Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Ghost Rider (John Blaze/Zarathos)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly an estate in the woods outside of Hollywood, California

First Appearance: Ghost Rider II#25 (August, 1977)




Powers/Abilities: Malice had a number of gadgets that could achieve various effects. One of his guns could cause powerful, earthquake-level tremors over a small area. Another could generate fine vibrations that caused guns, cars, and other metal objects to shatter into pieces. He also had a nifty "magnetic Vault-Puller" he used to rob banks (he knew that the device cost more than he would make by robbing a bank, but he did it purely for the entertainment). This device could float a purloined vault back to his estate
He drove a Cobra, which had been outfitted with a variety of weapons, such as laser beams and missiles.


History: Malice is apparently independently wealthy. He became board and decided that being a super-villain would be fun. He presumably paid unknown parties to design his costume.

(Ghost Rider II#25) - Malice burned down the Hollywood Wax Museum. Later he made his public debut atop a power plant, easily overpowering the police that arrived on the scene, and then destroying the plant itself. He drove away in his Cobra and nearly ran John Blaze off the road. Blaze followed his car and caught up with Malice as he was robbing a bank, just for $%!# and giggles. As Ghost Rider, Blaze followed Malice, evading the attacks from his car in the process. Eventually Blaze got in front of him and forcibly stopped the racing car. As Malice crawled from the wreckage, Ghost Rider gave him the ol' hellfire treatment. When the police arrived on the scene, Malice confessed everything, eagerly and desperately.


Comments: Created by Jim Shooter and Don Heck.

Malice: "The Cops will go crazy trying to figure out my motive--and that's a good enough motive for me!"


No known connections to:

Ghost Rider II#25 (August, 1977) - Jim Shooter (writer), Don Heck (pencils), Tony DeZuniga (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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