Real Name: Orville Nugent

Identity/Class: Human; criminal mastermind

Occupation: Extortionist

Affiliations: former ally of the Chauffard, Kingpin, Rapido;
    employed a number of criminal agents

Enemies: Microchip, Jack Oonuk, Outlaw (Nigel Higgins), Pan-Allied, Punisher (Castle), Morgan Sinclair, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Architect of Annihilation

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Punisher War Zone#17 (July, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Architect has no superhuman powers or abilities, but he is extremely skilled at industrial sabotage, particularly on targets of an immense scale.  He is a brilliant architect, and is able to plan assaults to extremely precise detail.  He enjoys using the tools of his trade, such as a compass, to kill others.

Height: 5'9''      Weight: 150 lbs.

(Punisher II#64-70 - BTS) - The Architect was a silent partner of the Kingpin in his plot to use the Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) to form an international criminal syndicate in Europe, under his control.  The Architect designed the secondary Channel Tunnels through which Fisk's men acted.

(Punisher War Zone#17-19) - The Architect detonated the new Grand Straight Hydroelectric Plant, killing many people, as part of his plot to extort money from Pan-Allied.  Pan-Allied had hired Jack Oonuk and his partner Marty, industrial troubleshooters both, to try to prevent the Architect from carrying out his threat.  Marty was killed in the destruction of the dam.  The Architect's men tried to kill Oonuk as well, but he escaped and took them out with the aid of the Punisher and Microchip.  

     The Architect then threatened to destroy the San Jerome Suspension Bridge.  This time Pan-Allied decided to cave in to his demands, but Oonuk, Castle, and Micro plotted to plant a tracer on his men's transport vehicle.  They would have succeeded, had not Pan-Allied sent an amateur agent against the Architect's men, who discovered him, made off with the money, and then activated a set of pre-placed vibration devices, which would have destroyed the bridge and everyone on it.  Castle and his allies prevented the bridge's destruction, but were unable to plant the tracer.
     Tiring of Oonuk's interference, the Architect next targeted the Whalesound Oil Platform in the Northwest Territories, intending to destroy not only it, but also to ignite the underground oil stores, destroying the land which was home of Oonuk's Inuit home territory.  Oonuk and Castle infiltrated that operation, which also brought them into conflict with the Wrench, who was the rig's amphetamine dealer.  This plot also nearly succeeded, but the Architect's foes--joined by Wolverine--took down his men and destroyed the worst of the bombs, protecting the underground oil and the associated land, the the Oil Platform was destroyed.
     The Architect escaped capture and began to consider his next mission.

(Punisher War Journal#61 - BTS) - The Architect was invited to a meeting of enemies of the Punisher by Vito Vaducci.  He headed to the meeting, sharing a car with fellow engineer Chauffard,  but they were delayed due to traffic.  By missing the meeting, he avoided the slaughter which Castle perpetrated on all others present.

(Punisher Annual#7) - The Architect saw Rapido--the only one to survive the preceding slaughter except the Punisher--crawling from the wreckage.  He invited Rapido to join him, and the presence of Chauffard convinced Rapido to accept.  The Architect's doctors rebuilt Rapido, even deadlier than ever.
     The Architect next met with a group of European criminals to discuss a revised version of the previous plan involving the Chunnel, and had Rapido kill Mr. Cooley, the sole American present, when he denounced the plan.  The Architect had Rapido assassinate those who had previously opposed the Chunnel plot--including Morgan Sinclair and Outlaw (Castle was still believed dead as a result of the above meeting).  When Jack Oonuk investigated the plot, he sent Rapido to assassinate him as well.  However, as the final point in the plot approached, they learned of opposition from Snakebite--a previous agent of the Kingpin in the previous Chunnel plot, whom Castle had apparently killed in that struggle.  The Architect's men prepared to ambush Snakebite, but instead found out that he was really dead, and was being impersonated by none other than Frank Castle, the Punisher.  At the same time, Microchip, Oonuk, Outlaw, and Sinclair--the latter three having faked their deaths to give the Architect the false sense of security to proceed--appeared at Castle's side.
     Rapido, Chauffard, the Architect, and his men fought against the vigilantes, but were defeated.  The Architect himself was shot and apparently killed by Oonuk.

Comments: The Architect was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning (writer) and Hugh Haynes (artist).

The Architect's height and weight were revealed in the Marvel Knights Encyclopedia (2004).

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