DaSilva screams for revenge against the Lizard

Real Name: Enriquo DaSilva

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) human technology/weapon-user

Occupation: Capitalist, destroyer of Amazonian rainforest, NuWARE agent (?)

Group Membership: NuWARE

Affiliations: "lumber guys" (pawns)

Enemies: Lizard (a mindless creature spawned from the tail of the Dr. Curt Connors Lizard), the Spider People, Spider-Prime (Kevin Green)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Amazon rainforest;
    Washington D.C. airport (?), U.S.A.;

First Appearance: Prime II#1 (October, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: DaSilva has normal human attributes, but behaved like a bully to the young men under his command. He had no qualms about using violence against his enemies and pushed his men to attacking and killing the Spider People. Ultimately, he was a bit of a coward and sought the power that could be derived from the Lizard's lost arm. He was armed with a knife and probably knew how to handle firearms. He stood about 5' 10", with black hair (and trimmed goatee) and one brown eye (his right eye was severely injured in a confrontation with the Lizard after which he took to wearing an eyepatch).

DaSilva grabs Kevin Green and his totem onboard the planeHistory:
(Prime II#1) - DaSilva had his men to destroy the rainforest, uprooting trees and plants in a swathe of destruction. However, the disoriented Lizard, who had just fallen into the Ultraverse via a portal, stood in their path and attacked the driver of the nearest bulldozer. DaSilva's men were shocked by this, but DaSilva ordered his men to kill the beast, claiming the Lizard was a trick of "those damned natives." As he defended himself, the Lizard attacked the shooter and slashed at DaSilva's face, blinding him in his right eye. Wounded, he ordered that the thresher be used against the beast, which ripped off the Lizard's right arm. As the badly hurt Lizard lumbered away, DaSilva cried out to hunt the creature down, while he crouched out of the way atop some machinery.

    DaSilva and his men then roared into the Spider People's camp using the clearing equipment as transport. Still holding the Lizard's torn-off arm, DaSilva shouted to the Spider People that he thought the Lizard was part of their native magic and that he would now destroy their village. His men then attacked the natives, shooting their shaman. Kevin Green, who had been given shelter by the Spider People, then changed into Spider-Prime and threw away an approaching bulldozer. The Spider People rallied to this and fought back, while DaSilva ordered his men to kill them all. Spider-Prime used his Prime slime to manifest webbing, which he used to tie up several of DaSilva's men.

(Prime II#2) - The sudden appearance of the enraged Lizard distracted Spider-Prime from battling DaSilva's men, who were ruthlessly attacking the natives. However, Spider-Prime was able to convince the Lizard to fight alongside him and they leapt at DaSilva's frightened men. DaSilva screamed at the creature, who then turned his attention to the man, but DaSilva instead ran away and hid, swearing to return and level the jungle and kill them all, using the power of the Lizard's regenerating arm to do it.

(Prime II#3 - BTS) - DaSilva and his men retreated to a small camp some distance away from the natives' camp.

(Prime II#3) - At night, the Spider People led Kevin Green, out of his Spider-Prime disguise, to the edge of DaSilva's camp. Kevin Green then entered the camp and lied to DaSilva that he had been kidnapped by the natives but had escaped. DaSilva reached for the golden spider totem that Kevin had tied to his loin cloth and tried to grab it from the teenager. However, the totem fired a powerful discharge that blew DaSilva backwards. DaSilva resolved to find out more about the youth and the spider totem and took him to the airport where a NuWARE plane waited to take DaSilva and his plunder back to the U.S.

    Meantime, DaSilva had changed into civilian gear of a suit and tie, with a black eyepatch to replace the rag that had covered his eye before. He also had the Lizard's lost arm placed inside a protective container and had Kevin change into jeans and t-shirt. Once the plane had taken off, DaSilva went to a private rear compartment with two dolled up young ladies and three glasses of champagne. Kevin fell asleep but spoke about Prime as he slept, alerting DaSilva, who again grabbed the spider totem and grabbed the boy by the throat. Kevin defended himself by kicking DaSilva between the legs and escaped into a toilet, before transforming into a massive Prime-powered spider creature that blew outside and threatened to engulf the plane. DaSilva and the other occupants were thrown about inside the plane, which was now out of control. However, the "empty" Prime rescued the plane and set it down safely at the nearby airport. DaSilva indignantly escaped from the plane via an emergency slide. He then absconded while one his men carried away the case containing the Lizard's arm.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), Kevin J. West (penciler), John Statema & Philip Moy (inkers).

    Although it was the Lizard's right arm that was ripped off and is seen to later regenerate, DaSilva holds the left arm as the wounded Lizard stumbled away.

    NuWARE may have dispatched DaSilva to investigate the area under the pretence of clearing Amazonian forestland. DaSilva might have been coordinating a road-building development through the rainforest to permit more nature-destroying machinery to enter, but the armament wielded by his men suggests otherwise.

Profile by Grendel Prime


DaSilva has no known connections to:

DaSilva's "lumber guys" have no known connection to:

DaSilva's lumber guys falter before the Lizard's attack

DaSilva's "lumber guys"


    DaSilva had a group of lumber guys assisting him in the destruction of the Amazonian forest. They used various yellow-colored mobile machinery like bulldozers, cranes and giant threshers. They numbered about 20 and were armed with assault rifles, some with handguns, and even axes, which they also used as weapons. They were uncoordinated but followed DaSilva's orders in attacking the Lizard, first with an assault rifle, then using a thresher against the disoriented Lizard. Several fell to the Lizard's fierce retaliation. They followed DaSilva's orders to attack the Spider People, killing several in the process, but also receiving casualties from the Spider People, who defended themselves with spears, arrows and fists. They were almost exclusively Caucasian (white) in skin color and appeared to be no older than 18-20 years old. Some had muscular builds, above normal, but less than athlete. They were dressed in basic beige/light green military-style fatigues, as well as tank shirts.

    They were also called "unnatural ones" by the Spider People's Shaman, and "forest-killers" by one native. It was Spider-Prime who called them "lumber guys".

--Prime II#1 (2, 3

Prime II#1, p.14, panel 3 (with the Lizard's arm)
Prime II#3, p.7, panel 9 (head)
Prime II#2, p.10, panel 2 (lumber guys)

Prime II#1 (October, 1995) - Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), Kevin J. West (penciler), John Statema & Philip Moy (inkers), Hank Kanalz (editor).
Prime II#2 (November, 1995) - Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), Kevin J. West (penciler), Philip Moy (inker), Hank Kanalz (editor).
Prime II#1 (December, 1995) - Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski (writers), John Royle (penciler), Philip Moy (inker), Hank Kanalz (editor).

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