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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant (Morlocks)

Occupation: Director of Krakoan Healing Gardens, healer

Group Membership: None;
formerly Morlocks (Annalee, Ape, Beautiful Dreamer, Berzeker, Blowhard, Caliban, Callisto, Chicken Wings/Jakub Kurczak, Cybelle, Erg, Jo, Leech, Masque, Mole, Piper, Plague, Scaleface, Sunder, Tar Baby, Tommy, Zeek and unrevealed others)

Affiliations: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Banshee (Sean Cassidy), Black Tom Cassidy, Tom Corsi, the Five (Egg/Fabio Medina, Elixir/Joshua Foley, Proteus/Kevin MacTaggert, Hope Summers, Tempus/Eva Bell), Sharon Friedlander, Legion (David Haller), Lockheed, Lost (Marinette), Moira MacTaggert, New Mutants (Boom-Boom/Tabitha Smith, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Karma/Xi'an Coy Manh, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Magma/Amara Aquilla, Mondo, Moonstar/Dani Moonstar, Sunspot/Roberto da Costa, Warlock), Pixie (Megan Gwynn), Polaris (Lorna Dane), Power Pack (Alex Power, Jack Power, Julie Power, Katie Power), Prestige (Rachel Summers), Mikhail Rasputin, Dr. Cecilia Reyes, Rictor (Julio Richter), Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro), Sage, Amanda Sefton, Spike (Gary Walsh), Strong Guy (Guido Carosella), Alyssande Stuart, Warpies, Wildside (Richard Gill), X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Ariel/Kitty Pryde, Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Emma Frost, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Lockheed, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett)

Enemies: Horsemen of Apocalypse (Caliban, Famine/Autumn Rolfson, War/Abraham Kieros), Marauders (Arclight/Philippa Sontag, Blockbuster/Michael Baer, Harpoon/Kodiak Noatak, Malice, Prism/Robbie, Riptide/Janos Questad, Sabretooth/Victor Creed, Scalphunter/John Greycrow, Scrambler/Kim Il Sung, Vertigo), Reavers (Bonebreaker, Cole, Lady Deathstrike, Macon, Donald Pierce, Pretty Boy, Reese, Skullbuster), XENO

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Healing Gardens, Krakoa;
                                  formerly Muir Island research center; Scotland, United Kingdom
                                   formerly The Alley, Morlock tunnels, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Uncanny X-Men I#170 (June, 1983); (seen) Uncanny X-Men I#178 (March, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: The Morlock Healer possessed the mutant ability to tap into the specific genes that cause and regulate superhuman mutations. By accessing them, he could direct the mutagenic energy produced within those cells to accelerate the body's natural healing process. This way, the Healer could force the body to rapidly recover from cuts, bruises and broken bones. He needs only moments for his powers to take effect, though taking care of multiple patients or extensive injuries can be draining. The exact limits of his healing abilities have not been revealed, Healer could not return the deceased to life, nor was he able to counter diseases caused by his fellow Morlock Plague. His powers also didn't affect baseline humans. The Healer was a loyal Morlock who was willing to risk his own life for the good of his people and blindly obedient to whoever ruled the underground community.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey


(Uncanny X-Men I#170 (fb) - BTS) - Shunned by society, the man known only as Healer joined the underground misfits known as the Morlocks at some unrevealed point in the past (see comments). He quickly became a valued member of their subterranean society because of his mutant gifts to mend wounds and knit bones. However, some diseases proved beyond his ability, such as the afflictions caused by his fellow Morlock Plague.

(Uncanny X-Men I#170 - BTS) - When the X-Man Ariel (Kitty Pryde) was deadly ill after Plague touched her, Nightcrawler asked Caliban if there was a healer among them. In response, the Morlock tracker told of the Healer and his ability to knit wounds and broken bones, but also revealed his restorative abilities could not cure the sicknesses brought on by Plague.

(Uncanny X-Men I#179) - The Morlock Healer was brought in to help out the X-Men following their battle against the Brotherhood of Mutants which left Colossus frozen in a semi-molten form. Planning a strategy to help the severly injured X-Man, Rogue agreed to take over his organic-steel powers which would return Colossus to normal. When he reverted to Piotr Rasputin, the Healer quickly went to work to mend his many wounds and bruises, easily restoring the Russian youth to full vitality.

(New Mutants I#20) - Storm summoned the Morlock Healer to the hospital Dani Moonstar was committed to after she was seriously injured fighting the Demon Bear. Even though doctors had predicted she would remain handicapped because of the severity of her wounds, the Healer cured all her ills while she slept. A thankful Storm told Healer she owed him, a promise he immediately dismissed, stating his fealty and services were hers by right.

(Uncanny X-Men I#193 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed circumstances, the Healer was forced to deal with an unusually high amount of injuries. The continuous need for his services left him in a general shape that was less than tip-top.

(Uncanny X-Men I#193 - BTS) - Shortly after he was severly injured following a beating, Charles Xavier was dragged into the sewers by several unidentified Morlocks who brought him to the Healer who had a tough time trying to save the professor's life. The effort to restore Xavier to a semblance of normalcy left him so thoroughly drained, the Morlock's leader Callisto figured he would be of little use to his community for quite some time.

(X-Men Legends I#11 - BTS) - Apocalypse's Horsemen Caliban brought Famine and War with him to show the Morlocks were worthy to produce a replacement Horsemen following the loss of Death and Pestilence.

(X-Men Legends I#11) - Healer, Erg, Feral and Masque were making their way through the Morlock tunnels when they were approached Apocalypse's Horsemen Caliban. However, when Caliban realized Famine and War were torturing several Morlocks to pass the time he quickly returned before actually talking to Healer and the others. Fearing the Marauders had somehow returned to the Tunnels, Healer and his group followed Caliban to find stumble upon the real situation; War and Famine had defeated several members of the New Mutants who'd arrived to help the Morlocks. Realizing the situation was in dire need of their help, Healer stood by as Erg opposed War while Feral jumped Famine. While Erg kept War busy, Masque gruesomely rearranging the Horseman's face which in turn freed Erg to defeat Famine with his electrically-charged eye-blast. Still loyal to Apocalypse, Caliban made his offer to the Morlocks and the New Mutants, but found no takers. Before Masque could turn against his former Morlock ally, Caliban teleported himself and the Horsemen back to the Ship where they found Apocalypse waiting for them. Healer then stepped in to revive his fellow Morlocks.

(Uncanny X-Men I#207 - BTS) - The X-Men decided to bring Wolverine to the Morlock Healer after his mutant healing ability was strained to the max following repeated fights against the Beyonder, the Sentinels and Lady Deathstrike. The Healer did what he could, but Logan's condition remained near critical.

(Uncanny X-Men I#212 - BTS) - While the Marauders were cutting a deadly swath through the Morlock habitat, the Healer managed to hide in a relatively unknown part of the tunnels. Some time after the Marauders had made their move, he was confident enought to come out, just as the Marauder Sabetooth (Victor Creed) was wandering the tunnels looking for strays and survivors. Picking up on Healer's scent, he moved in for the kill.

(Uncanny X-Men I#212) - Healer was saved by the arrival of the X-Man Wolverine who recognized the Morlock and his potential use to the many injured back at the mansion. He slyly managed to keep Sabretooth distracted, causing a partial collapse of the Morlock tunnels to allow him to return back to Westchester with the Healer who was shaken up but otherwise ready to help.

(Uncanny X-Men I#213 - BTS) - Following an attack by Sabretooth on the X-Men's mansion, Callisto and Storm decided the safest place for Sunder and the other injured Morlocks would be Moira MacTaggert's mutant research center on Muir Island. Using the Blackbird as a ferry service, the X-Men started transporting the wounded, presumably with the Healer on one of the first transports.

(Uncanny X-Men I#254 - BTS) - During his extended stay on Muir Island, the Healer befriended staff members like Sean Cassidy, Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander. He was also friendly with visiting X-Men allies such as Lorna Dane, Amanda Sefton and Alyssande Stuart.

(Uncanny X-Men I#254) - When the Reavers attacked Muir Island and shot Banshee (Sean Cassidy) through the chest, the Healer was on hand to take care of the lethal wound. He restored Cassidy to full health within mere moments.

(Uncanny X-Men I#278) - The Morlock Healer was manning the Muir Island infirmary, ready to treat mutants injured during the bloodsports Moira MacTaggert (influenced by the Shadow King) hosted in the arena. Among his confirmed patients was the mutant stronghouse Strong Guy.

(Uncanny X-Men I#291 - (fb) - BTS ) - Some time after the Shadow King crisis, the Healer left Muir Island and returned home where he tried to reform the Morlocks, only to find he didn't agree with the direction his people had taken under their new leader Masque's command.

(Uncanny X-Men I#291 (fb) ) - Following Masque's apparent death, the Morlock Healer decided it would be for the best if their former leader Callisto (now living in Manhattan and working as a model) returned to assume command. When he awaited Callisto in her appartment to request her aid, she defiantly cursed him out, claiming "those pathetic monstrosities" were no longer her concern. This furiated the Morlocks that had insisted on accompanying the Healer and led to them attacking both Callisto and the Healer. Despite sustaining serious wounds, Callisto managed to escape with the Healer in tow, figuring she'd best turn to the X-Men for help.

(Uncanny X-Men I#291) - Exhausted and wounded, Callisto showed up on the X-Men's doorstep, alerting them to the fact the Healer was equally injured, lying just beyond the porch. Both Morlocks were brought to the team's medical bay for treatment. Professor Xavier used his telepathy to enter Callisto's mind and share with the X-Men what she'd experienced after discovering Healer in her appartment.

   While the X-Men and their houseguest Mikhail Rasputin discussed how to deal with the Morlock issue outside the sick bay, the Morlock medicine man revived and approached his former leader. The Healer used all of his remaining mutant energies in an attempt to restore Callisto to full health. In the end, his efforts proved insufficient. He did succeed at completely healing all her injuries, while at the same time inadvertently reverting the attractive Callisto to the thoroughly unappealing form she appeared as while leading the Morlocks. The X-Men tried to get used to her gruesome shape, as the emaciated form of the Healer lay smoldering in a corner of the medical wing.


(X-Force VI#1 - BTS) - Following the Krakoan resurrection protocols, Healer was among the many mutants resurrected by the Five (Egg, Elixir, Proteus, Hope Summers, Tempus). Healer was one of many who accepted the invitation to remain on the sovereign mutant island nation, ruled by the Quiet Council. Appointed director of Krakoan's sickbay the Healing Gardens, Healer and other medical staff would attend to injured mutants.

(X-Force VI#1) - Healer was at work in the Healing Gardens where he helped dozens of new and injured mutants brought in from a refugee boat. However, as his new patients were all Russians he asked Jean Grey to telepathically check where they were hurting, Grey simply replied his patients were hurting everywhere.

(X-Force VI#2) - When Krakoa was invaded by a group of assassins send by the mysterious cabal XENO it cost the lives of 33 mutants, including Charles Xavier. To learn how the human assassins could invade the island their corpses were studied in the Healing Gardens. Healer assisted Sage and Dr. Cecilia Reyes as they examined the bodies learning part of Domino's skin had been grafted onto their own skin, thus granting them access to Krakoa. Only one of the assassins was still alive, Healer was tasked with keeping him alive.

(X-Force VI#3) - Healer was still working with the remaining assassin but when he was called away by Sage a mysterious figure appeared and silently killed the assassin.

(X-Force VI#3 - BTS) - With the last assassin dead, the bodies detonated. Their skeletons became shrapnel which tore Healer apart. Healer, however, was fast-tracked for resurrection.

(Wolverine VII#2) - Resurrected, Healer returned to his work in the Healing Gardens where he used his abilities to heal Wolverine after the X-Man had been dumped through a Krakoan gate by CIA agent Jeff Bannister.

(New Mutants IV#11) - After the New Mutants and Wildside returned from a mission in Carnelia, dealing with new mutant Cosmar they were examined by Healer in the Healings Gardens. Healer took their blood and found a small anesthetic that he didn't recognize still present in the bloodstream.

(Marauders I#11) - Healer was contacted by Emma Frost to examine Lockheed after Kate Pryde was murdered by Sebastian Shaw. Healer sensed Lockheed was cared for but was exhausted and dehydrated from his voyage. Frost asked Healer to keep his return a state secret.

(X-Force VI#12 - BTS) - Fearing Sage had sustained a concussion, Beast reached out to Healer who supplied him with a bio-pack.

(X of Swords: Creation) - Healer took care of the severely injured Banshee after he was attacked by the Horsemen of Apocalypse in Otherworld.

(X-Factor IV#4) - Healer received two additional patients later that day, Rictor and Apocalypse after falling into the Summoner's trap. Feeling Apocalypse was more important than Rictor, Healer focused his powers on the ancient mutant causing him to awaken. Apocalypse, however, was furious he would let Rictor die and used his psychic abilities to strangle Healer. Rachel Summers then attacked Apocalypse and successfully rescued Healer. Rictor was later resurrected by the Five.

(X-Men V#13) - Still looking after Apocalypse, Healer received help from Dr Reyes and McCoy to restrain the ancient mutant from hurting himself. It wasn't until Polaris used her powers to keep Apocalypse down a plan was discussed to fully heal Apocalypse. While Xavier and Magneto looked on, Hope Summers used her abilities to augment Healer's powers and successfully healed Apocalypse.

(X-Force VI#17) - When another of Quentin Quire's mission's failed he ended up (without his head) in the Healing Gardens where Healer was about to compost the corpse when Phoebe Cuckoo piggybacked Healer's mind to check wether Quire had killed humans during his mission, he didn't.

(X-Men: The Trial of Magneto#1 - BTS) - When Magneto had been injured in a fight against the X-Men and X-Factor who believed the master of magnetism had been responsible for murdering the Scarlet Witch, he was brought into the Healing Gardens. Doctor Reyes believed Healer or Elixer would be able to wake Magneto up whenever X-Factor would return for questioning.

(Way of X#5) - Healer and Professor X discussed the Healing Garden's newest patient, Fabian Cortez. While helping Krakoa in their fight against Onslaught he ended up catatonic. Healer suggested it would be best to euthanize and resurrect the patient, Xavier however refused, believing the disruptive mutant shouldn't be prioritized for resurrection.

(Legion of X#1 - BTS) - When the young mutant Spike (Gary Walsh) was brought into the Healing Gardens after seemingly cutting off his own hand Healer successfully rescued the boys life by placing a protective green bubble over his wound.

(Legion of X#1) - Healer was using his abilities to heal mutants in the Healing Gardens when Pixie and Lost came to speak with Spike, believing a skinjacker was taking possession of different Krakoan's. Overhearing the conversation, Healer explained the possessor made him take painkillers before self-mutilating, but since Spike had a healing factor metabolized it too fast he was in severe agony. The mutants later discovered the true culprit, Switch (Devon Alomar).

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Romita Jr., and Dan Green.

It always struck me as a little weird the Morlock Healer had to become a homeless vagrant when his abilities could potentially allow him to live quite comfortably in regular society. Then again, considering he was only able to treat mutants, he might have been a little ahead of his time. If he'd been around during the 2001-2004 period in comics during which mutancy was all the rage, he'd have been a hit down in District X.

It's hard to precisely determine the Healer's affiliations among the Morlocks. Considering he was part of Callisto's inner circle, one can assume most of the Morlocks knew who he was, even if he himself was only vaguely aware of them, only encountering them when they needed his aid.

Just how old was the Morlock Healer? Given his penchant for antiquated speech patterns (the man was throwing "thees", "thous" and "thines" around like an Asgardian), he might well be several centuries old. Presumably, that would also indicate the Healer could use his restorative abilities to lengthen his own lifespan.

Healer, either solo or as part of the Morlocks, was profiled in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9 and Marvel Encyclopedia#1: X-Men.

Profile by Norvo.

The Healer should not be confused with

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