Real Name: Rosalie Carbone

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Mob leader

Affiliations: former leader of the Carbone family mob;
    employed Bullseye, Mondo Pain, a group of
assassins (Cane, Combat, Garrote, Roc, Silence, Stiletto, Tequila), and various other armed criminals (such as Hog);
    former lover of Johnny Tower (actually Frank Castle, the Punisher);
    Enrico (former fiancé), Bruno (former boy toy);
    Leslie Geraci (high school friend)

Enemies: Carlos Cruz, Geraci crime Family (especially Leslie Geraci), Lynn Michaels, Punisher (Frank Castle), Vito Vaducci and his mob

Known Relatives: Julius (father, deceased), Salvatore (Thorn, uncle), aunt (unnamed), Marco (cousin, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Long Island, New York

First Appearance: Punisher War Zone#2 (April, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Rosalie possessed no superhuman powers, but she had control of a large number of armed gangsters.  She was personally acquainted with the use of firearms, as well.  These factors coupled with the fury of a woman scorned made her a formidable opponent.

Height: 5'5''      Weight: 115 lbs.      Eye color: Green      Hair color: Black

Other physical characteristics: Rosalie sometimes wore a nose ring in her left nostril.

History: Rosalie was engaged to Enrico, from Napoli; it was an arranged marriage-to-be to help solidify the alliance between the Carbone mob family and another group in Sicily.

(Punisher War Zone#2) - Rosalie interrupted a meeting of her father's with complaints about her wedding's menu.  Julius called a temporary halt to the meeting to discuss things with Rosalie, but she'd become more interested in the new member of the "family," Johnny Tower.  He took an interest in her as well.

(Punisher War Zone#3) - "Johnny" kissed Rosalie in her father's conservatory while Julius met with Mickey Fondozzi.  She later looked at wedding dresses.

(Punisher War Zone#4) - "Johnny" and Rosalie sealed the deal during another of her father's meetings.

(Punisher War Zone#5) - Rosalie flew out with her father to the meeting with the European crime family on La Isla de Tiburones Durimientes (the Island of the Sleeping Sharks).  She met Enrico, but was less than impressed.

(Punisher War Zone#6) - Rosalie and Enrico were talking on the beach when her uncle Sal, now transformed into Thorn, arrived.  Thorn killed Enrico, and Rosalie ran inside and told her father, prompting a war between the families, when Enrico's father heard that he had died.  Julius tried to save Rosalie from the Punisher and Thorn, but she was knocked into the shark grotto during the struggle.  Castle pulled her out, and she saw her dad get killed when Thorn tackled him into the grotto.  She also watched helplessly as Castle then shot Thorn, seemingly killing him.  Maddened, she ran forward and pounded on his chest, telling him she'd kill him, but then collapsed to the ground in tears.

(Punisher War Zone#7) - Rosalie and her boys stormed into a meeting of the remaining Carbone family, furious that she wasn't invited.  As she was the sole surviving blood relative, she demanded that she be given the rule.  When the most senior member scoffed at her, she had her boys kill him, and then she effectively took over as capo.  As her first order of business, she demanded the death of the Punisher.

(Punisher War Zone#8) - Rosalie announced a 5 million dollar bounty on Castle's head, which summoned seven deadly international assassins.

([Punisher War Zone#9], 10,11) - Several of the assassins assaulted Castle and his friends.  He responded by kidnapping Rosalie, taking her to his safehouse in Bradford, PA, and telling the assassins and Rosalie's men to come and get him.  Rosalie was freed by the assassin Tequila, but she ended up the only survivor of all who opposed the Punisher.  He left her alone there to find her own way home in the dead of winter.

(Punisher War Journal#61) -  Castle broke into Rosalie's home in Long Island, held her at gunpoint, and forced her boy toy, Bruno, to give him information about the gathering of gangsters being held by Vito Vaducci.  Rosalie was one of the few invited not to attend, and thus one of the few to survive.

(Punisher War Journal#63) - Rosalie's men reported to her that Frank Castle had survived the explosion he caused at the aforementioned gathering, and was in Laastkist, PA.  She told them specifically to NOT go after him, even though all of the other mobsters were sending people.

(Punisher War Journal#73) - Rosalie hired Mondo Pain, sending him to find out what the deal was with the lady Punisher--Lynn Michaels--then to kill her.

(Punisher War Journal#74) -  Mondo reported seeing Lynn with Sheriff Harry Bendix, and Rosalie told him to get rid of her.  Painfully.

(Punisher War Journal#75) -  Although Lynn Michaels escaped, Mondo discovered what appeared to be the Punisher's War Journal.  He told Rosalie, taunting her with the entry containing Castle's affair with her.

(Punisher II#100) - When Microchip sent Carlos Cruz to kill Rosalie, her agents put a double in her place to fool them.  Meanwhile, she met out on a cruise with Vito Vaducci to discuss a merger of the two crime families.  Vito tried to get friendly with Rosalie and she coldly rebuffed him.  Later, Rosalie adjourned their meeting because she felt that Vaducci was not giving her the proper offers just because she was a woman.
That night, when the Punisher tracked her down, she taunted him, thinking it was Castle/"Johnny."  However, it was actually Cruz, who was prepared to actually kill her.  However, agents of Vaducci then burst in after both Cruz and Rosalie, and Carlos took Rosalie and leapt to safety.  As Cruz was figuring how he could use Rosalie to get off the ship alive, Rosalie shot him in the chest (which was protected by Kevlar) and knocked him into the hold, where she trapped him.  Seconds later, Rosalie tried and failed to convince Vaducci's hitmen to turn over to her side, and then dodged a hail of hostile fire from them.  Cruz broke free and came after her again, but she stalled him by taking advantage of his hesitation to kill an unarmed woman, and another assassin, Hog, tackled him off the boat.

(Punisher II#101) - From the boat, Rosalie fired at Hog and Cruz as they fought in the water, but the water slowed the bullets enough to save them.  Later, she met up with Vaducci again, feigning ignorance of his responsibility for the recent attacks.  Afterwards, she hired Bullseye to kill both Vaducci and the Punisher (she still had no idea that it was not Castle with whom she had recently tangled).

(Punisher II#102) - Rosalie met up with Vaducci in Las Vegas, which was to be the site where the hired assassin Bullseye would kill him.  However, Cruz teamed up with another vigilante, Phalanx, and tracked them down and assaulted their mansion.  Bullseye killed all of Vaducci's men, but Cruz and Phalanx burst in before he could off the main man.

(Punisher II#103) - Rosalie and Vaducci escaped as the costumed nuts fought, but while he sought to talk out their differences, she popped a few caps in him.  She then had her men steal the Phalanx suit (after its wearer died fighting Bullseye) and flee with her.

(Punisher War Journal#79) -  Bullseye confronted Rosalie, demanding for his payment, but she refused as she had killed Vaducci herself, and the Punisher had escaped.  Bullseye told her that it was not the real Punisher, but then took her up on the offer to complete the previous assignment, using the Phalanx armor.

(Punisher#104) -  Using information gained from the Kingpin, the Punisher blew up Rosalie's apartment.  Rosalie, however, was on vacation in Oahu at the time, and was only cut off during a phone call to her apartment at that time.

(Double Edge Alpha) - Rosalie put out another bounty, this time for one million dollars, to whoever could kill the Punisher.  A virtual army blew away a SHIELD envoy as they transported Castle, but it turned out that SHIELD had anticipated this and carried out a fake transport, made entirely out of Life Model Decoys (LMDs).  Her men later tracked the real Punisher to a SHIELD safehouse, and they dropped a bomb on it to kill him.  Castle survived (of course!), but the explosion interrupted a critical period of a special regression therapy he was undergoing (which had already been tampered with by the Spook).  Castle climbed out through the rubble after being shielded from the collapsing building by Doc Samson, and he left there believing Nick Fury had been responsible for killing his family.

BTS - As a result, Castle targeted and assassinated Nick Fury, though that too turned out to be a highly specialized LMD.

(Punisher III#5d) - Rosalie attended a meeting of crime families, where she criticized the Geraci's for their alliance with Castle and warned them that he would betray them.  Her men then broke in to kill Castle, but he, the Geracis, and Tombstone fought back.  Her men drove Castle to the rooftop and blasted him off with gunfire, but he managed to grab hold of the side of the ledge.  Rosalie stood over him triumphantly and pointed her gun at his head, but Leslie Geraci--allegedly a high school classmate of Rosalie's--shot her from behind and knocked her off the roof and onto the streets, many, many floors below.

Comments: Rosalie Carbone was created by Chuck Dixon (writer) and John Romita, Jr. (artist).

Rosalie's height, weight, eye color, and hair color were revealed in the Marvel Knights Encyclopedia (2004).

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