(Hydration Elimination Attack Team)

Membership: Dehydrator, various unidentified members

Purpose: World domination

Enemies: Hydrators (Crystal, Hydro, Ice, Misty, Vapor, X-Stream) and all humans on Earth

Base of Operations: Two flying platforms

First Appearance: Hydrators#3 (1999)


(Hydrators#3) - On request by an agent the leader explained their secret plan again. First they wanted to take over the space shuttle and destroy the science junk it was carrying. Then they would launch it with their Planet Scorcher Satellites on board. With the satellites in the orbit they would've been able to dehydrate any part of Earth. They would've ruled supreme over Earth. Afterwards they flew with their two flying saucers to an observation deck and used their Mega-Heat Beam on a school group to show how evil they were, but for some reason the people on the roof weren't dehydrated. The leader wanted to know why they weren't dehydrated already and the answer followed immediately. The Hydrators attacked and the leader was surprised how they could've known about their plan when H.E.A.T. used double secret security measures. An agent of H.E.A.T. took off his helmet and revealed that he was X-Stream of the Hydrators, who spied on them. The leader hit X-Stream and the hero fell from the flying saucer, but he was saved by his teammate Misty. Meanwhile the children were already because they drank Kidz Water and they were protected by Crystal's ice shields. An agent of H.E.A.T. suggested surrendering, but their leader still thought that he had their enemies where they wanted them. Ice froze the H.E.A.T. and a short time later all H.E.A.T. members brought back to the ground.

Comments: Created by Michael Stewart (writer), Steven Butler (pencils), Al Gordon (inks).

The satellite was never seen, but it sounded really hot.

I found this little gem in Thunderbolts#29. If you want to read more profiles on the Hydrator's evil enemies read those of Chill, Doctor Decay and Fizz.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

H.E.A.T. has no known connections to

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Hydrators#3, Cover (main image)

p6, pan3 (leader)

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