Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: None

Group Membership: Formerly the 198 (Arclight, Collective Man, Johnny Dee, Diamond Lil, Empath, Erg, Fever Pitch, Karma, Lorelei (Travis), Mammomax, Mister M, Outlaw (Temple), Peepers, Scalphunter (Greycrow), Skids, Toad (Toynbee), others);
   formerly Morlocks/"Drain Dwellers" (Annalee, Ape (unrevealed), Caliban, Callisto, Erg, Leech, Masque (unrevealed), Piper (unrevealed), Skids (Blevins), Sunder (Hallett), Tar Baby, Zeek, unidentified others)

Affiliations: Power Pack (Energizer (Katie Power), Gee (Alex Power), Lightspeed (Julie Power), Mass-Master (Jack Power)), X-Factor/X-Terminators (Beast (McCoy), Cyclops (Summers), Iceman, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)), X-Men (Cyclops (Summers), Gambit, Havok (Summers), Nightcrawler (Wagner), Kitty Pryde, Rogue (Anna Marie));
   formerly the Office of National Emergency (Dr. Valerie Cooper, General Demetrius Lazer, Colonel Miguel Reyes, James Rhodes, Sentinel Squad O*N*E)

Enemies: Apocalypse, Famine (Yoshida), Marauders (Arclight/Philippa Sontag, Blockbuster/Michael Baer, Harpoon, Prism, Sabretooth, Scalphunter, Scrambler, Vertigo), Sapien League (Leper Queen, others), 1100 unidentified attendees of a Friends of Humanity rally

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Dreamer"

Base of Operations: Formerly the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center, New York;
   formerly the Morlock tunnels under New York City and the surrounding area

First Appearance: Power Pack I#12 (July, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Able to psionically alter and erase memories, Beautiful Dreamer's powers are projected through "dream smoke", usually focused through a cigarette. (see comments)

Height: 5'1'' (see comments)

Weight: 115 lbs.

History:  (X-Men: The 198 Files I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The real name and past of the mind-altering mutant known as Beautiful Dreamer are unknown.

(Power Pack I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed circumstances, Beautiful Dreamer came to live with the Morlocks, a community of mutants living in the tunnels under New York.

(Power Pack I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Beautiful Dreamer came to live with a subsection of Morlocks known as "drain dwellers", including the empathic Annalee and her children, Ape, Erg, Masque, Piper, and Tar Baby. The murder of Annalee's children by an unidentified "surface dweller" compelled the others to find a way to replace them for her. (see comments)

(Power Pack I#12) - Presented with the young members of the Power Pack as a replacement for Annalee's children, Beautiful Dreamer began to panic upon learning they were from the surface. Reassured that they were captured in the storm drains, Piper argued that they owed it to Annalee to provide her with children following her loss, which they considered their fault. Beautiful Dreamer waited with her fellow Morlocks for Masque (able to alter the appearance of others) to arrive, but soon ran to safety when Power Pack freed themselves and X-Men Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde arrived.

(Uncanny X-Men#195) - Beautiful Dreamer joined the Morlocks during a confrontation with Pryde for Energizer of the Power Pack, who Annalee wanted to keep as her child following her disfigurement by Masque.

(X-Factor I#10) - Waiting while Erg cooked hotdogs for the two of them, Beautiful Dreamer was shocked and horrified as Arclight, Harpoon, Sabretooth, and Scalphunter of the Marauders burst into the Morlock tunnels and began slaughtering mutants. Whisked away by Erg, Beautiful Dreamed cried for help as her friend Zeek was impaled on one of Harpoon's electrified weapons. Tripping over the body of a fallen Morlock, Erg dropped Beautiful Dreamer, leaving them to face the approaching Marauders. Rescued by Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast of X-Factor, Beautiful Dreamer recovered while Erg informed told X-Factor about their attackers.
   Following X-Factor as they rescued Ape and Tar Baby from Blockbuster and Vertigo, Beautiful Dreamer and the others ran into Arclight, Prism, and Scrambler. While they defeated their opponents, Cyclops and Beast were incapacitated with injuries.

(Power Pack I#27) - Beautiful Dreamer and her fellow surviving "drain dwellers" arrived at the X-Factor Complex and were met by fellow Morlock Skids who explained that the X-Terminators and X-Factor were one and the same. Shaken from the attack, Beautiful Dreamer was carried by Ape (who transformed himself into the shape of a bed).

(X-Men: The 198 Files#1 (fb) - BTS) - Following the massacre, Beautiful Dreamer quietly returned to the Morlock tunnels under New York. She remained there even as most of the survivors of the massacre were later killed during a flood or transported to another dimension.
   Beautiful Dreamer eventually returned to the surface when most of the global mutant population were de-powered.

(X-Men II#183 (fb) - BTS) - As one of the roughly 198 mutants left following the world-wide de-powering, Beautiful Dreamer sought refuge at the Xavier Institute grounds (alongside other Morlock survivors Erg, Leech, and Litterbug), under the supervision of the Office of National Emergency (O*N*E).

(X-Men II#183) - Beautiful Dreamer joined other members of the 198 as they confronted the X-Men in the wake of Apocalypse's declaration that he would provide hope and salvation to the dwindling mutant race. She was later stricken with severe hunger pains following the arrival of Apocalypse's first Horseman Famine, formerly the X-Man Sunfire.

(X-Men: The 198#3 - BTS) - The O*N*E implanted small electronic tags on the 198 to track them for their safety (while allowing the O*N*E to better control them in case they caused trouble).

(X-Men: The 198#4) - Beautiful Dreamer joined a gathering of the 198 lead by Erg to protest the tag implants which were assumed to have killed fellow 198'er Jazz, and badly injured the elephantine Mammomax. Met by the X-Men and O*N*E officials Dr. Valerie Cooper and Colonel Miguel Reyes, Beautiful Dreamer watched as Erg faced down the barrel of Reyes' gun before being downed by his tag, then as the mysterious and powerful Mr. M began removing and disabling tags.

(X-Force III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Following the closure of the Xavier Institute and the X-Men's relocation to San Francisco, Beautiful Dreamer responded to an open invitation for all mutants to come to their new facility. Journeying across the United States, Beautiful Dreamer was captured in St. Louis by the Leper Queen and her Sapien League and injected with a sample of the Legacy Virus.

(X-Force III#12) - Released outside a Friends of Humanity rally in Ames, Iowa, Beautiful Dreamer's powers began to flare out of control creating a panic. As her powers spread, wiping their minds of the 1100 attendees and killing them, Beautiful Dreamer died, her body burning out from the exertion.

(X-Force III#12 - BTS) - The X-Men discussed Beautiful Dreamer's death, Vanisher's query as to who Beautiful Dreamer was, answered by Angel who replied that she was a Morlock who wasn't even worth killing. When the subject of the 1100 human deaths came up, Wolverine noted Beautiful Dreamer's powers and that she wasn't a murderer.




Comments: Created by Louise Simonson & June Brigman

Beautiful Dreamer received brief profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition I#9's Morlocks section, and in X-Men: The 198 Files I#1. The former states her height as 5'8'', the latter 5'1''; in lieu of further information it's assumed the more recently given height is the better accurate of the two.

While Beautiful Dreamer's powers are usually used via cigarette smoke, her Legacy Virus induced power flare-up had her creating her "dream smoke" herself. Presumably, should Beautiful Dreamer return (stanger things've happened), her powers will be used in this fashion following Marvel's ban on the use of tobacco products.

In her earliest appearances, Beautiful Dreamer appears to be an awkwardly thin, older woman wearing tattered clothing (including an old feather boa). By the time she made return appearances, Beautiful Dreamer became depicted as a much younger woman, more averagely skinny than the gaunt figure of her earlier appearances, and her clothing style appeared less scraps of clothing from her younger days, and more a quirky fashion choice.

The killer of Annalee's children was later identified as Scalphunter of the Marauders in Uncanny X-Men I#211.

Profile by G Morrow.

CLARIFICATIONS: Beautiful Dreamer has no known connections to

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