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Real Name: Mar-vinn

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (possibly Earth-665, see comments), Kreep race

Occupation: Captain in Kreep army

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Medic Uno-Who, General Britches, Clairol Dandruff

Enemies: Colonel Egg-Nogg, Scent-Ry

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Wotta Lawsuit

Base of Operations: Starship Helium

First Appearance: Not Brand Echh#9/6 (August, 1968)


Eyes: White
Hair: White


(Not Brand Echh#9/6 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Mar-vinn had been send to Earth by the Kreep for a top-secret mission to collect scrap metal and return it to the Kreep empire.

(Not Brand Echh#9/6 (fb) - BTS) - A man known as Wotta Lawsuit was killed in a ferryboat collision at Fort Mudge (a week prior to the main story). Mar-vinn found his ID and decided it would serve as a great secret identity.

(Not Brand Echh#9/6) - While complaining about the cold in the foothills, Captain Mar-vinn tried to remember what his top-secret mission was (getting no help from his superior, Colonel Egg-Nog). When Mar-vinn noticed the intergalactic Scent-Ry was taken to the local military cape (spelled as C*P* in-story) he decided to get into action. Mar-vinn tracked down the only phone booth in the county (because all heroes have to change identities in one), changing into his secret identity Wotta Lawsuit. As Wotta he wanted to infiltrate the cape masquerading as an expert on guidance systems while learning more about the Scent-Ry.

(Not Brand Echh#9/6) - Once Mar-vin had infiltrated the military cape he met with the cape's leader, General Bridges and his Head of Security, Clairol Dandruff. The meeting seemed to go well at first, despite Dandruff?s attempt to question him on such matters as his white hair (Mar-vinn's cover story was that Lawsuit's mother was frightened by a Beatles album before he was born). However, when the Scent-Ry suddenly became active again, everyone fled away.

(Not Brand Echh#9/6) - Deciding that stopping the Scent-Ry was a job better suited for Captain Mar-vinn (and remembering that the Scent-Ry was important to his mission), the Kreep ran back to the phone booth to change into his space duds. Finding out the robot had followed him there, Mar-vinn engaged in a running battle with his foe (he ran while the Scent-Ry destroyed everything in his way). Mar-vinn tried calling his ship to learn what the robot?s weaknesses were (supposedly there weren?t any). After trying various tricks like tripping it, Mar-vinn remembered his Looney-Beam, containing an ultimate weapon that could stop anything, even the sinister Scent-Ry, namely watching Home Movies. While the Scent-ry was forced to watch the life movies of an unidentified Kreep, Mar-vinn got down to fulfilling his mission for the infernal Kreep race, which he finally remembered: he was supposed to collect scrap metal, including the now-dismantled Scent-ry, and return that to the empire.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks).

Captain Marvin might be from Reality-665 in which most of the parody stories from Not Brand Echh take place. --- MarvellousLuke

Profile by Elf with a Gun

Captain Mar-vinn has no known connections to

Colonel Egg-Nogg, Intergalactic Meanie

  Captain of the Starship Helium, and antagonist of Captain Mar-Vinn. He mostly sat around stonewalling Mar-Vinn whenever he called long distance to get information on his mission and how to stop the rampaging Scent-Ry. He also tried to comfort Uno-Who while she was crying over her lost Mar-Vinn, to no avail.

--Not Brand Echh#9/6

Medic Uno-Who

  Medical officer of the Starship Helium, she spent most of her time shedding her monthly quota of tears over the fate of her star-scorned lambiekins Mar-Vinn. Various crew members, including Egg-Nog, Ship Chaplain Frankenstein, and a guy who referenced Ruby Begonia (from an old Amos and Andy skit) tried to help her dry her tears after she ran out of tissues, but to no avail. She did, however, offer to send Mar-Vinn some band-aids from her Dr. Killstare's First Aid and Last Rites kit if he needed them.

--Not Brand Echh#9/6

General Britches

  Affectionately know as Ye Olde Man, at least in his own mind. He watched while Dandruff lightly grilled "Lawsuit" before the Scent-Ry awoke and began its rampage. At that point he was too scared to do anything until it left the base.

--Not Brand Echh#9/6

Clairol Dandruff

  Head of Cape security. She immediately began questioning "Lawsuit" by asking where he was on the night of January 18, 1958, before reassuring him that they didn't suspect him of anything. Yet. Once the Scent-Ry awoke and began its rampage, she was unable to do anything until it left the base.

--Not Brand Echh#9/6


  The intergalactic Scent-Ry, owed his name to the fact he could "scent" any Kreep nearby. Built by the Kreeps years ago it was sent to Earth for unrevealed reasons. When Mar-Vinn found it, the robot had gone on the blink again, leaving it vulnerable to capture by the US military. Once in their base it was studied by various moonlighting scientist's until it awoke again and began its rampage.

Pursuing Mar-Vinn out into the countryside, the Scent-Ry did it's best to mash, bash, thrash, and generally incapacitate the Kreep, who kept dodging his blows whilst trying to find the robot's weakness. The Scent-Ry finally caught Mar-Vinn, only to be hit with the Ultimate Weapon that no living thing could withstand: home movies. The movies proved boring enough to distract the Scent-Ry from what Mar-Vinn was doing to him until the robot had been dismantled into a pile of parts for transport to the Kreep empire.

--Not Brand Echh#9/6

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Not Brand Echh#9, p34, pan1 (main image)
Not Brand Echh#9, p35, pan3 (starship Helium)
Not Brand Echh#9, p37, pan2 (Wotta Lawsuit)
Not Brand Echh#9, p40, pan4 (running from the Scent-Ry)
Not Brand Echh#9, p35, pan4 (Egg-Nog)
Not Brand Echh#9, p37, pan4 (Medic Uno-Who)
Not Brand Echh#9, p38, pan1 (Britches and Dandruff)
Not Brand Echh#9, p38, pan2 (Dandruff)
Not Brand Echh#9, p38, pan1 (Scent-Ry)

Not Brand Echh#9/6 (August, 1968) - Roy Thomas (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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