Real Name: Nigel Higgins

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: vigilante

Affiliations: Microchip, Jack Oonuk, Punisher (Castle), Morgan Sinclair

EnemiesArchitect, Chauffard, Kingpin, Rapido, Righteous Ones, Snakebite

Known Relatives: family (deceased);
    cousin (advanced)

Aliases: Punisher

Base of Operations: London, England

First Appearance: Punisher II#64 (June, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled in armed and unarmed combat, uses a motorcycle and a variety of firearms, and wears kevlar body armor. He is sometimes too eager for his own good.

Height: 5' 10" Weight: 108 lbs.


(Punisher II#64 (fb) - BTS) - Nigel was a big fan of the American Punisher. He was inspired by him to become a vigilante himself after a similar tragedy: "You know the story, right? Something bad sucks you down. Takes away everything you have...mother...sister...family. It's all the same, right? Then the guilt hollows you out, and the rage fills you up. And there's always someone out there to blame".
    His cousin set him up with an advanced computer network.

(Punisher II#64) - Outlaw arrived to help the Punisher when he arrived in London airport and was ambushed by Interpol. He took Castle back to his base, where they linked up with Microchip. Castle tried to keep the exuberant Outlaw out of the loop, but Nigels knowledge of local business proved invaluable. He assisted them in their investigation of the Kingpin's plot to use the tunnel beneath the English Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) as a transport medium for a united European crime network, with the Kingpin as leader. When they managed to track down Snakebite, the Kingpin's chief field agent in this endeavor, Outlaw leapt out of their truck, heedless of the danger and was shot in the shoulder. His kevlar protected him for more serious injury, but the bullet still penetrated straight through his shoulder.

(Punisher II#65) - Nigel, his shoulder in a sling, was stuck fetching coffee and other similar chores for Micro as he did research for Castle.

(Punisher II#66, 67, [68]) - Nigel continued to cool his heels, doing research by Micro's side as his arm healed.

(Punisher II#69) - Nigel participated in the plan to stop the Kingpin's plans to take out the major crime lords of Europe. As they infiltrated the Omni Building, Nigel scaled an elevator shaft. He confronted Rapido, but fled when the Frenchman turned his chain gun on him.

(Punisher II#70) - Nigel led Rapido after him, eventually tricking him into stepping on a section of floor weakened by his gunfire, and Rapido fell through, incapacitating himself. Outlaw then joined Tarantula in fleeing a group of anti-terrorist soldiers who had been sent into the Omni Building. With Castle and the Tarantula, he used a special suit, with glider wings, to escape capture.
    After the conclusion of the operation, he met up with Morgan Sinclair, and they both agreed that they had had enough of the violent life.

(Punisher II#86) - Still wearing his Punisher shirt, Nigel was devastated to hear of the apparent death of the Punisher on the TV. He decided to head over to America to find out if that were true.

(Punisher War Zone I#24) - Nigel arrived in the US, where he connected with Chuckie, a friend of Morgan Sinclair's, who set him up with a fresh arsenal of weaponry.

(Punisher War Journal I#63) -  Nigel attempted to set himself up as the new Punisher, when he learned from some criminals that Castle was still alive and holed up somewhere in Laastekist.

(Punisher II#88) - In Laastekist, Nigel was confronted by the gang the Righteous Ones, who had come to try to finish off the Punisher. When they saw the skull on his shirt, they figured he was close enough for them to practice on. Nigel initially held his own against them, until one of them managed to clock him in the back of the head, after which he fell before them.

(Punisher War Journal I#64) -  Nigel broke through a police barricade around Laastekist, fleeing the madness.

(Punisher Annual I#7) - Back in England, Nigel opposed the Architect's plan to reprise the plot to use the Chunnel for a European crime network. The Architect sent Rapido after him, and he and his agents located and drove him off. As Nigel fled, Rapido fired a round of high-explosive dum-dums at his van, blowing it up and seemingly killing him. However, on the opening day of the revised Chunnel, Nigel revealed himself to have faked his death, and he joined forces with Microchip, Jack Oonuk, the Punisher, and Morgan Sinclair--the last three of whom had been thought dead by the Architect and Rapido. Nigel took out one of the Architect's best fighters, while his allies finished off the Architect, Rapido, and the rest of the criminals.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Dougie Brathewaite

No known connection to:

    other Punisher characters:

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