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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Assassin, criminal

Group Membership: None;
formerly Marauders (Arclight/Philippa Sontag, Blockbuster/Michael Baer, Harpoon/Kodiak Noatak, Prism/Robbie, Riptide/Janos Quested, Scalphunter/John Greycrow, Scrambler/Kim Il Sung)

Possessed by Malice: Dazzler (Alison Blaire), Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett), Rogue (Anna Marie), Storm (Ororo Munroe), SWAT team captain, Polaris (Lorna Dane), Beatrice Connor, Havok (Alex Summers), Omega Sentinel (Karima Shapander), Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Affiliations: Exodus (Bennet du Paris), Frenzy (Joanna Cargill), Lady Mastermind (Regan Wyngarde), Mr. Sinister (Nathaniel Essex), Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Random (Marshall Stone), Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Tempo (Heather Tucker), Unuscione (Carmella Unuscione), Vertigo;
     formerly the Department (Colonel Jefferson Malone, Random/Marshall Stone, Avalanche/Dominikos Petrakis, Commando/Frank Bohannan, unidentified hit-squad), Gambit (Remy LeBeau), Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida)

Enemies: Bishop (Lucas Bishop), Cable (Nathan Summers), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor), Luther, Nasty Boys (Hairbag/Michael Suggs, Gorgeous George/George Blair, Ramrod/Patrick Mahony, Ruckus/Clement Wilson, Slab/Christopher Anderson), New X-Men (Anole/Victor Borkowski, Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Blindfold/Ruth Aldine, Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Elixir/Josh Foley, Hellion/Julian Keller, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Surge/Noriko Ashida, X-23/Laura Kinney), Mr. & Mrs. Prafigliatcheo, Predator X, Purifiers, The Right, San Francisco Police Department (Detective Harry, Sabrina Morrel), Spider-Man (Otto Octavius), Hope Summers, Trixie, X-Factor (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Robert Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey), X-Factor (Valerie Cooper, Strong Guy/Guido Carosella, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), X-Factor Investigations (M/Monet St. Croix, Siryn/Terry Cassidy, Strong Guy/Guido Carosella), X-Force (Hepzibah, Warpath/James Proudstar, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett, X-23/Laura Kinney), X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Emma Frost, Iceman/Robert Drake, Longshot, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Omega Sentinel/Karima Shapander, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rogue/Anna Marie, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), Zaladane;
      formerly Mr. Sinister (Nathaniel Essex)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Monarch of the Marauders

Base of Operations: Unrevealed:
     formerly Muir Island;
     formerly Dominion Range, Antarctica;
     formerly The Alley, Morlock Tunnels beneath New York City;
     formerly old orphanage, Sage, Nebraska

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men I#210 (October, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: A being of pure psionic energy, Malice can only interact with the physical world by merging with the mind of other sentient creatures. Possession usually takes less than a second and her control over her host form is complete and total. As a sign of her presence, a black necklace/choker with a silver medallion instantly appears around her vicim's neck. Malice can "jump around", easily switching between bodies as she pleases. Malice has complete access to her host's memories, experiences and knowledge. For a time, she was fused with the body and essence of Lorna Dane. Though she could still possess others, Dane's body was her permanent home. Over time, Malice has expanded her powers to include digital and cybernetic consciousnesses as well. Malice cannot control people who are already under mental sway. A handful of exceptionally strong willed persons can withstand her attempts at domination. Malice can be contained through technological means. Cruel, vindictive, manipulative self centered and fearful of Mr. Sinister, Malice has natural leadership abilities and has served as field leader of Sinister's Marauders for some time. It's not been revealed if she retains the knowledge she picks up from her hosts' memories.

Height: Unrevealed, variable
Weight: Unrevealed, variable
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

(Uncanny X-Men I#210 - BTS) - The psionic entity known as Malice joined Mr. Sinister's Marauders.

(Uncanny X-Men I#214 (fb) - BTS) - Although Mr. Sinister had sent his Marauders to murder the Morlocks in the Alley he kept Malice for a special mission. As a means to get to the X-Men and branding them criminals in the eye of the law he sent Malice to possess one of the X-Men's friends, the Dazzler. Sinister suspected her possessing the X-Men's ally would provide an opportunity for her to inhabit the X-Men and commit several crimes.

(Uncanny X-Men I#210) - In San Francisco one of the Marauders, the psionic entity Malice, had tracked down Dazzler (Alison Blaire) who, in the band of Lila Cheney was touring the States. Just when Alison was washing her face in the tour bus Malice appeared in the mirror, pronouncing she was the real Alison, the star. Malice then jumped from the mirror to attack Alison. To defend herself Alison generated an intense light blast after which Malice had seemingly disappeared, thinking it a mere hallucination she continued without noticing she was now wearing a black necklace/choker with a silver medallion.

(Uncanny X-Men I#213) - In Los Angeles, the Malice-possessed Alison Blaire wandered the streets when Malice suddenly showed her face in a store window. Malice influenced Alison, making her believe she was far more than just a backup player in Lila's band. Convinced she was meant to be a true star, Blaire immediately got a new haircut and wardrobe. Restyled, she entered a nightclub declaring she was indeed the star, the Dazzler!

(Uncanny X-Men I#214) - On tour with Lila Cheney in Denver, the Malice-possessed Alison Blaire disrupted Lila's concert at the Raven by taking centre stage and unleashing her powers to create a giant, impromptu light show. Afterwards, Cheney warned Blaire that she was fired if she pulled another stunt like that. Now fully influenced by Malice, Dazzler told Cheney off and left the band. Concerned about Blaire, Cheney called the X-Men to check up on her. The next evening, Dazzler performed at Jayroam's a private club visited by several X-Men who had come to check on Alison and warn her about the Marauders. Psylocke noticed how Dazzler's light show was intensifying the crowd's negative emotions. When Malice noticed the X-Men, she forced Dazzler to attack them. As soon as Malice had a chance to take over an X-Man, she left Blaire for Wolverine, only to swap him for Rogue and flying off. Realizing Malice was one of the Marauders, the X-Men prepared a plan to capture her. Storm allowed herself to be used as bait, figuring the psionic Marauder couldn't resist taking over the X-Men's leader. Much to Malice's surprise, Storm was able to overcome the possession, ripping off the choker containing Malice's essence. Malice still escaped by taking over the captain of the local Dallas police force that had arrived in response to the X-Men's fight. Although Malice had been defeated she succeeded in branding the X-Men criminals in the eyes of the law.

(Uncanny X-Men I#219 (fb) - BTS) - Possibly inspired by Malice's fight against the X-Men, Mr. Sinister decided to have her seek out and possess former X-Man Polaris. He sent Malice to track down Lorna Dane, but also arranged for a test by separately ordering Arclight, Scalphunter and Sabretooth to kill Polaris, leaving the three of them in the dark about Malice's mission.

(Uncanny X-Men I#219 - BTS) - The Marauders tracked Polaris down to New Mexico, where she was sharing a condo with Havok (Alex Summers). They watched as Lorna and Alex drove off together to the airport (Alex was heading to New York to check in with the X-Men). The bloodthirsty Sabretooth was eager to kill them both, but Arclight calmed him down and ordered him to wait until Polaris was alone before moving in for the kill.

(Uncanny X-Men I#219 (fb) - BTS) - When Polaris kissed Havok goodbye at Albuquerque Airport, Malice managed to quietly possess Polaris. She returned to the couple's condo.

(Uncanny X-Men I#219) - Unaware of the real situation, the three Marauders struck when Lorna returned home. Arclight's powers generated a huge shockwave that caused an earthquake, which rattled Polaris and allowed Scalphunter to fire an explosive at the condo. Looking at the burning abode, Scalphunter was confident Polaris had perished, but Sabretooth's senses weren't fooled. Scouring through the flames and rubble, he easily located Polaris hiding behind a rock. Still underestimating his opponent, Sabretooth attacked only to be slammed by an avalanche of rocks that Polaris swung at him by manipulating the iron rich rubble. She also formed iron chains from the debris to briefly hold the villain before he freed himself with his claws. Polaris took to the sky, unaware she'd become a target for Scalphunter who hit her. However, Polaris threw off so much energy it created a thick mist that fogged up the battlefield. Scalphunter and Arclight entered the mist to seek their target only to get hit by an unconscious Sabretooth. Polaris then used her abilities to create a fissure in which she trapped Arclight while turning Scalphunter's arsenal against himself. With the Marauders defeated, Malice finally revealed her presence and Mr. Sinister's plan. She declared that under Mr. Sinister's tutelage, Lorna Dane would achieve her true destiny as the Mistress of Magnetism and become the Monarch of the Marauders.

(Uncanny X-Men I#221) - In his secret base, a disappointed Mr. Sinister expressed his annoyance at the Marauders when his allegedly elite killing squad had failed to simply murder a single, human female: Madelyne Pryor. While Sinister openly wondered whether he should tear one of the Marauders' heart out to show just how displeased he was, an insulted Sabretooth lunged for his throat. Not in the mood for surprises, the lightning quick Sinister simply grabbed the Marauder by the throat and continued his rant about Pryor. Once he'd ordered the Marauders to fulfill their mission to murder Madelyne, he released Sabretooth. Malice/Polaris then told the Marauders to get to work.

(Uncanny X-Men I#221 - BTS) - The Marauders successfully tracked Pryor down to a hospital in San Francisco, unaware the X-Men were also on her trail. Scalphunter located Pryor's room, entered it and first shot her nurse before dealing with Pryor. Malice, meanwhile was standing by outside.

(Uncanny X-Men I#221) - Realizing the Marauders would stop attacking the hospital if Pryor was gone, Wolverine ordered Rogue to fly off with Madelyne. As soon as they were over San Francisco Bay, Rogue and Pryor were stopped in midair by a giant metal construction created by Malice, who gleefully revealed to the X-Men that she was Polaris, leader of the Marauders. Dazzler was able to rescue Pryor after which she and Rogue got stuck in the water hounded by Malice/Polaris.

(Uncanny X-Men I#222) - Malice/Polaris was about to attack Rogue and Dazzler but was shot in the back by Havok who had yet to learn who she was. Rogue grabbed both Dazzler and Polaris and flew them to shore where she left Dazzler to keep an eye on the unconscious Marauder. By the time Malice woke up, she was surrounded by the X-Men and San Francisco police, led by lieutenant Sabrina Morrel. Undaunted, Malice continued her attack. Morrel ordered Detective Harry to the car and call for backup, but Malice ripped the vehicle apart with her magnetic powers before he could do so. Her fellow Marauders Arclight, Harpoon and Vertigo arrived to help out, keeping everyone disoriented. Harry tried to shoot Malice, who magnetically deflected the bullet, causing it to hit Morrel instead. Arclight then created a diversion, allowing the Marauders to leave. With the X-Men out of sight and Madelyne Pryor believed to have drowned, the Marauders chose to leave as well. Scalphunter lit a flare, signaling the others that their mission was done. Malice/Polaris was still in midair with Havok holding on to her legs when Scalphunter's flare went up. Havok now understood Malice had taken over his girlfriend and pleaded to let her go. Deciding to mentally torment Havok rather than kill him, Malice gently sent Alex back to the ground where he was powerless to watch his lover disappear.

(Uncanny X-Men I#239 (fb) - BTS) - Malice tried separating herself from Polaris' body and found she was unable to, somehow their psychic bond had become unbreakable. Blaming Mr. Sinister, she made way to his secret lair.

(Uncanny X-Men I#239) - Malice burst into Mr. Sinister's lair just as he was reminiscing about the X-Men and Madelyne Pryor who were believed to have died at the hands of the Adversary during a recent fight in Dallas. Enraged she couldn't separate herself from Polaris, Malice used her powers to destroy several of Sinister's videoscreens after which she tried to rip her boss' throat out. With a mere hand gesture, Sinister suspended Malice in midair, causing her to scream out in frustration. Tearing up, Malice asked if this was the reward after serving Sinister so loyally. Sinister explained to her that she'd still be able to possess whomever she pleased, but that she now had a permanent home within Polaris. He assured her she was the special linchpin of the Marauders and that unlike the others, Malice was unique. Releasing her from his grasp, he took her hand and told her she was the one he would depend on. Once again calm and content, Malice left, after which Sinister remarked he'd told nothing but lies to keep dominance over Malice and the Marauders.

(Uncanny X-Men I#240 (fb) - BTS) - Mr. Sinister ordered his Marauders to relocate to the former Morlock Alley.

(Uncanny X-Men I#240 - BTS) - The advanced computer system in the X-Men's outback headquarters suddenly picked up the location of the Marauders (thanks to N'astirh's involvement). Eager for some payback and outraged their foes were hiding in the Alley of all places, the X-Men decided to ambush them.

(Uncanny X-Men I#240) - The Marauders were still moving into the Alley, wondering why they were even ordered to move there, when the X-Men attacked. Blockbuster was carrying one of the crates on his back when he bumped into Colossus who politely checked if he was indeed dealing with a Marauder before smashed him right across the tunnel to announce the X-Men's presence. Sabretooth smelled Dazzler and was about to gut her when she blinded him with a powerful burst of light. She then shot Scalphunter. Havok in turn used his plasma beam on Prism, whose body amplified the energy causing him to overload and shoot out energy bolts in all directions. Riptide tried fighting back by unleashing a barrage of razor sharp throwing stars, but they were all caught by Longshot who courteously threw 'em back. Scrambler realized the X-Men were out for blood even as the team's methodical attack continued. Psylocke cleverly used her telepathy to make Scrambler believe he was attacking her, when in fact he'd just scrambled Arclight's powers. Malice then magnetically took control of Colossus' organic steel form, using him to slam a hole in the ceiling all the way up to street level. The Marauders tried to get away, only to find themselves in a Manhattan transformed into a demonic parody of itself.

(Uncanny X-Men I#241) - The X-Men, slowly corrupted by the Inferno's evil effects, fought the Marauders in downtown Manhattan. Storm whipped up a powerful hurricane to distract the Marauders, while Colossus was shocked to see Riptide was somehow alive and well. Before there could be a round two, they were attacked by several transmogrified policemen riding metallic demon beasts. Malice magnetically shredded the beasts and pelted the X-Men with the razor sharp shrapnel. This cleared the way for Vertigo to get in place and turn the X-Men's world upside down. Vertigo's dizzying attack was stopped by Longshot who threw one of his knives at the villain. Worried that innocent bystanders could get hurt, Storm ordered Psylocke to telepathically take all of the Marauders out. But as soon as Betsy Braddock focused her mental powers, she was overcome by plight of the innocent babies that were used to power the pentagram over New York that facilitated the demonic invasion. Figuring this was the time to strike back, Malice ordered the Marauders to combine their attacks on Psylocke, though the X-Men did their best to keep the telepath safe. Their fight was once again interrupted when a Limbo-tainted group of mutant haters called the Right showed up. Using their flying combat armors for a strafing run, they unleashed a rain of fire on the Marauders that killed Prism. The X-Men reacted by destroying several of the pilots, keeping one alive for questioning. He revealed to Colossus that Magik had been overthrown in Limbo and was now succeeded by S'ym and N'astirh. Meanwhile, the X-Men's corruption had become so all-encompassing, they visually resembled demons. Now delighting in killing, they slaughtered all the Marauders they could find.

(Uncanny X-Men I#243 (fb) - BTS) - Malice and Sabretooth survived the killings and joined Mr. Sinister at the Charles Xavier School for Higher Learning. Unbeknownst to everyone, Blockbuster had survived the initial demonic attack in the tunnels. However, the encounter had turned him into a giant demonic version of himself. He also joined the surviving Marauders at the school.

(Uncanny X-Men I#243) - Malice witnessed how Mr. Sinister lost his telepathic battle with Jean Grey and was tasked to alert the others because his loss meant the joint forces of the X-Men and X-Factor were on their way. A team of X-Men consisting of Colossus, Dazzler, Havok and Iceman dealt with the giant demonic Blockbuster in the tunnel network between Xavier's and the Morlock Alley while Rogue and Psylocke fought Sabretooth in the hangar bay. At the same time, upstairs in the mansion, Malice attacked the last group of X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Archangel, Cyclops and Jean Grey). After a fierce battle Storm successfully wrestled Malice to the ground. Although she was defeated Malice stayed confident of her position since she still inhabited the body of Polaris. But when the X-Men pressured her into revealing information about Sinister the entire mansion exploded, courtesy of Mr. Sinister. When both Malice and Mr. Sinister arose from the rubble they where slightly surprised the only other person left standing was a defiant Longshot.

(X-Factor I#39) - Sinister ordered Malice to kill the other mutants, deeming Longshot unworthy of her attention. He protested, but Sinister attacked him to prove a point: Longshot's luck powers had left him since he'd allowed himself to be corrupted by Inferno. Still, Longshot's luck worked for others as he managed to sling his knife sleeve to trip up Malice. She soon recovered and, ignoring the arrival of Beast, proceeded to kill Cyclops. Before she could crush him to death underneath a girder, she was hit in the face with his optic blast. Down but not out, Malice violently turned down Havok's offer to help her, even containing him in a metal cocoon when he turned his attentions to Mr. Sinister. She even complied when Sinister ordered her to kill Alex Summers, though she first decided to torture him a little. This alerted the recently revived Colossus, who charged her only to become another helpless plaything in the hands of the mistress of magnetism. Reveling in their apparent victory, Sinister and Malice didn't notice the members of X-Men and X-Factor were telepathically deciding on a plan of attack that began with Archangel using his paralyzing feather daggers to take out Malice. With her down, the X-Men were free to charge Sinister and liberate Jean Grey. However, Sabretooth involved himself in the fight, but he was no match for Wolverine who was still influenced by the Inferno event and more brutal than ever. He slashed the Marauder to pieces, slyly calling it his "fast draw special".

(X-Factor I#39 - BTS) - Obviously realizing the day was lost, Mr. Sinister allowed the heroes to think they had defeated him when a single one of Cyclops' optic blasts reduced him to a pile of bones. Malice also managed to quietly slip away.

(Uncanny X-Men I#249) - Going into hiding in South America, Malice noticed that her control over Lorna began to slip when Dane occasionally managed to take control. Dane was even able to take charge on occasion. Finding herself in Tierra del Fuego, the most southern tip of South America, Lorna managed to defy Malice and contact the X-Men. However, she was soon captured by Savage Land forces loyal to Zaladane who was after her mutant powers.

(Uncanny X-Men I#250 - BTS) - Zaladane used a device to steal Polaris' magnetic abilities. During the transfer process, Malice was cast out and presumed lost.

(X-Factor I#104 (fb) - BTS) - Once Malice had been released from Polaris' body, she went on the run from Mr. Sinister, eager to have her revenge on him. When she learned Sinister was after Polaris again, she decided to destroy her first.

(X-Factor I#104 (fb) - BTS) - Malice possessed Beatrice Connor, head of the Department during a conference at the U.N. regarding the perpetuation of Magneto protocols.

(X-Factor I#102 (fb) - BTS) - It was decided that the world needed an ultimate fail-safe against Magneto, in case other lines-of-defense failed. They decided to reach out to Lorna Dane, hoping to work with her as partners on a plan called Project: Polaris. Influenced by Malice, Beatrice Connor opted to lead the operation.

(X-Factor I#104 (fb) - BTS) - Possessing Beatrice Connor allowed Malice to attempt to eliminate Polaris through sanction and protocol, all without attracting Sinister's attention. To do so she hired Colonel Jefferson Malone, a known mutant hater. Malice figured it was a given Malone would ultimately wind up killing Dane.

(X-Factor I#94 - BTS) - Colonel Jefferson Malone hired mutant bounty hunter Random to test Polaris' powers, and attempt to kill her. Random shadowed Polaris and Havok, preparing for the kill.

(X-Factor I#95 - BTS) - Random fought Polaris but eventually failed to kill her. Although Polaris was unable to get the truth out of Random about who had hired him, he did reveal he was tasked with testing the extent of her magnetic powers.

(X-Factor I#96 - BTS) - Random returned to Washington to face the disappointed Colonel Malone. Somewhat confused Random reasoned he'd done what he'd been hired to do, test Polaris, not kill her. Malone didn't explain himself, gave him the money after which Random left. Once Random was gone, Malice called Malone to check on his progress, reasoning Random was a loose cannon who now knew too much. Malone pleased Malice by saying he would terminate Random and send a hit-squad after him. Malone also sent a hit-squad to capture Polaris, however she was saved by the mutant Haven (Radha Dastoor).

(X-Factor I#97 - BTS) - Malone's hit-squad arrived at Random's home in Albany, however he beat them all and decided to locate X-Factor to help them defeat the Department.

(X-Factor I#102) - Disappointed Malone had been unable to deal with Polaris, the Malice-possessed Beatrice called Malone late one night. Over the phone she reminded the colonel that if any of it came out, she would deny any involvement with the Department. Upset she would ever doubt his devotion he yelled at her saying he'd dedicated his life to this country after which Beatrice hung up on him.

(X-Factor I#102) - Malone decided on one last gamble, attacking the remnants of X-Factor (Forge and Polaris) and their new ally Random. To do so he hired known mutant criminals Avalanche and Commando, former members of the former Freedom Force. Malone threatened to put them in the ground if Polaris refused to drop her investigation on the Department. Unable to contain themselves Forge and Polaris attacked. After a fierce battle Malone decided he couldn't deal with another failure and committed suicide and therefore kept the Department's identity a secret. This act proved ultimately futile when the Malice-possessed Beatrice arrived by chopper to reveal herself and the Department. Malice successfully twisted facts, making them believe Malone had been acting without the Department's consent. Beatrice continued that she was appalled by his actions and would fully cooperate with the congressional investigation of his actions. She then turned around commanding Avalanche and Commando to accompany her while she made a swift exit.

(X-Factor I#102 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing it was a mistake to depend on Malone, Malice decided to do the dirty work herself. Two days after Malone's death, Malice learned Polaris was about to go to Honolulu to visit with her husband Alex Summers who had gone to Hawaii to cope with the loss of Jamie Madrox (in reality one of his dupes had died).

(X-Factor I#102) - Still possessing Beatrice, Malice appeared on LAX where Polaris was about to board the plane to Honolulu.

(X-Factor I#103) - Having arrived in the same resort as Havok and Polaris, Malice tried to blend in. She spied on the couple on the beach while reading a book aptly called "The Body Thief". Sometime later, she spied on them from the bushes as a dog called Trixie, apparently sensing her evil spirit, barked at her. Malice wasn't about to let a poodle spoil her cover and quickly killed the animal.

(X-Factor I#103 (fb) - BTS) - Malice killed Mr. & Mrs. Prafigliatcheo so she could hide in the bungalow next to Polaris and Havok.

(X-Factor I#103) - While standing over the corpses of the Prafigliatcheo couple, Malice called the front desk manager to get steamer trunks and garbage bags brought over so she could get rid of the dead bodies. The next morning Malice decided the time had come to act and made her way over to Havok's bungalow and successfully possessed him. She then waited outside to make a dramatic reveal when Polaris woke up and wanted to kiss her husband. Commenting the "honeymoon" was over, Malice revealed herself to Polaris.

(X-Factor I#104) - Malice immediately used Havok's abilities to attack the shocked Polaris. During the fight Malice revealed he had been behind Malone and the several attacks on Polaris and X-Factor. Malice also revealed that Sinister wanted them to bond once again, something she wanted to avoid at all costs and would therefore kill Polaris. Looking for a safe way to deal with Malice and keep Havok's body out of harm's way, Polaris used her magnetic abilities to trap Malice in a round "bubble" she created by transforming a dumpster. With Malice temporary out of the way Polaris made her way to the bungalow to call for help. There, she found the newly free Beatrice Connor. Polaris tried calling X-Factor but reached the answering machine, just when she yelled it was an emergency she was hit in the back by Havok's blasts. Malice had freed herself from her "bubble" and taken Beatrice Connor hostage, threatening to blow her head off unless Polaris would surrender. Polaris decided to surrender but was still hit by Havok's full blast. Malice then grabbed Polaris by her hair and prepared to put the girl out of her misery when Mr. Sinister and his Nasty Boys arrived. Meanwhile Valerie Cooper had heard Polaris' call and gathered Strong Guy and Wolfsbane to go and help their friends.

(X-Factor I#105) - Malice was ready to kill Polaris when Mr. Sinister and his Nasty Boys showed up to intervene. Malice noted she wasn't going to be his puppet any longer and wanted to be free to live her own life, however, Mr. Sinister simply dismissed Malice's feelings as he wasn't about to let her go so easily. Sinister then grabbed Polaris from her hands and ordered Ruckus to attack her from behind. Ruckus unleashed a sonic scream with enough concussive force to rival a hurricane. With Polaris at a safe distance, he sent the rest of the Nasty Boys to attack Malice. Confident she could handle Sinister's lapdogs, Malice used Havok's blasts to hit them, when the small Slab suddenly grew to towering size she unleashed a powerful blast to take him down. However, Malice had failed to notice Slab was simply acting as a decoy just as Gorgeous George struck her from behind. The purple man mass was also defeated, but Malice was consequently taken down by Ramrod and Ruckus. Just then, X-Factor members Strong Guy and Wolfsbane arrived in Honolulu to assist their friends, they however failed to realize Malice had possessed Havok and attacked the Nasty Boys, inadvertently helping Malice. Once Polaris had regained consciousness, she alerted her friends to the real threat. This proved too late as Malice unleashed one of Havok's most powerful attacks which sent both the Nasty Boys and Strong Guy and Wolfsbane flying. An angry Polaris refused to allow Malice to continue using Alex to cause pain and destruction and restrained him with her magnetic abilities. Malice landed right in front of Sinister's feet and the villain then ordered Malice to get out of Havok's body and repossess Polaris, so he could once again get his control over her. Sinister threatened to scatter her essence across the four corners of the Earth if she wouldn't follow orders and that Polaris would submit as she knew it was the only way to save Havok. Polaris agreed. Malice realized there was no other way than to follow Sinister's order and tried to leave Havok's body to possess Polaris. But as she tried to do so she was torn between the two mutants as Havok tried his best to keep Malice in his body to save Polaris while Polaris tried her best to get Malice in her body to save Havok. Caught in the middle of this emotional battle, unable to possess either one completely, Malice screamed of agony, than without hesitation Sinister quickly grabbed Malice's essence in between bodies. He held her in his hands and seemingly scattered her essence. Shocked by what had transpired Sinister noted it was a blessing for Malice that her suffering was at an end and without revealing any further details to his future plans he and his Nasty Boys disappeared.

(X-Men Unlimited I#6 - BTS) - While fighting Cyclops, Havok, Jean Grey and Polaris in the Savage Land, Sauron used his hypnotic abilities to make Jean Grey believe Polaris was Malice, while Polaris was made to believe Jean Grey was the Goblin Queen. Once Havok and Cyclops defeated the super villain, his illusions also faded.

(X-Man I#19 - BTS) - Scalphunter and Arclight were tasked with guarding Threnody, another former ally of Mr. Sinister who'd escaped him. The two assassins explained that no one ever escaped Sinister, reminding the girl of how their leader had killed Malice.

(X-Men II#200 - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, Sinister learned that for the first time since the Scarlet Witch's reality altering spell wiped out the mutant gene, a new mutant was going to be born. Dubbing the newborn the "Messiah Child", he intended to seize it and reassembled his Marauders.

(X-Men II#200 - BTS) - Due to unrevealed, though likely Sinister means, Malice returned to "life". Now a strictly digital entity, she joined the new Marauders team.

(X-Men II#204 (fb) - BTS) - Next to the original Marauders, Sinister also contacted the supremely powerful mutant Exodus, convincing him to join forces so he could help rebirth the human race. The zealous Exodus agreed and gathered several mutants to join Sinister's Marauders, including Frenzy, Random, Tempo and Unuscione.

(X-Men II#200 - BTS) - To make sure he alone would know when and where the Messiah Child was born, Sinister targeted three specific groups: psychics and precogs, time travellers with direct knowledge of the future like Cable and objects like the Destiny Diaries. Sinister figured that eliminating all of them would ensure his success. He sent his Marauders out on numerous hit jobs.

(X-Men II#200) - In Mississippi's Caldecott County, Malice invaded the Omega Sentinel's computer systems when Karima Shapandar was connected to the internet to run a system's diagnostic following the X-Men's recent fight against the Hecatomb.

(X-Men II#200 (fb) - BTS) - When the X-Men were staying at Mystique's house in Caldecott County, Mississippi, the Marauders gathered nearby. Lady Mastermind used her abilities to create a null zone so the X-Men could not sense their presence.

(X-Men II#200) - Back in Mississippi, Emma Frost was trying to mend Rogue's fractured mind (as a result of her fight against the Hecatomb) when she suddenly sensed the Marauders' presence. Before she could warn the others, she was stunned by the Omega Sentinel who was now fully controlled by Malice. Seconds later, both Beast and Wolverine picked up the Marauders' scents and quickly ordered Iceman to "ice up". Just then, Lady Mastermind dropped her illusion to reveal Riptide and the Marauders were already inside. Still not realizing Omega Sentinel had been possessed by Malice, Cyclops tried to shield her from the Marauders' attack only to be taken out by Malice herself. Scalphunter successfully injured Iceman by driving a spear through his midriff. Hearing the shooting from her room Rogue activated her powers and flew down to stand beside her fellow X-Men. Scalphunter tried to shoot Rogue but was taken out by Mystique, declaring that no one was allowed to shoot her daughter...except her. She then fired a round at Rogue's chest, revealing her alliance to the Marauders.

(X-Men II#201) - The Marauders had dealt a devastating blow to the X-Men, leaving only Cyclops, Wolverine, Beast and Cannonball to deal with them. Unable to sustain his ice-form, Iceman tried to get Rogue to safety but was stopped by Mystique. While the other X-Men fought the Marauders, an immobilized Emma Frost used her telepathic abilities to reach out to Cannonball. She explained what she'd learned about the Marauders' goals, targets and plans before taking over Sam's mind and causing him to rocket off with Iceman. Moments later, the Marauders successfully defeated the remaining X-Men. Seemingly asserting herself as their leader, Mystique ordered the Marauders to pull back after which Arclight used her abilities to bring the house down on the X-Men. The Marauders planned to return to Sinister taking Rogue along, since she carried the content of Destiny's diaries in her mind.

(X-Men II#203 - BTS) - Through the use of Cerebro, Sinister learned the Destiny Diaries were located somewhere in an old industrial park in Flint, Michigan. Sinister sent his Marauders to retrieve the books.

(X-Men II#203) - The Marauders spotted the Blackbird as soon as they arrived at the Michigan site, which told them Cannonball and Iceman were already there. They proceeded to free their teammate Sunfire and then split the group in two. The original Marauders plus Sunfire and Mystique, Gambit, Lady Mastermind and Malice would sweep the park and attack the X-Men from two sides. They were unaware Cannonball and Iceman were well aware of their presence and had planned to face them head on. Cannonball came crashing through the floorboards, grabbing Riptide and dumping him on Malice's group of Marauders. The X-Men continued their assault by destroying several huge water towers, dousing the first group of Marauders so Iceman could flash freeze them in place. The X-Men managed to find the capsule containing the Destiny Diaries but when they tried to depart with it, Mr. Sinister showed up, knocking them over. Sinister was joined by his Marauders who he ordered to grab the diaries. But the diaries were accidentally destroyed by Gambit and Scalphunter who tried to shoot Cannonball. Enraged by the loss of the diaries' destruction Sinister planned to vent his frustration by erasing Cannonball's mind. This plan was accidentally foiled by Scrambler who wanted to disrupt Iceman's powers so Bobby would still die from the chest wound he suffered earlier. However, Iceman used his last energy to shove Scrambler against Sinister, preventing him from erasing Sam's mind. This left Cannonball free to use his powers to escape, while Iceman dove into the water.

(X-Men II#204) - Malice and several Marauders watched as Mr. Sinister tried to probe Rogue's fractured mind in an attempt to find her consciousness among the eight billion minds she absorbed during the X-Men's fight against the Hecatomb. When his efforts proved futile, Sinister doubted if keeping Rogue alive was not a waste of time, prompting Mystique to mention she still held the full text of the Destiny Diaries in her mind.

(Deadpool & Cable#25 (fb) ) - On the eve of the birth of the Messiah Child, a small team of Marauders (Prism, Scalphunter, Malice, Lady Mastermind, Sunfire and Gambit) arrived in Cooperstown, Alaska to claim the child. However, despite Sinister's best efforts to root out the competition, the mutant hating Purifiers were also present. Gambit ordered the Marauders to take the baby after which they came across Deadpool who was aiding Cable (who'd already located the baby). Malice held Deadpool while Scalphunter ripped his throat out.

(X-Men: Messiah Complex#1 (fb) ) - Now joined by Blockbuster the Marauders started killing the Purifiers, clearly enjoying using their superhuman powers. Prism and Gambit then set out to search the town for the baby but were caught in a giant explosion in the town's center. The giant explosion was caused by Cable who'd come to locate the child and keep her safe.

(X-Men: Messiah Complex#1 - BTS) - The X-Men, also unaware of what had happened in Cooperstown arrived, only to find destruction and evidence of the Marauders' involvement. As such they found Blockbuster and Prism's corpses. When the X-Men left the mutant hunting Predator X arrived in Cooperstown, drawn by the smell of mutants. The predator most likely ate Prism's corpse.

(New X-Men II#44) - Realizing the X-Men would certainly come to their base in search of the baby, Mr. Sinister decided he and the Marauders would move to a different location so they could confront their enemies on their own terms. Unaware a small squad of senior X-Men had already arrived near their secret complex in Antartica. During the Marauders meeting, Scalphunter realized Harpoon had gone missing after which Harpoon came crashing through the wall, followed by the X-Men. Led by Wolverine, the X-Men made their intention to retrieve Rogue and the baby clear.

(X-Men II#205) - Now a veritable army, the Marauders circled Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Angel. The X-Men were then joined by Emma Frost, which caused them to launch into a planned out, surgical strike against their foes' superior strength. The first to fall were Vertigo and Scrambler, who were taken out by Nightcrawler who teleported them to the icy Sor Rondane mountains. Using the relatively small space to their advantage, the X-Men caused the Marauders to trip all over themselves, accidentally hitting teammates left and right. Scalphunter was kicked back which led him to shoot Tempo and Random. During the fight, Angel confronted Sinister, ordering him to hand over the child. Meanwhile, Wolverine confronted Gambit and learned Cable had the baby. While Angel was still talking to Sinister he realized Frost's presence had disappeared (Emma got distracted when she sensed the Purifiers were attacking her students). Without Frost damping his powers, Sinister hurled Angel aside and successfully took down Colossus. Realizing the fight was over Storm sacrificed herself so Nightcrawler could escape, ordering Kurt to find Wolverine. Outside the base, Malice and Lady Mastermind teamed up against Wolverine. They made him believe the unconscious Scrambler was actually Angel, causing Wolverine to tend to him leaving himself open to attack. Malice then ordered Omega Sentinel to fire a massive heat ray that somehow eliminated the X-Man's healing factor. Wolverine was about to die, if not for Nightcrawler who teleported them both away even as Scalphunter fired a shot. So panicked by the situation, Nightcrawler bamfed himself and Logan to a nearby mountain.

(Uncanny X-Men I#493 - BTS) - Mr. Sinister and the Marauders relocated to Muir Island.

(Uncanny X-Men I#494) - A group of Marauders consisting of Gambit, Sunfire, Malice and Vertigo assaulted Bishop at Dallas' Eagle Plaza. Bishop had come to Forge's headquarters to kill the baby because he was convinced that would prevent the dystopic future in which he was born. Gambit ordered Malice to grab the child while they attacked him. Vertigo successfully used her powers on Bishop but was subsequently shot by the man. However, Gambit and Sunfire managed to defeat Bishop by dropping a ceiling on him. Fearing the imminent arrival of the X-Men, Malice suggested they take their leave.

(X-Factor III#27) - Malice and the Marauders returned to Muir Island with the child and were met by all of the Marauders. Gambit handed the child to Mystique who was posing as Sinister and ordered the Marauders to prepare for the X-Men's coming assault. Later that evening X-Force and Bishop arrived on Muir Island "welcomed" by the full force of the Marauders.

(New X-Men II#46) - As soon as the fight between the Marauders and X-Force started, Malice used Omega Sentinel's full abilities to fight them. Sometime later she also witnessed the arrival of both X-Factor and the X-Men. Matters became even more chaotic when Pixie teleported Anole, Armor, Beast, Dust, Mercury, Nezhno, Nightcrawler, Prodigy, Rockslide and Surge to Muir Island with the deadly Predator X in hot pursuit. The gigantic creature immediately grabbed Vertigo with it's sharp teeth, crushing her after which it turned to face the others.

(X-Men II#207) - Cyclops decided to use this to their advantage and ordered Frost to tell the new arrivals to target the Marauders. He figured that the Marauders were intimately familiar with the X-Men, but had no experience fighting the students. His gambit paid off as one by one the Marauders were knocked down by the combined powers of the student body and the guidance of Emma Frost. This left the X-Men to deal with Predator X. X-Men student Pixie successfully took Malice out by driving her soul dagger through her body, which not only rendered her unconscious but also released Omega Sentinel from Malice's influence. With the Marauders defeated and Predator X dead, the X-Men decided to hand the baby to Cable so he could keep her safe in the distant future.

(X-Men II#207 / Cable II#2 / X-Men: Legacy I#208 - BTS) - After the Marauders had lost the fight against the X-Men, Exodus and his men were about to flee when they witnessed how Bishop shot Professor X in an attempt to get to the baby. Exodus quickly ordered Tempo to freeze time. They didn't only grab Xavier's body but also took Omega Sentinel with them, who was now freed from Malice's influence.

(A + X#11/2 - BTS) - Possibly wanting to raise anti-mutant sentiment and once again brand the X-Men criminals in the eye of the law Malice fought X-Men leader Cyclops. She then tried to flee from him.

(A + X#11/2) - Malice, whilst possessing an elderly lady fled from Cyclops through a large crowd of people, screaming she was chased by an evil mutant. Malice escaped into the city's subway station where she then faked a heart attack to rile people against the X-Man. Cyclops noticed how she possessed another woman who quickly boarded the metro. But just before Cyclops could deal with Malice he in turn was attacked by Spider-Man (Otto Octavius inhabiting Peter Parker's body) who'd arrived to deal with the evil mutant on the loose. Riding the subway, Malice watched and enjoyed the outcome of her plan: hero fighting hero. Realizing it would be even better to possess Spider-Man she made her way over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder in an effort to possess him but noticed she couldn't (since Parker's body was already "possessed" by Octavius). Commenting he was used to pushing weaker personalities away, Spider-Man knocked Malice in the teeth with his head. To torment the heroes, Malice quickly possessed several different persons until threatening to commit suicide by jumping out of the metro in a host body, which would also kill the host. Cyclops couldn't allow her to do that and sacrificed himself by allowing Malice to possess him. She then used Cyclops' body to attack Spider-Man but was easily taken down. With Malice subdued, Spider-Man brought Cyclops to one of his secret labs where he successfully extracted Malice from Cyclops' body. When Cyclops regained consciousness, Spider-Man handed him a vial which contained Malice and sent him on his way.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Dan Green (inks).

Although we've seen a few glimpses of what Malice really looks like; a stunning woman with long, blond hair who prefers to wear all-white outfits, we've yet to learn about her origin story. Does she still have a real body of her own or did her original body somehow die whilst manifesting her mutant abilities. Who knows!

In Uncanny X-Men I#350 it was revealed the X-Man Gambit had assembled the Marauders, but in this flashback they also pictured Malice/Polaris.

In A + X#11/2 it was hinted at that Spider-Man, whose body was inhabited by Otto Octavius, also kept a vial containing Malice and would probably figure out a way to turn Malice into a weapon.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Malice has no known connections to:

Jayroam's nightclub

A private club in Dallas which catered to the chic, rich, stylish and trendy people looking to spend money. The Dallas police force suspected most of Jayroam's patrons were under the influence of drugs. Part of Jayroam's nightclub was destroyed during Malice's fight against the X-Men.

--Uncanny X-Men I#214


Luther was the owner of Jayroam's nightclub, a shady night-time figure the police suspected was a drugs dealer.

Luther allowed Dazzler to perform in his club unaware that she was possessed by Malice who planned to use the shows to draw out the X-Men and cause a scene. When the X-Men appeared in Jayroam's, a fight erupted. Luther immediately called the police. When the Dallas police force and a SWAT team arrived, Luther explained what had transpired after which he witnessed Rogue (now possessed by Malice) crashing through one of the windows.

--Uncanny X-Men I#214

SWAT team captain

The captain of a SWAT team working alongside the Dallas Police Department.

The SWAT team captain arrived outside of Jayroam's nightclub with the full force of the Dallas Police Department, his SWAT team and an unidentified Sergeant, on the night Malice attacked the X-Men. The SWAT captain was familiar with Luther, the owner of Jayroam's and suspected he was a drugs dealer. Luther explained what had transpired after which they witnessed Rogue (now possessed by Malice) crashing through one of the windows. The SWAT team fought Rogue and they later witnessed how Dazzler appeared, unleashing a blinding light show to get Rogue's attention, luring her back into the nightclub. Later that night, after Malice had been defeated, the psionic entity took possession of the SWAT team captain.

--Uncanny X-Men I#214

Tom Tibbidoe

Tom Tibbidoe was a television reporter for KXLR-TV News, possibly a local station in Dallas.

Tibbidoe was the first reporter to arrive at Jayroam's Nightclub in Dallas, on the night Malice attacked the X-Men. With rain pouring down, Tibbidoe reported on the Dallas Police and SWAT team's battle against Rogue who had been possessed by Malice. They then witnessed how Dazzler appeared, unleashing a blinding light show to get Rogue's attention, luring her back into the nightclub. Later that night, after Malice had been defeated, Tibbidoe reported that the police would continue their search for the mutant band responsible for that night's outrage.

--Uncanny X-Men I#214


While spying on Polaris and Havok from the bushes in Honolulu, Hawaii a dog called Trixie had set her sights on Malice, apparently sensing her evil spirit. Malice wasn't about to let a poodle spoil her cover and quickly killed the animal.

--X-Factor I#103

Mr. & Mrs. Prafigliatcheo

Mr. & Mrs. Prafigliatcheo enjoyed a holiday at a beach resort in Honolulu, Hawaii. Unaware their next door neighbor was Alex Summers, they wound up getting murdered by a Malice-possessed Beatrice Connor who wanted their condo so she could spy on Summers. To get rid of the Prafigliatcheo's bodies, "Connor" called the frontdesk and requested steamer trunks and garbage bags.

--X-Factor I#103

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