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Membership: Zem-21, Zeroid Blue, Zeroid Red

Identity/Class: Extradimensional robots

Purpose: To prevent the interstellar invasion of Earth

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Knight of Darkness and his Shadow Warriors

Base of Operations: Mobile in Earth's solar system, notably in the Star Hawk

First Appearance: Star Team (1977)




(Star Team (fb) - BTS) - In the year 3000, Earth's solar system faced an invasion from the Black Nebula led by the Knight of Darkness and his Shadow Warriors, who had already gained a foothold in the outer planets. The Star Team, comprised of Zem-21, Zeroid Blue and Zeroid Red, were tasked with scouting the planets to identify threats to Earth.

(Star Team) - While patrolling for active enemy ships, the Star Team came upon a seemingly wrecked enemy spacecraft. Despite the Zeroids' disapproval, Zem-21 was suspicious and ordered for the Star Hawk to land and investigate. Zeroid Blue found Shadow Warriors of the Knight of Darkness and was pursued by them. Zeroid Blue was ordered by Zem-21 to flee back to the Star Hawk, with the two Zeroids blasting away while being chased by several Shadow Warriors mounted on rocket sleds. Zem-21 went into the wreckage but was confronted by the Knight of Darkness, who quickly used his Uni-Blaster to paralyze the inquisitive android. Zem-21 was marched deeper inside and shown the matter-transmitter being used to instantly transport armed Shadow Warriors from the outer planets in a move to invade Earth. The Knight of Darkness revealed his plans of conquest to his opponent before showing Zem-21 that his Shadow Warriors caused the Star Hawk to apparently crash. Angered, Zem-21 shoved the dark Knight into the control panel, disabling the matter-transmitter before running away. The Knight of Darkness and his Shadow Warriors  soon cornered Zem-21, but the android was saved with the sudden appearance of the two Zeroids, who had only staged an explosive crash, with Zeroid Red shooting away at the enemy troops as Zeroid Blue electronically crossed circuits to cause an overload. Zem-21 warned the Knight of Darkness of the impending explosion, and he and his troops transported away as the Star Team escaped and blasted off in their saucer-craft just as the secret base exploded. The Star Team resolved to remain vigilant to counter any future efforts by the Knight of Darkness.

Comments: Created by Ideal Toy Corporation. Comic created by Archie Goodwin (writer), David Cockrum (pencils) and Mike Esposito (inks).

This Star Team comic was a 16-page giveaway produced by Ideal Toys and Marvel Comics.

The Star Team was an extension of the original Zeroids line of toys - nifty stuff! However, it's not hard to see the (heavy) influence of Star Wars with Knight of Darkness (Darth Vader), Zem-21 (C-3PO), the two Zeroids (R2-D2), and the name of their spaceship, Star Hawk (Millennium Falcon).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Star Team has no known connections to:

Knight of DarknessKnight of Darkness up close

Knight of Darkness

The Knight of Darkness led the Shadow Warriors from the Black Nebula in their attempts to invade Earth. He was armed with a Uni-Blaster that could disintegrate or paralyze targets. He and his troops sometimes rode rocket sleds. The Knight of Darkness appeared to be an armored humanoid and not an android. The Knight of Darkness was arrogant and liked to gloat while (bizarrely) revealing secret invasion plans to captives. His effort to move his troops closer to planet Earth by stealth was stopped by Zem-21 and the Star Team.





--Star Team

Zem-21Zem-21 up close


Zem-21 was expert at analyzing data and recording, and thus made the plans for the small team. He displayed curiosity but showed no particular fighting skills.





--Star Team

Zeroid Blue

Zeroid Blue

Zeroid Blue was programmed to be a mechanic and engineer, and was the pilot of the Star Hawk. It could quickly cross circuitry to cause an explosive overload.



--Star Team

Zeroid Red

Zeroid Red

Zeroid Red was programmed to be a pilot and gunner, and was armed with shock blasters.




--Star Team

Star Hawk

Star Hawk

Star Hawk was the name of the small but nimble spaceship that the band of three robots used for patrols. It did not appear to have any weapons or defensive capabilities, although a thermite grenade was used (probably by Zeroid Red) to simulate a crash.



--Star Team

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Star Team, p16 (main image)
Star Team, p15, pan2 (Star Team in cockpit)
Star Team, p16 (Knight of Darkness)
Star Team, p6, pan2 (Knight of Darkness - headshot)
Star Team, p11, pan1 (Zem-21)
Star Team, p2, pan3 (Zem-21 - headshot)
Star Team, p3, pan3 (Zeroid Blue)
Star Team, p13, pan1 (Zeroid Red)
Star Team, p1 (Star Hawk)

Star Team (1977) - Archie Goodwin (writer/editor), Dave Cockrum (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks)

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