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Real Name: Ilongo Savage

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Marine biologist, pilot of Dangard Ace

Group Membership: The Followers of the Light, fellow Shogun Warrior pilots

AffiliationsRichard Carson, Genji Odashu (both fellow pilots), Judith Johns (assistant), Fantastic Four, Dr. Tambura

EnemiesMaur-Konn and his drones, Cerberus, Dr. Demonicus, Followers of the Dark, Gigatron, the Hand of Five, Mech-Monster, Megatron, Rok-Korr, Samurai Destroyer, Starchild

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sanctuary of Light (near Mount Fujimoto, Japan); eastern coast of Madagascar; Indian Ocean

First Appearance: Shogun Warriors#1 (February, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Ilongo Savage was an excellent marine biologist before being picked to pilot Dangard Ace. He was a fully trained deep-sea diver, as well as being an expert on marine life, specializing in dolphins. After his training with the Followers of the Light, he could pilot the giant robot Dangard Ace as easily as he handled any other deep-sea vehicle.


(Shogun Warriors#1 (fb)) – Ilongo was piloting a bathysphere off the coast of Madagascar when he was teleported by the Followers of the Light to their sanctuary. He was angered by the abduction, but he listened to Dr. Tambura’s explanation for their actions.  

(Shogun Warriors#1) – Briefed on the Followers of the Dark, Ilongo and the other two pilots boarded Raydeen and took to the skies to battle the monster Rokk-Korr. Ilongo was amazed by the experience, but handled himself well enough during the fight. When the battle went no longer in their favor, he and the other pilots managed to fly away in time.   

(Shogun Warriors#2) – Ilongo apologized for the mission’s failure. Reassured by Dr. Tambura, he and the other pilots were shown the other two Shogun Warrior units. Bonded to the machines, Ilongo tested out Dangard Ace’s weapons before an alarm told them of Rokk-Korr’s return. Following Richard in Raydeen, Ilongo and Genji arrived just as Richard seemingly defeated the monster. Ilongo’s joy was short-lived when the monster returned and split into three elemental-like creatures.  

(Shogun Warriors#3) – Deciding to tackle the Water Elemental, Ilongo had little luck. The creature absorbed Dangard Ace’s blows and the robot’s lasers did nothing but change the creature to steam. When the monster turned itself into a funnel cloud, Ilongo warned the other pilots about the monster’s plan to bombard them with lightning. Unleashing the Power Triangle Fist, the three pilots vaporized the cloud, destroying it and the fire elemental at the same time.  

(Shogun Warriors#4) – After the fight was over, Ilongo and the rest returned to the Sanctuary to continue their training. Ilongo spoke at length about his job and interests. Later, when Genji radioed in a distress call, Ilongo and Richard rushed to their robots.   

(Shogun Warriors#5) – When Genji was facing down the Mech-Monster, Ilongo and Richard rocketed to her assistance. When she broke off to find the monster’s origin, Ilongo voiced concerns about their ability to defeat the monster.  

(Shogun Warriors#6) – With Genji away, Ilongo listened to Richard’s plan to stop the Mech-Monster. When the monster was destroyed, both Ilongo and Richard celebrated. When Combatra rejoined them, they were both taken aback by the robot’s sudden attack, unaware that Maur-Konn was piloting the machine. Ilongo was hesitant to act, not wishing to damage his friend’s robot. When Genji fired on Combatra, Ilongo and Richard managed to disable it. Ilongo apologized to Dr. Tambura for destroying the head of Combatra, but he was relived when he was told he passed.

(Shogun Warriors#7) – Ilongo returned to his institute in Madagascar, brushing off questions from his assistants. Judith updated him on the research into understanding dolphin language. Ilongo promised to explain the reason for his disappearance later, as well as the origin of the pendant around his neck.  

(Shogun Warriors#8) – Ilongo and his crew were on the ship Neptune off the coast. Talking to Judith, the pair found themselves growing closer when a meteorite streaked across the sky and splashed down not far from the boat. Summoning Dangard Ace with his pendant, Ilongo swore to tell the truth to Judith about his disappearance.

   The next day, Ilongo and Judith donned scuba gear and dived down to the murky depths to search for the outer space rock. They found it several fathoms down, but to their horror, they found that the object was not a chunk of rock, but rather an egg. It spilled its unholy passenger, Starchild, into the depths as Ilongo summoned his robot.  

(Shogun Warriors#9) – Underwater, Ilongo summoned his robot as Judith decided to sacrifice herself to buy some time. Ilongo reached Dangard Ace in time, however, and saved her. Flying Judith back to the institute, Ilongo ordered her to phone the authorities, citing Starchild’s trek towards town as proof enough.  Following the monster into town, Ilongo tried to stop the star-born beast as it leveled buildings. He managed to save a school bus full of children, but the monster’s rampage damaged a nearby skyscraper. Supporting it with Dangard Ace’s body, Ilongo was shocked when the monster grew a pair of wings and flew away, leaving him surrounded by the devastation.  

(Shogun Warriors#10) – At the institute, Ilongo and Judith studied pictures of the star creature in a vain attempt to determine its point of origin. Reaching no conclusions, they were startled when an angry mob of townspeople showed up, blaming them for the monster. Judith was struck by a rock. Ilongo went outside and talked the crowd down.  

(Shogun Warriors#11) – Still stymied in his research, Ilongo decided the best course of action was to leave for the Sanctuary. Informing Judith and the rest of the staff, he placed the control over the center into their hands.

(Shogun Warriors#12) – Ilongo was several hours into his research on the monster when he received an urgent transmission from the Followers of the Light. He was teleported away just as Judith entered his office. Reunited with Richard and Genji, the trio was quickly informed about a deadly meteor heading for Earth. Ilongo and the rest took to the skies in their robots and easily destroyed the menace. They then spotted a enormous space station hidden behind the moon. Investigating, they were fired upon. Ilongo was knocked out by the blast and Dangard Ace crash landed on the moon.  

(Shogun Warriors#13) – Ilongo came to as Dr. Demonicus’ forces hauled Dangard Ace into their ship. Playing possum, Ilongo managed to restore power back to the mighty machine and break free. Fighting his way through the ship, Ilongo sabotaged the ship’s laser cannon before it could fire on Raydeen or Combatra. Meeting with his fellow pilots, Ilongo and the others fought their way through the ship until they came face to face with the three monsters they had encountered individually - Cerberus, the Hand of Five and Starchild.  

(Shogun Warriors#14) – Ilongo was overwhelmed by Cerberus as all three monsters singled the pilots out. When Dr. Tambura gave them a pep talk, an idea was struck. Uniting using their cyber helmets, Ilongo and the rest attacked in unison, finally destroying the monsters once and for all. Destroying Dr. Demonicus’ timer, they were dismayed to learn that the meteor had already been sent on a collision course with Earth. Marshalling their strength, all three pilots put their hastily conceived plan into action. Cutting the space station in two, one half was launched at the meteor while the other half was used as a shield to protect Earth. Back on Earth, Ilongo and the other turned the mad scientist over to S.H.E.I.L.D. before leaving  (see comments).  

(Shogun Warriors#15) – Ilongo was training in Dangard Ace. Richard’s sloppiness annoyed him, but he didn’t comment on it, unaware that the real Carson had been replaced by a Yakuza double. Later, while flying solo around the Sanctuary, he thought he heard Richard calling to him, but dismissed it when he saw the imposter. When the ruse was exposed, Ilongo tried to subdue Raydeen, but didn’t dare risk damaging the robot. When Richard captured the imposter, Ilongo stood by as the real Carson was wheeled away by the Followers for medical care.

(Shogun Warriors#16) – Heading to America with Genji and Richard, Ilongo made use of Dangard Ace’s aquatic abilities. The robot’s size caused swells that nearly capsized a nearby fishing boat, but Ilongo saved the vessel and apologized. Arriving at Richard’s home, the trio was ambushed by a group of strange men. Knocked out with gas, Ilongo came to with the rest of them to find himself tied up. When Richard hit one of the men on the head with an ashtray, they were shocked to see that the men were in fact robots. After Richard freed himself and the others, Ilongo picked up the odd weapon that the robot had dropped. Racing outside, Ilongo was shot by one of the robots and lost the gun. Caught in the robot’s crossfire, Ilongo blamed himself for his injury.

   After Richard destroyed the robots, all three pilots rushed toward the Sanctuary. Finding the building in ruins, Ilongo sifted through the wreckage with Genji, but found no survivors. A mysterious green alien appeared and took credit for the attack, saying that humanity was not allowed to possess such technology as the Shoguns, or any sort of high technology at all. Ilongo argued against, but the talking was put aside when the alien attacked. Killing it, Ilongo and the rest buried the Followers of the Light and said their goodbyes.  

(Shogun Warriors#17) – Ilongo said his goodbyes before blasting off toward Madagascar.

(Shogun Warriors#18) – Ilongo had finished work on an underwater grotto near the institute. Taking Dangard Ace out for a swim, he spotted a whaling ship. Using the robot’s size to its full effect, he scared the ship away before retreating back to the grotto. He was surprised when Judith popped in, via a mini-sub, for a surprise visit. He showed her around before taking her topside. As the pair talked on the beach, their romantic talk was interrupted by the arrival of the Primal-One’s ship, which order him to surrender his Shogun.

   Taking to the sky, Ilongo found his weapons were useless against the massive alien ship. When a passing cruise ship was imperiled, Ilongo radioed for help. Carson arrived in Raydeen, but even that was largely ineffective against the ship’s robot, Megatron. The day was saved only when Ilongo and Richard gambled that Megatron couldn’t swim. Ilongo chastised himself later for their failure to prevent the alien ship’s escape, but he agreed that the Shogun Warriors had to warn the people the alien had threatened, starting with Reed Richards.  

(Shogun Warriors#19) – Flying back to Madagascar, Ilongo gave Richard and Genji a brief tour of the institute. Deciding on a course of action, all three pilots decided to take Combatra to New York to warn the Fantastic Four. Arriving later, the pilots warning was interrupted by the arrival of Gigatron. Ilongo took command of Turbostreaker Four and flew interference as a desperate battle was waged over the New York skyline. Once the robot was finally stopped, Ilongo stoically looked out at the floating wreckage of the mighty robot.  

(Shogun Warriors#20) – When the alien starship Nightwind appeared over the wreckage of Gigatron and took off with the wreckage, Ilongo  ordered everyone into Combatra. Ilongo stayed behind in the robot when the Fantastic Four were ejected. He stayed there with the rest as Maur-Konn was exposed as the Primal One and arrested.  

(Shogun Warriors#20/Fantastic Four I#226 - fb) – Returning to Earth, Ilongo settled back into his routine. When Richard and Genji arrived and told him about the destruction of their robots, Ilongo set out to check Dangard Ace. Taking a boat out for research, he noticed the water boiling near the underwater grotto. Donning scuba gear, Ilongo quickly swam only to find Dangard Ace turned into a rapidly cooling pile of slag.  

(Fantastic Four I#226) – Ilongo and the others flew to New York City to enlist the aid of the Fantastic Four. The seven decided to begin their search in Japan. The Fantastic Four found the Samurai Destroyer and were easily beaten in their first encounter. Ilongo and the other pilots slipped away, hoping to search the ruins of the Sanctuary. William McLaughlin, the Samurai Destroyer's pilot, trapped them within the base and introduced himself. While McLaughlin was distracted by the Fantastic Four, all three pilots slipped inside the robot via its head. Attacking him, McLaughlin panicked and set off a self-destruct sequence that destroyed the robot and annihilated the remains of the Sanctuary of the Light. The Fantastic Four pulled Ilongo and the others to safety before the robot was completely lost. When the dust cleared, and after a pep talk from the Fantastic Four, Ilongo reflected. He consoled himself with the promise of more research, making plans for a study of the Galapagos with Judith.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench (writer), Herb Trimpe (pencils) and Dan Green (inks).

At the end of #14, Dr. Demonicus was turned in and they head home. In #15, they make it clear they are all staying at the Sanctuary and training (yet there is nothing to suggest this issue is a flashback, and the gangsters make it clear that they have heard of them and that they have been active for a while) and #16 begins with the team returning from the events in #14, with no mention of the assault.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Ilongo Savage has no known connections to:


Judith Johns

Judith was Ilongo’s top researcher and handled the dolphin experiments during his absence. She harbored feelings for Ilongo, but she questioned if she should act on them. She was a capable diver, as well as being extremely brave.


--Shogun Warriors#7 (8-12,18,19,Fantastic Four I#226

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Shogun Warriors#18 p11 pan2 (as pilot)
Shogun Warriors#9 p7 pan2 (main in green)
Shogun Warriors#1 p15 pan2 (in red)
Shogun Warriors#7 p5 pan2 (Judith)

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