Real Name: Mech-Monster

Identity/Class: Super-Robot mutated into a living creature

Occupation: Destroyer

Affiliations: Pawn of Lord Maur-Konn

Enemies: Shogun Warriors

Known Relatives: Built by Lord Maur-Konn, transformed into a living creature by Lt. Magar

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed city in Central Asia

First Appearance: (as robot) Shogun Warriors#3 (April, 1979); (as living creature) SW#4

Powers/Abilities: As a robot, Mech-Monster has wings placed on the carapace that enable it to fly. Mech-Monster is equipped with high penetration-frontal guns, situated on its shoulders. The tail of Mech-Monster can launch energy bolts, rendering it able to cover a fire arc of 360 degrees. As a living creature, Mech-Monster can also launch flames from its mouth and radiate waves of body heat intense enough to melt steel. Its body is virtually invulnerable, and is equipped with a force field.

History: (SW#3) - Lord Maur-Konn, after the defeat of his Elementals of Evil, decides to favour technology rather than the ancient ways of the arcane, and has the Mech-Monster built.

(SW#4) - After testing the crews operating the monster, Lord Maur-Konn leaves for the night, ready to activate it the following day. Lt. Magar, driven mad from this abandonment of the arcane ways, gets hold of the Mech-Monster and guides it to the Pool of Dark Life, where the robot gets dipped in order to be destroyed.

    Magar is stopped by the guards of the Pool. They try to arrest him for approaching the Pool without permission. Magar defeats the guards, but at in that very moment, the Pool transforms the Mech-Monster into a living creature. In this new condition, equipped with a will of its own, the Mech-Monster blasts a hole in the base's mountain, and escapes.

The Mech-Monster attacks a city, but it gets intercepted by Combatra, flying in the area for a nocturnal test flight. The two robots engage a duel, during which Combatra decides to divide into its five members and launch an attack on multiple fronts.

(SW#5)- The five modules of Combatra do not succeed in damaging the Mech-Monster, which efficiently repulses all of the attackers. The arrival of Dangard and Raydeen on the battlefield does not change the course of the clash.

(SW#6) - While Genji Odashu--the pilot of Combatra--reaches the base of Mech-Monster by following its trail, Raydeen and Combatra attack the robot on two sides, in the end forcing it to open its mouth. Raydeen then launches one of its explosive arrows in the the Mech-Monster's throat, destroying it from inside.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe.

Frankly, the main defect of Mech-Monster was... that he was nearly indestructible. Is it really possible, that after a million-years-long clash, Lord Maur-Konn did not realise that he could have upgraded his monsters' army to the invulnerability point and take over the world? Maybe, like Thanos, he did not feel worth of such goal!

Not to disagree with Valerio's point, but I'll just remind everyone something about the power of invulnerability: nobody is completely invulnerable, they are only invulnerable to a certain point --Changeling

MECH-MONSTER is not in any way related to:

Shogun Warriors#3-5 (April-June, 1979) - Doug Moench (writer), Herb Trimpe (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Al Milgrom and Jim Shooter (editors)
Shogun Warriors#6 (July, 1979) - Doug Moench (writer), Herb Trimpe (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks), Al Milgrom and Jim Shooter (editors)

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