full bodyTAR BABY

Real Name:  Unrevealed

Identity/Class:  Human mutant

Occupation:  None

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no known criminal record

Marital Status: Unrevealed

Group Membership:  The Morlocks/Drain Dwellers

Affiliations: Boom-Boom, Rusty Collins, The Drain Dwellers (Annalee, Ape, Beautiful Dreamer, Erg, Leech, Piper), Artie Maddicks, the mutants incarcerated in the Neverland camp (Siena Blaze, Bulwark, Diamond Lil, Maggott, Random, Reaper, Dr. Cecelia Reyes, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, Billy Taylor, Wendy Taylor, Wildside, numerous other unnamed mutants), Nightcrawler, Power Pack (Energizer, Gee, Lightspeed, Mass Master), Kitty Pryde, Skids, X-Factor (Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl); indirectly Storm, the X-Men

Enemies:  Boxbots, Marauders (Blockbuster, Vertigo), the Weapon X Program (The Director, Madison Jeffries, Garrison Kane, Marrow, Mesmero, Sabretooth, Sauron, Washout, Wild Child);
formerly Power Pack (Energizer, Gee, Lightspeed, Mass Master)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Height:  6'1" Weight:  155 lbs.
Eyes:  White, no visible pupils or irises
Hair:  Presumably black

Base of Operations: The Alley, beneath Manhattan, New York

First Appearance:  Power Pack I#12 (July, 1985)

Powers/Abilities:  Tar Baby's body resembled a tar-like substance that could stick to anything that comes into contact with it. He was often covered in papers and trash due to the stickiness of his skin.

head shotHistory: (Power Pack I#12) - Feeling that they owed it to Annalee for the death of her children, Tar Baby and the other members of the Morlock Drain Dwellers battled the Power Pack, who had wandered into the sewer drain looking for their lost school books. Power Pack was quickly captured by the Drain Dwellers and brought to Annalee, who tried to have the Morlock Beautiful Dreamer alter their memories. An investigating Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde soon arrived and discovered the captive children, who made a break for it. During the scuffle that ensued, Tar Baby attempted to grab Mass Master but was tricked by Kitty Pryde into sticking himself to a nearby wall. Eventually, Power Pack's Lightspeed suggested that Annalee take care of the Morlock Leech instead of mourning over her deceased children, but Annalee declined. With the battle calmed, the Drain Dwellers apologized to Power Pack, claiming that they were affected by Annalee's empathic abilities, and the children returned home.

(Uncanny X-Men#195) - While Callisto was away from the Alley, Masque took charge of another attempt at forcing the members of Power Pack to become Annalee's children. After Beautiful Dreamer had altered their parents memories, the Power children returned to the Alley to investigate why the Morlocks had turned on them again, but Masque, Tar Baby, Erg, and Ape jumped them, and Tar Baby caught Mass Master and Lightspeed by sticking them to his body. Energizer escaped, but the other three had their memories altered to believe they were Annalee's children. The X-Men intervened to aid Energizer, and when Callisto returned she forced Beautiful Dreamer to undo the effects of her powers.

(X-Factor I#10) - When the Marauders invaded the Alley and began to massacre its population, Tar Baby and Ape found themselves assaulted by Blockbuster and Vertigo. They tried to fight back, but Blockbuster hurled Tar Baby at Ape, taking them both out of the fight. They were rescued by Iceman, Beast and Cyclops of X-Factor, who provided protection from the Marauders as they continued to search for survivors.

(Power Pack I#27) - Tar Baby, Ape, Erg, and Beautiful Dreamer were escorted to X-Factor's headquarters where they found Skids was already in residence, and she helped them settle into the base while X-Factor returned to the Alley to find more survivors.

(X-Factor I#11) - Tar Baby witnessed the arrival of the Tunnelers (Berzerker, Blow-Hard, Masque, and Scaleface) to X-Factor's base, and was disappointed to see they had survived, as Drain Dwellers and Tunnelers had a long-standing dislike of each other. The Tunnelers were almost all wiped out in an ill-advised attempt at leaving X-Factor.

(X-Factor I#12) - Tar Baby and the other mutants living with X-Factor gathered for breakfast, and Tar Baby helped serve food by temporarily sticking plates all over his body. However, when Leech arrived for breakfast his power was nullified, and the plates fell everywhere.

(X-Factor I#15) - Tar Baby, Erg, Ape, Masque and Beautiful Dreamer ultimately decided to leave X-Factor and return to the Alley in the hopes of rebuilding their society and locating more survivors.

 (Weapon X II#5) - Tar Baby was eventually rounded up by the Weapon X Program and placed in their internment camp called Neverland. He, along with numerous other mutants, was branded with a red letter "M" and lead to his presumed extermination.

Comments: Created by Louise Simonson, June Brigman, and Bob Wiacek.

Tar Baby is sometimes depicted as an African-American.

In Cable/Deadpool#9, Deadpool quips: "Us muties gotta stick together, right? Sometimes literally. I ever tell you 'bout the time I ran into Tar Baby in the sewer system?"

Profile by Proto-Man and Prime Eternal


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