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Real Name: Kim Il Sung

Identity/Class: Human mutant;
   Korean citizen

Occupation: Assassin, criminal

Group Membership: Marauders (Arclight/Philippa Sontag, Blockbuster/Michael Baer, Harpoon/Kodiak Noatak, Prism/Robbie, Riptide/Janos Quested, Scalphunter/John Greycrow)

Affiliations: Absorbing Man (Carl Creel), Azimuth, Boomerang (Frederick Myers), Esme, Exodus (Bennet du Paris), Frenzy (Joanna Cargill), Huger, Josephine, Lady Mastermind (Regan Wyngarde), Loki, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), Malice (Alice MacAllister),, Mr. Sinister (Nathaniel Essex), Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Polaris (Lorna Dane), Random (Marshall Stone), Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Stinger (Wendy Sherman), Tempo (Heather Tucker), Unuscione (Carmella Unuscione), Vertigo, Vindaloo (Venkat Katregadda), Jennifer Walters, X-Ray (James Darnell)
     formerly Gambit (Remy LeBeau), Omega Sentinel (Karima Shapander), Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida), Threnody (Melody Jacobs)

Enemies: Bishop (Lucas Bishop), Blaquesmith, Cable (Nathan Summers), Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor), Hellions (Empath/Manuel de la Rocha, Havok/Alex Summers, Nanny/Eleanor Murch, Orphan Maker/Peter, Psylocke/Kwannon, Scalphunter/John Greycrow, Wild Child/Kyle Gibney), Artie Maddicks, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), Irene Merryweather, Morlocks (Annalee, Ape, Beautiful Dreamer, Berzerker, Bliss, Blowhard, Caliban, Callisto, Chickenwings, Cybelle, Erg, Healer, Leech, Lightning Bug, Marrow, Masque, Mole, Piper, Plague, Tar Baby, Tommy, Scaleface, Sunder, Zeek and unrevealed others), New X-Men (Anole/Victor Borkowski, Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Blindfold/Ruth Aldine, Dust/Sooraya Qadir, Elixir/Josh Foley, Hellion/Julian Keller, Mercury/Cessily Kincaid, Pixie/Megan Gwynn, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Rockslide/Santo Vaccarro, Surge/Noriko Ashida, X-23/Laura Kinney), Power Pack (Destroyer/Alex Power, Molecula/Julie Power, Jack Power, Starstreak/Katie Power, Tattletale/Franklin Richards), Briar Raleigh, Richard Salmons, S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Hope Summers, Threnody (Melody Jacobs), Vanisher ("Telford Porter"), X-Man (Nate Grey), X-Men (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Emma Frost, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Havok/Alex Summers, Iceman/Robert Drake, Longshot, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Multiple Man/Jamie Madrox, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Omega Sentinel/Karima Shapander, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rogue/Anna Marie, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), X-Factor (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Robert Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey), X-Force (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Domino/Neena Thurman, Elixir/Josh Foley, Hepzibah, Warpath/James Proudstar, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett, X-23/Laura Kinney)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Emissary of En Sabah Nur

Base of Operations: Swampland, Florida;
   formerly Genosha;
   formerly Kitakyushu smelting plant, Japan:
   formerly Muir Island;
   formerly Dominion Range, Antarctica;
   formerly The Alley, Morlock Tunnels beneath New York City;
   formerly old orphanage, Sage, Nebraska

First Appearance: (In shadows) Uncanny X-Men I#210 (October, 1986); (fully seen) Uncanny X-Men I#211 (November, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Scrambler is a mutant who possesses the superhuman power to disrupt the function of any system with his touch, whether the system be that of a living being or a machine or a field of energy. He must physically touch his target with his bare flesh in order to affect it. He can control his power to vary the effects it has. If he touches a living being, Scrambler can cause immobilization (while his victim retains consciousness), unconsciousness, or death. If his victim possesses superhuman powers, Scrambler can disrupt the functioning of those powers. Scrambler's power works on a 1:60 time ratio. Hence, if he touches something for a second, the effect of his power lasts for a minute (sixty seconds). Of course, if he indues death, effect is permanent. Scrambler has repeatedly fallen in battle. Each time, he has been cloned and revived by Mr. Sinister. Scrambler appears aware of this fact. In recent times Scrambler "unscrambled" an eldritch Norse runeprint codicil.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/brown


(Uncanny X-Men I#350 (fb) / X-Men Origins: Gambit - BTS) - Mr. Sinister hired Gambit to assemble a group of mercenaries to break into an impenetrable community, in exchange for this Sinister had performed an operation on the mutant so he could control his abilities again.

(X-Men Origins: Gambit) - Gambit travelled to all corners of the world to find all kind of mercenaries; Gambit located Scrambler in a club where he wrestled the Korean to the floor after which he gave in and accepted the offer to join the Marauders.

(X-Men Origins: Gambit) - Sometime later Mr. Sinister presented the assembled team of Marauders (minus Prism and Blockbuster) to Gambit. Mr. Sinister revealed his plans to the Marauders who all agreed, Gambit was kept in the dark concerning their mission.

(Uncanny X-Men I#210 (fb) - BTS) - Scrambler joined a group of Marauders who followed one of the Morlocks across the country to Los Angeles, the young Morlock known as Tommy thought it to be a great adventure to wander across the whole country. During her travel the Morlock had met and befriended Hellfire Club agent Richard Salmons. It was during this time the Marauders made their presence known, Salmons did his best to protect Tommy and the two managed to flee.

(Uncanny X-Men I#210) - While at Los Angeles' train depot the Marauders caught up with Tommy and Richard. Harpoon successfully hit Salmons in the back with one of his spears, paralyzing the Hellfire agent. Clinging on to dear life, Salmons asked Tommy to reach for his gun figuring they would only stand a chance together. But the petrified Tommy was too scared and ran away. Helpless against the Marauders Salmons threatened his assaulters saying the Hellfire Club would avenge him. While holding a gun to his head Scalphunter replied they were welcome to try as they would receive the same treatment after which he killed the agent. The Marauders allowed Tommy to escape and witnessed how she boarded one of the trains to New York hoping to return to the safety of the sewers and her fellow Morlocks. Some of the Marauders wanted to kill her now, but they agreed to follow Mr. Sinister's plan and allow the girl to lead them to the other Morlocks.

(Uncanny X-Men I#210) - Just when the Morlock Tommy had returned to the Morlock tunnels in New York City and thought herself safe, she was hit in the back by one of Harpoon's spears. Tommy lay paralyzed on the ground and the Marauders revealed she'd just led them to the Morlocks after which Scalphunter finished her off.

(Uncanny X-Men I#350 (fb) / X-Men Origins: Gambit) - Gambit, still not fully realizing what the Marauders were about to do, led them into the Morlock tunnels. But when Sabretooth killed the first Morlock they came across Gambit was shocked and asked Scalphunter why they'd come to the tunnels. Scalphunter told the cajun he'd done what he was hired to do. Realizing what they intended to do Gambit tried to stop the Marauders but once Vertigo weakened him Sabretooth grabbed Gambit by the throat and gutted the cajun leaving him for dead while the Marauders moved on.

(Uncanny X-Men I#211) - The Marauders had found their way into the Morlock tunnels where they ran into a first group of mutants living close to the tunnels entrance. Scalphunter shot several Morlocks after which the fast spinning Riptide killed several others using his throwing stars. When one of the Morlocks proofed to be invunerable to Riptide's throwing stars Scrambler used his abilities to disrupt the Morlock's power after which he was shot dead by Scalphunter. The Morlock Cybelle tried to escape through a wall, but the super strong Arclight simply ripped the wall apart so Harpoon could hit Cybelle with one of his energy harpoons. Cybelle's death scream attracted the attention of Callisto, former leader of the Morlocks, who rallied her underlings and ordered them to kill the assassins.

(Uncanny X-Men I#211 - BTS) - Despite his injuries, a giant, mole-like Morlock escaped the tunnels and managed to make it to the home of the X-Men to warn Storm, who was leader of the Morlocks, of the ongoing massacre. He died moments after sharing the news, which convinced the X-Men of the severity of the Morlock's claims. They immediately sprang into action.

(Uncanny X-Men I#211) - The X-Men were attacked by Riptide who got help from Harpoon and Scrambler. In the fight that followed, Scrambler tried using his abilities on Storm, unaware she was powerless at the time Storm knocked him in the face. Rogue then planned on using Scrambler's abilities against the Marauders by throwing him on them. However the Korean quickly touched Rogue first causing their similar powers to neutralize each other.

(X-Factor I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Vertigo told Arclight about her encounter with X-Factor prompting Arclight to organize a search and destroy mission.

(X-Factor I#10) - Arclight accompanied by Scrambler and Prism located X-Factor, who still tried to return to their headquarters with several of the surviving Morlocks. During their assault, Scrambler was too eager to attack and was stunned while taking out Beast. Prism was able to defeat Cyclops, but then Angel and Jean Grey arrived. To save her friends, the telekinetic Jean smashed Prism into a wall, shattering his crystalline body and killing him. Confident they could have killed the heroes if their reinforcements hadn't arrived, Scalphunter grabbed Scrambler and leveled the ceiling to create an escape route.

(Power Pack I#27) - Power Pack arrived in the Morlock tunnels to look for their friend Leech. Once the children had found Leech, who happened to be carrying the injured Caliban, the group was met by Arclight, Harpoon and Scrambler. Mistaking Power Pack for more Morlocks, Harpoon tried to hit the kids with one of his energy spears while Arclight generated a shockwave. In the middle of the chaos Scrambler successfully took out both the codename less Jack Power and his sister Starstreak (Katie Power). Tattletale (Franklin Richards) distracted Arclight long enough for Molecula (Julie Powers) to attack Arclight who in turn swatted her like a fly against the wall. Now prepared for Harpoon's attacks, Destroyer absorbed the Inuit's energy spears and redirected it to once again cause the ceiling to crash down on the Marauders. This only proved a temporary nuisance for the Marauders who made their way through the rubbish preparing to attack the kids again. Jack Power increased all of his Gee-force to his left arm and with an incredible show of force knocked Arclight unconscious. Right after his attack, Cyclops and Jean Grey of X-Factor arrived to rescue the kids. Realizing they were outnumbered, Harpoon and Scrambler grabbed Arclight and fled.

(New Mutants I#52 - BTS) - As part of their training, Magneto had the New Mutants face off against holograms of the Marauders during a Danger Room session. The simulated assassins barely needed five minutes to slaughter their teenage opponents. Magneto intended this as a lesson to show what could have happened after they defied a direct order to not get involved in the Morlock Massacre.

(X-Men and Spider-Man#2) - Staying in Mr. Sinister's secret lab in an abandoned section of the Morlock tunnels, the Marauders were on hand when Spider-Man and the X-Men showed up. The heroes had teamed up after Spider-Man had learned that one of his adversaries, Kraven the Hunter, had provided Mr. Sinister with genetic material of the original X-Men. The Marauders (Scalphunter, Sabretooth, Arclight, Harpoon, Scrambler, Vertigo) were ready to stop the X-Men from finding what they were after. While Sabretooth took on Wolverine, Arclight created a shockwave to take the X-Men down after which Vertigo used her powers. Having fought Vertigo before, Spider-Man quickly shot webbing in her face to stop her from focusing her powers. Scrambler was easily taken out by Storm when he tried to disrupt her mutant powers only to find out she'd already lost them (apparently forgetting he was beat the same way last time). Scalphunter was ready to shoot Storm, Dazzler and Rogue, but Wolverine chopped his arm off. Arclight came to his rescue, though Scalphunter assured her he would regenerate. Realizing they couldn't win against both the X-Men and Spider-Man, Scalphunter gave Arclight the order to level the ground. Once the heroes had fallen through the floor, they discovered Sinister's old lab where grotesque-looking clones of the original X-Men lay dead in test tubes. Hoping to finish off the heroes, Harpoon threw one of his spears causing a giant explosion, burning away all evidence of the X-Men clones. Nevertheless, Spider-Man and the X-Men managed to escape unscathed.

(Uncanny X-Men I#221) - In his secret base, a disappointed Mr. Sinister expressed his annoyance at the Marauders when his allegedly elite killing squad had failed to simply murder a single, human female: Madelyne Pryor. While Sinister openly wondered whether he should tear one of the Marauders' hearts out to show just how displeased he was, an insulted Sabretooth lunged for his throat. Not in the mood for surprises, the lightning quick Sinister simply grabbed the Marauder by the throat and continued his rant about Pryor. Once he'd ordered the Marauders to fulfill their mission to murder Madelyne, he released Sabretooth. Malice/Polaris then told the Marauders to get to work.

(Uncanny X-Men I#221 - BTS) - The Marauders successfully tracked Pryor down to a hospital in San Francisco, unaware the X-Men were also on her trail. Scalphunter located Pryor's room, entered it and first shot her nurse before dealing with Pryor.

(Uncanny X-Men I#221) - Sabretooth was guarding Pryor's room so Scalphunter could work undisturbed. Suddenly, Rogue surprised him, slamming the murderous mutant right out the window. Next, Rogue kicked in the door but was hit by Scalphunter's attack. Pryor took advantage of the distraction to hit the Marauder with a tray until he stood right in front of the window. Then, Dazzler, telepathically guided by Psylocke, was able to shoot him in the back from atop a nearby building across from the hospital. The battle soon moved there when Dazzler, Psylocke and Longshot were faced by Vertigo. They escaped her attack thanks to Longshot who grabbed both women and jumped off the building. Relying on his ever present luck, the threesome landed on the back of a truck loaded with soft sand. Moments later, Harpoon managed to hit Psylocke with one of his spears, causing all of the X-Men to feel the telepath's pain. Still in the hospital, Scrambler snuck up on the still disoriented Havok, scrambling his powers to such an extent the building was nearly destroyed. Next, setting his sights on the unconscious Wolverine Scrambler tried to grab him but was hit in the back of the head by Madelyne Pryor.

(Uncanny X-Men I#222) - On the Golden Gate bridge, Wolverine and Longshot confronted Scalphunter which led to Longshot falling off the bridge (though as luck would have it, this allowed him to get close to Madelyne Pryor so he could save her). Wolverine then stood alone against Scalphunter, Sabretooth and Scrambler, who successfully scrambled Wolverine's healing factor. Though he was now extremely vulnerable, Wolverine still held out against his opponents, even stabbing Sabretooth in the chest. But when Scalphunter switched to explosive shells, Wolverine didn't stay around to risk mortal injuries. He jumped off the bridge and was caught by Rogue. With the X-Men out of sight and Madelyne Pryor believed to have drowned, the Marauders chose to leave as well. Scalphunter lit a flare, signaling the others that their mission was done.

(Uncanny X-Men I#240 (fb) - BTS) - Mr. Sinister ordered his Marauders to relocate to the former Morlock Alley.

(Uncanny X-Men I#240 - BTS) - The advanced computer system in the X-Men's outback headquarters suddenly picked up the location of the Marauders (thanks to N'astirh's involvement). Eager for some payback and outraged their foes were hiding in the Alley of all places, the X-Men decided to ambush them.

(Uncanny X-Men I#240) - The Marauders were still moving into the Alley, wondering why they were even ordered to move there, when the X-Men attacked. Blockbuster was carrying one of the crates on his back when he bumped into Colossus who politely checked if he was indeed dealing with a Marauder before smashing him right across the tunnel to announce the X-Men's presence. Sabretooth smelled Dazzler and was about to gut her when she blinded him with a powerful burst of light. She then shot Scalphunter. Havok in turn used his plasma beam on Prism, whose body amplified the energy causing him to overload and shoot out energy bolts in all directions. Riptide tried fighting back by unleashing a barrage of razor sharp throwing stars, but they were all caught by Longshot who courteously threw 'em back. Scrambler realized the X-Men were out for blood even as the team's methodical attack continued. On the other side of the tunnel Blockbuster had just regained consciousness when he fell prey to a hungry wall, transformed by the growing demonic influence of the limbo dimension that was getting ready to merge with Earth. Psylocke cleverly used her telepathy to make Scrambler believe he was attacking her, when in fact he'd just scrambled Arclight's powers. Arclight's powers backfired causing a giant explosion, possibly killing both Arclight and Scrambler.

(X-Man I#13 (fb) - BTS) - When Mr. Sinister learned his accomplice Threnody tried to escape, he sent the full force of the Marauders after her. The Marauders followed Threnody to Paris, where she'd gone to find X-Man (Nate Grey).

(X-Man I#13) - The Marauders (without Harpoon) pursued Threnody through the tunnels of Paris until Nate Grey intervened when he picked up the girl's frantic thoughts. When Prism mentioned Sinister, Grey was reminded of Earth-295's Sinister who had killed most everyone he cared for. Furious and ready to fight, he telekinetically hurled Blockbuster through the tunnels. The Marauders got in attack formation to counter Grey and Scrambler successfully disrupted the hero's power, causing a giant explosion in the tunnels which ended up killing Scrambler. Threnody used the opportunity to get Grey to safety while the Marauders were still scrambling.

(Cable Annual 1999 (fb) - BTS) - Hoping to trick Cable into an alliance, Mr. Sinister disguised several of his Marauders (Scalphunter, Arclight, Harpoon, Scrambler and Riptide) as the Emissaries of En Sabah Nur.

(Cable Annual 1999) - In their Emissaries of En Sabah Nur disguises, the Marauders destroyed New York hotspot Disco Inferno, successfully attracting Cable's attention. In a nearby alley Scalphunter struck at Cable and revealed their presence declaring he was now facing his destruction. The spinning Riptide unleashed a blurred volley of razor-sharp stars and knives which injured Cable, leaving him vulnerable to Scrambler. The Korean Marauder used his abilities to disrupt Cable's telekinesis, which allowed his techno-organic virus to flare out of control. Not able to defend himself any longer Cable was about to be killed by Harpoon when Mr. Sinister showed up to "rescue" Cable, fighting off the Emissaries.

(Cable Annual 1999 (fb) - BTS) - For the next part of their plan the Emissaries invaded Cable's Hell's Kitchen safe house where they took Cable's friends Blaquesmith and Irene Merryweather captive.

(Cable Annual 1999) - Imprisoned by the Emissaries, Blaquesmith wondered why he'd never heard of them in any of the prophecies about En Sabah Nur. Before he could continue his train of thought, Cable showed up to save them. Deflecting Scalphunter's rain of bullets with a telekinetic shield, he grabbed Harpoon's spear and redirected it to hit Riptide. Cable then took possession of Scrambler, forcing him to scramble Arclight's powers. The depowered Philippa was knocked out by Irene. Then, with a mere gesture, Cable suspended the Emissaries in mid-air. When Mr. Sinister entered the room, Cable telekinetically removed the Emissaries' armor, revealing them to actually be the Marauders. Once Cable attacked Sinister, the Marauders escaped.

(X-Men II#200 - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, Sinister learned that for the first time since the Scarlet Witch's reality altering spell wiped out the mutant gene, a new mutant was going to be born. Dubbing the newborn the "Messiah Child", he intended to seize it and reassembled his Marauders.

(X-Men II#204 (fb) - BTS) - Next to the original Marauders, Sinister also contacted the supremely powerful mutant Exodus, convincing him to join forces so he could help rebirth the mutant race. The zealous Exodus agreed and gathered several mutants to join Sinister's Marauders, including Frenzy, Random, Tempo and Unuscione.

(X-Men II#200 - BTS) - To make sure he alone would know when and where the Messiah Child was born, Sinister targeted three specific groups: psychics and precogs, time travellers with direct knowledge of the future like Cable and objects like the Destiny Diaries. Sinister figured that eliminating all of them would ensure his success. He sent Scrambler and the other Marauders out on numerous hit jobs.

(X-Men II#200 (fb) - BTS) - When the X-Men were staying at Mystique's house in Caldecott County, Mississippi, the Marauders gathered nearby. Lady Mastermind used her abilities to create a null zone so the X-Men could not sense their presence.

(X-Men II#200) - Back in Mississippi, Emma Frost was trying to mend Rogue's fractured mind (as a result of her fight against the Hecatomb) when she suddenly sensed the Marauders' presence. Before she could warn the others, she was stunned by the Omega Sentinel who was now fully controlled by Malice. Seconds later, both Beast and Wolverine picked up the Marauders' scents and quickly ordered Iceman to "ice up". Just then, Lady Mastermind dropped her illusion to reveal Scrambler and the Marauders were already inside. Still not realizing Omega Sentinel had been possessed by Malice, Cyclops tried to shield her from the Marauders attack only to be taken out by Malice herself. Scalphunter successfully injured Iceman by driving a spear through his midriff. Hearing the shooting from her room Rogue activated her powers and flew down to stand beside her fellow X-Men. Scalphunter tried to shoot Rogue but was taken out by Mystique, declaring that no one was allowed to shoot her daughter...except her. She then fired a round at Rogue's chest, revealing her alliance to the Marauders.

(X-Men II#201 - BTS) - The Marauders successfully defeated the X-Men. Seemingly asserting herself as their leader, Mystique ordered the Marauders to pull back after which Arclight used her abilities to bring the house down on the X-Men. The Marauders planned to return to Sinister taking Rogue along, since she carried the content of Destiny's diaries in her mind.

(X-Men II#203 - BTS) - Through the use of Cerebro, Sinister learned the Destiny Diaries were located somewhere in an old industrial park in Flint, Michigan. Sinister sent his Marauders to retrieve the books.

(X-Men II#203) - The Marauders spotted the Blackbird as soon as they arrived at the Michigan site, which told them Cannonball and Iceman were already there. They proceeded to free their teammate Sunfire and then split the group in two. The original Marauders plus Sunfire and Mystique, Gambit, Lady Mastermind and Malice would sweep the park and attack the X-Men from two sides. They were unaware Cannonball and Iceman were well aware of their presence and had planned to face them head on. Cannonball came crashing through the floorboards, grabbing Riptide and dumping him on the second group of Marauders. The X-Men continued their assault by destroying several huge water towers, dousing the first group of Marauders so Iceman could flash freeze them in place. The X-Men managed to find the capsule containing the Destiny Diaries but when they tried to depart with it, Mr. Sinister showed up, knocking them over. Sinister was joined by his Marauders who he ordered to grab the diaries. But the diaries were accidentally destroyed by Gambit and Scalphunter who tried to shoot Cannonball. Enraged by the loss of the diaries, Sinister planned to vent his frustration by erasing Cannonball's mind. This plan was accidentally foiled by Scrambler who wanted to disrupt Iceman's powers so Bobby would still die from the chest wound he suffered earlier. However, Iceman used his last energy to shove Scrambler against Sinister, preventing him from erasing Sam's mind. This left Cannonball free to use his powers to escape, while Iceman dove into the water. Mystique went after Iceman but as soon as she caught up with him, she decided to spare his life. She returned to the Marauders.

(New X-Men II#44) - Realizing the X-Men would certainly come to their base in search of the baby, Mr. Sinister decided he and the Marauders would move to a different location so they could confront their enemies on their own terms. Unaware a small squad of senior X-Men had already arrived near their secret complex in Antartica. During the Marauders meeting, Scalphunter realized Harpoon had gone missing after which Harpoon came crashing through the wall, followed by the X-Men. Led by Wolverine, the X-Men made their intention to retrieve Rogue and the baby clear.

(X-Men II#205) - Now a veritable army, the Marauders circled Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Angel. The X-Men were then joined by Emma Frost, which caused them to launch into a planned out, surgical strike against their foes' superior strength. The first to fall were Vertigo and Scrambler, who were taken out by Nightcrawler who teleported them to the icy Sor Rondane mountains. Using the relatively small space to their advantage, the X-Men caused the Marauders to trip all over themselves, accidentally hitting teammates left and right. Sometime later during the fight outside the base, Malice and Lady Mastermind teamed up against Wolverine. They made him believe the unconscious Scrambler was actually Angel, causing Wolverine to tend to him leaving himself open to attack. Malice then ordered Omega Sentinel to fire a massive heat ray that somehow eliminated the X-Man's healing factor. Wolverine was about to die, if not for Nightcrawler who teleported them both away even as Scalphunter fired a shot. So panicked by the situation, Nightcrawler bamfed himself and Logan to a nearby mountain.

(Uncanny X-Men I#493 - BTS) - Mr. Sinister and the Marauders relocated to Muir Island.

(X-Factor III#27) - Gambit and the Marauders returned to Muir Island with the child and were met by Scrambler and the other Marauders.

(New X-Men II#46) - Once the fight between the Marauders and X-Force started, Scalphunter shot Wolverine through the head. Eager for a kill, Scrambler grabbed the heavily injured X-Man to scramble his mutant healing powers. Logan was saved by X-23, who cut off Scrambler's hands and then used her claws to disembowel the Marauder. Scrambler immediately fainted.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) ) - Once the X-Men had left the area, medics arrived and found Scrambler was still alive.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) ) - Scrambler was moved to a hospital where he was stabilized. When Scrambler finally woke up, he found himself without his hands and tied to the bed with a 5-year-old girl named Esme by his side. She had come to the hospital with her mother to visit her father, who was also chained to the bed. After a brief talk, Scrambler watched Jennifer Walters come in. The attorney and super-heroine had come to try and persuade Scrambler to testify against Scalphunter. There was very little persuasion required: Scrambler immediately admitted guilt and stated he deserved everything that was coming to him. He then agreed to testify against Scalphunter in turn for probation.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 - BTS) - Scrambler testified against Scalphunter who was then incarcerated in Mayhew Correctional Facility.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) - BTS) - Scrambler befriended Esme's mother Josephine. The two developed romantic feelings for each other and started dating.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 - BTS) - Scrambler received advanced prosthetics to replace his amputated hands. Using his mutant ability, he managed to manipulate the prosthetics so they functioned as actual hands.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) ) - Scrambler joined a supervillain support group where he met other superhuman criminals Vindaloo (Venkat Katregadda) and X-Ray (James Darnell). During one of their sessions he revealed he didn't want to disappoint his lawyer or Josephine.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) - BTS) - Scrambler started a job as a mechanic at the local Loobing-garage. There, he fixed cars by using his mutant abilities to "unscramble" the vehicles.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) ) - Scrambler was visited at the garage by Josephine and Esme who took him to dinner a little later. Happy with his new life, he received the shock of his life when Scalphunter and Vanisher came by the next day. Scared that Scalphunter had come for revenge, Scrambler discovered his former Marauder teammate understood his reasons for selling him out. They instead ordered him to help out on what they considered an easy job. When he refused, they beat him up. Fed up, Scrambler used his powers on his assailants and turned off the control of their bodily functions so they wound up soiling themselves. Embarrassed, they ran off.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) ) - The next day Jennifer Walters arrived at the Loobing-garage to warn Scrambler that Scalphunter had busted out of prison, unaware he'd already been visited by the Marauder. When Walters noticed Scrambler had a black eye, he made up an excuse. Sometime later he met up for another date with Josephine and revealed what had happened after which they enjoyed a nice day while Esme flew a kite.

(Deadpool v Gambit#3 (fb) / Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) - BTS) - During his time at the Loobing-garage Scrambler met Arthur Khan (secretly Loki in disguise). He instinctively trusted Khan because he reminded him of his ninth grade math teacher, the dad he'd always wanted. "Kahn" eventually tricked Scrambler into buying a piece of swampland in Florida, which he believed he could turn into a winery and a place to start a new life with Josephine and Esme. Scrambler failed to notice Chalmers (aka. Khan) was joined by Gambit and Deadpool (while Man-Thing looked on) who'd joined the man in performing several cons.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) ) - After a while, Scrambler realized he'd become a victim of "Kahn" con as he wasn't able to reach the man anymore. Just then Scalphunter returned with Blockbuster and Harpoon, who were all wearing special collars that made them immune to Scrambler's powers. Scrambler, however, could still scramble the collar, and by doing that he stopped them and called the cops. The three Marauders were subsequently arrested. However, being the hero didn't pay off: his home was trashed during the fight which led to Scrambler living in an "insurance nightmare".

(Deadpool v Gambit#4 (fb) ) - During one of his visits to the support group Scrambler shared his recent experiences and assured everybody that he would certainly kill "Kahn" if he ever saw the man again.

Although this Scrambler clone continued to live his life with Josephine and Esme Mr. Sinister would still continue to use new clones of Scrambler.

(X-Force III#9 - BTS) - Sinister started operating out of a new base hidden in the Kitakyushu smelting plant in Japan. There, he once again built cloning baths to breed copies of his Marauders.

(X-Force III#9 - BTS) - The Vanisher ("Telford Porter") tried to steal a mutated strain of the Legacy virus from Sinister's Japanese labs, but was immediately attacked by a group of Marauders (Sabretooth, Vertigo, Harpoon and Arclight). Vanisher was able to teleport away, but dropped the viral vial in the process.

(X-Force III#9) - Sometime later, Vanisher returned with all of X-Force to destroy the mutated Legacy virus altogether. As soon as they entered the complex, an army of Marauders clones was waiting for them. The murderous members of X-Force didn't shy away from lethal force as they massacred their way through the Marauders until Domino had located the vial. Just then, the mutant hunter the Right showed up looking for the virus as well.

(X-Force III#10) - The few remaining Marauders were killed by the Right while X-Force tried to escape.

(X-Men: Legacy I#221-222 - BTS) - Rogue was immersed in Danger's holographic projections. This also led to the creation of Marauders simulations that hunted Rogue in a scenario reminiscent of the Morlock Massacre. In the scenario Rogue easily defeated Scrambler.

(Heroic Age: X-Men - BTS) - As the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve Rogers assessed the entire known mutant community. In his report, he analyzed the Marauders and stated that each and every single one of them were "butchers" that had to be found and apprehended before they could kill again.

(Magneto III#5 - BTS) - Briar Raleigh sought out Magneto in hopes of arranging a partnership. She possessed intelligence that would be of use to him, including the current whereabouts of the Marauders, as well as information on how to hurt them. Eager to strike back against mutants who murdered their own kind for money, Magneto accepted.

(Magneto III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Magneto sought out one cell of Marauders and killed them, thus activating another cell of Marauder clones. He then went after a second and third cell. During the third raid, Magneto discovered he could use ferro fluid (ferromagnetic particles suspended in a carrier liquid) to slip past their defenses.

(Magneto III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Magneto located the fourth cell of Marauders (Scalphunter, Prism, Scrambler, Blockbuster, Riptide, Arclight, Harpoon) and attacked them, eagerly wanting to punish them for their crimes against mutantkind.

(Magneto III#6 (fb) ) - Prism and Scrambler tried to flee Magneto, but just as they felt safe Prism was stabbed through the chest with a magnetically controlled metal shard. Next, Magneto used his powers to spread the metal, shattering Prism's body, killing him. Shocked by Prism's death, Scrambler threatened to short-circuit Magneto's brain. Amused by the idle threat, Magneto noted he wouldn't even need to touch him and, to prove his point, killed the Marauder. The others heard Scrambler's death howl and knew another one of them had fallen prey to Magneto.

(Magneto III#6) - Sometime later Magneto had caught up with another batch of Marauders before they could be activated. He then activated a special program, designed by himself and Raleigh, that consisted of a behavior modification sequence for the various cloning baths. This ensured that any future Marauders would be loyal to Magneto and his cause.

(Nightcrawler IV#7 - BTS) - Nightcrawler replayed the events of his life in the Danger Room, amongst them how Scrambler and the Marauders fought during the Morlock Massacre.

(Magneto III#15) - For their first mission loyal to their new master, the Marauders (Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon, Prism, Riptide, Sabretooth, Scalphunter and Scrambler) dressed in all-new black costumes and were sent out to rescue Magneto from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. The Marauders were meant to frighten the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents creating enough chaos to cover Magneto's escape but when he reached the top of the Helicarrier he saw how the Marauders had killed a great number of loyal S.H.I.E.L.D agents. He prevented Sabretooth from killing agent Hines. In the end, Magneto hurled the clone into the Helicarrier propellor, figuring the mutant's innate healing factor made him a problem to control from the word go. Magneto, Raleigh and the Marauders then left for Genosha.

(Magneto III#16 - BTS) - Although Magneto tried to recreate a safe haven on the island of Genosha the island was riddled with a series of murders. Both the Marauders and Magneto were unaware the killings were caused by Herr Hitzig, or rather a construct accidentally created by Genoshan mutant Amy, whose powers allowed her to create imaginary constructs in reality.

(Magneto III#17) - Riptide and Scrambler joined forces in searching Genosha for the killer, noticing the ruins on Genosha made for a nasty little maze.


Story of the reformed Scrambler clone continues.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4) - Nineteen months, two weeks and three days later Scrambler received a phonecall from "Kahn". "Kahn" explained he was coerced into selling the worthless swampland because of Gambit and Deadpool, revealing their next "victim" would be Fat Cobra. Loki knew full well Scrambler wouldn't pass on the opportunity to get his revenge and as he'd planned Scrambler boarded the first plane to follow the heroes. During this time Josephine repeatedly tried calling Scrambler, afraid he'd returned to his evil ways. However, Scrambler chose not to answer her calls and prepared his assault on the heroes. Once Scrambler had located Gambit and Deadpool he successfully scrambled their abilities without them even realizing it happened. Once he'd done so, Scrambler set out to Mayhew Correctional Facility where Scalphunter was incarcerated. Scrambler used his abilities to break into the prison and free his former friend.

(Deadpool v Gambit#3 - BTS) - Deadpool and Gambit finally realized what had happened to their powers and decided to track Scrambler down and force him to "unscramble" their abilities.

(Deadpool v Gambit#3) - Scrambler hosted a BBQ-party for his friends: several well-known superhuman criminals like Absorbing Man, Azimuth, Boomerang, Scalphunter, Stinger as well as his buddies Vindaloo and X-Ray from his support group. During the party Deadpool and Gambit showed up to get Scrambler. However, seeing the heroes the other superhuman criminals immediately engaged the heroes providing Scrambler with an opportunity to flee the scene. Gambit and Deadpool were unable to follow Scrambler when Fat Cobra suddenly appeared.

(Deadpool v Gambit#4) - Once he'd fled Scrambler visited his attorney. He told Jennifer Walters what had happened and what he had done, even admitting he missed Josephine and Esme. To which Jennifer replied that he should just apologize to them for disappearing. Walters then revealed a man named Raul Chalmers wanted to buy the worthless swampland he owned, unaware this Chalmers was in fact "Kahn"/Loki. But when Scrambler touched the paper he unknowingly "unscrambled" an enchanted Norse runeprint codicil which led to Loki revealing his appearance. Loki easily rendered Walters unconscious and focused his attention on the mutant, revealing he'd been both Kahn and Chalmers and now wanted to buy the swampland from him in return for his "heart's desire". This made Scrambler wonder what Loki's plan was, even considering to act heroic and not sign the papers. However, he knew he was not a hero and just wanted to be reunited with Josephine and Esme. Scrambler signed, selling the property to Loki. Sometime later Scrambler was reunited with Josephine.

(Deadpool v Gambit#5) - Scrambler was enjoying some coffee at a diner when he spotted Gambit, Deadpool and "Chalmers" walking by. Realizing that Loki would certainly trick Deadpool and Gambit to perform some kind of evil act Scrambler finally decided to stand up and be the hero. When it seemed Deadpool was about to destroy the earthly iteration of the Asgardian all-tree Yggdrasil (part of Loki's plan), Scrambler appeared and yelled they had to stop. Surprised to see the mutant who'd messed with their abilities Gambit didn't hesitate, grabbed Deadpool and threw him at Scrambler. When the two touched it caused a giant explosion. With Scrambler knocked unconscious by the blast, his "scrambling" had also been undone, repowering Gambit and Deadpool in the process. While the two heroes bickered Scrambler slowly regained consciousness and revealed he had come to stand up to evil, finally trying to do some good in his life. Scrambler continued and revealed that Chalmer was Loki, which led to Loki dropping his guise. Hugin, one of Odin's ravens also appeared and forced Loki to reveal his full plan. Loki explained Scrambler has been his ultimate undoing as he didn't expect a coward and a villain to show bravery and decency. Loki then took his leave, returning to Asgard. Witnessing the unexpected turn of events Gambit and Deadpool had already forgotten about Scrambler and left as well. Whilst still lying on the ground Scrambler realized that maybe he'd been a hero after all. Just then he received a message on his phone from Josephine asking where he was.

(Deadpool v Gambit#5) - Sometime later Scrambler returned to the swampland in Florida he'd purchased many years ago. But now he was accompanied by a new set of friends; Jennifer Walters in the guise of She-Hulk, Hugin the raven, Josephine and Esme. Walters explained that according to the documents the land still belonged to Scrambler, but it had inexplicably been transformed from a worthless swampland to a lush paradise. Scrambler joked his doctor had said spending time on the property would have restorative effects after which he gave Hugin a knowing glance, as it turned out Hugin was the doctor. Everyone laughed and had a good time.

(Uncanny X-Men V#14 - BTS) - When another Morlock Massacre transpired in the Morlocks tunnel (presumably caused by either the Hellfire Club or the Upstarts) their leader Callisto believed the Marauders were the culprits and hunted Scrambler.

(Uncanny X-Men V#14 - BTS) - Hiding in an abandoned factory in Tremont (Bronx), Scrambler witnessed the arrival of an X-Men strike team consisting of Cyclops, Havok, Magik, Mirage, Multiple Man, Wolfsbane and Wolverine. Fearing certain doom, Scrambler latched onto Wolfsbane scrambling her powers. However, since Wolfsbane had been infested with the techno-organic virus it quickly spiraled out of control, even shocking Scrambler who then made a run for it. Scrambler successfully escaped.

(Hellion I#2 - BTS) - Scalphunter repeatedly visited Professor X to ask after his former teammates. However, bringing the original Marauders to Krakoa was rather problematic as the current iteration were clones of clones, most likely suffering from generation loss and genetic corruption. Professor X reasoned that even the Marauders deserved to be the most natural version of themselves. As such the Quiet Council decided Sinister's clone farm was to be dismantled so they would know if they were dealing with the last of the line to assess the Marauders' genetic integrity and discern if the group could be properly resurrected by the Five.

(Hellions I#1 - BTS) - Madelyne Pryor, former adversary of the Marauders had secretly taken control of Mister Sinister's clone farm planning to take control of the many Marauder clones to build an army and ravage Krakoa.

(Hellions I#1) - Madelyne Pryor activated the clones of Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon, Prism, Riptide and Scrambler but corrupted them, taking away their free will turning them into flesh-eating versions of themselves.

(Hellions I#2) - Witnessing the arrival of Scalphunter and the Hellions in the clone farm, Pryor activated the corrupted Marauders. Seeing her friend, Arclight tried to fight Pryor's influence but was unable after which Pryor revealed her presence to the Krakoans. Ordering her Marauders to attack them they easily gained the upper hand as Scrambler latched onto Nanny using his abilities to scramble her suit. While Pryor took Alex away the Marauders continued their assault, easily defeating Nanny, Orphan-Maker and Scalphunter.

(Hellions I#3) - While Scrambler joined the other corrupt Marauders to crack open the armors of Nanny and Orphan-Maker, Pryor showed Havok the cloning baths were an uncountable group of Marauders (including Scramblers) were stored and revealed she planned to birth all of the Marauders at once and flood the Krakoan gates. Meanwhile the remaining corrupted Marauders continued their assault on the Hellions. But as Blockbuster successfully cracked Orphan Maker's armor acid sprayed out, burning off Scrambler's face.

(Hellions I#4) - Scrambler lay unconscious on the ground while Riptide, Harpoon and Blockbuster successfully cracked Nanny's armor but just as they were about to feast on the mutant they were attacked by Wild Child and Psylocke who then slashed Riptide's throat with his own shuriken. Meanwhile as Pryor was bringing the entire Marauder clone farm online her influence was spread thin as the corrupted Marauders started to regain their minds. In the end it was Scalphunter who shot and killed Pryor after which Havok destroyed the clone farm, destroying the many clones of Scrambler.

(Hellions I#4 - BTS) - Although a weight had been lifted off of Scalphunter he worried over the resurrection of his former teammates. He agreed they should be returned with as few of Mr. Sinister's genetic modifications as feasible, but aside from that refuses to help them assimilate if and when they'll be resurrected, feeling it's better for everyone if they each go their separate ways. Not long after the Marauders were approved for resurrection by the Quiet Council.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Romita Jr., and Dan Green.

Scrambler received a profile in the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#6 (1989). The Marauders received profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#18 (1987), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#5 (1989), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#27 (1993), Wolverine Encyclopedia#2 (1996), Marvel Encyclopedia X-Men (2003), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#7 (2009), X-Men: Messiah Complex - Mutant Files (2007) and appeared in the X-Men's villains gallery in the X-Men Annual II#1 (1992)

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