The Spider People rally behind Spider-Prime

Classification: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) humans

Location/Base of Operations: Amazon forest, South America, Ultraverse

Known Members: Shaman

Affiliations: Spider-Prime (Kevin Green)

Enemies: DaSilva and his men; Lizardspawn of Earth-616

First Appearance: Prime II#1 (October, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Honed by their Shaman, the Spider People had a connection with the spider power, which was derived from their spider deity (actually Spider-man of Earth 616), and channeled through the golden Spider-Totem. Their Shaman had basic magical abilities, including healing, loosening the bonds of captives and identifying fellow seers. The spider power helped Kevin Green to converse in their language. The Spider People had light brown skin and black hair, and stood about 5'7". Mostly males were seen, with all wearing basic loin cloths that exposed the younger ones' well toned bodies. Almost all wore painted stripes on their face and bodies, usually red, yellow or white in color. Their tribe included the Shaman, warriors/hunters, scouts and female partners.

Traits: The Spider People were spiritual and carried few weapons; they were forced into conflict as a defense against  DaSilva and his men. They lived in basic mud huts in a small community, but erected a stone-like statue in a pool of water in honor of their spider deity.

The Spider People tend to their wounded after DaSilva's attackHistory:
(Prime II#1 - (fb) BTS) - DaSilva and is men attacked the forest near the Spider People's village, who were no match for the callous nature and technology of DaSilva. Led by the Shaman, the Spider People prayed to their spider god for help.

(Prime II#1) - After doing battle on Earth-616, Spider-Prime and the Lizard spawn fell through a trans-dimensional interspatial portal, landing in the Amazon rainforest on Earth-93060. The Lizard held onto the Spider-Prime husk just as its integrity began to break down, with Kevin Green falling out of the Prime-powered body, with trees and foliage breaking the boy's fall. Three members of the Spider People found Kevin.

(Prime II#1 - BTS) - The three natives carried the naked teenager back to their village, cleaned him up and bound him tightly in bandages so that only his head was free. These bandages presumably healed his injuries.

(Prime II#1) - The tribe's Shaman showed Kevin the golden Spider-Totem, but could not understand what the Amazonian native was saying. The Shaman then pushed his smoking pipe into Kevin's mouth. The smoke gave Kevin an intense vision of the Lizard spawn making its way to the village. The Shaman recognized Kevin to have the soul of a seer and felt the bonds fall away at the Shaman's hand motion. The teenager also found that he was healed of his wounds and could speak their language. Kevin, dressed in a loin cloth, walked out with the Shaman into the village where he was shown a large spider statue in a pool of water (reminiscent of the portal), which represented the spider deity (actually Spider-Man) whom they worshipped and drew their spirit power from. Suddenly, a wounded native with a heavy pouch burst through the bushes and declared that the forest-killers were approaching, just as their machines roared through the shrubbery. DaSilva accused them of being behind the sudden appearance of the Lizard spawn and threatened their destruction as reprisal. The natives scattered and the Shaman was shot. Kevin Green, with help from the spider totem, became Spider-Prime once more and battled DaSilva's men but was distracted by the Lizard spawn's onslaught. The Spider People, inspired by "the Totem of the Spider-god made flesh", fought back with spears, arrows and fists against the assault rifles and axes of DaSilva's men.

The spider statue

(Prime II#2) - At the spider statue, a barely alive Shaman pushed the Totem at Kevin, which helped him to focus more on his powers, transforming him once more into a new costume with a large golden spider on his chest, much like the Spider-Totem, so that he could fight the Lizard spawn, as DaSilva's men continued to brutalize and kill the natives. The Shaman showed Kevin that he had to use his head to fight the Lizard spawn and Kevin was able to get the beast to fight DaSilva and his men, who promptly retreated. Kevin then used the Spider-Totem to transport the Lizard spawn via a portal back to its own dimension. Kevin then went to the Shaman to thank him for what he had done, but found that he had already died. As the Spider People helped each other and tended to their wounds, Kevin wished to use the Spider-Totem's power again, but felt that it belonged to the native tribe. However, the surviving tribe members refused to take it back as the Shaman had selected him to wear it. Kevin then placed the golden totem around his neck, before experiencing another vision of a crazed Prime. He then resolved to get back home and confront the other Prime.

(Prime II#3) - Several members of the Spider People guided Kevin to DaSilva's camp. There, Kevin left the natives behind and surrendered to DaSilva's men, claiming that he had been kidnapped but escaped. DaSilva lunged at the Spider-Totem hanging from Kevin's loincloth, but was blasted back. DaSilva then took Kevin to the airport and took off bound for the U.S., with DaSilva keen to find out more about the Totem. While Kevin fell asleep with thoughts of home on his mind, the totem helped Kevin to "see" what was going on back home, where the empty Prime was rapidly losing self-control and becoming more violent. However, DaSilva heard Kevin mention Prime and grabbed at the teenager's Totem. Kevin broke free and ran for the plane's toilets, grasping his Totem. Kevin then used the Totem to focus his Prime power, bursting out of the plane, with his Prime body now taking the form of a giant slime-spider. The plane landed with the aid of the empty Prime, with Kevin escaping with Phade, along with the Totem. Later at Phade's apartment, Kevin confronted the empty Prime while holding the Totem.

(Prime II#4) - Kevin used the Spider-Totem to unite himself with the empty Prime body, but the latter struggled and a fight ensued, with Kevin transforming once more into Spider-Prime with the help of the Totem. Grasping the hollow Prime, Kevin reached into himself and the Totem's connection with the spider power, using it to force the two to merge. The newly joined Prime fell to the ground with a tremendous crash, possibly destroying the Totem.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), Kevin J. West (penciler), John Statema & Philip Moy (inkers).

    It's not confirmed that the Totem was destroyed; it may have generated a small portal and gone back to the Spider People in the care of a new Shaman. Or perhaps the spider power dissipated and was used up merging the two "Primes".

Profile by Grendel Prime


The Spider People have no known connection to:

Shaman of the Spider People has no known connection to:

The Spider-Totem has no known connection to:

The Shaman loosens Kevin's bonds


    The Shaman of the Spider People was there when Kevin Green recovered after falling from the interdimensional portal. He showed the injured Kevin Green the Spider-Totem before pushing a pipe into the teenager's mouth, which revealed a vision of the pained Lizard spawn coming to the village. The Shaman magically released Kevin's bonds, with the teenager now able to understand the Spider People's language. The Shaman showed Kevin the village and the spider statue. However, DaSilva and his men attacked and the Shaman was shot. He passed the spider totem to Kevin before dying from the gunshot wound.

    He had minor magical abilities, such as healing, limited control of rope-bonds and could identify fellow seers. He wore a gold necklace with five or seven large red stones and was daubed with the distinctive paint markings of the Spider People. He was slightly shorter, bald and significantly older than his fellow tribesmen, and had a potbelly.

--Prime II#1 (2



The spider totem crackles with energy


    The Spider-Totem was first revealed to Kevin Green by the Shaman of the Spider People. It was golden in color and crackled with pink energy when being used. It was about 6-8" long, plus a small handle mounted at its base. The artifact was of unknown origin and composition, but was probably painted wood and crafted by the Spider People, and resembled Spider-man's chest symbol. It could fire a concussive blast at someone considered as an enemy of the wearer, and it helped Kevin Green manifest his Prime super-powered body, including the Spider-Prime identity and the giant spider creature on DaSilva's plane. It helped Kevin to "see" what was happening in his home town and created the portal that whisked a calmer Lizard spawn back to his own dimension of Earth 616. Kevin wore it slipped into loin cloth or jeans, as well as on a thong around his neck. It ultimately helped bond Kevin back with the empty rogue Prime body and was possibly destroyed when the Prime body fell to the ground from a great height.

--Prime II#1 (2-4

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Prime II#1 (October, 1995) - Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), Kevin J. West (penciler), John Statema & Philip Moy (inkers), Hank Kanalz (editor).
Prime II#2 (November, 1995) - Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), Kevin J. West (penciler), Philip Moy (inker), Hank Kanalz (editor).
Prime II#3 (December, 1995) - Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), John Royle (penciler), Philip Moy (inker), Hank Kanalz (editor).

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