Membership: Crystal, Hydro, Ice, Misty, Vapor, X-Stream

Purpose: Save the world from the dangerous effects of dehydration and protect water

Affiliations: Mr. King and countless children and teenagers around the world (including Cindy, Nicole, Zack)

Enemies: Chill, Doctor Decay, Fizz, H.E.A.T.

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Hydrators#1 (1999)

Powers/Abilities: All Hydrators used Wrist Hydrophasers that could shoot water. Crystal, Hydro, Vapor and X-Stream used specially designed skycycles for transport.


(Hydrators#1) - Watching Chill beat Nicole at snowboarding, the Hydrators realized something was wrong with Nicole. Finding out she was dehydrated because someone froze all the Kidz Water in a iceblock, Vapor used some steam heat to melt the ice. Hydrated gain Nicole and the other teenagers to drank some water. To Chill's surprise Nicole suddenly beat him. As a result Chill attempted to freeze the water again, but the Hydrators caught him. Seeing that he used a trick snowboard Hydro promised to make sure Chill would be disqualified from competition for a long time.

(Hydrators#2) - Attending little Zack's 10th birthday party the Hydrators were shocked when all the children's teeth suddenly began to hurt. Crystal used her Enamelizer to find out that the children's tooth enamel quickly decayed for some reason. After giving the children some Kidz Water with fluoride the Hydrators followed the strange energy that affected the children to Dr. Decay's mountain lair. Vapor and X-Stream destroyed Decay's Decay Ray Emitter and then went after Decay himself. A water blast from Hydro shorted out Decay's mechanical teeth, defeating the villain.

(Hydrators#3 (fb) - BTS) - Somehow learning about HEAT the Hydrators sent X-Stream to infiltrate them, by posing as one of their agents.

(Hydrators#3) - Aware of HEAT's plans the Hydrators protected local citizens from HEAT's Mega-Heat Beam. When HEAT's leader Dehydrator realized nobody was affected by his weapon the Hydrators Hydro, Ice and Vapor attacked. X-Stream revealed himself as spy and was punched off HEAT's flying saucer by Dehydrator. Crystal gave children some Kidz Water while protecting them with a crystal shield. Misty saved X-Stream and at the same time created a fog bank to blind HEAT. They were then taken down after Ice froze-up Dehydrator. Hydro offered Dehydrator some Kidz Water before he went to prison, but Dehydrator was too angry to drink it.

(Hydrators#4) - The Hydrators caught Fizz in the act of turning a reservoir's water into bubbly soda with his Varibeam Flava-Drink Cannon. Children were already drinking it, so Crystal explained to them the negative effects of soda like obesity, dehydration, osteoporosis and tooth decay while blocking a soda blast with her crystal shield, but the soda had already made the children too tired to listen to her. X-Stream then used his hydrophaser in a blast-off with Fizz's cannon and the water was more powerful. Fizz's backpack exploded, sending him high up into the air, but Vapor fortunately created a water fountain to stop Fizz's fall. With Fizz defeated the children tossed his drinks at him. Hydro then filled up the reservoir with water again and the children were happy with drinking some Kidz Water.

Comments: Created by Michael Stewart, Al Milgrom & Al Gordon.

The Hydrators' comics were small mini comics (6 pages long) Marvel published inside regular comic books for Kidz Water ™ in 1999.

Writing about these comics is like kicking a blind kid in the nuts. It doesn't see it coming and when its over you feel bad for doing it. And lets face it, they were for free and they were meant to be as sterotypical and hokey as possible to advertise Kidz Water in a kids-friendly way.

Profile by Markus Raymond

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Crystal could turn invisible and create a crystal shield she could use to protect herself or others from dehydration and energy beams. She also used a Wrist Hydrophaser to shoot water and the rarely useful Enamelizer that allows her to check on your tooth enamel. (Possible pre-Hydrator career: guitar-playing, uber-annoying Kindergarten teacher)

She needed a skycycle for transportation.

(Hydrators#1) - After watching Nicole loose against Chill Crystal took her on her skycycle and explained to Nicole that she was obviously dehydrated (thank you for the lecture). Crystal later turned invisible to kick Chill's weapon the Freezemaster out of his hands.

(Hydrators#2) - Crystal finally got a chance to use the Enamelizer at little Zack's birthday party and was shocked when the childrens' teeth enamel rapidly decayed. After Ice found out an energy wave was responsible she jumped on her skycycle to join the Hydrators in their battle against Dr. Decay. After beating Decay Crystal and Hydro shot Ice with their Wrist Hydrophasers when he started annoying them with bad puns (an obvious hate crime).

(Hydrators#3) - Invisible Crystal protected brave citizens from HEAT's Mega-Heat Beam angering HEAT's leader Dehydrator when nobody got dehydrated. She continued to shield some children with her crystal shield and gave them some Kidz Water and a thumb up while her teammates took down HEAT. After HEAT went down she drank some water herself.

(Hydrators#4) - Shielding herself from a devastating soda blast Crystal bored some children with the dangers of drinking soda, but they were already so tired (after drinking at least two gallons of soda) that they nearly fell asleep. Fizz was defeated by the others and Crystal watched Hydro fill up a reservoir with water again (doing her best cheerleader impression).

--Hydrators#1 (Hydrators#1-4


Hydro could shoot water from his Wrist Hydroblaster and was strong enough to lift a huge block of ice. He was a natural leader (ordering others around while not lifting a finger himself) and a real goodie-two shoes. (Possible pre-Hydrator career: Kidz Water salesman)

He needed a skycycle for transportation.

(Hydrators#1) - After watching Nicole loose against Chill Hydro found the iceblock with the frozen Kidz Water. After Vapor freed the water the could drink again while Hydro thought about how nobody could do well in sports if dehydrated (at least he didn't bore the people around him with his lecture). After Chill was caught by the combined efforts of Crystal, Ice and Vapor (X-Stream failed and Hydro didn't even try), Hydro, leader of the Hydrators, got his hands on Chill's snowboard and realized that Chill only won because he used a trick snowboard designed to make him to faster. He promised to make sure that Chill would be disqualified from competition for a long time.

(Hydrators#2) - Attending little Zack's birthday party Hydro tried to get his attention to show Zack Ice's ice sculpture of a 10 (Zack's age) and promised the kid that now even astronauts in space could see how old Zack was (what a lousy liar). Hydro was shocked when the children, who didn't pay attention to him before, suddenly got tooth ache. Hydro gave them some Kidz Water (with lots of fluoride to make your teeth resistant to decay) after Crystal's Enamelizer showed the children's tooth enamel rapidly decayed. Using another gadget Ice revealed some evil energy caused the decay and Hydro led the Hydrators to the source, the mountain base of Dr. Decay, who got quickly annoyed by Hydro's lame threats and shot at him with the Decay Blaster. Crystal protected Hydro with her crystal shield and then watched as Hydro used his Wrist Hydrophaser to short out Decay's mechanical teeth. Hydro and Crystal then blasted Ice with water after listening to some of his lame puns.

(Hydrators#3) - Hydro, Vapor and Ice attacked HEAT's main flying saucer and blasted it with water. Taking a time out while the others took down HEAT for real, Hydro returned to action to offer HEAT's leader Dehydrator some Kidz Water before he went to jail. (It is unrevealed if Dehydrator took the offer.

(Hydrators#4) - The Hydrators caught Fizz in the act of turning a water reservoir to soda. Hydro told him to stop, but the criminal ignored him and showed how the children liked his soda more than Hydro's lame water. When Fizz threatened to turn every drop of water on Earth into soda Hydro had heard enough and let his teammates handle Fizz. After Fizz was defeated Hydro filled up the water reservoir with water. Hydro smiled when the children told him that he was the man.

I'm pretty sure children telling him how awesome he is was the highlight in Hydro's life. He probably quit the Hydrators after this adventure to build a new career on his reputation as the "man".

--Hydrators#1 (Hydrators#1-4


Ice could shoot water from his Wrist Hydroblaster. He could turn said water into ice creating ice ramps he could travel around on (or for others to slip on). He also had the unique ability to determine if water froze naturally or not. And he was the wielder of the "Ultimate Wave Reader" capable of reading energy waves. On rare occassions he also used a skycycle (because he came always in last sliding around on his ice ramps). (Possible pre-Hydrator career: Vanilla Ice background dancer because he was cool as Ice)

(Hydrators#1) - Ice appeared a bit late on the scene, but was still able to catch Nicole loosing against Chill. Ice helped investigate how Nicole could loose against someone obviously not as cool as him and after Hydro found the the frozen Kidz Water revealed that the water didn't froze naturally. He later helped catch Chill by creating an ice ramp Chill slipped on.

(Hydrators#2) - Ice used his power for the useful purpose to create an ice sculpture of the number 10 for birthday child Zack (nobody told Ice that Zack didn't even look at the beautiful sculpture as it would have broken Ice's heart for sure). When a strange tooth enamel decay struck the children Ice used the "Ultimate Wave Reader" on them to show that an extremely weird energy wave was affecting them (this gadget probably causes cancer, but maybe Ice found out that the children didn't care for his ice sculptures after all). Ice followed the other Hydrators on his ice ramps to Dr. Decay's mountain base where he stayed in the background (and behind Crystal's crystal shield) until Decay was taken down by Hydro. Ice then annoyed Crystal and Hydro so much with his bad puns that they started shooting at him with their Wrist Hydrophasers (making him wet).

(Hydrators#3) - Ice, Hydro and Vapor attacked HEAT's main flying saucer with their Wrist Hydrophasers. After Misty created a fog bank forcing HEAT to fly blind, Ice returned to cool HEAT down (Ice rubs off on me) by putting their leader Dehydrator and one of his henchmen on ice. (They survived despite Ice's deadly attack and were arrested.)

(Hydrators#4) - Ice appeared with the Hydrators on the scene of Fizz's terrible crime to turn water into soda (and then disappeared between page 1 and 2. Maybe he fell from his ice ramp or his manager called to tell him about a better gig. Either way, I'm sure his teammates were relieved when nobody added a stupid one-liner after Fizz's defeat.)

--Hydrators#1 (Hydrators#1-4


Misty could fly and create fog banks (I assume it had something to do with her backpack, but maybe she was a mutant with the power to smoke....lets call Smokescreen for a blind date). She was strong enough to carry another person while flying. Unlike the others she didn't use a Wrist Hydroblaster, but a round wrist-something she never used (maybe a panty dryer, who knows?). She generally was a master in avoiding any kind of combat situation. (Possible pre-Hydrator career: Cook in an Asian restaurant)

(Hydrators#1) - Shocked to see Nicole loose against Chill Misty helped the teenage girl up and heard her whine about loosing to that guy all the time that day. Misty immediately suspected foul play and helped investigating the case of Nicole loosing against Chill (by doing nothing; she wasn't seen again in this story).

(Hydrators#2) - Misty stood by while Ice created an ice sculpture for Zack at his birthday party. She took off with the Hydrators when a strange energy affected the children's enamel and created a fog bank to hide the Hydrators' approach to their enemy's mountain base and stayed behind while the others took down the evil Doctor Decay. (hm, I see a pattern)

(Hydrators#3) - Misty flew to the rescue after master infiltrator X-Stream revealed himself as a spy and was tossed off HEAT's flying saucer by the Dehydrator. Misty held on to X-Stream (strong girl) and created a fog bank, forcing HEAT to fly blind. This paved the way for Ice to put Dehydrator and his lackeys on ice.

(Hydrators#4) - Misty arrived with the Hydrators to face Fizz. Minutes later Misty triumphantly stood behind Hydro after Fizz's defeat (because she did so much to stop him...not).

--Hydrators#1 (Hydrators#1-4


Vapor was the strong man among the Hydrators. He could shoot water from his Wrist Hydrophaser or a steam heat ray (making him the most likely candidate to turn on the Hydrators in future adventures). He was a really strong dude. (Possible pre-Hydrator career: Bodybuilder turned actor with ambitions to become governor)

He needed a skycycle for transportation.

(Hydrators#1) - After watching Nicole loose against Chill Vapor helped investigating and used some steam heat to melt the ice around the Kidz Water bottles. He later caught Chill after he slipped on Ice's ice ramp.

(Hydrators#2) - Vapor attended little Zack's birthday party and looked as strong as he could. He took off with the Hydrators when an energy beam affected the children's enamel. Arriving at their enemy's mountain lair Vapor used his enormous normal human strength to push down Doctor Decay's energy dish after X-Stream severed its metal supports. He stayed on the roof looking strong while the others took down Doctor Decay (he probably tore a muscle pushing down that dish). Inside the lair Hydro, Ice and Crystal defeated Decay.

(Hydrators#3) - Vapor mocked the Dehydrator, leader of HEAT, and attacked HEAT's main flying saucer alongside Hydro and Ice using a powerful water blast (why did his water look so unhealthy compared to the other guys' water? Did he forget to clean his blaster?)

(Hydrators#4) - Vapor arrived with his fist raised to go up against Fizz, who planned to turn all water into soda. After X-Stream caused Fizz's backpack to explode Fizz tried to escape, but Vapor created a geyser to catch Fizz in midair. Vapor then mocked Fizz because the children, who were so into his soda, now didn't like it anymore and wanted more Kidz Water, which Hydro gave them. Vapor approvingly watched Hydro fill up a reservoir with water (and he still looked strong).

--Hydrators#1 (Hydrators#1-4


X-Stream was a proud Hydrator and self-proclaimed master spy. He could shoot water blasts from his Wrist Hydroblaster powerful enough to break iron (his stream was strong). He was an expert in screwing up, getting thrown off high places and falling flat on his chest. (Possible pre-Hydrator career: Burned FEMA agent...he is no Michael Westen)

He needed a skycycle for transportation.

(Hydrators#1) - After watching Nicole loose against Chill X-Stream helped investigating and later failed to catch Chill when he tried to escape. Fortunately his teammates weren't as inept as X-Stream.

(Hydrators#2) - X-Stream attended little Zack's birthday party and joined the other Hydrators to investigate the strange enamel decaying energy that affected the children. Arriving at Doctor Decay's mountain lair X-Stream used some powerful water beams to severe Decay's energy dish's metal supports. Inside the lair Hydro, Ice and Crystal defeated Decay.

(Hydrators#3 (fb) - BTS) - Learning of HEAT's activities the Hydrators sent X-Stream to infiltrate HEAT.

(Hydrators#3) - He succeeded and kept the team informed, but bragged about his activities to HEAT's leader Dehydrator as soon as the other Hydrators started their assault on HEAT. Angered Dehydrator punched him and X-Stream fell of HEAT's flying saucer. Fortunately for him Misty was nearby to save him from falling to his death. X-Stream liked the near death experience.

(Hydrators#4) - X-Stream arrived with the other Hydrators to stop Fizz from turning water into soda with his Varibeam Flava-Drink Cannon, but not even changing the cannon's mode to power punch was enough to beat X-Stream's powerful water beam (it was like a pissing contest for tech users). Fizz's backpack exploded and he escaped X-Stream, but Vapor still managed to stop him. At the end X-Stream stood by while Hydro filled up a reservoir with Kidz Water (hoping nobody mentions he nearly let the villain get away).

--Hydrators#1 (Hydrators#1-4

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Hydrators#2, Cover (main image)
Hydrators#3, p3, pan2 (with Hydrator skycycles)
Hydrators#4, p3, pan2 (Crystal)
Hydrators#2, p2, pan3 (Enamelizer)
Hydrators#4, p6, pan3 (Hydro)
Hydrators#3, p5, pan2 (Ice)
Hydrators#2, p3, pan3 ("Ultimate Wave Checker")
Hydrators#1, p3, pan2 (Vapor)
Hydrators#1, p5, pan3 (X-Stream)

Hydrators#1-2 (1999) - Michael Stewart (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils), Al Gordon (inks), Steve Behling (editor)
Hydrators#3-4 (1999) - Michael Stewart (writer), Steven Butler (pencils), Al Gordon (inks), Steve Behling (editor)

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