Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation : “public servant”

Group Membership : None

Affiliations : None

Enemies: Hydrators (Crystal, Hydro, Ice, Misty, Vapor, X-Stream)

Known Relatives : None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations : Unknown

First Appearance : Hydrators#4 (1999)

Powers/Abilities : Fizz has no superhuman abilities; instead Fizz has a Varibeam Flava-drink Cannon, a large gun that fires soda, power punch and has two other settings. Fizz also carries a jetpack.

History: Having a grudge against water, Fizz plans to change every drop of water on the planet into soda.

(Hydrators#4) - After Fizz fills the cities reservoir with soda, the Hydrators appear to change it back. Fizz points out that all the kids love him and says he’s a public servant. Fizz then tries to get the Hydrators to taste the soda but the Hydrators informs the kids what soda really does. Telling the kids its all lies he fires his power punch from his Flava-drink Cannon, but X-Stream soon overloads it. Fizz tries to leave, but the Hydrators apprehend him.

Comments: Created by Michael Stewart and Steve Butler

A villain that fires soda at people, man, that’s my kind of villain. Seriously it would probably be impossible for Fizz to replace all the water with soda since the whole atmosphere has evaporated water in it.

The Hydrators’ comics were small mini comics marvel published inside regular comic books for Kidz Water™. The comic was so small this profile probably had more words than the comic.


Fizz has no known connections to:

  • Fiz - a mutant skrull and part of Cadre K @ X-Men II#95
  • Fizgig - part of Brute Force @ Thunderbolts#31
  • Fizzle (Phzzzrrzztlzzz) "Blips " race @ Fantastic Four Unlimited#7
  • Fizzure killed by moon knight and gambit, @ Moon Knight III#53
  • Fixx of Earth-1191, part of Xavier Underground Enforcers @ X-Factor I#140

Varibeam Flava-drink Cannon

The Varibeam Flava-drink Cannon was Fizz’s weapon of choice. Apparently the weapon was capable of creating different liquids from thin air. It had four setting, two of which was soda and Power Punch. The weapon wasn’t as powerful as X-Stream’s Hydrophaser, and it was soon over loaded by all the pulsing water that came from the Hydrophaser.




images: (without ads)
Hydrators#4, Cover (main)
Hydrators#4, p4, pan3 (Varibeam Flava-drink Cannon)

Hydrators#4 (1999) - Michael Stewart (writer), Steven Butler (pencils), Al Gordon (inks), Steve Behling (editor)

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