harry Bendix, another man unjustly imprisoned by VIGIL. Two agents, Einhorn and Nails, allowed them to escape.

(Punisher War Journal I#74) - Lynn slaughtered a group of drug dealers, during which time she encountered a cop she used to work beside, Jody Coyle, who was part of a sting operation on the dealers. Lynn fled from Jody, but her real name then became public knowledge. Lynn returned to Bendix, and the two discussed their despair over the mess they had gotten themselves into. Rosalie Carbone hired Mondo Pain to investigate this new Lady Punisher, and he and his men attacked Bendix and Lynn. Mondo injured Bendix, and Lynn led him away, fleeing into the sewers.

(Punisher War Journal I#75) - Still on the run from Mondo, Lynn ran afoul of the cops again. When Mondo fired on the police, Lynn attacked him again, then escaped. As she hid out, she heard agents of VIGIL discuss finding the Punisher's War Journal. Deciding they she would not let them pervert Castle's mission, she joined the pursuit, tracing the Journal to Heathen. Even at gunpoint, Heathen refused to surrender the Journal to her. However, when VIGIL fired on them, Heathen dropped it in his escape, and Lynn grabbed the book and fled.
   Lynn read the journal and was despondent to find she was not even mentioned. Deciding that Castle's life was not her, Lynn threw it into a fire. Unbeknownst to her, that Journal was one of several copies, some of them forgeries.
   She returned to Eddie, asking his help to try to survive the growing violence in the city.

(Punisher War Journal I#76) - Hiding out in a hotel room in a rough neighborhood, Lynn was located by her father, who had been worried after not hearing from her in a long time. Their location was uncovered by Blind Joe Death, an agent of Heathen.

(Punisher War Journal I#77) - Lynn walked into a trap--the perpetrator of which was unknown to her. She escaped and returned to her father and Eddie, but they were then assaulted by Blind Joe and Heathen. Lynn fired on her attackers, killing Blind Joe, and Heathen fled. They relocated to another hideout and enjoyed a few days of relative peace, but her father paid for the room with his credit card. This enabled them to be tracked, and they were soon confronted by the Punishment Squad.

(Punisher War Journal I#78) - Lynn, her father, and Payback shot their way past the Punishment Squad, and made their way to Penn Station. After fighting off the last of the Squad sent after them, they were confronted by Angela and Alaric, head of the Trust. However, Heathen shot and killed Angela and Alaric and allowed the three to get away, knowing that they were leaving New York for good.

(Punisher War Journal I#80) - Lynn, her father, and Eddie made it out to the Michaels farm in Wisconsin--or maybe Castle was just dreaming it?

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark listed Lynn as an Initiative sympathizer.

(Punisher War Journal II#23 (fb) - BTS) - Lynn started working for SHIELD and became a deep-cover agent for them.

(Punisher War Journal II#11 (fb) - BTS) - Lynn somehow managed to gain Jigsaw's trust and he made her part of his operations to kill the Punisher.

(Punisher War Journal II#11) - At Jigsaw's Russo Psychiatric Home she pretended to be a psychiatrist and manipulated unstable volunteer policeman Ian Amsterdam. She confronted him with the his families' death in Stamford and the fact that the Punisher had saved his life. When Ian finally admitted that he wanted to help people, Lynn gave him a present -- a gun. She took him to the hospital's shooting range and let Ian train his shooting skills. Jigsaw and Lynn proudly watched him.

(Punisher War Journal II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Lynn made up the identity of Diamonelle, a girl that had been run over by her boyfriend and hot coffee tossed into her face because she didn't want to marry him and leave New York for Possum's Tooth, Arkansas. Frank soon trusted her and liked her great back massages.

(Punisher War Journal II#19) - As Diamonelle Lynn gave Frank Castle a massage.

  Later Lynn met with Jigsaw, who was punishing Ian for leaving witnesses to some of his murders. Lynn convinced Ian to thank Jigsaw for the punishment.

  Back as Diamonelle the Punisher broke into her appartment to save her from Ian, who was sent by Jigsaw to kill everyone near to Frank. The Punisher escaped with Diamonelle through the sewers and took her to Stuart Clarke. There the trio watched the police announce that the Punisher was now considered a terrorist. A message supposedly sent by the Punisher made it obvious to Frank that Jigsaw was behind everything.

(Punisher War Journal II#20) - Hand ninjas attacked Clarke, Diamonelle and the Punisher. Frank told Clarke to take Diamonelle to their other safe house and distracted the ninjas to enable Clarke and Diamonelle to escape.

(Punisher War Journal II#22) - Diamonelle and Clarke stayed at the safe house for two weeks. She watched Clarke build guns and told him that he had no chance breaking Castle out from a SHIELD convoy. Before Clarke could leave she told him that Castle had killed Tatiana Arocha, but Clarke didn't believe her. Diamonelle shot Clarke in the back, revealed that she was actually Lynn Michaels and that she knew that Clarke was a cop killer. She then shot at Clarke again taking off two of his fingers.

(Punisher War Journal II#23) - After Jigsaw and the Punisher were arrested, Lynn was congratulated for her work by G.W. Bridge. He called her one of the finest deep-cover agents and thanked her for neutralizing Stuart Clarke before he could interfere. She escorted Ian to sublevel 9 to tell him how sorry she was for what she did and to give him a chance to kill Jigsaw. She gave Ian a gun in front of Jigsaw's cell and Ian shot Jigsaw. Lynn and Ian were both arrested by SHIELD.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon and John Romita, jr.

Lynn Michaels has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook. Thanks to Brandon Nash for pointing out Sandeen's first name was revealed in Lynn's A-Z OHotMU HC#7 entry.

No known connection to:

  • other "Michael" characters
    other Punisher characters:
  • PUNISHER - robot of Galactus--Fantastic Four I#49
  • HIT MAN (Jimmy Pierce) --Punisher II#86
  • OUTLAW (Nigel Higgins) --Punisher II#64
  • PAYBACK (Eddie Dyson) --Punisher War Journal I#49
  • PHALANX (Dick Johnson) --Punisher War Zone Annual#1
  • IDIOT PUNISHER (Desmond Kline)--Punisher War Journal I#62, 63
  • YUPPUNISHER (Dean Swaybrick)--Punisher War Journal I#62
  • CARLOS CRUZ, @ Punisher II#97

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