Real Name: Kaina

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Contraxian

Occupation: Unrevealed;
    would-be scientist;
    former graduate student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Phillip Chang, Dr. Curt Connors, Contraxian Sun Priestesses, Roger Hochberg, Steve Hopkins, Jack of Hearts (Jonathan "Jack" Hart), Chip Martin, SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division; esp. Nick Fury, and agent William Martins), Dr. Morris Sloan, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Varga, Debra Whitman

Enemies: Iguana, Moonstone (Karla Sofen), Morbius (Michael Morbius), Survivalists (especially Oltnam), Swarm (Fritz von Meyer);

Known Relatives: Unidentified father

Aliases: Marcy Kane, "Ice Queen"

Base of Operations: Presumably Contraxia, Elidra star system, Milky Way galaxy;
    formerly the Hart Estate, New Haven, Connecticut;
    formerly a brownstone on East 83rd Street, New York;
    formerly the Empire State University Physics Building, New York City;
    formerly the University of New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut

Education: Ph.D in Biophysics (from Empire State University)

First Appearance(As Mary Kane, posing as human, not identified as Contraxian) Spectacular Spider-Man II#32 (July, 1979);
    (revealed as Contraxian) Jack of Hearts#2 (February, 1984);
    (identified as Kaina) Jack of Hearts#2 (March, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Kaina is an expert in biophysics.

    She speaks Contraxian and English fluently.

    Her gloves contain telecrystals allowing her to show holo-videos of past events.
    Those viewing these images, herself included, seemed to present within the events taking place.

    Presumably she used this holographic technology to appear in human form. However, it seems unlikely that she was wearing her gown and headdress at all times and only making them appear not to be there, so she may have been able to physically transform her clothing via some form technology. Whatever means she used was sufficient to escape detection by SHIELD's screening procedures.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: (Kaina) White; (Kane) blue
Hair: Brown, formerly blonde, formerly dyed blonde
Other Distinguishing Features: Like all Contraxians, the left half of Kaina's body is a dark purple color; it is unrevealed what, if any, variations in terms of ability and/or limitations are resultant in this pigmentation.

History: (Spectacular Spider-Man II#56 (fb) ) - As a little girl, Kaina's hair was blonde; her father said it was like spun gold. She considered it her only good feature, but as she got older, it darkened, so she started dying it blonde.

(Jack of Hearts#2 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#5: Jack of Hearts entry) - Kaina was assigned to monitor the Hart family following Marya's death and to obtain the energy source Philip and Marie had developed. 

(Jack of Hearts#2 (fb) - BTS) - Traveling to Earth, Kaina established the identity of Marcy Kane, and studied science at the University of New Haven.

(Marvel Team-Up I#134 (fb) / Jack of Hearts#1 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#5: Jack of Hearts entry) - Intensely serious science student Marcy Kane repeatedly rebuffed the smitten Jack’s romantic advances. Marcy tried to keep a professional distance from Jack at first, but the ardently romantic Hart won her over with a poem he'd written about her, and they became lovers. Marcy fell in love with Jack.

(Marvel Team-Up I#134 (fb) / Jack of Hearts#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jack seemingly disappeared without saying a word to Marcy - unbeknownst to her, he'd been mutated by Zero Fluid and become the costumed hero Jack of Hearts. Marcy felt that she would have married him if he had not disappeared.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#34 (fb) ) - Marcy worked hard to earn a scholarship from Empire State University, and enrolled in a PhD program there under Dr. Morris Sloan.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#66 (fb) ) - Marcy moved into a brownstone on East 83rd Street with another girl; her roommate eventually moved out, leaving Marcy with the place to herself.blonde-full

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#32) - While walking on campus, Marcy saw Dr. Sloan get bowled over by a distracted student. She helped Dr. Sloan up, and soon discovered that the student was her new colleague, Peter Parker. While he was dazzled by her beauty, she was not impressed - she'd seen his records, and believed he'd squandered his genius with carelessness. As he tried to explain that he had a job and a sick aunt, they saw a flash coming from a nearby lab. They rushed in to find Dr. Curt Connors on the floor, having been knocked out by what he claimed was a power surge. The two subsequently accompanied Connors on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo, but when Connors began acting strangely and ran off, Parker followed, leaving a puzzled Marcy to handle the undergraduate students alone.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#33) - Kane led the undergrads into the zoo's House of Darkness, but before long, the reptiles within, commanded by the monstrous Iguana, burst out of their terrariums and attacked the students. Kane and the others fled to safety, where they eventually met up with Parker, who claimed to have been looking for Connors during the chaos.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#34) - In the lab the next morning, Marcy found Parker, who had forgotten his assigned class with Dr. Sloan that morning. He asked her to cover it for him, but she refused; Dr. Sloan, however, insisted that she do so. Expressing her disdain for Parker again, Kane left with Sloan.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#36 (fb) ) - Marcy was assigned by Sloan to synthesize a new insect repellent.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#36) - Dr. Sloan brought Kane in to his lab examine the skeleton of Nazi apiarist Fritz von Meyer, which he had acquired, hoping to study the radioactivity that had bonded von Meyer with a colony of mutant bees to become Swarm. Kane wanted no part of the experiment, but Sloan believed he could revolutionize agriculture if he could control bees.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#37) - Kane was stung by bees when Swarm re-emerged from the skeleton, and was helpless to prevent Swarm from building a giant hive on the ESU campus. Together with Sloan, Parker, and fellow grad students Chip Martin, Phillip Chang, and Steve Hopkins, they began working to produce more of Marcy's insect repellent. As Kane and the others set out to stop Swarm with tanks of the repellent, Parker stayed behind, claiming that they should let the Avengers or the Fantastic Four handle it. As soon as they went outside, however, Swarm's bees attacked them, shattering the repellent tanks; thankfully, Parker defeated Swarm as Spider-Man by soaking his costume in the chemical.kaina-marcy-kane-face-blonde

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1) - Marcy saw Peter at the ESU Physics Building and apologized for accusing him of being a coward. She explained that she hated to see him waste his scientific talent taking crime photos, and suggested that he rely on his graduate stipend instead, but he told her that he had to pay for his aunt's funeral; she sputtered an apology as he left. Watching the both of them, Dr. Sloan suspected that Marcy felt more for Parker than she'd admit. Before long, Marcy heard a crash in the lab, and found Parker there, with a broken window. He claimed that an experiment (actually one of Doc Ock's severed tentacles) had gotten away from him, and she didn't believe him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#38) - Kane and her fellow grad students ran into Parker on campus; despite her previous apology, she still believed he was a coward, and that he was wasting his life. She walked on, leaving Parker behind with Chip Martin, who she also didn't care for. Later, Marcy attended a Halloween party at Chip's parents' mansion; before she could begin to enjoy herself, she was accosted by the living vampire Morbius. She fainted dead away, and Spider-Man drove off Morbius before he could drink her blood.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#39) - Seeing Parker on campus again, Marcy was even more dismissive of him, believing he'd fled from Morbius, as well. This time, however, Parker was in the process of transforming into the Spider-Lizard, and lashed out angrily at Marcy and her colleagues before storming off. As they watched, Parker saved Chip's father, Senator Robert Martin, from an attack by Chip, who had transformed into the Schizoid Man. The Senator and his wife explained to Marcy and the others how Chip had acquired mental powers as an infant, and struggled with mental illness. Soon, they saw Spider-Man pummel the Schizoid Man and run off.turban

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#42) - To celebrate their trimester break, Marcy and her fellow grad students went on a boat cruise up the Hudson River; Marcy was irritated that Peter was once again late, and had somehow turned up on the boat after they'd raised the gangplank.

(Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3/2) - At the lab, Phillip Chang hit on Marcy, asking her if his "inscrutable nature" bothered her. She dismissed him as "the most scrutable man alive".

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#46 (fb) / Spectacular Spider-Man II#56 (fb) ) - Marcy's doctor told her that if she kept bleaching her hair, it would fall out; consequently, she started wearing a series of head-coverings.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#46) - Back from her doctor's appointment, Marcy turned up at the lab late, with a scarf over her hair.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#54 (fb) ) - Over the next month, Marcy wore an assortment of different scarves, constantly covering up her hair.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#54) - Marcy, now wearing a turban, chided Parker when he turned up late again.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#55) - Wearing a tam o' shanter, Kane brushed Parker aside in the lab. dewigged

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#56) - Marcy, wearing a scarf and blonde wig, came back from her class, only to have scarf and wig yanked off her head by Steve Hopkins, who was dangling from the ceiling. Her short brown hair revealed, Marcy ran off in tears. Peter, who had cautioned Steve against the prank, ran after her to comfort her. Confused by how kindly he was treating her, she took off, leaving Peter behind.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#58) - From under a veil, Marcy watched as Dr. Sloan administered Steve's punishment for pranking her - a pie in the face. She then whipped off the veil, revealing her new brunette hairstyle.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#61) - Working in the lab alone, Marcy heard a commotion in another room; investigating, she found Spider-Man battling Moonstone. Marcy was caught in the crossfire, taking a blast from the villain. While Moonstone escaped, Spider-Man gave Marcy CPR, saving her life. She was taken away by an ambulance; later, Peter visited her in the hospital, and she apologized for the hard time she'd always given him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#62) - Marcy and the other grad students watched as a shipment of gold was delivered to the lab, and waited impatiently for Peter Parker, whose experiment the gold was for. When he finally arrived, Marcy talked excitedly about the experiment with him, inspiring jealousy from Sloan's secretary Deb Whitman.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#227) - Marcy was in the office when a cheery Peter Parker breezed in; she was astonished at his blase attitude towards his looming term paper.dressed to kill

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#65) - Seeing a glum Parker have a brief conversation with Deb Whitman, Marcy asked Deb what was up with him; when Deb suggested his problems about his studies and thus were beyond her comprehension, Marcy caught up with him, and offered to study with him. He arrived at her luxurious brownstone that night finding her dressed to kill...and suggesting they eat in...

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#66) - Marcy waited for Peter at the corner of 86th and 3rd on her way home from school. He showed up, and she congratulated him on his punctuality as they walked to her place. Once inside, Peter tried to get affectionate, but she shoved him aside, insisting that they were there to study. She went to the kitchen to grab them some dinner, only for a news bulletin about Electro to come on the news; when she returned, Peter was gone.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#67) - Marcy called Peter to tell him she'd left his books at the ESU lost and found. Later, she ran into him on campus; he tried to explain, but she told him she knew he was taking pictures of the Spider-Man/Electro fight, and once again questioned his seriousness as a student, telling him she didn't have the time to tutor a photojournalist.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#68) - Peter walked by Marcy, Phillip, and Steve; lost in thought, he ignored them.

(Marvel Team-Up I#117) - Marcy and Peter made plans with Roger Hochberg and his date to attend a science lecture; however, Peter, who had been lured into battle with Professor Power's henchmen, never showed up.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#69) - Peter informed Marcy and the others that he intended to give up his teaching assistant duties; she dismissed him for choosing photography over science, but he insisted that he'd pursue both.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#232) - Marcy tried to lure Peter into the lab, but he declined. Discouraged, she returned to the lab, where she and her fellow grad students had a surprise farewell party ready to go for him. They decided to eat without him.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#76) - Marcy went in for her final exams, and was surprised to see a bedraggled Peter Parker (exhausted after a battle with Doc Ock and the Owl) there. Afterwards, she ran into him in the hall, but he took off.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#78) - Marcy was on campus with the other grad students when Peter Parker dropped by, looking to see if grades had been posted yet. She was surprised that he even cared.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#16) - Marcy noted that she was sure Peter Parker was hiding something and wondered who could ever be serious about him ("Certainly not me!"). However, she did admit that he had nice legs.

(Marvel Team-Up I#134) - Marcy saw Peter when he came back to clean up his locker, and chided him again for giving up, seeing too much of her ex-lover Jack Hart in him. No sooner had Parker left than Marcy ran into Hart himself. While she was momentarily happy to see him, she quickly rationalized that he must have only made her love him as a joke. She slapped him, knocking off his sunglasses and exposing a glowing eye. Before he could explain, he was attacked by SHIELD agents, who were trying to keep the unstable Hart contained. Soon, Spider-Man intervened, and Jack revealed himself as Jack of Hearts. As Jack took on Spider-Man, the agents explained themselves to Marcy; she told Spider-Man, who then knocked Jack out by triggering a gas explosion in a lab. She rushed to see him and found him unharmed, but depressed over his situation. Marcy offered to use her biophysics knowledge to help cure Jack of his unstable powers.

brunette(Jack of Hearts#1 (fb) - BTS) - Though she had promised to help Jack, Marcy returned to ESU to complete her Ph.D in biophysics at ESU.

(Jack of Hearts#1) - When Jack became suicidal, SHIELD agent William Martins -- the science officer supervising Jack of Heart's containment (though he posed as the Hart estate's butler) -- contacted Marcy. She requested to work on Project Hart, and he summoned her to the Hart estate in New Haven, Connecticut. With time critical, they did as thorough a background check allowed, but they "bent the rules a bit" to get her there as swiftly as possible. 

(Jack of Hearts#1) - When Marcy arrived at the Hart estate, Martins greeted her and revealed his true nature/identity. She and her luggage were scanned as clean by SHIELD equipment en route to Jack, while Martins told her of his current state. When they arrived at the Playpen containment center, the otherwise detached Jack was excited to see her, but swiftly became frustrated, wondering whether she was there out of pity or perhaps to write a paper on the death of a freak, as a recent science graduate could not be expected to cure him when experienced SHIELD scientists had failed. Though she tried to explain herself, his excitement caused his energy levels to dangerous levels until SHIELD's Neutro-Mist dampened them. 

    Seeking a break before trying to reason with Jack, Marcy was shown to her room by Martins, during which she encountered "Freeman Smythe" -- secretly Oltnam, a Contraxian Survivalist sent to spy on Jack to evaluate his power levels to potentially save Contraxia's dying sun -- who was serving as the Hart Estate's trustee and argued that Jack's suicide attempts indicated he was not stable to gain control of the estate. Marcy chastised him trying to arrange things for his own benefit when Jack needed help; the situation was defused when SHIELD commander Nick Fury showed up and took "Smythe" away to explain the situation as a matter of national security.

    That evening, Marcy reviewed SHIELD's Files on Jack and the Hart family, realizing that SHIELD was watching her and Jack during their college romance; she finally succumbed to exhaustion and fell asleep. She rose early the next morning, determined to save Jack. She visited him, encouraging to get over his self-pity and work to use his power for good, and assuring him she still cared about him. She told him that his mother's people had a greater understanding of such powers as he had, but before she could explain, the mansion was assaulted by Contraxian saucers sent by Survivalist Commander Varga.

    Marcy shut down the Playpen's Neutro-Mist generator, allowing Jack to drive off the fleet, after which he flew off with Marcy.

(Jack of Hearts#2) - Escaping pursuing SHIELD  aircraft and landing in seclusion, Jack insisted that Marcy tell him what she knew about his mother, and Marcy revealed her true appearance and that both she and Jack's mother were extraterrestrials, Contraxians, making Jack a hybrid. She then used a telecrystal to show him the world of his ancestors and the progression of the threat of Contraxia's cooling sun. 

When the telecrystal's visions reached the point of Marie Hart's death, Jack's powers surged and were detected by both SHIELD and the Contraxian ships under Varga's command.. Kaina admitted that she had been assigned to monitor the Harts and their Zero-Fluid, but that she had fallen in love with Jack.

    As the Contraxians confronted Jack, Kaina prepared to try to reason with Varga and tell him that Jack would willingly help them (although Varga's attacks made him question this), but Varga had Kaina transported aboard his ship. Jack overpowered the Contraxian ships and pursued them back to the Mothership; Kaina convinced him to come aboard peacefully to save her people.

(Jack of Hearts#3) - Along with the Survivalists, Kaina and Jack of Hearts arrived on Contraxia and met with the Sun Priestesses. Varga claimed to have dragged the "human" there so he could be forced to save Contraxia, but Kaina revealed Jack's mother to have been Contraxian, and that his human father had discovered the Zero-Fluid. Jack explained the Zero-Fluid as the source of his power and his willingness to try to save Contraxia's sun. Kaina then introduced herself (at which point Jack learned her true name) to the Sun Priestesses and explained how she had convinced Jack to travel to and try to save Contraxia.

    Over the next few days, Kaina was present as Contraxian scientists (presumably herself included) subjected Jack to "every conceivable test they could devise," with all the painful and exhausting tests confirming that Jack's powers were increasing with each second. They gave him a neutro-mist impregnated costume to control his power, and Kaina showed him the house in which his mother (and her matriarchal ancestors) grew up, as well as the crystal column, the memory of which stored his family history.

    The Sun Priestesses then appeared, noting that they had determined that the power he possessed could not be extracted and that only he could wield it to save their sun; however, the price would almost certainly be his life. Though Kaina encouraged Jack to flee, he vowed to try to save Contraxia even if it killed him; pained by the thought of losing him, Kaina confirmed her love for him.

(Jack of Hearts#3 - BTS) - However, the Survivalists -- having assumed that Jack would not save them at the cost of his life -- resolved to capture Jack and force his compliance. 

(Jack of Hearts#3) - As Jack and Kaina attempted to enjoy a romantic night together, Survivalists attacked the pair after their scans indicated that Jack being out of armor meant he had temporarily neutralized his power by other means. 

    As the neutro-mist's effect faded, Jack sent Kaina away, and he lashed out at the Survivalist attackers, but Kaina ran into Vargas and Oltnam, who refused to believe that Jack had offered to risk himself to save their world. 

    Oltnam appreciated that Kaina had been telling the truth, but -- as an armored Varga battled Jack -- he nonetheless knocked her out, seeking to make it appear that the Survivalists had forced Jack to save them in hopes of furthering his own power agenda (including usurping Vargas' position as leader of the Survalists). Oltnam then used SHIELD neutro-mist to de-power Jack and knock him out, after which he slew the Sun Priestesses as well. Arguing that the people might have supported the Sun Priestesses' pacivity into death, Oltnam convinced Varga that they could tell the population Jack had refused to save Contraxia and had slain the Sun Priestesses himself; upon hearing this, the Contraxian public agreed that the murderer Jack should be sacrificed to save them.

(Jack of Hearts#4 (fb) - BTS) - To prevent Kaina from exposing the truth, Oltnam secretly had her also placed aboard the solar probe ship containing the shackled Jack.

(Jack of Hearts#4) - The Contraxians' initial celebration swiftly became a riot as, shocked by what they had done, they were swept from one sybaritic outpouring after another in an effort to mask their shame. 

    Some regretted the breaking of their moral code in sacrificing another to save themselves, while others celebrated, sustained by the thought that they would live. 

    As Oltnam revealed Kaina's fate to Varga, Kaina revived and greeted a surprised Jack aboard the solar probe ship, who was furious that his resolve to die to save her was thwarted; she tried to console him by noting that they would at least die together. She further tried to explain that her people were indeed noble, though they suffered from manipulation by the Survivalists; while she did not excuse their actions, she prayed that, in time, the Contraxians would again tread the path of righteousness. 
Soon after, Kaina became uncomfortable from the great heat caused by their proximity to the sun.

(Jack of Hearts#4 (fb) - BTS) - Though having rationalized the sacrifice of the half-breed Jack of Hearts, Varga was unable to condone the murder of Kaina, a Contraxian born. Accompanied by Oltnam, Varga led a fleet of Contraxians ships through hyperspace in pursuit of the solar probe ship, intending to rescue Kaina. 

(Jack of Hearts#4 - BTS) - Oltnam ambushed Varga, striking him down from behind with his sword and then jettisoning the shuttle so Varga might die along those he sought to save. 

(Jack of Hearts#4) - Varga soon docked with the solar probe ship, announced his intent to make amends, helped Kaina aboard his shuttle, and freed Jack from his shackles. Jack, however, sealed the shuttle and sent Kaina away to safety, leaving himself and the mortally wounded Varga aboard the solar probe ship. Varga swiftly succumbed to the sun's heat.

    As Kaina returned to Contraxia, Jack dove directly into the sun and released his full power, restoring Contraxia's sun. The people rejoiced as the snow melted, and Kaina encouraged the people to praise sun's light and warmth, but to never forget he who had sacrificed his life to save them.

(Jack of Hearts#4 - BTS) - Jack returned to Contraxia, unintentionally incinerating Oltnam and the remaining Survivalists as he passed them. As Jack approached Contraxia, his immense heat triggered cataclysmic changes, melting ice sheets and causing the seas to rise, sweeping away the cities, and he set aflame the great forests. 

    The survivors of this heat fled to high mountains, where they cowered before the arriving Jack, who struggled to contain his awesome power to avoid killing them all. 

(Jack of Hearts#4) - Kaina begged Jack's forgiveness for her people, but Jack remained frustrated as his new power levels forbade any contact or relationship between him and Kaina; she withdrew from the great heat released from his outstretched hand.

    Ultimately, Jack decided he did not have the right to take away their lives, and encouraged them to regain their lost honor. After Kaina and Jack repeated their vows of love, Kaina asked Jack to take him with her. Noting that she could not go where he was going, Jack instead instructed her to show her people the path back to honor, after which he departed for space.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Jim Mooney, and Frank Springer.

    Marcy Kane: secret space alien! Man, what a weird, WEIRD turn for a Spider-Man supporting character to take. While Mantlo might have known where he planned to take the character, he certainly didn't leave any hints. Honestly, if I had to guess, I'd say Mantlo didn't intend to make Marcy Kane an alien until the Jack of Hearts miniseries - maybe not even until the second issue of it. I certainly can't imagine Roger Stern, who wrote a bunch of Marcy's appearances, knew in advance.
    I agree that it doesn't seem to have been planned. Even in Jack of Hearts#1, Marcy was reading Jack's history in private and was thinking thoughts to herself that seemed to indicate she was learning the information for the first time.
Sadly, we can't ask Bill because of his head trauma. Does anyone know if this was ever discussed anywhere?

    I wonder if Peter Parker ever found out what happened to Marcy. At the very least, she's probably missed a couple class reunions.

    In her alien form, Kaina doesn't have a giant bulbous head - that's just a fancy hat.
    I can't even find my Jack of Hearts issues to see if there is an image of her without the headdress in her true form. There was a potentially romantic scene towards the end of #3, but I don't recall if she still had some headdress or not.--Snood

    I would think it likely that Kaina took on some sort of leadership role among the Contraxian people following Jack's departure, but we haven't seen her since he left Contraxia, so who knows?
    With her outfit and headdress, it looked like Kaina might have been affiliated with the Sun Priestesses, but she seemed to be introducing herself to them for the first time in Jack of Hearts#3.--Snood

    The end of Spectacular Spider-Man #66 certainly implies that something more than studying is about to happen between Peter and Marcy, but in the following issue she decisively rebuffs the advances of an uncharacteristically-forward Peter Parker as if the last issue hadn't happened. Thus, the question "has Peter Parker ever made it to second base with an alien?" will probably remain forever unanswered.

    In her early appearances, Marcy frequently wears a pair of glasses pushed up on her forehead, but she was only depicted actually using them once, in Spectacular Spider-Man II#38.

    I've included the whole anecdote about Marcy's hair going from blonde to brown in her "real" history - it could be something she made up as part of her cover, but she drew more attention to herself than you'd think a secret alien would want. No reason that Contraxians (who seem to be basically humans with weird pigmentation anyway) wouldn't have the same aging quirks humans do.

    Marcy is incorrectly depicted as a brunette in the flashbacks in Marvel Team-Up #134 - she should still have been blonde at that point.

    While Marcy Kane's never made it into any of Spider-Man's numerous adaptations in other media, to my eye, the '90s Spider-Man cartoon's version of Debra Whitman is a lot closer to Marcy Kane in terms of personality than to the neurotic Deb of the comics.

    Marcy Kane has a mini-profile under Spider-Man's Friends and Associates in the All-New OHotMU HC vol. 11.

    Thanks to MarvellousLuke for providing some of the images.

Profile by Minor Irritant and Snood.

Kane should be distinguished from:

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Spectacular Spider-Man II#68 (July, 1982) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Luke McDonnell (pencils), Jim Mooney (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#69 (August, 1982) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Ed Hannigan (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#232 (September, 1982) - Roger Stern (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Jim Mooney (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#76 (March, 1983) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils), Jim Mooney (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#78 (May, 1983) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils), Jim Mooney (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)
Marvel Team-Up I#134 (Otober, 1983) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Ron Frenz (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks), Tom DeFalco & Danny Fingeroth (editor)
Jack of Hearts#1-3 (January-March, 1984) - Bill Mantlo (writer), George Freeman (artist), Bob Budiansky (editor)
Jack of Hearts#4 (April, 1984) - Bill Mantlo (writer), George Freeman (penciler & inker), Eduardo Barreto & Hilary Barta (inkers), Bob Budiansky (editor)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover #5 (December, 2008) - Jeff Christiansen (head writer), Madison Carter, Mike Fichera, and Stuart Vandal (coordination assistants), Sean McQuaid, Michael Hoskin, Stuart Vandal, Ronald Byrd, et al. (writers), Jeff Youngquist and Jen Grunwald (editors)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover #11 (December, 2009) - Jeff Christiansen (head writer), Madison Carter, Mike Fichera,and Stuart Vandal (coordination assistants), Sean McQuaid, Michael Hoskin, Stuart Vandal, Ronald Byrd, et al. (writers), Jeff Youngquist and Jen Grunwald (editors)

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