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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human (West Samoan) mutant

Occupation: Adventurer; former student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None;
formerly Black Tom Cassidy, Juggernaut (Cain Marko)

Enemies: Cordelia Frost, Generation X (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Chamber/Jonothon Starsmore, Husk/Paige Guthrie, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Penance/Monet St. Croix, Skin/Angelo Espinosa, White Queen/Emma Frost)

Known Relatives: Mondo (clone, deceased)

Aliases: "Son" (nickname used by Black Tom Cassidy)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Black Tom's secret hideout;
                                  formerly Apia, West Samoa

First Appearance: Generation X#3 (January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Mondo is an omnimorph who can adopt the properties of the ambient environment, completely transforming his body into whichever organic or inorganic substances he chooses. Mondo has converted his form into water, snow, dirt, concrete, mud and plant-life. In addition, Mondo can manipulate the properties of the substance into which he transforms, adding those materials to his bulk and maintaining control over them. Mondo has used these properties to increase his strength (concrete) and to squeeze through tight places (water). Mondo maintains control of his form in its various states. He is vulnerable to sonic attacks.

Height: 6'0" (variable)
Weight: 230 lbs. (variable)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Mondo's first appearance


(Generation X#3 (fb) - BTS) - Samoan born mutant Mondo was enjoying the quiet, peaceful life on his island. Even though he was a mutant of considerable power, he preferred a leisurely existence. On Samoa, he was befriended by Cordelia Frost who realized the easy-going, slightly gullible mutant could be used for her own purposes. She seduced him and the two began what appeared to be a carefree romance. Though slightly lazy, Mondo was also heroic. He used his powers to rescue two children who had gotten themselves into trouble. His actions made him a hero.

(Generation X#3) - Cordelia congratulated Mondo, who was sitting out on the beach enjoying the sun, with saving the children. The young Samoan didn't consider himself a hero, but Cordelia insisted he really should accompany her back to the United States to become a superhero and possibly even save the world. Mondo didn't care about any of that, Samoa was his world and it didn't seem to need saving. Determined to get her way, Cordelia promised that either she had to limit her horizons, or broaden his.

(Generation X '95 (fb) - BTS) - Cordelia figured that Mondo would be the perfect means of getting inducted into Shinobi Shaw's new Hellfire Club. She planned to sell her lover to the Club.

(Generation X#61 (fb) - BTS) - Cordelia pretended to be in distress while out on a swim. Mondo dove after her, changing to water so he could easily reach her. Instead, he fell into the trap she'd set for him.

(Generation X '95) - Cordelia wheeled Mondo, restrained and unconscious in a containment pod, into Shinobi Shaw's quarters. While Shaw and Cordelia were negotiating, armed forces belonging to the mysterious Barrington (secretly Black Tom Cassidy) attacked the suite. They captured the pod containing Mondo.

(Generation X#61 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing Mondo's potential, Black Tom quickly had a clone created of the mutant which was placed back into the pod with all his memories.

(Generation X '95 - BTS) - The clone eventually freed himself and, believing he was Mondo, went to look for Cordelia who he didn't know was responsible for his capture. His search eventually led to an encounter with Generation X (who were contacted by Cordelia claiming she needed help finding her captured boyfriend Mondo). The Mondo clone ended up joining Generation X which played right into Black Tom's plans.

(Generation X#61 (fb) - BTS) - While the Mondo clone stayed at the Massachusetts Academy, Black Tom Cassidy took the real Mondo under his wing. He began to teach him into using his powers. Over time, the kind hearted Samoan developed a mean streak. When he learned of Cordelia's deceit, he was eager to have his revenge. Black Tom allowed Mondo to have his fun, and decided to accompany him along with the Juggernaut.

(Generation X#60) - Figuring Cordelia would turn to her sister Emma for protection, Mondo, Tom and the Juggernaut began to systematically stalk the girl until she indeed headed for the Massachusetts Academy. They chased her across the school grounds until she was so panicked she jumped through one of the living area windows. The stunned Generation X immediately responded to her pleas for help, going outside in costume. They were attacked by Mondo who had taken on a brickstone form, easily kicking Skin and Jubilee around until Chamber dispersed him with his bio-energy blasts. When Emma Frost and Banshee joined the team outside, Chamber voiced his suspicions they might be fighting Mondo just as Frost telepathically picked up his resurgence. Now transformed into a giant snow man, Mondo smacked the entire team around. Banshee's sonic wail caused Mondo to flee in pain, but he was back within moments in a new, rocky form in which he defeated Emma, Skin and Jubilee. Banshee renewed his attack, focussing his wail on the rocky monster. Overcome by the sonic barrage, Mondo fainted and reverted to his human form, much to Banshee's amazement. While he was out, Cordelia joined the team and begged them to kill him, which they refused. As they continued to argue, Black Tom and the Juggernaut arrived to confront Generation X.

Mondo vs Generation X (Generation X#61) - While Mondo was still unconscious, Black Tom and Juggernaut attacked and defeated Generation X and Cordelia. By the time he revived, the mutant team was trapped together with some bent iron girders courtesy of Juggernaut. Tom forced Cordelia to recount her true history with Mondo, which shocked Emma who realized she'd been duped. At the same time, Skin spotted Penance in the woods and figured she'd be able to help them. Using his powers, he slipped out of the steel trap and distracted the villains long enough for Penance to get a clear shot at freeing the others by breaking through the steel with her diamond hard claws. With Penance attacking Juggernaut and Chamber engaging Black Tom, Jubilee and Skin tried to reason with their old friend Mondo. However he, quite rightly pointed out he never met them before and therefore had no qualms about beating them into a coma. To prove his point, Mondo altered his form into an amalgam of building elements. Before he could attack, Black Tom ordered a strategic retreat after the Juggernaut was about to be mentally dominated by Emma Frost. Mondo erected a dome of Earth around Cain and Tom as he transported them to parts unknown.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell (writer), Chris Bachalo (pencils), Mark Buckingham (inks).

My my, Mondo. G-d bless Jay Faerber for even remembering that there was still supposed to be an original omnimorph walking around after Generation X#25 revealed the laid-back Samoan was actually Black Tom's evil accomplice. However, he had about 5 lines in 2 issues and then literally disappeared into nothingness again. There's no word about his mutant status post M-Day, but it would be nice to have Mondo return to his relaxed "manana-manana" attitude. To have an overly powerful mutant who's basically kind hearted but really only cares about having a good time is an interesting take in this current era of the X-Men as a paramilitary force.

Profile by Norvo.

Mondo should not be confused with

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Generation X#60, p20, pans3-4 (main image)
Generation X#3, p8, pan7 (can't be bothered with saving the world)
Generation X#61, p22, pans4-5 (faces Generation X)

Generation X#3 (January, 1995) - Scott Lobdell (writer), Chris Bachalo (pencils), Mark Buckingham (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
Generation X '95 (November, 1995) - Scott Lobdell (writer), Wallace Wood, Shawn McManus (pencils), Steve Lightle, Shawn McManus, Bill Sienkiewicz, Vince Russell, Chalomer, Dan Panosian (inks), Mark Powers (editor)
Generation X#60 (February, 2000) - Jay Faerber (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils), Rachel Dodson (inks), Jason Liebig (editor)
Generation X#61 (March, 2000) - Jay Faerber (writer), Kevin Sharpe (pencils), Rodney Ramos (inks), Jason Leibig (editor)

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