Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Assassin, mercenary

Affiliations: ally of Blind Joe Death
    formerly employed by

Enemies: Alaric, Angela, Lynn Michaels and her father, Payback, Stone Cold, Trust, VIGIL

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: mobile across the planet

First Appearance: Punisher War Journal#75 (February, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Heathen is apparently a skilled and agile warrior, and he has no fear. He is experienced with various weapons
    His exact motivations are unclear

Height: 6' 3" Weight: 210 lbs.

History: Heathen's background is essentially unknown.

(Punisher War Journal#75 (fb) - BTS) - Heathen got Angela (of the Trust) out of Asia under unspecified circumstances.

(Punisher War Journal#75) - When multiple copies of the Punisher's War Journal showed up, Angela employed Heathen to obtain the real one. Heathen sent Blind Joe Death to get the Journal from Ricky, a young Asian criminal who had found it. After receiving the Journal, Heathen was confronted by Lynn Michaels, who had been tracking the Journal. He refused to give it to her, even at gunpoint. Agents of VIGIL then burst in and fired on them, and Heathen lost the Journal as he dove through an escape panel. One of the VIGIL agents located Heathen and Blind Joe, but underestimated the old blind man, who stabbed him in the side and left him for Heathen to finish off. Heathen taunted the agent as being an unknowing pawn of another organization.
    After obtaining a fake Journal, Angela angrily confronted Heathen, who had the real Journal, but refused to give it to her. Instead, he tossed it into the foundation of a building where it was to be covered in cement and lost forever.


(Punisher War Journal#76) - Blind Joe tracked down "the girl who wants to be the Punisher" (Lynn Michaels), and reported her location to Heathen, who wanted to "tie up loose ends so he could reap the whirlwind...after the coming storm raged through the city and wiped the streets clean."

(Punisher War Journal#77) - Blind Joe and Heathen attempted to ambush Lynn, but her early warning set-up detected them. Lynn, her father, and Payback tried to fake out their stalkers, but Heathen saw through their ruse. Lynn's father shot Heathen, but he then pulled Blind Joe in front of him, used him as a shield (killing him in the process), and leapt out the window.

(Punisher War Journal#78) - While Lynn and her allies fled from the Punishment Squad sent after them by the Trust, Heathen called Angela and Alaric, informing them that their targets were heading towards Penn Station. However, when Angela and Alaric arrived there and got the drop on Michaels and her allies, Heathen shot the two Trust leaders dead. He explained that he just wanted to clean house, and sense those three were definitely leaving, he didn't mind letting them go...plus he never liked Angela or Alaric. However, as he watched them go, he was confronted by Stone Cold, who shot him dead.

Comments: Created by Stephen Grant, Chuck Dixon, and Hugh Haynes.

Heathen was a character with a lot of mystery, and not a lot of substance.

not so much


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