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Membership: At least five shadowy rich men

Purpose: Provided a place for members to enjoy hunting, guns and other less wholesome activities

Affiliations: Agent X (Alex Hayden), B-1, Bloc, Outlaw (Inez Temple), Scalpel

Enemies: The Punisher (Frank Castle)

Base of Operations: The Culver Sport and Gun Club, New York (the building was apparently half an hour from Agent X's amusement park, it was heavily wooded)

First Appearance: Agent X#2 (October, 2002)



(Agent X#2) - Five top members of the Culver Sport and Gun Clube (est. 1887, Members Only) each hired a superhuman mercenary to participate in a scavenger hunt of sorts. Each participant contributed $50, 000 as a completion bonus for the mercenary who could return with the Punisher's custon .45 calibre pistols within 48 hours. The sponsor of the successful mercenary would get to keep the guns and the mistresses of the other four participants.

When the contest began, Agent X and Outlaw took out the other three mercenaries before they had even left the building. The sponsers of those members thought it was unfair, but were told to pay their share and leave their mistresses in the main hall.

Later, after Outlaw and Agent X had failed to get his guns, the Punisher went to the Gun Club and killed the participants.

Comments: Created by Gail Simone and UDON Studios.

The faces of the members were never shown.

Profile by Patrick D. Ryal

The Culver Sport and Gun Club has no known connections to

  • any other gun and hunting clubs.

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    Agent X#2, p5, pan2 (main image)

    Agent X#2 (October, 2002) - Gail Simone (writer), Udon Studios (pencils, inks), Andrew Lis (editor)

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