Real Name: Edward "Eddie" Dyson

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: currently unknown
    former vigilante;

Group Membership: None;
    former member of the New York Police

Affiliations: Lynn Michaels, Mr. Michaels

EnemiesBlind Joe Death, Cullens crime family, Heathen, Punishment Squad, Trust, Vaducci crime family, Steve Venture and his construction racket, VIGIL;
    Punisher (Frank Castle) - loose antagonism

Known Relatives: unnamed wife, twin daughters (all deceased)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: possibly Madison, Wisconsin;
    formerly New York City

First Appearance: Punisher War Journal#48 (November, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: None. Payback is a skilled in armed and unarmed combat and uses a variety of firearms. He also wears a kevlar vest, a protective face mask (on occasion), and a knee brace on his left leg.

Height: 5' 10" Weight: 170 lbs.




(Punisher War Journal I#48 (fb)) - Rookie Police Officer Dyson encountered the Punisher after he had taken down a highly sought criminal. Castle convinced Dyson to let him go, in exchange for taking credit for stopping the felon.
    As a result of this bust, Dyson was soon promoted to detective, though he was assigned a desk job in the bowels of midtown south. The raise allowed him to buy his family a small house up in Riverdale.

(Punisher War Journal I#48 (fb)) - After a year, Dyson was assigned to the major crimes unit, and things went very well initially.

(Punisher War Journal I#48 (fb)) - After about six months, when he learned that his squad was taking payments to mobsters involved with the construction union. Uncertain of what to do, Dyson contacted the Punisher for advice. Castle convinced him to give him the goods on the mobsters and to inform Internal Affairs about the corruption.
    Castle took out the mobsters, and Dyson was promoted to homicide, though he was hated by every cop in the department for what they saw as a betrayal. However, Castle had underestimated the depths of the construction racket, and some of its highest members took revenge on Dyson, planting on his doorstep a pound of C-4 buried inside a keg of roofing nails. His family was killed, and Dyson was badly injured. He recovered, but was highly despondent and remained in a wheelchair and refused to participate in physical therapy. Castle called to offer his condolences, and to tell Dyson that he had taken out the scum who had killed his family. Rather than pleasing Dyson, this information infuriated him, reminding him that he would never have gotten into this mess if he'd never met or listened to Castle. Inspired by his anger at Castle and his desire for revenge, Dyson rehabilitated himself, taking on the identity of Payback.

(Punisher War Journal I#49) - Payback began targeting people working with the Punisher, as well as those in the construction racket that Castle had been investigating. While fighting the racketeer Steve Venture (the head of the operation that had Payback's family killed) and his men, Castle took a bullet in the ankle and nearly passed out from pain and blood loss. Payback arrived and took out the criminals, then aimed at the Punisher.

(Punisher War Journal I#51) - Payback debated killing the Punisher, but when Castle told him that Venture was still alive, he agreed to a truce. Dyson used Venture's credit card history to track him to Newark. Payback invaded Venture's boat and slaughtered his men, while Castle used an anti-aircraft gun to ventilate the boat from the shore. Payback killed Venture, but took Venture's daughter off the sinking ship. He then handed Castle the gun Castle had given him at his first meeting, and told him that his quest, their enmity, and his career as Payback was over.

(Punisher II#86) - With the apparent death of Frank Castle (after he blew up a building to take out a gathering of mobsters), VIGIL targeted other vigilantes. They broke into the apartment of Eddie Dyson (Payback), but he managed to escape outside, and was picked him up by another vigilante, Lynn Michaels, on her motorcycle enabling him to escape.

(Punisher War Journal I#62) - Lynn Michaels told Payback that he could not just walk away from the life into which he had gotten involved: VIGIL would keep coming after him. The two agreed to team up long enough to take down VIGIL.
    They then broke up a numbers running operation, knowing they would attract the attention of VIGIL, which they did. They were captured.

(Punisher II#87) - Blackwell, the bad apple in VIGIL, brutally beat the bound Lynn and Eddie. Payback taunted Blackwell to keep him focused on him so he would not injure Lynn, but was badly injured himself as a result. When Blackwell was caught in the act and taken away for a reprimand, Lynn and Eddie escaped. VIGIL agent Jessup threatened to report Blackwell, who slew him, and then framed Lynn and Eddie for his death.

(Punisher War Journal I#63) -  While Eddie drowned his sorrows in beer in their temporary safe house, Lynn learned that Castle had turned up in Laastekist, PA, and that the knowledge had been circulated to everyone from VIGIL to the mob.

(Punisher War Zone#25) - With Payback still recovering from his beating, Lynn and Eddie drove to Laastekist. They were pulled over by a cop, but the officer left when all units were called to the airfield to stop Vito Vaducci. Lynn and Eddie followed as well, killing several of Vaducci's sons in the ensuing gunfight.

(Punisher II#88) - In Laastekist, Lynn and Eddie crossed paths with the Cullens, who opened fire and gunned them down. Though they both wore kevlar, Lynn was badly injured in the assault. Eddie recovered and took her to the doctor in Laastekist, who operated on her, fixing everything he could.

(Punisher War Journal I#64) - With Lynn still unconscious, Eddie got the doctor to help him move her out of Laastekist before they could be attacked again.

(Punisher War Journal I#68) - Eddie brought Lynn to Melinda Brewer, a former doctor who had previously helped Frank Castle. While Brewer examined Lynn, Payback went out for a drink.

(Punisher War Journal I#70) - Payback got drunk at a bar in full costume, and another man directed VIGIL agent Nails to him. Eddie attacked Nails savagely, and flattened him, but Nails got back up and punched him. Still only partially recovered from his beating at the hands of Blackwell, Eddie collapsed with a single punch. Nails took Eddie into custody and traced his base to Melinda Brewer in order to take in Lynn as well, but she had already escaped.

BTS - Eddie was released (or escaped) from VIGIL custody.

(Punisher War Journal I#75) - After struggles with Mondo Pain, VIGIL, and others, Lynn returned to Eddie, asking his help to try to survive the growing violence in the city. Eddie agreed to help her, and he put on his costume once again.

(Punisher War Journal I#76) - Hiding out in a hotel room in a rough neighborhood, Lynn and Eddie were joined by Lynn's father, who had been worried after not hearing from her in a long time. Their location was uncovered by Blind Joe Death, an agent of Heathen.

(Punisher War Journal I#77) - Eddie, Lynn, and her father were then assaulted by Blind Joe and Heathen, but they killed Blind Joe and drove off Heathen. They relocated to another hideout and enjoyed a few days of relative peace, but her father paid for the room with his credit card. This enabled them to be tracked, and they were soon confronted by the Punishment Squad.

(Punisher War Journal I#78) - Lynn, her father, and Payback shot their way past the Punishment Squad, and made their way to Penn Station. After fighting off the last of the Squad sent after them, they were confronted by Angela and Alaric, head of the Trust. However, Heathen shot and killed Angela and Alaric and allowed the three to get away, knowing that they were leaving New York for good.

(Punisher War Journal I#80) - Eddie, Lynn, and her father made it out to the Michaels farm in Wisconsin--or maybe Castle was just dreaming it?

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Payback as a potential Initiative recruit.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon and Todd Fox.

Payback was portrayed as one of the Punisher replacements during Suicide Run, but he never aspired to being Castle: He just wanted to be left alone.

Punisher War Journal was a completely unrelated story, and there was a break in Payback's first story b/t #49 and #51.

I'm not sure when Payback escaped (or was released) from VIGIL custody. One might guess as Nails and Einhorn had allowed Lynn Michaels and Harry/John Bendix to go freely, that they might have let Eddie go as well.
    Or maybe I just missed it?

No known connection to:

  • PAYBACK 2099 (Kasey Nash*) - briefly empowered by Stark-Fujikawa
      --Spider-Man 2099#24
  • PAYLOAD (          ) - Zoo                                                                                                   
      *D*--Gun Runner#3
  • PLAYBACK of Earth-NU (Miriam Morse) - National Security Council
  • other "Pay" or "Back" characters

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