Real Name: Inez Temple

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Mercenary

Group Membership: Agency X; formerly the 198 (Arclight, Beautiful Dreamer, Caliban, Collective Man, Diamond Lil, Erg, Fever Pitch, Jazz, Johnny Dee, Karma, Leech, Lorelei, Magma, Mammomax, Mister M, Peeper, Sack, Scalphunter, Skids, Toad, others)

Affiliations: Agent X (Alex Hayden), Bob agent of Hydra, Sandi Brandenberg, Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Domino, Fantastic Four, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), O∗N∗E, Shatterstar, Taskmaster, Weasel, X-Men;
former employers include Culver Sport and Gun Club, Dazzler (Alison Blaire), Cruise Minor, Francis Wahlfert

Enemies: B-1, Bloc, Black Swan, Constrictor (Frank Schlichting), Crossfire (William Cross), Johnny Dee, the Four Winds, General Lazer, Nimrods, Punisher (Frank Castle), Rhino, Sapien League (Leper Queen, others), Scalpel, T-Ray

Known Relatives: Douglas R. Temple (father, deceased), Luke Temple (ancestor, deceased), Outlaw Kid (Lance Temple, ancestor, deceased), Bell Temple (ancestor, deceased), "Hoot" Temple (ancestor, deceased)

Aliases: "Crazy Inez" (a nickname she hates)

Base of Operations: An apartment in New York City;
formerly the 198 Camp at the Xavier Institute, Westchester County, New York;
formerly Agency X Headquarters/Alpine Park amusement park, New York;
formerly The Rio Grande Valley, Texas

First Appearance: Deadpool III#65 (May, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Outlaw has superhuman strength (lifting 2 tons) and durability, being able to punch holes in brick walls and take gunshots with only minor bruising. She may also have some superhuman speed and coordination that would help when gunfighting. She is a champion lariat thrower, excellent hand-to-hand combatant and remarkable sharpshooter. She usually wields two Colt .44 revolvers and occassionally a lariat or sniper rifle.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 142 lbs.
Eyes: Light brown (presumably wears blue lenses sometimes)
Hair: Brown (dyed blonde, usually wears blond wig)

History: (Agent X#14 (fb)) - Douglas Temple stopped his daughter Inez from beating up Billy Rapner, the latest child to pick on her for being a mutie.

(Deadpool III#65) - At the "Killer Juice" bar at Merc Works gym for mercenaries, Outlaw met and flirted with Deadpool, who had become famous in the merc industry after killing the heads of the Four Winds. Deadpool had to leave when he was paged by his secretary, Sandi.

(Deadpool III#67) - As Deadpool arrived to take a job protecting Dazzler, Outlaw left explaining that she had the job until Cruise Minor tried to touch her behind. She pinched Deadpool's as she left.

(Agent X#1) - Sandi Brandenburg hired Outlaw to train Alex Hayden how to use a gun. Outlaw decided Hayden couldn't be Deadpool, since Alex was ambedextrous, but Wade was a little better with his right hand.

(Agent X#2) - Outlaw was one of five mercs hired by the Culver Sport and Gun Club to compete in stealing the Punisher's guns (with Agent X, B-1, Bloc and the Scalpel). She and Agent X took out the other mercs, then Outlaw popped the tires on Taskmaster's car, leaving Alex without transportation as she left on the mission. Later, as Outlaw was about to snipe the Punisher, Agent X arrived and fought her. When the Punisher was gone, they stopped fighting and Outlaw took Alex to a cowboy bar and then to her apartment. Next morning, Outlaw cooked breakfast and the two agreed to go after Punisher together. They broke into his apartment, but he returned. The mercs explained what they'd been hired to do and Punisher took their weapons, clothes and car leaving them naked as he went to kill the Culver Sport and Gun Club.

(Agent X#3) - Outlaw went with Alex and Sandi to check out Alex's amusement park. Later the two were hired to protect a jewelry store that had been repeatedly robbed by the same criminals.

(Agent X#4) - Outlaw called Alex to tell him that the employer was pleased with their work.

(Agent X#5) - Outlaw removed a bullet from Alex's throat, then prepared for a fight with a host of goons hired by the Four Winds.

(Agent X#6) - Taskmaster, Outlaw and Agent X split up to fight the mercenaries. Outlaw ran into Crossfire and the two had a showdown that resulted in Crossfire being shot in the eye, but Outlaw was also hurt. She and the others continued to fight until the next morning when they were finally triumphant and went to a restaurant to wait until it would be safe to go to a hospital without being found.

(Agent X#7) - When Alex proposed that they all form a team together, Outlaw told him that her father was sick and she needed to go back to Texas, and so she couldn't join Agency X.

(Agent X#14) - Inez attended memorial services for her father, then decided to leave Texas. Arriving at Sandi's apartment she found nobody home, but saw evidence that Sandi and Alex had slept together.

(Agent X#15) - Outlaw arrived at Alpine Park in time to witness a fight between Deadpool and Agent X and the Black Swan. Just as Swan was winning, Outlaw jumped in to save them. Though she was angry with Alex, she helped them enact their plan to kill Swan. After that was done, she joined Agency X and went on vacation with them.

(Deadpool V#27/10 (fb) ) - At some point Outlaw and Deadpool got married in front of guests including, but not limited to Captain America, Wolverine, Doop, Domino, Squirrel Girl, Agent X, Sandi and Ratbag. Agent X warned Deadpool of the dangers of Outlaw's superhuman strength when he learned they had not yet consummated their love. Outlaw and Deadpool spent their wedding night at the Shrubs of Mystery in Sandusky, Ohio. Outlaw's superhuman strength proved a bit more than Deadpool's pelvis could handle. Their honeymoon was a voyage through America with similar results each night in a hotel near the Biggest Ball of Lard in North Dakota, the Rat World Fun Time Family Park in Capte Disappointment, Washington and at the World's Biggest Indoor Septic Tank in Tampa Bay, Florida. Eventually Deadpool was glad when Rhino attacked them in another hotel and asked him for help, but Rhino didn't want to ruin Deadpool's honeymoon and was then quickly dealt with by Outlaw, who punched him through a window. She then returned to her husband to give him all the love he needed couldn't handle.

(Deadpool V#27/10 (fb) - BTS) - They eventually divorced.

(X-Men II#179) - Following the events of "M-Day" in which many mutants lost their powers, Outlaw teamed up with fellow mutant Peeper, and journeyed to the Xavier Institute for help; along the way they were attacked by the Leper Queen of the Sapien League, but Outlaw managed to drive her off.

(X-Men: The 198 Files - BTS) - Outlaw was known to O.N.E. (Office of National Emergency) to be one of the few mutants that retained their powers after M-Day.

(X-Men: The 198#2) - Outlaw showed new arrival Magma around the 198 camp, introducing her to some of the other refugees, and explaining their history at the Institute.

(X-Men: The 198#3) - Outlaw supported Magma as she accused Empath of using his powers to toy with her emotions.

(X-Men: The 198#4) - Outlaw joined an angry mob led by Erg to confront the X-Men about their promised protection. Outlaw and Erg both asked for O∗N∗E's tags to be removed from their bodies, but in the end it was fellow mutant Mr. M, who removed the tags from their bodies and helped them escape detainment at the camp only to be stopped by the X-Men. Outlaw stayed at the side of Magma most of the time because Empath kept following Magma. Outlaw liked the taste of the fungal growth in woods nearby Xavier's Institute.

(X-Men: The 198#5) - Outlaw was shocked when Magma seemingly murdered Mr. M, not knowing Magma was influenced by Johnny Dee, who was secretly working for O∗N∗E to do so. O∗N∗E returned her and the other escaped mutants to the 198 camp. She was present when Lorelei Travis, surrounded by butterflies (supposedly Mr. M reborn) entered the camp with a smile.

(Civil War: X-Men#1) - Outlaw participated in a riot led by Caliban against O∗N∗E soldiers. But this was just a diversion until Domino and Shatterstar arrived to take down the Sentinels. The X-Men failed to stop them which led to the escape of Outlaw and other 198 members alongside Domino and Shatterstar in a cloaked aircraft.

(Civil War: X-Men#2 - BTS) - Outlaw and the other escapees arrived at a base in the Nevada Desert that became their new home.

(Civil War: X-Men#3) - Johnny D, who was taking orders from General Lazer, took over Outlaw and threatened to shoot Domino, but Domino's luck saved her from getting shot (Outlaw pulled the trigger, but the pistol didn't work) and Toad jumped her. Outlaw came to her senses again and wondered why Toad was over her. Soon afterwards General Lazer actvitated from his office a self-destruct protocol in the Nevada Desert base to kill everyone within it.

(Civil War: X-Men#4) - Outlaw wanted to know what was happening outside, but the Internet was down and all outside cameras were dead because all communication lines to the outside were closed. Outlaw sent everyone at the base's door away from it shortly before it was blown open by the combined efforts of Cyclops, Bishop, the Sentinel Squad and Iron Man. Outlaw and the other mutants left the base and were brought to safety by helicopters and Sentinels before the base detonated.

(Cable & Deadpool#38) - When Agent X was captured while on a mission in Pakistan against Hydra, Sandi and Outlaw recruited Deadpool and his friend Weasel to rescue him. At the time, Deadpool had been shrunk to miniature size, and his perspective of Sandi and Outlaw's breasts inspired him to make lewd suggestions of how they could pay him back. Outlaw wasn't against the idea. While Deadpool was away, Outlaw and Sandi were captured by his enemy T-Ray.

(Cable & Deadpool#39) - Deadpool came to Outlaw and Sandi's rescue, and seemingly killed T-Ray. With Alex temporarily incapacitated by a Hydra-inflicted obesity, Deadpool was brought into Agency X to help them out, alongside Bob, former agent of Hydra.

(Cable & Deadpool#40) - Outlaw, Sandi, Deadpool, Bob and Agent X played a game of strip poker while they waited for Agency X's corporate jet to be prepared for a flight to Providence so that Deadpool could aid his sometimes-friend Cable. Outlaw wound up losing her top during the game.

(Cable & Deadpool#41) - Bob was flying Deadpool's jet and searched for blinkers, which Outlaw told him weren't even part of jets.

(Cable & Deadpool#43) - Outlaw, Sandi, Deadpool, Bob and Agent X ran a briefing on the Hydra base in Pakistan, where Weasel was being (cooperatively) held prisoner.

(Cable & Deadpool#45) - After Deadpool and Bob disappeared through a temporal accident, Outlaw, Sandi and Agent X watched as Weasel worked on a device to help locate them. When Weasel proved unable to make the device work with his own resources, Outlaw and Sandi went with Weasel to the Baxter Building to and were granted access to their time machine.

(Cable & Deadpool#46) - After Deadpool and Bob were safely brought back, Outlaw and Sandi decided to stay behind at the Baxter Building and join the Thing and Human Torch in a poker game. Both ladies departed hanging off the Torch's arms.

(Cable & Deadpool#47) - After Dr. Strange had sent Deadpool and Bob on a mystical journey in search of T-Ray's soul, Outlaw joined Weasel, Sandi and Agent X in observing him in his trance-like state. When they realized that Strange was aware of their spying, they all ran away.

(Cable & Deadpool#49) - Outlaw, Sandi, Weasel and Bob watched as Deadpool and Agent X fought each other in "contract negotiations." Just then, Irene Merryweather arrived with a mission for Deadpool in the Savage Land and he set off with Weasel and Bob.

(Cable & Deadpool#50) - As a result of Deadpool's mission, Manhattan was overrun with symbiote-ized dinosaurs. Outlaw and Sandi asked Agent X if he would join them against the dinosaurs, but he refused, still behaving as a glutton. Outlaw and Sandi went into the fray and were soon aided by Agent X. After Deadpool rid Manhattan of the symbiotes he returned home to watch t.v. with Weasel, Irene, Sandi, Outlaw, Bob and Agent X. Outlaw and Sandi finally managed to convince Agent X to take up a diet and lose his excess weight.

(Deadpool: Suicide Kings#2) - After a rough fight with the Punisher left him injured Deadpool fled to Outlaw's apartment. She let him stay until he healed up and didn't mind him bleeding on the floor because the cleaning lady would come this week anyway. Due to his injuries she was afraid he would go into shock and kept him talking about what had happened. Henry Russo, Punisher's tech guy, called Deadpool to pinpoint his location and Outlaw picked up because Deadpool had passed out.

   The next morning Deadpool was well again and he talked with Outlaw a bit before she left for a bikini wax. She told Deadpool how Agent X had lost 14 lbs. with the Jenny Craig diet and how she had a boyfriend she had met on Ashley Madison. She offered Deadpool to stay as long as he wanted to. After she left the Punisher attacked Deadpool in her apartment and trashed it.

(Deadpool: Suicide Kings#3 (fb) - BTS) - Outlaw was expelled from her apartment by her landlord. Deadpool later asked Outlaw's former landlord where to find Outlaw.

(Deadpool: Suicide Kings#3) - Deadpool visited Outlaw at the hotel she was staying in. She knocked him out when he called her Crazy Inez again then told him how angry she was because her new couch got destroyed during his fight with the Punisher. They talked about his current problems with Tombstone before he saw a guy watching them with binoculars from across the street. Deadpool asked Outlaw if the had put a deposit down for her new room before shooting the the window and using a grappling hook to get to the other side as fast as possible. Outlaw told him that he could've just opened the window.

(Deadpool: Suicide Kings#5 (fb) - BTS) - Deadpool bought Outlaw a new apartment with a couch and everything else she needed.

(Deadpool: Suicide Kings#5) - Deadpool showed Outlaw her new apartment and told her that he bought everything for her because he had ruined her last apartment and got her bounced from the hotel. It was his way to thank her for always being there for him and for being one of his few real friends. Outlaw thanked him by spending the night with him.

(New Mutants IV#14) - Outlaw was among the mutants assembled on Utopia inspired by Cyclops to fight an incoming wave of Nimrods for the future of the mutant race.

(Deadpool V#27/10 - BTS) - Deadpool told Captain America and Wolverine about his past marriage to Outlaw (even though both of them had attended the wedding back when it happened).

(Uncanny X-Men III#23) - Outlaw was seen walking around on the streets of Madripoor (or maybe it was a working girl dressed in a similar way).

Comments: Created by Gail Simone and Udon Studios (Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Eric Vedder, A-Zero, TR2)

Outlaw's apartment was decorated with images of her ancestor the Outlaw Kid.

Outlaw's relationship to the Outlaw Kid was finally identified in X-Men: The 198 Files.

Outlaw wears a wig and Alex was not happy to learn that it wasn't the only thing she had that wasn't real.

In the second story in Deadpool#1000 by David Lapham Outlaw was part of a dream Deadpool had in which she beat him up along with many others of his friends and allies.

Thanks for a few corrections to Loki & Darci.

Profile by Patrick D Ryall and Prime Eternal. Update by Markus Raymond (post 2008).

Outlaw should not be confused with:

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