Real Name: Dean Swaybrick

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Vigilante;
    former Entrepreneur/Financial Investor

Affiliations: Led a small army of armed operatives;
    Barnes (servant);
    Elliot and Maxine (employees);

Enemies: Cullen crime family, Jimmy Pierce (Hitman Punisher)

Known RelativesAlaric (alleged uncle)

Aliases: Punisher

Base of Operations: Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York;
    formerly Boston, Massachusetts

First Appearance: Punisher II #86 (January, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Swaybrick had no superhuman powers or abilities.  Besides wearing protective body armor and using a number of automatic weapons, he controlled a small army of similarly armed operatives, as well.

Height: 6'2''      Weight: 220 lbs.

(Punisher Anniversary Magazine) - A thirty-something wealthy ultra-conservative, Swaybrick came from old money and had never done a hard days work in his life.  Perhaps based on inspiration from his uncle, he had had a Punisher-type costume designed and planned to become a new Punisher after Castle had reportedly died.  He also prepared a book which described Castle as a hero.

(Punisher II #86) - With the apparent death of Frank Castle, Dean saw his chance.  He had his employees get the book in stores within 24 hours so that the Punisher would be seen as a great fallen hero.

(Punisher II #87) - As the new Punisher, Dean appeared on the Al Clooney show, promoting his new book and image, and arguing that Castle was not the dangerous psychopath that the media portrayed him to be.  Next, with media coverage, of course, Dean prepared an assault on a crackhouse in Alphabet City, the Southeastern corner of Manhattan.  Dean was most perturbed when yet another would-be Punisher, Jimmy Pierce, stole his thunder by taking out the operation before Dean could make his play.  Believing the masked Pierce to have been the real Punisher, Dean decided to find and kill him, so that there would be no one to interfere with his plans.

(Punisher II #88) - Learning of a connection between the Cullen gang and the Punisher, Dean led an assault on a Cullen base of operations.  During this mission, Dean got his first kill, which he profoundly enjoyed.  He questioned Alfie Cullen about the Punisher, who after some some coercion revealed that Pierce had been sent up to the town of Laastekist.  Dean killed the helpless Alfie and then led his men to Laastekist as well.

     In Laastekist, Dean slew several of the Cullens and then put a gun to Jimmy Pierce's head.  Dean was distracted when his own men fled following his bloodthirsty attack, and Pierce dove to the side, picked up one of the Cullens' guns, and fired three bullets into Dean's head, instantly killing him.

Comments: Yuppunisher was created by Steven Grant (writer) and Hugh Haynes (artist).

Like the Idiot Punisher, Swaybrick tried to assume the role of the Punisher and was never referred to as the Yuppunisher inside the story.  It was only outside references that called him that.

Dean's relation to Alaric (of the Trust) is revealed in the Punisher Anniversary magazine.  The involvement of his uncle is hinted at in Punisher #88, but never clarified.

Dean's height and weight were revealed in the Marvel Knights Encyclopedia (2004).

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims

No known connection to:

  • PUNISHER - robot of Galactus--Fantastic Four I #49
  • LYNN MICHAELS--Punisher War Zone #7, Punisher War Journal #75
  • HIT MAN (Jimmy Pierce) --Punisher II #97
  • OUTLAW (Nigel Higgins) --Punisher II #64
  • PAYBACK (Eddie Dyson) --Punisher War Journal #49
  • PHALANX (Dick Johnson) --Punisher War Zone Annual #1
  • IDIOT PUNISHER (Desmond Kline)--Punisher War Journal #61, 62
  • CARLOS CRUZ, @ Punisher II #97


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