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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant, citizen of Krakoa

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None;
    formerly Morlocks (Ape, Beautiful Dreamer, Chicken Wings/Jakub Kurczak, Erg, Feral/Maria Callasantos, Grover, Healer, Masque)

Affiliations: Iceman (Robert Drake), Magma (Amara Aquilla), New Mutants (Boom-Boom/Tabitha Smith, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Psyche/Dani Moonstar, Rictor/Julio Rictor, Rusty/Russell Collins, Skids/Sally Blevins, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Warlock, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), Opal Tanaka, Third Eye

Enemies: Horsemen of Apocalypse (Caliban, Famine/Autumn Rolfson, War/Abraham Kieros), Marauders, Sabretooth (Victor Creed)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Krakoa;
    formerly Bronx;
    formerly The Alley, Morlock tunnels, Manhattan, New York;
    formerly New York City, New York (place of birth)

First Appearance: X-Factor I#51 (February, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Mole possesses the ability to energize anything he touches. He can temporarily make the matter immaterial, allowing him to pass through it, and then reform it. In addition, he can disintegrate the matter permanently. This is effective on stone, steel, wood, and most conventional materials. This enables him to "burrow" virtually anywhere he desires, as well as to leave barriers behind him to prevent others from following him. His eyes are sensitive to bright light, forcing him to where sunglasses when on the surface.
As an inhabitant of Krakoa he's able to speak Krakoan and has access to the many Krakoan portals granting him access to the corners of the world and beyond.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 4'9")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 120 lbs.)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown


(X-Factor I#51 - BTS) - The mutant who would become known as Mole was cast out of society, presumably because of his visible mutation. He found his way to the Morlocks, an underground mutant community who lived in the sewer tunnels of New York.

(Sabretooth IV#2 - BTS) - Mole befriended Jakub Kurczak or Chicken Wings as he was known within the Morlocks community.

(X-Factor I#51 (fb) - BTS) - During the event known as the Morlock Massacre, the Marauders decimated the Morlocks. Mole and his friends Chicken Wings and Grover were but a few of the lucky mutants who managed to survive the massacre, although Chicken Wings lost his arm in an attack by the lethal Sabretooth.

(X-Men Legends I#11) - Chicken Wings, Mole, Ape and Beautiful Dreamer made their way through the Tunnels when suddenly Apocalypse's Horsemen Caliban, Famine and War appeared. Apocalypse's hound had brought Famine and War with him to show the Morlocks were worthy to produce a replacement Horsemen following the loss of Death and Pestilence. Beautiful Dreamer and the Morlocks misstook the trio for Marauders and fled. But while Caliban went off on his own to track more powerful Morlock, War and Famine managed to capture Ape and Dreamer and began torturing them to pass the time. Meanwhile Chicken Wings and Mole ran into the New Mutants during their escape. The team agreed to help them and arrived to stop War and Famine from killing Ape and Dreamer. However, they were no real match for Apocalypse's forces. Famine instantly drained Cannonball and Wolfsbane of their energies while War took down everyone but Boom-Boom and Rictor with his kinetic shockwaves.

(X-Men Legends I#11 - BTS) - Using his enhanced hound senses, Caliban located Erg, Feral, Masque and Healer but before he could make contact with them, he felt the impact of War's sonic boom, which threatened to destabilize the Tunnels.

(X-Men Legends I#11) - Ape and most of the New Mutants had already been defeated by the Horsemen when Caliban returned, pleading with them to stop the senseless assault. The Horsemen refused to take orders from "Apocalypse's jumped-up pet" and turned on him, planning to destroy the Tunnels and burying him and the others in the rubble. Danielle Moonstar fought back by manifesting War's biggest fear, which allowed Erg, Feral, Masque and Healer to arrive and join the fight. Erg successfully defeated Famine with his electrically-charged eye-blast while Masque took out War by gruesomely rearranging his face. Still loyal to Apocalypse, Caliban made his offer to the Morlocks and the New Mutants, but found no takers. Before Masque could turn against his former Morlock ally, Caliban teleported himself and the Horsemen back to the Ship where they found Apocalypse waiting for them. Ape and the others were then revived by the Healer.

(X-Factor I#51 (fb) - BTS) - Learning Sabretooth was hunting down survivors of the Morlock Massacre, Mole and his friend Chicken Wings began searching for their friend and fellow survivor, Grover who'd gone missing for two days. The duo searched for Grover's foraging spots near a deli and a bakery but failed to locate the Morlock.

(X-Factor I#51) - Discussing what could've happened to their friend, Chicken Wings and Mole made their way through a back alley when Sabretooth swooped down to attack the duo. As Sabretooth grabbed Chicken Wings by the throat he punched Mole to the side who could only watch as his longtime friend was violently murdered. With his dying breath Chicken Wings urged his friend to tell others of Sabretooth's return after which Mole quickly fled. Injured and hunted by the murderer, Mole used his mutant ability to burrow through a wall and closed it after making his way through, thus ending the trail Sabretooth followed. The villain, however, vowed he wouldn't rest until he could hunt him down. Mole found himself in the basement of Acme Records, a music store run by Rick Carmichael and his assistant Opal Takanaka. And it didn't take long for kindhearted Opal to find Mole in the store's basement. After an initial scare, Opal realized the short mutant was injured and in desperate need of help and decided to let him stay in the basement all whilst taking care of him.

(X-Factor I#52) - The following morning, Mole was eager to see Opal and peeked through a keyhole to see her bickering with Carmichael. But when Opal opened the basement-door it hit Mole in the head and send him flying down the stairs. After making sure Mole was alright, Opal gave the scrappy mutant a hot meal, assuring he'd be safe while hiding in the basement. Somewhat later that day the store was visited by famed mutant Iceman who immediately made a move on the gorgeous Opal, something which Mole saw through the keyhole, causing him to become overprotective. When Iceman returned at the end of the day to take Opal out to dinner the overprotective Mole decided to follow the duo and quickly disintegrated the door to leave the basement, leaving a large smoldering hole.

(X-Factor I#53) - Following Iceman and Opal through the snow covered streets of New York, Mole witnessed how the duo arrived at the Mexican restaurant only to find out it had gone out of business. Mole became angry when he learned Opal planning to bring Iceman back to her loft for pizza while he had to hid in a basement reasoning she'd only thought of him as a monster. Upset and misguided, Mole was determined to protect Opal from Iceman. Not long after, Mole accidentally disintegrated a portion of a crane, causing it to drop on the two. Believing it to be an attack from an evil mutant, Iceman quickly saved Opal and attacked Mole, freezing the scruffy mutant. Mole, however, easily broke free due to his mutant powers after which he used his powers to disintegrate Iceman's iceslide, causing the hero to fall from a great height. Recognizing Mole, Opal quickly jumped between the both mutants, revealing she knew Mole after which Iceman stood down. After revealing why he was following Iceman and Opal, Mole decided to return to the Tunnels, believing the coast was clear for him, unaware Sabretooth was watching him from afar. After saying their goodbye's and receiving a hug from Opal, Mole returned to the sewers. Unfortunately, Sabretooth was waiting for him there.

(Sabretooth IV#2 - BTS) - As Sabretooth loomed over Mole, ready to strike, Mole's instinct suddenly kicked in causing the Morlock to fall through the Earth. Sealing the ground above him as he burrowed deep into the ground. Sabretooth, however, tried following Mole but was unable to find the Morlock who landed on the abandoned Lower East Side Express Project after which he took off.

(Sabretooth IV#2 - BTS) - Proud he'd survived a Sabretooth attack, Mole decided it best to move far away from the Tunnels and moved to the Bronx. Mole found he was treated kindly by the locals but was scraping by to make ends meet. Mole often wondered why nobody ever came looking for him when some mutants like Professor X could find mutants everywhere.

(Sabretooth IV#2 - BTS) - Learning Charles Xavier and Magneto had established the sovereign mutant island-nation of Krakoa he decided to give the new country a try.

(Sabretooth IV#1) - Mole woke up from his sleep to find a ghostlike image of Sabretooth, dressed as Corsair of the Starjammers, pointing a cutlass at him. Mole brushed it off as a nightmare unaware more Krakoans had encountered visions of Sabretooth. In reality Sabretooth had been exiled to the Pit but was granted mental freedom by Krakoa who felt the killer had been judged too harshly. Although his body stayed incapacitated his mind roamed free, a mind so strong it began to peek through to reality.

(Sabretooth IV#2) - Mole was approached by another one of Krakoa's exiled, Third Eye. Like Sabretooth, Third Eye was able to peek through to reality and convinced Mole that the Quiet Council had unjustly sentenced Sabretooth and the other exiled to the Pit and urged the former Morlock to seek help. Determined to save the mutants all while keeping the secret for Charles Xavier, Mole sought out some of the more important mutants like Apocalypse, Storm, Wolverine and even Archangel but none willing to hear his plea.

(Sabretooth IV#3 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing he'd had to change tactics, Mole began talking to the invisible and ignored mutants figuring that there was power in being forgotten.

(Sabretooth IV#3) - Several weeks passed since Mole was once again visited by Third Eye who believed it had only been a day since they last spoke. Mole discussed his new tactics with Third Eye noting that while all mutants are equal some where more equal than others. Later that day Mole was seen speaking to a large crowd of mutants in a dark cave while others like Skin and Bling! did the same.

(Sabretooth IV#4) - Believing that Magma could help the exiled escape the Pit, Mole reached out to the Krakoan. Magma and Mole met by a campfire at night to discuss what had transpired unaware they were being watched by Sabretooth who was now able to cross over to reality at command. When the duo heard a sudden sound Mole gasped and felt like someone stepped on his grave.

(Sabretooth IV#5 (fb) - BTS) - Magma agreed to help Mole help the exiled mutants and unleashed a powerful undersea volcanic eruption. The attack was a sudden shock for Krakoa's system, to survive the impact, the living island reached out to every mutant near the eruption draining their energy. Knocking out hundreds, amongst them Mole and Magma.

(Sabretooth IV#5) - Mole and Magma were seen lying unconscious, with no witnesses around Sabretooth successfully escaped captivity. Meanwhile Cypher helped the other exiled mutants escape as well, these mutants were: Third Eye, Oya, Nekra, Melter, Madison Jeffries, Nanny, Orphan Maker and Toad. Sometime later, Mole, Magma and the other mutants affected by Krakoa draining regained consciousness. Content with the fact his plan had worked, Mole thanked Magma after which he left realizing many Krakoans now knew how Professor X and the Quiet Council had unjustly sentenced many mutants to the Pit.

Comments: Created by Louise Simonson and Terry Shoemake.

X-Men Legends I#11 (February, 2022) takes place before New Mutants I#77 (March, 1989) chronologically making it Mole's first appearance.

Profile has been fully reworked, rewritten, updated and extended by MarvellousLuke.

Original profile by Snood, new profile by MarvellousLuke

Mole has no known connections to

Images: (without ads)
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X-Factor I#51, p5, pan4&5 (using mutant powers)
X-Factor I#51, p18, pan5&6 (meeting Opal)
Sabretooth IV#3, p11, pan4 (power in being forgotten)

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